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Preliminary Assessment of the Safety and Immunogenicity of a New CTXΦ-Negative, Hemagglutinin/Protease-Defective El Tor Strain as a Cholera Vaccine Candidate

Reactivity of the di-μ-hydroxo-complexes [{Pd(NN)}2(μ-OH)2][ClO4]2 (NN=bis(pyrazol-1-yl)alkanes) towards protic electrophiles. Hydration of coordinated nitriles at a palladium(II) site

Solid state conformational preferences of the {M(μ-XPX)}2 core (X=O, S) in transition metal complexes

Type conformations and pseudorotation interconversion path-way between conformations: A tool to study medium size (5–9 atoms) rings

Solid state conformational study of complexes containing the (o-P–C6H4–CN-κ2N,P) palladium six-membered chelated ring

Reactivity towards some weak protic electrophiles of the di-μ-hydroxo complex [{Pd(μ-OH)(tmeda)}2][BPh4]2: crystal structure of [{Pd(tmeda)}2(μ-OH)(μ-HNC6H4Cl-p)][BPh4]2

Oxamidate-Bridged Dinuclear Five-Coordinate Nickel(II) Complexes:  A Magneto−Structural Study

Crystal Packing in Di-(μ-OH)- ortho -palladated Complexes - A DFT Insight into the Molecular Structure and Solid-State Interactions

Reactivity Towards Acidic Protic Ligands of Cyclopalladated Di-μ-hydroxo Complexes

Novel saccharinate-bridged palladium complexes for efficient C–O bond activation displaying promising luminescence properties

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