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Problems with Coins of the Jewish Revolts. Part Three: Simon ‘Thassi’ and Simon ‘Kosiba’

Jugorskoje obshchestvo V–XV vv.: modelj sakraljnoj èkonomiki, arxeologicheskaja atribucija i problema ètnicheskoj prinadlezhnosti — 2017

Ptolemy IX “Chickpea” and Cicero “Chickpea”

Le Cercle du Détroit vu d'ouest en est : un espace charnière des provinces hispaniques ?, Journées d'études "Fretum Hispanicum. EL ESTRECHO COMO ACTOR EN LAS TRANSFORMACIONES POLÍTICAS Y ECONÓMICAS DEL MUNDO ANTIGU

Antiochus 'Epiphanes' and Emperor Hadrian. Part One: … a mirror image

Untangling the 'Gordian Knot' of a Conventional Assyriology. Part Three: Queen Sammuramat (‘Semiramis’) as Queen Naqia

A Kingdom of Truth not Power. Part Two: The Devil’s Anti-Kingdom, based on lies

Nebuchednezzar I as the ‘Babylonian Face’ of Sargon II Sennacherib

Датирующие возможности нумизматического материала: принципы, приёмы и перспективы. (Draft 2017)

Thanks to the Book of Daniel, King Nebuchednezzar ‘the Great’ can be identified with Nabonidus

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