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Computing Optical Flow with Physical Models of Brightness Variation Λ - PDF

Specification Analysis of Option Pricing Models Based on Time-Changed Lévy Processes - PDF

Néron models for semiabelian varieties: congruence and change of base field - PDF

Habits in Dual Process Models. Wendy Wood, Jennifer S. Labrecque, Pei-Ying Lin, and Dennis Rünger. University of Southern California - PDF

Mining Process Models from Workæow Logs. Abstract. Modern enterprises increasingly use the workæow paradigm - PDF

Theories of Change and Logic Models: Telling Them Apart Heléne Clark Director, ActKnowledge - PDF

Linköping University Post Print. Segmentation of ARX-models using sum-ofnorms regularization - PDF

Monte Carlo Simulation in Finance: Models, Algorithms and Practice with Application to Derivatives Pricing, Risk Measures and CVA by Jörg Kienitz - PDF

Statistical distribution models for migratory fish in Jacuí basin, South Brazil - PDF

UNIVERSITY OF AGDER. A comparison of volatility prediction between. ARIMA-GARCH and VAR models. Yngve Aslaksen Gram & Ørjan Dovran Thomassen - PDF

Electronic structure of surfaces: Simple models. Bedřich Velický III. - PDF

The diffuse interface approach in materials science thermodynamic concepts and applications of phase field models pdf

Models for Estimation of Pure n-Alkanes’ Thermodynamic Properties as a Function of Carbon Chain Length

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