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Völker MiS Activ. The active Micro-Stimulation-System for bedsore prophylaxis, mobilisation, pain reduction and the promotion of perception. - PDF

PhD Thesis. The role of transcranial magnetic stimulation in the investigation of the human motor system. Zsuzsanna Arányi, MD - PDF

Auditory Processing DisordersⅡ:experimental results on APD management with personal FM systems - PDF

Auditory perceptual organization Susan L. Denham 1, István Winkler 2,3 1 Cognition Institute, University of Plymouth, UK - PDF

Functional Electrical Stimulation of the Auditory System

scanner acoustic noise on intrinsic brain activity during auditory stimulation- Eprint

Worsening of “passivity” symptoms with low-frequency bilateral temporo-parietal repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation used to treat refractory auditory hallucinations: A case report

Recovery from auditory and visual neglect after optokinetic stimulation with pursuit eye movements – Transient modulation and enduring treatment effects

Evaluation of the effect of training using auditory stimulation on rhythmic movement in Parkinsonian patients—a combined motor and [ 18F]-FDG PET study

Effects of rhythmic sensory stimulation (auditory, visual) on gait in Parkinson�s disease patients

Effects of rhythmic sensory stimulation (auditory, visual) on gait in Parkinson’s disease patients

Interactive Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation Reinstates Natural 1f Timing in Gait of Parkinson’s Patients

Touching lips and hearing fingers: effector‑specific congruency between tactile and auditory stimulation modulates N1 amplitude and alpha desynchronization

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