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2016 - Chapter 11 - The faunal remains of al-Yamāma: from camel to the spiny-tailed lizard. In, Schiettecatte J., Al-Ghazzi A. (dir.), Al-Kharj I. Report on two excavation seasons in the oasis of al-Kharj (2011–2012). Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. Sa

Coloring and preservation state of faunal remains from the neanderthal levels of Kůlna Cave, Czech republic

Pankovskiy V.B., Girya E.Yu., Sablin M.V.. Discrimination between Prehistoric Artworks and Naturally Modified Faunal Remains in the Light of Traceological Studies, in: Stratum plus, 2015, 1, pp. 169—184.

The inclusion of faunal remains in Bronze Age funerary practices in Southern Portugal.  Montinhos 6 - a case study

Grazing to Gravy: Faunal Remains and Indications of Genízaro Foodways on the Spanish Colonial Frontier of New Mexico

New Insights Derived from Comparative Analysis of the Faunal Remains of Neolithic Çatalhöyük and PPN Göbekli Tepe

Smith, C 2016 ‘The faunal remains’ in Perry, D and Coleman, R Brief Encounters: watching the medieval archaeology emerge from St John’s Square, Perth. ARO 21. Archaeological Reports Online

Smith, C, Hall, D, Habib, V, Thomas, C, Haggarty, G and Hughes, M J 2016 ‘Keeping a close watch: pottery, artefacts and faunal remains from watching briefs in Perth (PEX series)’ in Tayside Fife Archaeol J 21/22, 2015–2016, 35–71.

PS 75 - Milutinović L., Nevena P. Analiza zooarheološkog materijala iz objekata 5 i 6 na lokalitetu Jerinin grad-Brangović / Analysis of Faunal Remains from Objects 5 and 6 on the Jerina’s Town-Brangoviæ Site

“I Can Count All My Bones”: A Preliminary Report of the Late Bronze Faunal Remains from Area B1 at Tel Burna, Israel

Grau-Sologestoa, I. 2016. Faunal remains and social inequality in the Basque Country during the Early Middle Ages . In: Quirós Castillo, J.A. (ed.), Social complexity in early medieval rural communities. Oxford: Archaeopress, pp. 47-58.

Faunal Remains from Girawad (2006‐2007), District Rohtak, Haryana

Late pleistocene population interaction in western Europe and modern human origins: new insights based on the faunal remains from Saint-Césaire, …

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