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High-performance uncooled amorphous silicon TEC less XGA IRFPA with 17µm pixel-pitch - PDF

Real time spectroscopic ellipsometry on ultrathin <50 Å hydrogenated amorphous silicon films on Si 100 and GaAs PDF

China thin film amorphous silicon solar cell market research report 2016

Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Solar Cell Market 2017 Analysis, Trends, Growth, Research and Industry Share

Compatibility of commercial steels with amorphous silicon solar cells; A smart solution based on SiO X sol-gel. Mari-Fe Menéndez, Luis J. Andrés, D. Gómez,

Energy loss and angular dispersion of 2–200 keV protons in amorphous silicon

Effects of nitrogen doping on the electrical conductivity and optical absorption of ultrananocrystalline diamond/hydrogenated amorphous carbon films prepared by coaxial arc plasma deposition

Electrical characteristics of nitrogen-doped ultrananocrystalline diamond/hydrogenated amorphous carbon composite films prepared by coaxial arc plasma deposition

Optical and structural properties of amorphous silicon–carbon films for optoelectronic applications

High-performance Uncooled Amorphous Silicon TEC Less XGA IRFPA With 17µm Pixel-pitch

“Boson” peak in Raman spectra of hydrogenated amorphous silicon

Amorphous silicon thin film solar cells deposited entirely by hot-wire chemical vapour deposition at low temperature (<150 °C)

Laser-induced crystallization of amorphous silicon–carbon alloys studied by Raman microspectroscopy

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