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The Melkiṣedeq memoirs: the social memory of Melkiṣedeq through the Second Temple Period - PDF

İSTEM.12.2008_BİRİNCİ ABBASİLER DÖNEMİNİN BAZI MU’TEZİLÎ ŞAİRLERİ VE MEZHEBÎ ŞİİRLERİ ÜZERİNE BİR İNCELEME - A Study on Some Mu’tazili Poets and Their Religious Poems in the First Abbasid Period - Doç. Dr. Kadri YILDIR

2017 Assur’s "Second Temple Period": the restoration of the cult of Aššur, c. 538 BC. In C. Levin & R. Müller (eds.), Herrschaftslegitimation in vorderorientalischen Reichen der Eisenzeit. Orientalische Religionen

Reviewer for the First Grading Period

Raviv D. & Zissu B., 2017, Aruma Fortress (Kh. el-Urmeh) – A Fortified site from the Second Temple Period in Eastern Samaria , Qadmoniot, 153, pp. 28-32. (Hebrew)

First Grading Period


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Weiss D. and Zissu B. 2009. Soreq Ridge – Installations From the Second Temple Period in the Jerusalem Hinterland. In: E. Ayalon, R. Frankel, and A. Kloner (eds.). Oil and Wine Presses in Israel from the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Period

Golub, M. R. 2017. “Interchanges between יה ,יהו, and יו in Biblical Personal Names from the First Temple Period”, Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages 43 (2): 1-6.

248.“Scribal Features of Two Qumran Scrolls” in Hebrew in the Second Temple Period: The Hebrew of the Dead Sea Scrolls and of Other Contemporary Sources, ed. Stephen E. Fassberg et al. (Leiden: Brill, 2013), 241–58 (submitted ms, now publi

Albert I. Baumgarten, “Menahem Stern as a Historian of the Jews in the Second Temple Period,” Jewish Studies 49 (2013): 13-28 (Hebrew)

“An Opening into Public Life: Jewish Women in the Second Temple Period,” in Jewish Women in Mediterranean Societies, ed. Y. Atzmon, (Jerusalem: Merkaz Shazar, 1995) 47-61 (Hebrew).

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