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Stationary and moving breathers in (2+1)-dimensional O(3) nonlinear σ-model - PDF

Discrete Sobolev-Poincaré inequalities for Voronoi finite volume approximations - PDF

DISCRETE MODEL DATA IN STATISTICAL PROCESS CONTROL. Ester Gutiérrez Moya 1. Keywords: Quality control, Statistical process control, Geometric chart. - PDF

MAT 2377 (Winter 2011) Discrete Models. Ÿ3.5 Discrete Uniform Distribution. µ = E[X] = a + b 2 - PDF

Combining Support Vector Machine Learning With the Discrete Cosine Transform in Image Compression 報告者 :M 施佑駿 - PDF

How to Interpret FFT Results – Complex DFT, Frequency Bins and FFTShift – GaussianWaves | Discrete Fourier Transform

2016 - Lü et al. - Vital nodes identification in complex networks.pdf | Discrete Mathematics | Applied Mathematics

[Journal of Electrical Engineering] Discrete–Time Integral Sliding Mode Control With Disturbances Compensation and Reduced Chattering for Pv Grid–Connected Inverter | Power Inverter | Ac Power

Technische Universität München, Zentrum Mathematik Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Geometrie und Diskrete Mathematik. Discrete Optimization (MA 3502) - PDF

A Beginner’s Guide to Finite Mathematics_For Business, Management, And the Social Sciences | Discrete Mathematics | Combinatorics

Pinkall, Springborn, Weißmann - 2007 - A New Doubly Discrete Analogue of Smoke Ring Flow and the Real Time Simulation of Fluid Flow | Fluid Dynamics | Vortices

3mm 5mm (T1) ¾) Package Discrete LED - PDF

Circuit models for arrays of nanoelectronic resonators—Appearances of discrete breathers

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