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Morgonmötet 28 augusti PDF

Responsible: Lena Strömbäck. IISLAB IDA. augusti Lena Strömbäck IISLAB IDA. - PDF

Morgonmötet 21 augusti PDF

kendall GENIUS 2 Infrared Tympanic Electronic Thermometer Operation and Service Manual Thermomètre électronique infrarouge auriculaire Manuel d - PDF

Johanna Genius Saskia Roß Sarah Uhr Andreas Rothgangel Susy Braun SPIEGELTHERAPIE MIRROR THERAPY. Pflaum Verlag - PDF

Descartes: The Life and Times of a Genius by A.C. Grayling | René Descartes | Atheism

SFB 823. The cult of statistical significance. Discussion Paper. Walter Krämer - PDF


The role of cult and feasting in the emergence of Neolithic communities_New evidence from Göbelki Tepe, south-eastern Turkey.pdf | Neolithic

Genius Augusti, in: Z antycznego świata: Religio, Cultus, Homines, ed. W. Appel, P. Wojciechowski, Toruń 2000, 51-72

H. Hänlein-Schäfer, Die Ikonographie des Genius Augusti im Compital- und Hauskult der frühen Kaiserzeit, in: A. Small (Hrsg.), Subject and Ruler. The cult of the ruling power in classical antiquity, 17. Suppl. JRA (1996) 73-98.

Genius Augusti: uma análise dos fundamentos do culto imperial a partir do altar Belvedere (ca. 12 a.C.) / Genius Augusti: an analysis of the foundations of the imperial cult from the altar Belvedere (ca. 12 b.C.)

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