87,406 results found matching keyword a new variant of alesia brooch from italy and a fibula similar to the type iturissa from romania

Petrographic and geochemical features of the «Cipollino Verde» marble from the Apuan Alps (northern Tuscany, Italy) and archaeometric implications - PDF

A New Sulfated α-ionone Glycoside from Sonchus erzincanicus Matthews - PDF

A New Devonian Modiolopsidae (Mollusca: Bivalvia) from the Ponta Grossa Formation, Paraná Basin, Brazil - PDF

VIM-47, a new variant of the autochthonous metallo-β-lactamase VIM- 13 from the Balearic Islands in Spain - PDF

A New Way of Thinking: Pertussis Outbreak Management and Control Help Us Shape the Future of CDC’s Pertussis Outbreak Guidelines Jennifer L. Liang, DVM,

European Integration and new Anti-Europeanism II The 2014 European Election and New Anti-European Forces in Southern, Northern and Eastern Europe Studies on the History of European Integration – Volume 28

World Patent Marketing Success Group Unveils Enlighten Time, A New Energy Invention That Offers An Effective and Sustainable Energy Source For The Future

Messina (2016) This is Not a Review: The 2015/16 New Year’s Eve Concerts in Italy and the Mortification of the South, of its Inhabitants and of its Music

New geochemical and isotopic insights into the Late Antique Apulian glass and the HIMT1 and HIMT2 glass productions—the glass vessels from San Giusto (Foggia, Italy) and the diagrams for provenance studies


Insect-Plant Relationships and Behavioral Observations of the Stem-Feeding Beetle Thamnurgus euphorbiae Küster (Coleoptera: Scolytidae), a New Biocontrol Agent from Italy to Control Leafy Spurge in the U.S

A new variant in the brachium musculature with reinforced innervation from a median–musculocutaneous nerve communication

Sowa, żaba czy litera - kilka uwag o nowej zapince ze Stargardu/ The Owl, the frog or a letter - a few remarks on the new brooch from Stargard

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