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Журналы Название (Издатель) IF Цена Типы статей Комментарии 1 Molecular and Cellular Proteomics (American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) 2 Journal of Proteome Research (ASC) 3 Journal

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Журналы Название (Издатель) IF Цена Типы статей Комментарии 1 Molecular and Cellular Proteomics (American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) 2 Journal of Proteome Research (ASC) 3 Journal of Proteomics 7,3 $ за страницу 4,3 Free of charge 4,0 Free или $3250 за Протеомные журналы Research papers Database articles Technology development articles Mini-reviews Perspective articles Articles Letters Perspectives Rapid communications Technical notes Tutorials Original articles Technical reports Tutorials News & Views Data in Brief Индексируется в MCP is indexed in PubMed,, Web of Knowledge Индексируется в PubMed,, Web of Science 4 International Journal of Proteomics (Hindawi) - $800 Нет доступных данных Индексируется в Google Scholar, PubMed 5 Proteomics (Willey) 3,8 До 7 страниц бесплатно, за каждую следующую Research articles Accelerated articles articles Technical briefs Dataset briefs Индексируется в PubMed, SCOPUS, Web of Science 6 Expert of Proteomics (Informa Healthcare) 7 Clinical Proteomics (Springer) 8 BBA Proteins and Proteomics 9 Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics (Willey) 10 Proteome Science (BMC) 11 Data Mining in Genomics & Proteomics (OMICS group) страницу Viewpoint articles Standardisation & Guidelines articles 2,9 Free Perspectives Special reports Editorials Key Paper Evaluations Meeting reports Drug profiles Clinical trial reports Separate author guidelines 3,5 $2145 Research 3,2 Free или Full-length research articles $3250 за Mini-review papers 2,7 Free или $3000 за Data in Brief (от $250) Research article Short communication Perspective Structure note 1,7 $2145 Research articles Methodologies 2,0 $ Research article article Case report Special issue article Индексируется в PubMed, SCOPUS, Web of Science Индексируется в Google Scholar, PubMed 12 Cancer Genomics & Proteomics 13 Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics 14 Proteomes (MDPI AG) new Пока Free and 15 EuPA Open Proteomics 16 Proteomics Insights (Libertas Academica) Concise Communications 2,7 500 Full papers containing original work articles concerning fields of recognizable progress new От $50 за Editorials страницу Essays Research Articles Letters Methods Application Notes Research Resources Articles Short communications Conference Papers new От $250 Article Short Communications News & Views Correspondence Data in Brief new 1549 Case Report Commentary Debate Dedication Letter to the Editor Meeting Report Methodology Opinion Original Research Индексируется в Pubmed, Web of Science. Официальный журнал International Institute of Anticancer Research Индексируется в PubMed, Publication fees are fully waived for papers submitted in However, a fee of 250 CHF may apply for those articles that need major editing and formatting and/or English editing. Индексируется в Pubmed Индексируется в Pubmed, Perspective Rapid Communication Research Proposal Short Commentary Short Report Short Software or Database Technical Advance 17 Genome Biology (BMC) 10, Research articles Research highlights Comments Correspondence Methods Open letters Opinions Software 18 Genomics (BMC) 4, Research articles Database articles Methodology articles Software articles 19 Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics (OMICS online) 20 Current Proteomics (Bentham) 2,6 $ Research Article Article Case Report Concise Communications 0,7 $1390 за Research Тематика: from a genomic and post-genomic perspective, sequence analysis; bioinformatics; insights into molecular, cellular and organismal biology; functional genomics; epigenomics; population genomics; proteomics; comparative biology and evolution; systems and network biology; genomics of disease; and clinical genomics. genome-scale analysis, functional genomics, and proteomics. Нет данных о Google Scholar, PubMed, Индексируется в Метаболомные журналы 21 Metabolomics (Springer) 3,9 $3000 Original Research Tutorial Short Communications Opinion 22 Metabolites (MDPI) new 800 CHF Articles Short communications Conference Papers 23 Metabolism - Clinical and Experimental 24 Cancer and Metabolism (BMC) 3,9 $2500 Original Research Papers Fast-Track Papers Brief Reports Methods Papers Meta-analyses Mini-reviews Editorials Letters Article new $2450 Research Articles Case reports Meeting reports Methodologies Opinions Индексируется в SCOPUS, Google Scholar, PubMed Официальный журнал Metabolomics Society International peer-reviewed open access journal of metabolism and metabolomics. Metabolites publishes original research articles and review articles in all molecular aspects of metabolism relevant to the fields of metabolomics, metabolic biochemistry, computational and systems biology, biotechnology and medicine, with a particular focus on the biological roles of metabolites and small molecule biomarkers. Индексируется в PubMed, Energy Expenditure and Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes, Nutrition, Exercise, and the Environment, Genetics, Proteomics, and Metabolomics, Carbohydrate, Lipid, and Protein Metabolism, Endocrinology and Hypertension, Mineral and Bone Metabolism, Cardiovascular Diseases and Malignancies. Molecular biology and genetics of cancer metabolism, Whole-body metabolism, including diabetes and obesity, in relation to cancer, Metabolomics in relation to cancer, Metabolism-based imaging, Preclinical and 25 Current Metabolomics (Bentham) 26 Metabolomics: Open Access (OMICS group) 27 Journal of Glycomics & Lipidomics: Open Access (OMICS group) Rapid communications new $890 Single Topic Issues Conference Proceedings Technical note Full-Length Mini- Research Articles Highlights Technical note 3,0 $500 Research article article 1,8 $ Research Article Article Case Report Журналы других OMICS clinical studies of metabolism-related cancer therapies. Индексируется в Google Scholar, PubMed Application to humans, plants, microbes, etc. Automation and high-throughput technology, Bioinformatics, Chemical and structural characterization of new metabolites, Chemometrics, statistical analysis, Databases, including collections of reference spectra, Disease biomarkers, Drug discovery, efficacy, toxicity, and personalized medicine, Integration of analytical techniques and/or various OMICS datasets, Metabolic profiling and directed metabolite analysis, New analytical experiments, Novel sensors and instrumentation for detecting metabolites, Sample preparation, extraction techniques and chromatography, Software. Индексируется в PubMed. Metabolomics, Metabolome Research, Metabolic Profiling, Metabolic Fingerprinting, Microbial Metabolomics, Human Metabolomics, Biomarker Discovery, Mass Spectrometry, Metabolomic Tools, Metabolic Engineering, Cancer Metabolism. Индексируется в Google Scholar Индексируется в Google Scholar, PubMed Special Issue Article Concise Communications 28 Transcriptomics: Open Access (OMICS group) new $700 Research article article 29 Genomics (BMC) 4, Research Database Methodology Software 30 Journal of Genetics and Genomics 3,6 $3000 Original research Letter to the Editor 31 Genomics 2,3 $1950 Full-length articles Data in Brief 32 OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology Индексируется в Google Scholar all aspects of genome-scale analysis, functional genomics, and proteomics + есть секция по транскриптомике 2,4 Free Нет данных Тематика: Proteomics Public health OMICS Sociomics and data-intensive sociology of life sciences Theranostics Transcriptomics OMICS and society Social, legal, political science and ethics research on OMICS technologies and post-genomics medicine Индексируется в PubMed,
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