XYZ – As Media Coursework Evaluation Final

1. XYZ – AS Media Coursework Evaluation<br />Lorna Wooldridge<br /> 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions…

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  • 1. XYZ – AS Media Coursework Evaluation<br />Lorna Wooldridge<br />
  • 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?<br />
  • 3. Creation of an Unsettling Feeling and Doubt Over a Character<br />The unsettling feeling is created when the client is waiting for the protagonist (hit man). This is created through an establishing shot to a series of hand held shots to show impatience and fear from the characters point of view. <br />The protagonist, although shown as someone to fear from the beginning, could be a character you have doubt over as he feels he helps people meaning the audience will be in two minds after the opening of the thriller film.<br />
  • 4. Dark Shadowy Atmosphere<br />A dark shadowy atmosphere is created by the flashback sequences represented by black and white (adjusted on the Macs). These show the nervousness and violence contained in the protagonist’s job.<br />Also, hard lighting is used when the protagonist is talking to the audience through the camera to show he is not innocent and pure – it makes him look sinister.<br />
  • 5. Establishing Mood and Atmosphere <br />This is created by mise-en-scene. This picture is a good example as there is a burnt out match next to the mask representing his job is finished for today and also with the client. Also, the mask creates a tense and unsteady atmosphere for the audience as they cannot relate to the character behind the mask because they cannot see him.<br />
  • 6. Delay in Showing a Significant Characters Face (Concealed Identity)<br />A prop used frequently in this film would be the mask because it delays the view of the protagonist’s face, making the audience feel nervous about him. <br />This could suggest a psychological thriller as the mask may scare the audience or cause another character to do as the masked character says.<br />
  • 7. Sub Genre Within The Thriller Genre<br />The subgenre used within the thriller genre would be the action genre.Used in the second flashback particularly because a gun is pointed to a character’s head promoting violence.The protagonist is on the wrong side of the law through his career adding to the action genre where it is based on gangs on the wrong side of the law.<br />
  • 8. Inspiration of Other Thrillers<br />V for Vendetta – the protagonist, V, remains hidden behind a mask. As the protagonist is meant to remain anonymous by the clients, a mask was created and only used in scenes between the protagonist and the client.<br />Layer Cake – the protagonist remains anonymous. The credits say ‘XXXXX’ where his name should be showing not a physically concealed identity but his name remains unknown, same as the protagonist in my thriller.<br />The Bourne Identity – in this film the protagonist’s job is a hit man however for a large part he does not know so. This job inspires the career for my protagonist as it is a career on the wrong side of the law.<br />
  • 9. How does your media product represent particular social groups?<br />
  • 10. Hooded Character<br />Male gender<br />Lower class<br />Violent as he needed to hire a hit man<br />The hooded character shown at the beginning portrays the stereotype of hoodies as violent and youthful, most likely of the male gender. <br />
  • 11. Business Men<br />Suit jacket for casual men<br />Young<br />Gives the impression the young and rich are making their money through being on the opposing side to the law. This particular young, rich character does it through violence.<br />
  • 12. Confrontation<br />Men are the ones who confront<br />As there are no women, could suggest women are passive<br />Men are not afraid to show violence in public, shows sexism towards males accidently<br />
  • 13. Target Audience<br />As my target audience is based on men and the stereotypes presented are men, they may be able to relate a lot easier. Also, as the business man stereotype has been described as ‘confident’ in my audience questionnaires, the audience may have found him easy to watch. Not only that, all the stereotypes are young and therefore appeal to the age group of 15 to 24.<br />
  • 14. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?<br />
  • 15. Major Hollywood Studio<br />My original thought would be Universal Pictures as they have created a product that has a similar plot, Public Enemies. But, as this film is very British, and as it has similarities to Layer Cake I felt Sony Picture Classics (part of a conglomerate) would be the more logical option.<br />
  • 16. TV Film/ Arthouse/ Internet only?<br />I do not feel this would be a TV movie because it is too dramatic for the small screen. Also, by breaking it up through adverts, would disrupt the story line and it needs to be continuous in order for the whole meaning and plot to reach the audience, therefore would be better for cinema<br />The camera shots and the protagonist talking to the camera is quirky and unusual however I doubt it would be an arthouse film due to the amount of violence portrayed.<br />I doubt very much it would be an internet only release because the action that could be shown later in the film would not suit a computer screen – it would need a large screen to get the full atmosphere across. Also, there could be opportunities for CGI, which again, would not show well on the computer screen because it will not engage the audience as well.<br />
  • 17. Why would xyz be released?<br />This film opens a wide opportunity for synergy – you could sell the soundtrack around Halloween, and you could even create a computer game to complete the protagonist’s missions. <br />It would be released because the age group the thriller is aimed it is also the age group that play the most games and therefore would sell the most items.<br />
  • 18. Who would be the audience for your media product?<br />
  • 19. What is the age and gender of your target audience?<br />The target audience I chose was a male orientated audience with an age group from 15 to 24. This was based on the idea of a male protagonist despite thrillers being watched by both genders equally. Also, 15 to 24 year olds have been known in research to watch thriller films more so, and so this would be the ideal target audience achieved through a young protagonist. However, according to my audience questionnaires both genders were fond of the film.<br />
  • 20. What attracted you to this target audience?<br />This target audience was so because in terms of age (as shown on the left) they are the biggest thriller audience and therefore I should aim to appeal to them. By doing this, I could use a young protagonist and as it was an action thriller, and the only successful action thriller I have researched with a female protagonist is Kill Bill I felt a male protagonist would be strong to the genre and also appeal to the male gender as 92% of both genders would continue watching.<br />
  • 21. How does my thriller appeal to my target audience?<br />It starts off dramatically and so engages them, and as the age group of 15 – 24 have the stress of exams and university, it would be good for them to be engaged in the unusual.<br />The male protagonist may relate to the older side of the age group as he is trying to earn a living.<br />The young actor fits into the age group and so it may be easier for them to watch and continue watching.<br />
  • 22. How did you attract/ address your audience?<br />
  • 23. Are there points in your film that would terrify an age group?<br />The first shot of the mask would particularly terrify anyone under the age of 12 as it is unexpected and the hollow eyes of the mask mean a lack of communication with the film. Also, by the flashback being in black and white, it means the shadows enhance this fear, hence why I certified it as a 12.<br />It is a hand held shot so it as if the audience are there adding to the fear<br />According to the audience questionnaires, it:<br /><ul><li>Adds fear
  • 24. Eerie atmosphere
  • 25. Fear of the actor</li></li></ul><li>Who are the audience asked to put themselves in the position of?<br />Beginning – they are asked to be the client. This shows anticipation and also an atmosphere is created from it.<br />By the protagonist talking to the camera we are able to witness the life of a hit man and the unusual happening in the usual. This builds up to the unexpected twist at the end of the titles.<br />
  • 26. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing the product?<br />
  • 27. Strengths and Weaknesses of Equipment<br />Camera – strong microphone but slightly close to the fan so left a buzzing noise in the background.<br />Tripod – has a spirit level so could get perfectly levelled shots. Difficult to get a smooth pan.<br />
  • 28. Filming Process<br />The filming process was a success as it only took two days to film. The problems that occurred were the public watching the camera, but this was resolved by repeatedly filming the same clip. Also, it began snowing whilst filming, but as the camera’s picture was not high definition, I could continue to film as the snow flakes could not be viewed.<br />
  • 29. Did you use equipment or techniques that were new to you?<br />I had never used a tripod before but found it useful as it created a contrast between the hand held shots and the stills to show nervousness or calmness.<br />By panning with the tripod, I was able to reveal an unexpected turn and it showed a variety of shots.<br />
  • 30. Editing Software<br />The editing programme I used was iMovieon the Apple Macs. This helped greatly when creating flashbacks as it let me put them in black and white allowing the audience to identify them as flashbacks. Not only that, hardlighting was used frequently to give the aura of the protagonist as bad. As I had filmed large parts of him talking in chunks, it was a bit dire so using iMovieI was able to create close-ups and zoom ins and outs.<br />
  • 31. Sourcing Music from the Internet<br />I used to source the soundtrack you can hear in the background.<br />It is non-copyright and therefore legal.<br />The website’s layout allowed me to find a track quickly and efficiently.<br />
  • 32. Looking back to your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?<br />
  • 33. Planning Stage<br />Storyboarding was allowing me to keep to my original idea and even extend by adding new shots. The shooting schedule meant I knew what needed doing on each day so it was not rushed.<br />The planning of my product to the end is very different – the plan of my main task suggested a name for the protagonist, but as research took place, it gained a Layer Cake inspiration and so the protagonist remained anonymous. <br />The planning and research meant I knew what I wanted before filming meaning I could direct the actors properly. It also meant when uploading to the Apple Macs, I had clear ideas of what order the footage should go in.<br />
  • 34. Specific Shot Improvement<br />Match on action – two match on action shots used when protagonist walks through door. Also, when he throws the coat on the couch. Shows improvement and accuracy with shots greater than in preliminary.<br />Shot-over-the-shoulder-shot – accurate more than in preliminary. Edited swiftly and precisely.<br />More hand held shots to add effect and atmosphere.<br />I now feel more confident with the equipment as I can now experiment more with different shots and techniques, such as worm shots.<br />
  • 35. How successful was my thriller film?<br />As fulfilling my task, I feel my film was successful as there are notes taken from each film I had seen. I had also taken onboard the director’s techniques and attempted to apply them, in some cases, successful such as the unexpected turn shown in Alfred Hitchcock films. Also, I have not stuck directly to my storyboard but edited slightly when inspiration took hold, and I believe it enhanced the thriller. With research undertaken, I have successfully created a thriller film that appeals greatly to the target audience and also one where the large majority of surveyors have agreed they would continue to watch.<br />
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