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LEVEL TRANSMITTERS NON-CONTACT MICROWAWE Features: 2- or 4- wire FMCW technology TBF mode for low E r Digital communication Field indicator facility High accuracy up to ± 1 mm High pressure High temperature

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LEVEL TRANSMITTERS NON-CONTACT MICROWAWE Features: 2- or 4- wire FMCW technology TBF mode for low E r Digital communication Field indicator facility High accuracy up to ± 1 mm High pressure High temperature range Low dead band Application: Level or volume measurement Liquids, powders, granules with E r 1.5 Medium with dust, vapour or pressurized gas layers above the product surface Heavy industrial applications 24 V DC, 24 V AC, V AC Flange temperature: C Pressure: 0.64 bar Measuring range: up to 40 m Analogue Output: 4 20 ma Communication: HART, Profibus, FF, Modbus Protection: IP 67 Approval: ATEX (Ex) 1/2G IIC, 1/2D, FM, JIS MICROWAWE LEVEL TRANSMITTER Features: Two or four wire Noncontact: FMCV radar 24 V DC, Contacting: TDR guided radar V AC Digital communication TBF mode for extremely low E r C High accuracy up to ±1 mm Pressure: bar HART, Profibus, FF, Modbus Measuring range: Field indicator facility up to 60 m High pressure Output: 4 20 ma High temperature range Communication: HART, Low dead band Profibus, FF, Modbus Explosion proof models Proces connection: 1'', 2'' Applications: Level, volume or interface Protection: IP 67 measurement ATEX approval: 1/2G Liquids, powders, granules with E r IIC, 1/2D, FM, JIS 1.05 Medium with dense dust, vapour or pressured gas lavers above the product surface Aggresive products with chemically resistant wetted parts Heavy industrial applications Churého 1, Brno, Czech Republic TEL.: FAX: ULTRASONIC COMPACT LEVEL TRANSMITTER Features: ¾ - wire Economical, standalone, non-contact level metering Narrow 5 beam angle Fully temperature compensated Excellent signal processing via QUEST+software PP, PVDF, PTFE, stainless steel or foam faced transducers Optional field indicator and plug-in programmer/display Plastic or aluminium housing HART Secondary lightning protection Applications: Almost any liquids or free flowing solids Volume or weight calculation Open chanel flow measurement Reliable measurement in challenging applications with vapour/fumes, stirres, foam on chemicals or dust during pneumatic filling of powders V AC / V DC, V DC / V AC -30 C až 100 C Pressure: bar Measuring range: 0.2 to 25 m for liquids 0.6 to 50 m for solids Outputs: 4-20 ma, relay, RS485, HART Protection: IP 67 CAPACITANCE Features: 2 wire transmitter with HART protocol Rod or cable probes up to 20m Fully or partly insulated probes Secondary lightning protection 32 point linearisation High sensitivity Explosionproof models Applications: Liquids, powders, granules with E 2 relative dielectric constant Chemicals with dense gas layers above the surface Viscose or corrosive materials High pressure, high temperature or vacuum VDC - 30 C to 200 C Pressure: max. 40 bar Output: 4-20 ma, HART 1'' or 1½ or flanges Protection: IP67 ATEX approval: II 1 G EEx ia IIB T6 2 Churého 1, Brno, Czech Republic TEL.: FAX: HYDROSTATIC BOREHOLE TRANSMITTER Features: Two-wire submersible transmitter Stainless steel body Up to 200 m range Reverse polarity protection Optional lightning protection Accuracy: 0.5% Applications: For the water industry Aslo for small diameter pipes Power Supply: 9-30V DC Process -10 C to 60 C Output: 4-20 ma or V Protection: IP68 CONTROLLER/INDICATOR Features: Dual channel Up to 4 relays Transmitter power supply 32 point linearisation Various control algorithms Auto tunning ULTRASONIC PROXIMITY SENSOR Features: Switch or transmitter Fully temperature compensated IP67 or IP68 version Metal or PP body Simple programming Application: Proxity switch or transmitter for: Positioning equipment Packaging equipment Filling equipment Small transport vehicles Trolleys, Fork-lifts Ranges: 0,2-1 m or 0,4-6 m Resolution: 0,1 mm Switching output: PNP max. 200 ma Transmitter output: 0-10 V nebo 4-20 ma 10,8-30V Ambient temperature: C Churého 1, Brno, Czech Republic TEL.: FAX: LEVEL SWITCHES FLOAT Specification : Features: Low cost polypropylene level switch 250V AC, 15 A Hermetically moulded, double chamber Tempereture: -20 C až 80 C Mercury free operated micro switch Pressure: max. 5 bar Direct pump control up to 1.1 kw Protection: IP 68 Adjustable switch differential Low specific weight of the floating body Application: Level switch from drinking water to sewage Pump protection in small pipes Fail-safe indication and pump control CONDUCTIVITY Features: Low cost level switch Limit switch or differential switch versions High or low fail-safe mode All wetted parts stainless steel Compact unit with two independent relays Separate probe and relay unit Rod probes up to 3m Application: Conductive liquids with min. 2x10-5 S/cm conductivity Fail-safe indication and pump control Chemical and water industry 250 V AC, 8 A 24, 110, 230V AC -20 C to 200 C Pressure: max. 16 bar Procces connection: 3/8'', 11/2'' MAGNETIC COUPLING Features: Operation without power supply Micro-switch separated from process Fixed or adjustable switch differential Submersible versions Various process connections Operation check via optional tester Application: Liquids with min. 0,7 kg/dm 3 density Fail-safe and control level switches in closed tanks Power stations, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry Balance tanks on ships 250 V AC, 10 A -20 C to 250 C Pressure: max. 25 bar Process connection : square and standard flanges, 2 thread Approvals: EEX dme IIC T4...T6 Germanischer Lloyd WHG 4 Churého 1, Brno, Czech Republic TEL.: FAX: MAGNETIC TRACKING Features: Operation without power supply Reed switches separated from process Wetted parts stainless steel or plastic Up to 5 switch points Vertical adjustability of all switch points Various process connections Applications: Liquids with min. 0.7 kg/dm 3 density Multi-point level switch in closed tanks Chemical with dense vapour or gas layer above the surface Foaming liquids 250 V AC, 3 A -40 C až 150 C Pressure: max. 25 bar 1'' or 2'' flanges Approvals: EEx dme IIC T4...T6 VIBRATION Features: No moving parts Self-cleaning for most media High imunity against vibration Stainless steel and ECTFE coated probes Solid rod extension up to 3 m Various output configurations Selectable density High or low fail-safe mode Plastic, aluminium or stainless steel housing Applications: Most liquids do max. 10,000 mm 2 /s viscosity Corrosive, thick, turbulent, flowing liquids Powders and light granules with min. density 0.05 kg/dm V AC, 20-60V DC -40 C až 130 C Pressure: max. 40 bar Process conection: 1 or flanges or hygienic fittings Output: 1 or 2 SPDT relays, 2-wire AC or DC, transistor (PNP, NPN) Protection:: IP 67 or IP 68 Approvals: EEx ia IIC T4...T6, WHG ROTATING PADDLE Features: Robust housing Dual shaft system High torqiue motor Medium temperature ut to 400 C Extension up to 3 m Wide choice of paddles Applications: Powders and flakes Fine and coarse granules Sticky mediums Very light medium such as styropor 230/115/48/24 VAC 24/12 VDC - 50 C to 400 C Output: SPDT Relé 1 1/2'' ATEX approval: II 1/2 D Churého 1, Brno, Czech Republic TEL.: FAX:
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