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JPRS-TEP February 1985 Worldwide Report EPIDEMIOLOGY?SÄ DWnbtiBon Unlimited MIC QUALITY KSFSCTED a FBIS FOREIGN BROADCAST INFORMATION SERVICE REPRODUCED BY NATIONAL TECHNICAL INFORMATION SERVICE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE SPRINGFIELD. Vfl ?3 MS NOTE JPRS publications contain information primarily from foreign newspapers, periodicals and books, but also from news agency transmissions and broadcasts. Materials from foreign-language sources are translated; those from English-language sources are transcribed or reprinted, with the original phrasing and other characteristics retained. Headlines, editorial reports, and material enclosed in brackets [] are supplied by JPRS. Processing indicators such as [Text] or [Excerpt] in the first line of each item, or following the last line of a brief, indicate how the original information was processed. Where no processing indicator is given, the information was summarized or extracted. Unfamiliar names rendered phonetically or transliterated are enclosed in parentheses. Words or names preceded by a question mark and enclosed in parentheses were not clear in the original but have been supplied as appropriate in context. Other unattributed parenthetical notes within the body of an item originate with the source. Times within items are as given by source. The contents of this publication in no way represent the policies, views or attitudes of the U.S. Government. PROCUREMENT OF PUBLICATIONS JPRS publications may be ordered from the National Technical Information Service, Springfield, Virginia In ordering, it is recommended that the JPRS number, title, date and author, if applicable, of publication be cited. Current JPRS publications are announced in Government Reports Announcements issued semi-monthly by the National Technical Information Service, and are listed in the Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications issued by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C Correspondence pertaining to matters other than procurement may be addressed to Joint Publications Research Service, 1000 North Glebe Road, Arlington, Virginia JPRS-TEP February WORLDWIDE REPORT EPIDEMIOLOGY CONTENTS HUMAN DISEASES INTER-AMERICAN AFFAIRS Briefs Caricom Health Official BAHAMAS BANGLADESH CANADA Increased Demand Brings Shortage of Flu Vaccine (THE TRIBUNE, 22 Dec 84) Malaria Epidemic in Chittagong Hill Tracts (THE NEW NATION, 1 Dec 84) Briefs Rangpur Leprosy Outbreak 4 Gastroenteritis Deaths 4 Cholera; Gastroenteritis Deaths 4. Cholera in Dewanganj 5 Jaundice Deaths Reported 5 $30 Million Budget Reduction for Medical Researchers Noted (Joan Hollobon; THE GLOBE AND MAIL, 30 Nov 84) 6 Lung Cancer Study in Uranium Refining Town 'Inconclusive' (Christie McLaren; THE GLOBE AND MAIL, 27 Nov 84) 7 Abortion Foes' Campaign Against Rubella Vaccine Discussed (Murray Campbell; THE GLOBE AND MAIL, 1 Dec 84) 8 -a - [III - WW - 134; Rise in Measles, Decreases in Hepatitis B Reported (THE TORONTO STAR, 17 Dec 84) 9 Fifth Meningitis Case Reported in North York (John Keating; THE TORONTO STAR, 18 Dec 84) 10 Source of Legionella at Windsor Hospital Undetermined (THE SATURDAY WINDSOR STAR, 29 Dec 84) 11 DOMINICA. Briefs Gastroenteritis Outbreak 12 FIJI Syphilis Epidemic Sweeping Fiji (THE NEW ZEALAND HERALD, 8 Dec 84) 13 FINLAND Concern Over AIDS Leading to New Research (HELSINGIN SANOMAT, 29 Dec 84, 3 Jan 85) 15 Doctors Cannot Discriminate, by Hilkka Piirto Large-Scale Research Program Proposed GREECE Travelers From Africa Victims of Yellow Fever (Dim. Stavropoulos; AKROPOLIS, 20 Dec 84) 21 INDIA Briefs Japanese Encephalitis Cases 23 Calcutta Malaria Statistics 23 ISRAEL Briefs Six AIDS Cases 24 JAMAICA Minister of Health Discusses Immunization, Other Issues (THE DAILY GLEANER, 14 Dec 84) 25 Briefs Typhoid Incidence 27 JORDAN Malaria, Bilharzia Control Measures Described (AL-DUSTUR, 13 Sep 84) 28 KENYA Cholera Deaths in Meru District (DAILY NATION, 21 Dec 84), 31 Cholera Alert in Garissa District (DAILY NATION, 22 Dec 84) 33 Cholera Outbreak in Machakos, Kangundo Districts (DAILY NATION, 27 Dec 84) 35 Briefs Mystery Disease Kills Children 37 LAOS Vientiane Population Warned on Diseased Fish (PASASON, 24 Nov 84) 38 Government Announcement Experts Sent To Investigate Widespread Contamination Reported in Vientiane Fish (THE NATION REVIEW, 6 Dec 84) 41 MEXICO Dengue Fever Among Guatemalan Refugees (EXCELSIOR, 30 Nov 84) 42 PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA Cui Yueli Concerned About Epidemic Prevention (Zou Peiyan; XINHUA Domestic Service, 25 Dec 84) 43 Snail Fever Prevention Progresses in 1984 (XINHUA, 7 Jan 85). 44 Antibodies to HFRS Detected Easily, Inexpensively (Fan Wufang, et al.; JIEFANGJUN YIXUE ZAZHI, No 5, 20 Oct 84) 45 Asymptomatic HBsAg Carriers' Blood Studied (Tian Rongfu, et al.; JIEFANGJUN YIXUE ZAZHI, No 5, 20 Oct 84) 46 - c - PHILIPPINES PORTUGAL SENEGAL SOUTH AFRICA Metro Manila Measles Upsurge Noted (PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 10 Dec 84) 47 Two African AIDS Cases Confirmed in Portugal (EXFRESSO, 24 Nov 84) 48 Cholera Reportedly Hits Saint-Louis (Youssoupha Ndiaye; WAL FADJRI, Nov 84) 50 Bilharzia Atlas Shows Principal Vector Areas (J. A. van Eeden, et al.; SOUTH AFRICAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE, No 10, Oct 84) 52 Briefs Pretoria Rabies Alert 55 TANZANIA Briefs More Cholera Deaths 56 THAILAND First Local AIDS Case Confirmed (THE BANGKOK POST, 5 Oct 84) 57 Radiation Used To Destroy Liver Fluke (Ampa Santimatanidol; BANGKOK POST, 17 Sep 84) 59 Malaria Hits Karen Refugees (THE BORNEO POST, 18 Sep 84) 61 Malaria Poses Serious Threat (Chadin Tephaval; BANGKOK POST, 26 Sep 84) 62 UNITED KINGDOM Genetics To Be Used for Mosquito Control (BANGKOK POST, 16 Oct 84) 64 Budget Increases Slated for Regional Health Authorities (THE DAILY TELEGRAPH, 22 Dec 84) 65 - d - ANIMAL DISEASES BANGLADESH Briefs Cattle Deaths Reported 66 BOTSWANA CUBA GAMBIA ITALY MALAWI SOUTH AFRICA Rabies on Increase in Ghanzi (Nathaniel Motshabi; BOTSWANA DAILY NEWS, 27 Nov 84) 67 Prophylactic Blood Solution for Care of Horses Described (Isolina Triay; MUJERES, 11 Nov 84) 68 Efforts To Eradicate Animal Diseases Detailed (M. D. N'Jie; THE KENYA TIMES, 2 Jan 85) 71 Foot-and-Mouth Epidemic in Modena (Franco Canova; L'UNITA, 4 Dec 84) 73 War Against Rabid Hyenas Waged (Grover Mzumara; DAILY TIMES, 19 Dec 84) 75 Briefs Three Cases of Rabies in NC 77 Case of Rabies in Phoenix 77 SWAZILAND ZIMBABWE Killer Disease Hits Cattle (Vernon Zulu; THE TIMES OF SWAZILAND, 11 Jan 85) 78 Epidemic Hits Fish Farms in Uttaradit (THE NATION REVIEW, 6 Dec 84) 79 Briefs Tsetse Cattle Deaths 80 - e - PLANT DISEASES AND INSECT PESTS INTER-AMERICAN AFFAIRS Briefs Caribbean Moko Disease 81 Mexico-Guatemala Blight Program 81 CANADA Concern Expressed Over Spraying in New Brunswick (THE GLOBE AND MAIL, 4 Dec 84) ;.' 82 ISRAEL Briefs Citrus Epidemic 83 KENYA Briefs Worms Invade District 84 PHILIPPINES Tungro Virus Hits Isabela Rice Crop (Antenor B. Parazo; BULLETIN TODAY, 10 Dec 84) 85 - f JPRS-TEP M FEBRUARY 1S85 INTER-AMERICAN AFFAIRS BRIEFS CARICOM HEALTH OFFICIAL~Dr Mervyn Henry has been appointed as Health Programmes Adviser at the Caricom Secretariat with effect from November 1. He takes over the Health Desk formerly held by the late Dr Philip Boyd. According to a release from the Secretariat,-prior to his appointment Dr Henry was attached to the Pan American Health Organisation and the World Health Organisation through which his services were made available. Dr. Henry's career spans more than 30 years, the earlier part of which includes practice in U. K. hospitals. After serving as Chief Medical Officer in Trinidad, Dr. Henry, in 1975, was named PAHO/WHO country representative in Guyana and spent three years here before going on a similar assignment to Barbados. [Text] [Georgetown GUYANA CHRONICLE in English 17 Nov 84 p 8] CSO: 5440/021 JPRS-TEP-85-C02 4 FEBRUARY 1985 BAHAMAS INCREASED DEMAND BRINGS SHORTAGE OF FLU VACCINE Nassau THE TRIBUNE in English 22 Dec 84 p 1 [Text] THERE is a shortage of the r influenza vaccine in the Bah- ; amas because of an increased : demand for 'flu shots this year. A spokesman at Nassau : Agencies Limited, which im- ports a limited amount of the drug each year, said that her company purchased the usual ; quantity this year - between 10! ; and' 20 vials - but it has \ apparently been used up. She said the drug is not an item that lias been in great demand in the past. Nassau j Agencies had to throw away, what was not used last year. j She said that there are about five or six doctors who buy the ; drug from the her company for I their offices., I The Nassau Agency [ spokesman said there is no I! shortage with the suppliers in [ the United States and Canada.» It was just that the Nassau fcompany~ di r not reorder'.because there was no call .! She said the vaccine is [normally purchased around [ October for the cold season i! when influenza is easier to i j contract. i I J'Well, I know there is a shortage, confirmed a, spokesman at a branch of ' Lowe's Pharmacy. i He referred The Tribune to the Palmdale Branch of Lowe's where Mr Carroll Sands said i that the vaccine is a peculiar type of drug which has to be Dre-booked by the manufactur- er and it is a non-returnable 'item. I Mr Sands said that the 'flu vaccine strain is changed 'every year by the manufacturers in Canada and the US. He said that ordinarily not too many Bahamians buy the vaccine, but this year the company has had more calls than in previous years. He said that he tried to obtain some more of the drug in Miami from the wholesalers this week but they did not have any more and he would not be able to get any more until next year. It is manufactured each year and if it is left over it is no good due to the change in the strain, he said.... Mr Sands said that his company would normally order about 50 vials of flu vaccine, ^which is about 500 doses and is plenty forthe BahamasT He said what is left over of. the vaccine, which is expensive, cannot be returned to the, manufacturer as it can no longer be used. There has been more calls for it this year than there has been in previous years, Mr Sands said. A spokesman at Cole's Pharmacy said he did not know about the shortage because we don't carry any vaccine at all. In the meantime many residents are coughing and sneezing from a 'flu infection that is going the rounds. CSO: 5440/025 JPRS-TEP M FEBRUARY 1985 i BANGLADESH MALARIA EPIDEMIC IN CHITTAGONG HILL TRACTS Dhaka THE NEW NATION in English 1 Dec 84 p 1 [Text] Chittagong, Nov 30 Cerebral malaria has broken out in an epidemic form in Hill Tract districts, according to a report reaching here. According to an official estimate, three percent of the entire three lakh tribal population of the area die of the disease every year while the Settlers' Zone is facing depopulation threat due to the outbreak of the disease. About 3500 families have already left their newly found hearth and home in the Hill Tracts as the disease has already taken a heavy toll. The 3500 desertee families were among the 9000 families who were rehabilitated in different Settlers' Zones in Bandarban eistrict in the last two years. The members of the law-enforcing agencies are not even immune to the disease as a number of them has fallen prey to the killer disease recently. The temperature of a cerebral malaria patient rises up to 110 degrees causing instantanteous death. The exodus from the Settlers' Zones in the districts of Chittagong Hill Tracts continues as the disease turns uncontrollable in the absence of adequate medical facilities, Lack of communication network is attributed as the main reason for rushing medical aid to the affected areas. When contacted, the Medical Officer of Longadi Upazila under Rangamati district admitted that the 80 percent of the patients treated at his hospital are affected by malaria. There is no anti-mosquito operation undertaken in those districts during the recent past. The mosquito menace which went unabated in and around 5500 square mile areas of the Hill Tract districts has caused outbreak of the cerebral malaria in an epidemic form, according to medical source. The officials and the members of the law enforcing agencies have been advised to take preventives along with them when they were required to go to the affected areas. CSO: 5450/0059 JPRS-TEP-85-C02 4 FEBRUARY 1285 BANGLADESH BRIEFS RANGPUR LEPROSY OUTBREAK Dec 1 Leprosy is alarmingly spreading in various parts of Rangpur and Nilphamari districts for the past few years. According to a survey about 75 thousand people of both sexes are suffering from this disease in these districts. Of them about 50 thousand are in Nilphamari alone. Some International Organisations are treating these lepers in Nilphamari Baldipukur and Mithapukur for a long time. But due to inadequate arrangements to keep the lepers in segregated places they are moving freely in the society. Moreover, at the initial stage of attack by the disease, most of the lepers never go to the doctors for treatment and ultimately when the situation reaches beyond control they rush for treatment. Appropriate measure are necessary to find out ways and means in order to launch house to house survey and check this alarming spread of the disease. [Text] [Dhaka THE BANGLADESH OBSERVER in English 3 Dec 84 p 9] GASTROENTERITIS DEATHS Tangail, Nov 24 Twenty-nine people died of gastroenteritis in Tangail district from Sept 22 to Nov 8, according to a report of the Civil Surgeon, Tangail. Of the total death toll, 18 were reported from Tangail Sadar Upazila, 9 from Bhuapur, one from Basail and one from Delduar Upazila. Besides these, according to an unofficial report, 5 people died in Kalihati, 2 in Gopalpur and 2 in Nagarpur Upazila. The Civil Surgeon also said that 73,928 people were inoculated and 1590 packets of oral rehydration salt, 196 saline bags and 10,000 water purifying tablets were distributed throughout the district as preventive measures. [Text] [Dhaka THE BANGLADESH OBSERVER in English 26 Nov 84 p 11] CHOLERA ; GASTROENTERITIS DEATHS About three hundred and fifty people were attacked and 38 persons died of cholera in Tangail district during the last two months. The Civil Surgeon of Tangail, however, maintained that it was not cholera but gastro-enterities. According to his office source, out of the total deaths, 18 were reported from Tangail sadar upazila, 9 from Bhuapur, one from Delduar and one from Bashail upazila. Besides, according to the District Flood Control room, five persons died at Kalihati, and according to an unofficial report two persons died in Nagarpur and two in Gopalpur upazila. The Additional Civil Surgeon told that 73,923 people were inoculated and 1590 packet of oral rehydration salt, 196 saline bags and 10,000 water purifying tablets were distributed throughout the district as preventive measure. [Text] [Dhaka THE NEW NATION in English 17 Nov 84 P 2] CHOLERA IN DEWANGANJ Jamalpur, Nov 15 Cholera broke out in the flood-hit areas of Dewanganj upazila in an epidemic form recently. While visiting the affected areas this correspondent found that no effective measures were taken to check the disease. The UNO of the Dewanganj upazila visited the affected areas and distributed relief materials no doubt, but that was inadequate according to the local people. [Text] [Dhaka THE NEW NATION in English 17 Nov 84 p 2] JAUNDICE DEATHS REPORTED Ishurdi, Nov 16 Jaundice has broken out in an epidemic form throughout Ishurdi upazila and elsewhere during the last several months in Pabna district. Nearly 2,000 people have so far been attacked with jaundice. According to information available so far 50 persons mostly pregnant women and children, died of this disease. [Text] [Dhaka THE BANGLADESH TIMES in English 17 Nov 84 p 2] CSO: 5450/0058 JPRS-TEP-85-C02 M FEBRUARY 1985 CANADA $30 MILLION BUDGET REDUCTION FOR MEDICAL RESEARCHERS NOTED Toronto THE GLOBE AND MAIL in English 30 Nov 8A p A [Article by Joan Hollobon] [Text], Medical researchers in Canada ': will get $30-million less next year than in 1984-S5 unless the federal ' Government comes up with more next spring. ' The Medical Research Council [ was allocated $153-million in Tej search grants last year, but $30- j million of this was a supplementary I amount that the previous Liberal. government never included into the ; MRC's base budget. Increases to meet inflation cari only be calculated on the base bud- : get, so the MRC is forced to work : with a budget of about J12S-million for next year's grants. Russell Wunker, chief of staff in federal Health Minister Jake Epp's office, said the minister only became aware of the problem within the past week. He said the previous government accepted the principle of a fiveyear plan for financing the MRC but, by failing to include the supplementary amount into the base budget, the former government created expectations that there was funding above the base level... but didn't say where they were going to get it for the latter three years. MRC president Pierre Bois said: It is a very difficult situation at the moment, but not yet tragic. If by March or June we have nothing it will be tragic. Dr. Bois said that, since the money was not included in the base budget, it cannot be regarded technically as a cut, but if the $30-million is not available this year, there will be a reduction not only in new grants but also in our other programs. $30-million is about 17 per cent of our budget, which is a substantial amount. Dr. Bois said the new Government has not yet had time to address the MRC's position, but that Mr. Epp is very supportive and I'm sure will do everything possible to readjust our situation. v Mr. Wunker said «very effort is being made to resolve the matter, but time will certainly not permit any additional funds above the current $128-million base for next year to be available by February, when the Government's estimates come down. If the Government decides to make a supplementary grant to MRC, it would not likely be until March or April. CSO; 5420/12 JPRS-TEP-85-C02 4 FEBRUARY 1985 CANADA. LONG CANCER STUDY IN URANIUM REFINING TOWN 'INCONCLUSIVE' Toronto THE GLOBE AND MAIL in English 27 Nov 84 p 26 [Article by Christie McLaren] [Text] 'A federal-provincial study of lung cancer in the uranium refining town of Port Hope, Ont., is too narrow in scope to be meaningful, critics, say. But a scientist who headed the $100,000 study disagrees. Although its results are inconclusive, he said yesterday, more studies would probably hot shed any more light on the situation. The study, led by two epidemiologists from i Queen's University and released by the Ontario [Ministry of Health, found that no conclusive link i can be drawn between lung cancer in Port Hope I residents and radon-gas contamination in their homes. I Ninety per.cent of the 27 lung cancer cases r studied could be'attributed to cigaret smoking, a! correlation consistent with the national average,! it says. ; ' j But the study was far too narrow in scope, j said Pat Lawson, a Port Hope resident who has [ pushed for health studies jof he small Lake ; Ontario town. - ': -j.- ' Although she has not read the study, Mrs.' ; Lawson said, from what she lias read and heard ^ of it, I don't think it's in Sufficient depth to r come to any conclusion. 't.; % i t Douglas Andrews,: a retired University of v Toronto nuclear engineer, said a study of leuke- * mia might have been a better way to test whethi er radiation in Port Hope is damaging peoples' jrhealth.. .:.; ' ' -V*. _:-A...»!'- Beta gamma radiation (gamma rays) is a principal cause of leukemia, just as alpha radiation (radon gas,) is a principal cause of lung cancer, Prof. Andrews said. Both types are present in Port Hope where radioactive wastes from Eldorado Nuclear Ltd. have beendisposed of.. ' C. A study testing only lung cancer could be confused by the presence of smoking, which is also : a
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