Women’s reproductive rights-access to quality safe abortion care

Several Non-governmental Organizations are working on the safe abortion care of women in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Women Health Coalition is one of the pioneers of them.

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  • 1. Women’s reproductive rights-access to quality safe abortion care 27-04-2015 Presented By: Naim Ebna Rahman Roll: 36 Development Studies University of Dhaka
  • 2. Outline of presentation:  Introduction of BWHC  Missions, Visions and Goals  Project title and project objectives  Project activities and achievements  Comments of stakeholders and general comments  Recommendations for this project  Conclusion
  • 3. Introduction of BWHC  BWHC-Promoting women’s health and rights.  Bangladesh Women’s Health Coalition is a national non- governmental organization. It was established in 1980 with the vision of ‘equality of women in a just civil society’.  The organization is establishing a health service delivery model, where the community mother can access to a wide range of health services for her and her children with informed voice and choice.  From its inception, it has taken a comprehensive stand to address both the medical and non-medical determinants of health for the promotion of women’s health in a life cycle approach.  BWHC has been working in health sector for the last thirty-three (34) years. The organization has been emerged as one of the leading organizations in Bangladesh for healthcare rights  Coverage: 1.5 million people
  • 4. Missions, visions and goals:  Vision:“Equality of women in a just civil society”  Mission:  To Ensure reproductive health services and action oriented community education.  To bring about positive changes in the quality of women's lives by making available reproductive and primary health services as well as other basic social services that enable women to exercise their reproductive and human rights.  To emphasize on an inclusive gender approach, community participation and working in integration and collaboration with government and other relevant organizations.  To distinguish itself as a model of development organization, oriented to health by maintaining professionalism through competent staff to meet the organizational and community needs.  Goal of the organization: “Contribute to the health policy framework of the government of Bangladesh in relevance to maternal health and national poverty reduction for reduction of unsafe abortion.”
  • 5. Project objectives:  The Overall Objective of the program is; “Improved health and social status of women in BWHC working areas”.  To Improve reproductive health of target population in BWHC working areas  To Strengthen the operational management of BWHC  To Improve Knowledge management system  To develop Strategic partnerships improved with evidence base results  To ensure quality of safe abortion care related services by the project year  To improve awareness on safe abortion issues among project beneficiaries and key stakeholders  To increase safe abortion related services among hard to reach and marginalized women and adolescents girls in every year.  To prevent unsafe abortions of disadvantaged and deprived women.  To ensure quality of safe abortion care related services by the project year Project Title: Women’s reproductive rights-access to quality safe abortion care
  • 6. Project activities and achievements:  Safe MR service  Family planning methods after MR  Adolescents reproductive health services  Consultation or services to prevent HIV/ AIDS  Family planning services  Services for before delivery  Services for after delivery  Services for abortion induced complexities  Medical assistance for sexual complexities of women  Health services for Children  BCC for adolescents  Health services for school going children  Vaccine for adolescents and women etc.
  • 7. Comments of stakeholders and general comments:  Comments of stakeholders:  Bakol Begum  Age: 27  Occupation: Home Maker  Address: Jipter goli, Nurerbag , Jatrabari.  Comment: ‘I have come here to take service of MR. I have three children. So I don’t want any more children now. I came here before for vaccine. I found this clinic very least costly. Besides it’s very near from my home. It is also secured place where I move can freely’.  Asma Begum  Age: 25  Occupation: Home Maker  Address: Nurerbag, Dhonia, Jatrabari.  Comment: ‘This is the very first time, I’ve come here to take service of MR. This is my first abortion. I’ve a small child. So I don’t want to have another child now. I heard about this project from common people’
  • 8. Lacking of the projects  Lack of awareness  Unskilled employees  Vulnerability of health and health hazard  Unwillingness of taking governmental services.  Backward area and undeveloped infrastructure  Insufficient staff numbers in clinic  Lack of Cooperation of governmental organizations.
  • 9. Recommendations:  Awareness should be raised among the girls and women  Women should not take MR service from here and there  Women should take modern MR service  More skilled and expert people should be employed in this project  More transparency should be ensured in this project.  People should be informed through advertisement  Primitive service should be updated  Government can jointly work this NGO  Infrastructure of this clinic can be developed
  • 10. Women’s reproductive rights-access to quality safe abortion care  Unsafe abortion remains a serious public health problem and a leading cause of maternal morbidity and mortality  Delivery of safe abortion services especially medical abortion can help reduce complications associated with unsafe abortion  Family planning services and linkage to other reproductive health services are essential components of comprehensive Post abortion care  So, BWHC has key role to ensure safe abortion of the women.
  • 11. Women’s reproductive rights-access to quality safe abortion care Any query ?
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