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  Heaven and Earth Designs Window With A View Large Format) Chart No: HAEDOM 132 Chart Design by Michele Sayetta Copyrighted Artwork by Dominic Davison   Finished Design Size 625 W by 403 H (25 W X 16 H inches on 25ct) (This Chart Contains 90 Colors)   Heaven and Earth Designs LLC 91337 Highway 101 Warrenton Oregon 97146 320-214-7998 2014 Heaven and Earth Designs 2014    Congratulations on buying a   Heaven and Earth Designs INC Cross Stitch Chart! We know it will bring you many hours of pleasurable stitching and believe the final result will be something to love and admire forever. Included with your chart is a clear plastic bag to protect your chart, and a coded thread list for the threads you will need to complete your project. Our charts are designed to use DMC stranded cotton threads and, where appropriate, Kreinik metallic thread. Chart Instructions: 1.   This chart is made up of several numbered pages beginning at the top left corner of the first page. The pages of chart are laid out from left to right in rows e.g. 1 2 3 4 5 6. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 2.   Although each chart is marked with arrows which indicate the center, we believe you will find it easier to begin from the top left corner of page 1 and follow the chart page by page to the bottom right corner of the last page. 3.   We recommend you stitch your design on 25 count even weave fabrics using 2 strands of cotton over one fabric thread. However, please feel free to experiment as to what you are most comfortable with! 4.   At the top of the thread list you will find our recommendation for the fabric color. We recommend purchasing a piece of fabric that equates to the design size plus 3 inches [75mm] on each side to allow for framing and matting. 5.   Because of the large number of stitches, we have found it to be easier if you stitch one 10X10 grid at a time and then continue on to the next 10 x 10 grid. 6.   Stitch each page until it is completed and then move on to the next. On each page there is a number at the top left that indicates the page number. On each corner is a number in parenthesis that indicates the connecting page, unless there is not one. 7.   Under International Copyright Laws, you may copy the chart for your own use. We recommend that you use a copy as your working document. You may also wish to enlarge the pages to make the symbols easier to read. If you have any questions regarding this chart please feel free to contact us Heaven and Earth Designs Inc. 320-214-7998  Page 1 Window With A View-Davison Michele Sayetta Pattern Name Window With A View-Davison Designed By Michele Sayetta Company Heaven and Earth Designs Inc. Copyright 2014 Dominic Davison ® Fabric Linen 25, White625w X 403h Stitches Size 25 Count, 25w X 16h in Floss Used for Full Stitches SymbolStrandsTypeNumberColor ü 2DMC1White % 2DMC150Dusty Rose-UL VY DK 3 2DMC155Blue Violet-MD DK ï 2DMC160Gray Blue-MD s 2DMC169Pewter-LT Ï 2DMC209Lavender-DK a 2DMC300Mahogany-VY DK ø 2DMC310Black ó 2DMC317Pewter Gray t 2DMC318Steel Gray-LT 4 2DMC333Blue Violet-VY DK ° 2DMC334Baby Blue-MD 2 2DMC340Blue Violet-MD R 2DMC370Mustard-MD Q 2DMC372Mustard-LT w 2DMC413Pewter Gray-DK ò 2DMC414Steel Gray-DK h 2DMC434Brown-LT g 2DMC436Tan ª 2DMC445Lemon-LT c 2DMC452Shell Gray-MD b 2DMC453Shell Gray-LT ¢ 2DMC471Avocado Green-VY LT Å 2DMC498Christmas Red-DK L 2DMC520Fern Green-DK Î 2DMC550Violet-VY DK Ì 2DMC601Cranberry-DK \ 2DMC606Bright Orange-Red V 2DMC612Drab Brown-LT m 2DMC640Beige Gray-VY DK q 2DMC647Beaver Gray-MD W 2DMC677Old Gold-VY LT  Page 2 Window With A View-Davison Michele Sayetta SymbolStrandsTypeNumberColor E 2DMC703Chartreuse D 2DMC704Chartreuse-BRT Í 2DMC718Plum ] 2DMC720Orange Spice-DK X 2DMC728Topaz © 2DMC730Olive Green-VY DK f 2DMC738Tan-VY LT C 2DMC772Yellow Green-VY LT e 2DMC779Cocoa-DK 6 2DMC791Cornflower Blue-VY DK ¼ 2DMC792Cornflower Blue-DK ± 2DMC796Royal Blue-DK ¸ 2DMC797Royal Blue 7 2DMC798Delft Blue-DK á 2DMC801Coffee Brown-DK $ 2DMC818Baby Pink # 2DMC819Baby Pink-LT ¯ 2DMC823Navy Blue-DK U 2DMC832Golden Olive T 2DMC833Golden Olive-LT S 2DMC834Golden Olive-VY LT H 2DMC905Parrot Green-DK G 2DMC906Parrot Green-MD F 2DMC907Parrot Green-LT  2DMC911Emerald Green-MD A 2DMC913Nile Green-MD K 2DMC934Black Avocado Green J 2DMC936Avocado Green-VY DK j 2DMC938Coffee Brown-UL DK > 2DMC939Navy Blue-VY DK Ý 2DMC945Tawny P 2DMC3012Khaki Green-MD é 2DMC3023Brown Gray-LT ã 2DMC3031Mocha Brown-VY DK p 2DMC3072Beaver Gray-VY LT ® 2DMC3078Golden Yellow-VY LT ê 2DMC3328Salmon-DK N 2DMC3363Pine Green-MD ¤ 2DMC3364Pine Green , 2DMC3607Plum-LT Ç 2DMC3743Antique Violet-VY LT 1 2DMC3747Blue Violet-VY LT
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