Wheeled Excavator A 914. Operating Weight: 15,200 17,500 kg Engine Output: 100 kw / 136 HP Bucket Capacity: m³ - PDF

Wheeled Excavator A 914 Operating Weight: 1,2 17, kg Engine Output: 1 kw / 136 HP Bucket Capacity: m³ A 914 Operating Weight: 1,2 17, kg Engine Output: 1 kw / 136 HP Bucket Capacity: m³ 2 A

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Wheeled Excavator A 914 Operating Weight: 1,2 17, kg Engine Output: 1 kw / 136 HP Bucket Capacity: m³ A 914 Operating Weight: 1,2 17, kg Engine Output: 1 kw / 136 HP Bucket Capacity: m³ 2 A 914 Litronic Performance Liebherr wheeled excavators have the performance to get building work done faster. The above-average high lift capacity and the large digging forces deliver extraordinary productivity in application. More performance for greater efficiency. Reliability Diesel engine, hydraulic components, electronic components, swing ring, swing drive and steel structure: developed, tested and produced by Liebherr. This produces the high quality you have come to expect, for a long service life and maximum machine availability. Greater quality for higher reliability. Comfort The newly developed Liebherr operator s cab offers the machine operator the necessary space and comfort to make optimum use of the machine s performance. The operator seat offers the following features as standard, amongst others: air suspension, seat heating and lumbar support. Greater comfort for higher performance. Efficiency The A 914 Litronic sets the standard in its class for fuel efficiency and travel performance. The newly developed Liebherr diesel engine meets the requirements of exhaust stage IIIB, even without the use of a particle filter. Emissions and operating costs at a low level. A 914 Litronic 3 Travel drive Newly developed travel drive with high traction force for high travel speeds both in the plane and on gradients. Reduces unproductive travel time between the working points and on the building site. Faster on site. Faster productive. 4 A 914 Litronic Performance Liebherr wheeled excavators are used on building sites all over the world, where they embody force and speed. Using Liebherr excavators, machine operators achieve impressive levels of performance, day-in and day-out. Whether in classic earthmoving, in roadway construction or for digging trenches and laying pipes: more can be achieved faster with Liebherr wheeled excavators. Power, speed and precision Lifting more Being faster Working with precision The intelligent structure of the uppercarriage and separate mounting of the hoist cylinders permits a significant lift capacity. Close the to machine, the A 914 Litronic even exceeds the lift capacity level of the next higher machine category, which means it offers more performance reserves for those more demanding jobs. The A 914 Litronic enables a high working speed, even when movements of attachment are performed in parallel. Excavating, backfilling and profiling tasks can be completed faster, new tasks can be started sooner. The speed of the machine can by adjusted easily using the MODE switch for load lifting work or grading work. The exceptional sensitivity of the hydraulic system allows precise working at high speeds, and with movements in parallel. This means the machine operator can carry out the most challenging tasks in a short time, not only at reduced speed but also with maximum performance output from the machine. Digging force High digging and breakout force in the field. For continuously high digging performance even in tough ground. More digging force for faster results. Joystick steering The optional joystick steering function enables the operator to steer the wheeled excavator using the mini-joystick. Working and travelling movements can be executed simultaneously without having to move hands. More efficient operation for greater productivity. A 914 Litronic Bright and durable The LED rear lights fitted as standard not only look good, they also have a high brightness level and an extremely long service life. The LED front outline marker fitted as standard make it easier to see the machine on the road, and thus provides greater safety. 6 A 914 Litronic Reliability Reliability offers safety. Safety that significantly influences the success of a project. Whatever the weather, Liebherr stands for safety - with reliable construction machines and customer-oriented sales and service partners. This means a Liebherr construction machine is exactly what it should be: an investment that pays off. Durability and innovation Quality Expertise Service Key components such as diesel engine, hydraulic components, electronic components, swing ring and swing drive are developed, tested and produced by Liebherr itself. The significant depth of production ensures the highest quality and permits optimum coordination of components. The highquality Liebherr components are also used in many other sectors and products. Liebherr has been developing and producing hydraulic excavators for more than 6 years. This experience and the feedback from customers, sales and service form the basis for putting innovative ideas into practice. The result: wheeled excavators with excellent quality and reliability. A fast response when service is required minimises downtime and ensures that schedules can be met. This is made possible by a spare part availability rate in excess of 98 % and a 24 h delivery service for spare parts*. Service engineers trained by Liebherr carry out service and maintenance work on the spot, quickly and in accordance with the manufacturer s specifications. * subject to location More rear visibility - and to the side too The standard camera for rear-view monitoring is integrated in a protected location in the counterweight. Optional camera for the right side area, for greater safety on the site. Greater visibility for more safety. Maintenance without draining oil Standard shut-off valve for disconnecting the oil tank from the hydraulic system. For simple maintenance work on the hydraulic components without draining the hydraulic oil. Reduced maintenance time for higher machine availability. A 914 Litronic 7 Refuelling Using the optional refuelling pump, the machine can be refuelled directly from a fuel container. Remote cable operation and automatic shut off when the tank is full, for greater convenience and shorter refuelling times. Topping up. Simple, quick and safe. 8 A 914 Litronic Comfort The modern Liebherr operator s cab offers the best preconditions for healthy, concentrated and productive working. The features which make this possible include the standard feature of an air-sprung operator seat with seat heating, the automatic air conditioning and the ergonomically arranged control elements with touch screen indicating unit. One example of the extensive safety equipment is the roll-over protection system (ROPS) for the cab fitted as standard according to ISO An advance in comfort and convenience Automatic air conditioning Operator seats Detailed solutions The automatic air conditioning offers convincingly intuitive operation. Temperature, blower setting and the various air nozzles in the head, chest and foot areas are set using the touch screen on the indicating unit. The defrost/defog one-button function clears fogged up windows in the shortest possible time. The filter for the cab air can be changed easily and conveniently from the outside. The Standard, Comfort and Premium operator seat versions that are available have recognized orthopedic properties, and offer sitting comfort at the highest level. Even the standard operator seat offers an extensive range of standard features such as air suspension, seat heating, headrest, lumbar support and many more besides. The A 914 Litronic offers numerous detailed solutions for greater comfort and efficiency. For example, two different steering wheel versions can be selected: for regular civil engineering tasks, for example, it is recommended to have the thin steering wheel since it affords better visibility of the working area. Also, the stabilizer blade does not have any lubrication points and is maintenance-free. No need for time-consuming lubrication. Convenient radio operation Optional radio with MP3-capable CD player and front aux-in for connecting external playback devices. Operation of the radio using the indicating unit: station search, volume control, mute function. Simple operation for greater convenience. Intuitive operation Display of the machine data and camera image on the large 7-inch indicating unit with touch screen and direct access via menu bar. 1 user-programmable memory slots for working tools, which can be used for quickly and easily setting the oil pressure and oil flow at the push of a button when changing tools. Quick access keys can be programmed by the machine operator with frequently used menu items. A 914 Litronic 9 Low: emissions and operating costs Compliance with exhaust emission stage IIIB with maintenance-free catalytic converter. No particle filter, so no maintenance costs. A Liebherr particle filter is available as an option (use depending on statutory regulations). Lower emissions. Lower operating costs. Economic environmental protection. 1 A 914 Litronic Efficiency Liebherr wheeled excavators are machines that combine high productivity with excellent levels of economy - and all this comes as standard from the factory. On request, the efficiency of each wheeled excavator can be boosted further with a Liebherr productive bucket, a fuel-saving Liebherr hydraulic oil or a Liebherr quick coupling system. For more return from each operating hour. An investment that pays off Fuel efficiency Increased utilisation Hydraulic oils with added value The newly developed Liebherr D 834 diesel engine sets the consumption standard in its performance class. Also, the sensor controlled low idle automatic fitted as standard, with proximity sensors and the optional automatic engine shutdown, enable the operating costs of the A 914 Litronic to be reduced even further. The fully hydraulic Liebherr LIKUFIX quick coupling system increases the utilisation of a wheeled excavator by 3 % on average. The construction process is accelerated, and orders are completed faster. That enables more turnover to be achieved per machine. Liebherr hydraulic oils achieve a service life of 6, operating hours and more. Instead of having defined change intervals, the results of the oil analysis (every 1, operating hours or after one year) determine when the oil needs to be changed. The unique Liebherr Hydraulic Plus oil can even achieve a service life of 8, operating hours and more - at the same time as reducing fuel consumption by up to %. Optimum service access Large, wide-opening and automatically locking service doors. Engine oil, fuel, air and cab air filter can be reached conveniently and safely from ground level. The oil level in the hydraulic tank can be checked from the cab. Short service times for greater productivity. Lubricating during work Fully automatic central lubrication system for the attachment and swing ring. Can be optionally expanded to the connecting link and quick coupler. Lubricating without interrupting work for higher productivity. A 914 Litronic 11 Technical Data Engine Rating per ISO kw (136 HP) at 1,8 RPM Model Liebherr D 834/stage IIIB Type 4 cylinder in-line Bore/Stroke 18/12 mm Displacement 4.6 l Engine operation 4-stroke diesel common-rail-injection turbo-charged and after-cooler reduced emissions Harmful emissions values in accordance with 97/68/EG stage IIIB Emission control oxidation catalyst Option Liebherr particle filter Cooling system water-cooled and integrated motor oil cooler Air cleaner dry-type air cleaner with pre-cleaner, main and safety elements Fuel tank 36 l Engine idling sensor controlled Electrical system Voltage 24 V Batteries 2 x 13 Ah/12 V Alternator three phase current 28 V/11 A Hydraulic System Hydraulic pump Liebherr, variable displacement, swashplate pump Max. flow 2 l/min. Max. hydr. pressure 3 bar Hydraulic pump regulation and control Liebherr-Synchron-Comfort-system (LSC) with electronic horsepower regulation, pressure cut-off, load sensing and torque controlled swing drive priority Hydraulic tank capacity 1 l Hydraulic system capacity max. 28 l Filtration main return filter with integrated partial micro filtration ( µm) Cooling system compact cooling system comprising cooling unit for water, hydraulic oil and charge air with stepless, thermostatically controlled fan MODE selection adjustment of engine and hydraulic performance via a mode pre-selector to match application, e.g. for especially economical and environmentally friendly operation or for maximum digging performance and heavy-duty jobs Engine speed and performance setting stepless alignment of engine output and hydraulic power via engine speed Hydraulic Controls Power distribution via control valve with integrated safety valves, simultaneous and independent operation of travel drive, swing drive and work Control type Attachment and swing proportional via joystick levers Travel electroproportional via foot pedal Additional functions via switch and/or electroproportional foot pedals Option proportional control, propor tionally acting transmitters on the joysticks for additional hydraulic functions Swing Drive Drive Liebherr swashplate motor with torque control and integrated brake valve Transmission Liebherr compact planetary gear Swing ring Liebherr sealed single race ball bearing swing ring, internal teeth Swing speed 9. RPM stepless Swing torque 38 knm Brake holding brake (spring applied pressure released) Option pedal controlled positioning swing brake Operator s Cab Cab ROPS safety cab structure (capable of sweeping over) with individual windscreens or featuring a slide-in subpart under the ceiling, work headlights integrated in the ceiling, a door with a side window (can be opened on both sides), large stowing and depositing possibilities, shockabsorbing suspension, sounddamping insulating, tinted laminated safety glass, separate window shades for the sunroof window and windscreen Operator s seat Standard air cushioned operator s seat with headrest, lap belt, seat heater, manual weight adjustment, adjustable seat cushion inclination and length and mechanical lumbar vertebrae support Operator s seat Comfort (Option) in addition to operator s seat standard: lockable horizontal suspension, automatic weight adjustment, adjustable suspension stiffness, pneumatic lumbar vertebrae support and passive seat climatisation with active coal Operator s seat Premium (Option) in addition to operator s seat comfort: active electronic weight adjustment (automatic readjustment), pneumatic low frequency suspension and active seat climatisation with active coal and ventilator Control system joysticks with arm consoles and swivel seat Operation and displays large high-resolution operating unit, selfexplanatory, with touchscreen function, video-compatible, numerous setting, control and monitoring options, e.g. air conditioning control, fuel consumption, machine and tool parameters Air-conditioning automatic air-conditioning, recirculated air function, fast de-icing and demisting at the press of a button, air vents can be operated via a menu; recirculated air and fresh air filters can be easily replaced and are accessible from the outside; heating-cooling unit, designed for extreme outside temperatures, sensors for solar radiation, inside and outside temperatures (countrydependent) Noise emission ISO 6396 L pa (inside cab) = 71 db(a) 2/14/EC L WA (surround noise) = 1 db(a) Undercarriage Drive variable flow swashplate motor with automatic brake valve Transmission oversized two speed power shift transmission with additional creeper speed Pulling force 89 kn Travel speed 3. km/h (creeper speed off road) 7. km/h (off road) 13. km/h (creeper speed on road) 2. km/h (road travel) max. 2. or 3. km/h Speeder (Option) Driving operation automotive driving using accelerator pedal, cruise control function: storage of variable accelerator pedal positions, both off-road and on-road Axles automatic or operator controlled hydraulic front axle oscillation lock Brakes steering and rigid axle with wet, maintenancefree multi disc brakes with minimized backlash. Spring applied/pressure released parking brake integrated into gear box Stabilization stabilizing blade (adjustable during travel for dozing) 2 point outriggers stabilizing blade + 2 point outriggers 4 point outriggers Option EW-undercarriage 2.7 m/9 Attachment Hydraulic cylinders Liebherr cylinders with special seal system. Shock absorption Bearings sealed, low maintenance Lubrication Liebherr central lubrication system (countrydependent) 12 A 914 Litronic Dimensions D E A W H C K I2 J2 Q X V U2 T2 B=B2 B*=B2* H28 L U1 M T1 B B1 T4 U4 T1 B B1 H29 J3 I3 T3 U3 T1 B=B2 B*=B2* B1 mm A 2,2 B 2, B* 2,7 B1 3,692 B2 2, B2* 2,7 C 3,13 D 2,12 E 2,16 H 2,4 I2 423 I3 38 J2 64 J3 8 K 1,23 L 2,4 M 1,1 Q 3 T1 1,47 T2 1,23 T3 1,13 T4 1,97 U1 4,39 U2 4,73 U3 4,74 U4 4,684 * EW-Undercarriage E = Tail radius Tires 1.-2 Stick Two-piece Boom Mono Boom 4.6 m 3.2 m stabil. 2 pt. blade stabil. 2 pt. blade 4 pt. blade outr. + 2 pt. blade outr. + 2 pt. outr. outr. outr. m mm mm mm mm mm mm mm V 2.2,,4,4, 4,9,3*,3* 2.4,2,,*,2,,4*,4* 2.6, 4,9,3*, 4,8,2*,2* W 2.2 2,8 2,8 2,8 2,9 2,9 2,9* 2,9* 2.4 2,8 2,8 2,8* 3,1 3,1 3,1* 3,1* 2.6 2,8 2,8 2,8* 3,1 3,1 2,9* 2,9* X 2.2 8,3 8,1 8,1 8, 7,8 8,3* 8,2* 2.4 8,3 8,1 8,6* 8,1 7,9 8,4* 8,3* 2.6 8,3 8,2 8,6* 8,1 7,9 8,3* 8,2* Stick Offset Two-piece Offset Mono Boom Boom 3.3 m 4.3 m stabil. 2 pt. blade stabil. 2 pt. blade blade outr. + 2 pt. blade outr. + 2 pt. outr. outr. m mm mm mm mm mm mm V 2.2,9,7,7,4,2,6* 2.4,,4,4,1 4,9,2 2.6,1 4,9,4*, 4,8,* W 2.2 3,1 3,1 3,1 3,1 3,1 3,1* 2.4 3, 3, 3, 3,1 3,1 3, ,9 2,9 2,9* 3,1 3,1 3,1* X 2.2 8,3 8,2 8,2 7,8 7,6 8,* 2.4 8,4 8,2 8,2 7,8 7,6 7, ,4 8,2 8,6* 7,9 7,7 8,1* Dimensions are with attachment over steering axle * Attachment over digging axle for shorter transport dimensions A 914 Litronic 13 Backhoe Bucket with Two-piece Boom 3.2 m ft m H24 Digging Envelope with Quick Coupler Stick length m Max. digging depth m.1.3. Max. reach at ground level m Max. dumping height m Max. teeth height m Min. attachment radius m Digging Forces without Quick Coupler Max. digging force (ISO 61) kn t Max. breakout force (ISO 61) kn t Max. breakout force with ripper bucket kn (12.6 t) Max. possible digging force (stick 1.7 m) 82.9 kn ( 8. t) m ft Operating Weight The operating weight includes the basic machine with 8 tires plus intermediate rings, two-piece boom 3.2 m, stick 2.2 m, quick coupler 33 and bucket 8 mm/. m 3. Undercarriage versions Weight A 914 litronic` with stabilizer blade 1, kg A 914 litronic` with 2 pt. outriggers 1,8 kg A 914 litronic` with stabilizer blade + 2 pt. outriggers 16,7 kg A 914 EW litronic` with stabilizer blade 1,8 kg A 914 EW litronic` with stabilizer blade + 2 pt. outriggers 17, kg Buckets Machine stability per ISO 167* (7 % of tipping capacity) Cutting width Capacity ISO 741 1) Weight mm m 3 kg 3 2) ) ) ) ) ). 34 1, 2) ,2 2) ) ) ) ) ) ) , 3) ,2 3) Stabilizers Stabilizer blade 2 point Stabilizer blade EW EW EW raised down outriggers + 2 pt. outr. Stabilizers Stabilizer blade Stabilizer blade down down raised down + 2 pt. outr. down Stick length (m) Stick length (m) Stick length (m) Stick length (m) Stick length (m) Stick length (m) Stick length (m) V V y Y Y V Y Y Y Y Y Y Y V V Y Y Y Y Y Y Y V V Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y y y y V V V Y Y Y Y Y Y V V V Y Y Y Y Y Y * Indicated loads are based on ISO 167 and do not exceed 7 % of tipping or 87 % of hydraulic capacity, max. stick length without quick coupler, lifted 36 on firm with blocked oscillating axle 1) comparable with SAE (heaped) 2) Bucket with teeth (also available in HD version) 3) Bucket with cutting edge (also available in HD version) Buckets up to 4 mm cutting width with limited digging depth Max. material weight Y = 1.8 t/m 3, V = t/m 3, y = 1.2 t/m 3, v = not authorized 14 A 914 Litronic Lift Capacities with Two-piece Boom 3.2 m Stick 2.2 m 3. m m 6. m m * 2.3* 2.2* 2.2* 2.3* 2.3* 2.2* 2.2* 2.3* 2.3* 2.2* 2.2* 2.3* 2.3* 2.2* 2.2* * 2.2* 2.2* 1.9* 1.9* 3.9* 3.9* 2.2* 2.2* 1.9* 1.9* 3.9* 3.9* 2.2* 2.2* 1.9* 1.
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