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Servus! Welcome to the Paulaner Bräuhaus St. Petersburg! We warmly welcome you on a «trip to Munich»! On this trip you will experience typical Bavarian hospitality which is based on centuries-old traditions

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Servus! Welcome to the Paulaner Bräuhaus St. Petersburg! We warmly welcome you on a «trip to Munich»! On this trip you will experience typical Bavarian hospitality which is based on centuries-old traditions and which we directly imported for you to Sankt Petersburg. You will experience an atmosphere which is casual while remaining stylish and sometimes also quite unconventional. You will discover that visiting us is always a gastronomic and cultural experience. Look forward to a variety of food on offer that includes Munich Originals as well as Bavarian classics, accompanied by our chefs local and international favourites. Whichever dish you choose, our home-brewed Paulaner beer is always an excellent supplement. Our Paulaner brew master is always happy to talk to you if you have any questions about our home-brewed beers. Just ask him, and of course, if you like, he will gladly take you behind the scenes of his high brewing arts. Enjoy your taste of the cosy hospitality of our Paulaner Bräuhaus and discover the typical Bavarian way of life. Whether you are dancing till late in the evening or just having a relaxing meal with friends. Enjoy your time with us! Your service team of the Paulaner Bräuhaus St. Petersburg. All prices are indicated in Russian rubles. VAT is included Room charge, cash or credit card only. The brewing process - Malting, gristing, mashing and refining - Boiling the wort - Fermentation - Storage Here at our Paulaner Bräuhaus our brew master guarantees a 100% freshly brewed Paulaner beer. Homebrewed Paulaner beer specialties Paulaner Bräuhaus 0,3 l 0,5 l 1,0 l «Hell» (lager) Unfiltered, original wort: 11,5 %, alcohol volume: 4,9 % Gloriously golden blond, extremely elegant and full-bodied - the bubbles fizz perfectly in the glass. This lager tastes sparkling, light and slightly hoppy using only finest «Hallertau Perle hops. Natural and unfiltered it is a distinctive Paulaner Bräuhaus classic. Paulaner Bräuhaus 0,3 l 0,5 l 1,0 l «Hefe-Weißbier» (wheat beer), Naturally cloudy, original wort: 12,5 %, alcohol volume: 5,5 % The soul of this refreshing Bavarian specialty is the top fermenting yeast that creates its unmistakable character: tangy, light and fruity. The unfiltered brewing method allows it to retain its natural authenticity along with the many vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Paulaner Bräuhaus 0,3 l 0,5 l 1,0 l «Dark rye beer» Unfiltered, original wort: 12,5 %, alcohol volume:5,3 % Unique specialty with velvety taste, natural freshness and underlying tones of dark bread. This beer has natural strong cloudiness close to the one of wheat beer. The warm dark coloured body and the slightly cream coloured foam shout out: I m a special beer! Paulaner Bräuhaus 0,3 l 0,5 l 1,0 l «Superior beer» Unfiltered, original wort: 13,7 %, alcohol volume: 5,8 % Full bodied beer due to the high strength of the wort, with glittering amber-ginger colour and distinct but easy to drink taste combining aromatic-malty scent and flowery-hop flavours. This beer is brewed in strict accordance to the purity Law originally from 1516 using traditional Bavarian method combining Hallertau hops, malt, water and craftsmanship of our Brew Master. Simply irresistible for any beer lover. All prices are indicated in Russian rubles. VAT is included Room charge, cash or credit card only. Our brand Generations of master brewers have been able to create with passion and skill something that today is exported to around 70 countries. The recipe for success? Dedication and experience, craftsmanship and skill since At Paulaner, beer is a matter of the heart. Paulaner Bräuhaus 3 x 0,1 l «Beer sampler» Choice of our 3 homebrewed beer specialities: lager, wheat beer and seasonal beer as a sampler, served in small glasses on a wooden board Our home brewed beer is also available 10 l 20 l in the following party keg sizes: Paulaner beer from Munich, Bavaria, Germany Paulaner Original Münchner «Hell non-alcoholic» (lager) Original wort: 6,5 %, alcohol volume: less 0,5 % It has a typical slightly dry, rich flavour. Its bright, shining colour is like that of «Paulaner Original Münchner Hell (lager). The ingredients are all 100% pure and of the very best quality. 0,33 l Paulaner Original Münchner «Hefe-Weiβbier non-alcoholic» (wheat beer) Original wort: 6,5 %, alcohol volume: less 0,5 % The Paulaner non-alcoholic wheat beer is brewed since 1986 in a combined process of de-alcoholisation and interrupted formation to ensure the typical Weiβbier fruit aroma with fine notes of malt and yeast. 0,33 l Paulaner mixed beer drinks Paulaner 0,5 l 1,0 l «Radler» The thirst quenching refreshment is made of Paulaner Bräuhaus «Hell» (lager) and lemonade. The «Radler» was served for the first time in Munich in 1922 to satisfy and refresh cyclists. Paulaner 0,5 l 1,0 l «Russ n» The very lively version made of Paulaner Bräuhaus «Hefe-Weißbier» (wheat beer) and lemonade was invented in Munich around 1918 for the refreshment of the former revolutionaries. The goal was to not make them drunk quickly. All prices are indicated in Russian rubles. VAT is included Room charge, cash or credit card only. «As a pork roast the sow is at the zenith of its fulfilment.» Gerhard Polt, Bavarian comedian Chef s favourite platters (for 2 persons or more) «Schlachtplatte» (grand platter) p. 2 Pers. (450/80/100/250/150/150/75/20/4 g. p. pers.) Per person: ½ pork knuckle, «Nuremberger» sausages, Bavarian meat loaf, ¼ roasted duck, served with «Sauerkraut, sauté potatoes, demi glace, fried onions and parsley and a shot of vodka per person. «Würst l-pfanne» (sausage platter) p. 2 Pers. (180/105/180/160/250/200/200/200 g. p. pers.) Per person: Munich «Weißwurst», «Nuremberger», «Thüringer», lamb and ½ cheese sausages as well as «Bavarian meat loaf, served with «Sauerkraut» and mashed potatoes and a shot of vodka per person. «Brotzeit» (starter platter) p. 1 Pers. (75/65/60/50/30/30/54/20/20/5/30/30/22/5 g. p. pers.) Choice of cold pork roast, Bavarian meat loaf, meat patties, Emmental cheese, spiced camembert, pork fat with crackling, gherkins, red radishes, From the steaming soup kettle Hearty beef goulash soup... (450 g) 290 Braised beef, paprika and potatoes Frankonian potato soup... (250 g) 265 With crispy bacon bits or sliced wiener sausages Traditional Borsh... (450 g) 240 With prime boiled beef, vegetables and sour cream Bavarian beer and onion soup... (450 g) 180 Beef bouillon with croutons, onions and Paulaner Bräuhaus «Dunkel» All prices are indicated in Russian rubles. VAT is included Room charge, cash or credit card only. What's this? «Brotzeit» is a Bavarian specialty and relates to a hearty snack that was originally eaten between breakfast and lunch or more often between lunch and dinner. At a time when manual labour was common place the hearty «Brotzeit» was a welcome strengthening snack between meal periods. Today the «Brotzeit» is usually just a small snack but can also be eaten in abundance to replace lunch or dinner and is popular in Munich beer gardens. A typical «Brotzeit» consists of bread, baked goods, cheese, meat and sausage, as well as vegetables and spices. Bavarian «Brotzeit» Trio with bread and pretzels A «Must Have» at each table to start... (100/100/50/50/20 g) 380 Mixed bread basket and freshly baked pretzels, accompanied with butter, spiced camembert and radishes Mixed cheese plate... (65/55/42/40/160/15/5/10 g) 450 With three different cheeses and apple-grape-nuts and radish garnish Munich «Wurstsalat» (sausage salad)... (250 g) 265 Sliced cold sausage with vinaigrette, onions, chives and gherkins «Obatzda & Radi»... (50/20/60/2 g) 165 Homemade spiced camembert, red radish, salted white radish and spring onion Bread and pretzels Mixed bread basket (2 slices / 60 g each, 2 rolls / 51 g each, 2 pretzels / 100 g each) Our house bread, homemade white bread rolls and freshly baked pretzels Bavarian «Brez n» (pretzel)... (1 pc. / 100 g) 100 Our house bread... (2 slices /60 g each) 40 Our homemade white bread rolls... (1 pc /51 g each) 30 All prices are indicated in Russian rubles. VAT is included Room charge, cash or credit card only. Brewing anno 1634 In 1634 the order of the Paulaner monks began brewing beer in the Au, thereby laying the foundation for today s Paulaner brewery. Paulaner has now been producing the best of beers for more than 375 years and is considered one of the best brewers in Munich. Small dishes and appetizers Duet of smoked fish... (75/ 75/50/80/30/20/20/20/5 g) 560 Smoked salmon and butterfish served with olives, cucumbers, lemon, Horseradish cream, tomatoes, salad leaves and capers Crispy «Reiberdatschi» (potato pancake) with salmon... (150/75/30/15/10/20/1 g) 470 Fried potato pancake topped with smoked salmon, sour cream, black olives, onions, horseradish cream, lemon and dill Beef salad... (302 g) 430 With seasonal salad greens, vinaigrette and a drizzle of pumpkinseed oil Assortment of marinated vegetables... (312 g) 310 With marinated cucumbers, cornichons, baby corn, silver onions and sqush Tasty and fresh Paulaner salads Salad with «Backhend l» (fried chicken)... (60/220/50 g) 410 Mixed garden greens with deep fried, breaded filet of chicken and yoghurt dressing Salad «Mimoza»... (255 g) 395 Salad with steamed Salmon, crayfish, red caviar in a mayonnaise cream Garden salad «Viktualienmarket... (200 g) 370 Mixed garden greens, nuts and kernels, crispy pretzel croutons and Yoghurt OR vinaigrette dressing for your choice All prices are indicated in Russian rubles. VAT is included Room charge, cash or credit card only. A Munich specialty The traditional Munich «Weißwurst» (white sausage) is a real Bavarian specialty, created in 1857 in Munich. The original recipe, still followed today, is lean half meat, bacon, herbs and spices, the freshness of a lemon and parsley. Traditionally, it is made very early in the morning and preferably prepared and eaten mainly in the morning until 12:00. It was eaten fresh as there were no refrigerators 150 years ago and so the traditional has remained. A topic that is hotly debated is the way the sausage should be eaten. Bavarians «zuzeln» (suck out) the «Weißwurst». However, this is not everyone's cup of tea. Others are happy to grab a knife and fork and peel off the skin before eating. Enjoy with sweet mustard, a crispy pretzel and a fresh Paulaner «Hefe-Weißbier». Paulaner sausages «Nuremberger»... (150/150/200/50/2 g) 610 Roast pork sausages from the griddle plate with «Sauerkraut», mashed potatoes, demi glace, parsley and mustard upon request «Lamb sausage»... (160/80/50/80 g) 595 Roast lamb & beef sausage served with «Ratatouille» vegetables, gravy, sauté potatoes and mustard upon request «Thüringer»... (180/250/150 /50/50 g) 465 Roast pork sausage with «Sauerkraut» and sauté potatoes and duo of mustard «XXL Käsewurst»... (250/250/20/50/50 g) 460 XXL roast pork-cheese and peppercorn sausage, with potato pancakes, cherry tomato and duo of mustard Munich «Weißwurst»... (180/50/100 g ) 440 Boiled veal sausage, served with Bavarian sweet mustard and a Bavarian pretzel Without the Bavarian pretzel... (-100 g ) -80 «Chicken-Currywurst»... (200/50/150/5 g) 390 Chicken-Curry sausages served with a homemade curry sauce, French fries and parsley «Leberkäse»... (200/48/150/50/50 g) 390 Bavarian meat loaf with fried eggs, homemade potato salad, duo of mustard and chives Neither fish nor fowl «Rahmschwammerl»... (160/200/10/5 g) 510 Bread dumplings and creamed mushrooms, lettuce and parsley «Käsespätzle»... (280/20/160/2 g) 470 Egg noodles with melted cheese, fried onions, mixed salad and parsley «Reiberdatschi»... (150/75/30/2 g) 450 Baked potato pancakes with mushrooms, herbs, glazed with cheese and chives All prices are indicated in Russian rubles. VAT is included Room charge, cash or credit card only. «Beer, it's the best damn drink in the world.» Jack Nicholson, US-American actor and producer Original Munich and Bavarian specialties «Zwiebelrostbraten»... (300/120/20/80/5 g) 1450 Rib eye steak with sauté potatoes, fried onions, gravy and parsley ½ roasted duck... (500/100/140/150/2 g) 1360 With gravy, potato dumpling, red cabbage and parsley Crispy baked «Schweinshaxe»... (900/140/120/100 g) 990 Classic pork knuckle with bread dumplings, cabbage salad and demi glace «Bräuhaus-Ripper l»... (650/150/30/3 g) 720 Oven roasted spareribs with barbecue-dip, baked potatoes, sour cream and chives «Bräuhaus-Pfander l»... (180/200/160/20/2 g) 640 Medallions of pan-fried pork tenderloin with mushroom cream sauce, «Spätzle», fried onions and parsley «Schnitzel Vienna style»... (260/150/150 g) 610 Pork escalope, breaded and pan fried in butter, served with French fries and mixed salad Yoghurt OR vinaigrette dressing for your choice Bavarian «Schweinsbraten»... (180/140/75/120/2 g) 540 Classic pork roast with bread dumplings, demi glace, cabbage salad and parsley «Backhend l»... (220/75/150/25/2 g) 490 Deep fried breaded filet of chicken with tartar sauce, potato and cucumber salad, Lemon and parsley From the river and the sea Grilled salmon steak... (180/ 20/150/150/20 g) 690 With melted dill butter, boiled potatoes, mixed vegetables and lemon Grilled filet of pike perch... (180/50/150/75/20/2 g) 650 With almond butter sauce, parsley potatoes, mixed salad, lemon and dill All prices are indicated in Russian rubles. VAT is included Room charge, cash or credit card only. The 1516 purity law The Bavarian Purity Law of 1516 puts an end to «experimenting». The ingredients permitted in beer were specified and the importance of optimizing the process was brought to the fore. The Bavarian Purity Law is the oldest food law in history. Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria passed this law which stipulated that only barley, hops, water and yeast may be used to brew beer. Local and international specialities Pepper steak (filet of beef)... (150/150/75/95/2 g) 950 With French fries, pepper sauce, mixed salad and parsley Traditional Beef Stroganoff... (100/100/150/40/20 g) 650 Beef Stroganoff with traditional garnish, croquettes, pickled cucumbers and onions Grilled turkey kebab...(230/160/100/10/3/2 g) 595 With onions and peppers, sauté potatoes, mushroom cream sauce, lettuce, leak and parsley Chicken Kiev...(260/150/30/30/2 g) 530 Pan fried breaded fillet of chicken filled with herb butter, served with French fries, braised mushrooms, cranberry sauce, and parsley Side orders Mixed salad with yoghurt OR vinaigrette dressing for your choice... ( 150/20 g) 190 Potato and cucumber salad Traditional Bavarian salad...(150/5 g) 150 Braised red cabbage Traditional recipe... (150 g) 150 Sauté potatoes... (150/5 g) 150 «Sauerkraut» The German classic... (150 g) 140 Bread dumplings Traditional Bavarian dumplings...(140 g) 140 Mashed potatoes Creamy mashed potatoes... ( 150 g) 140 Potato salad... (150 g) 130 «Spätzle» Swabian egg noodles... (150/20 g) 130 Potato dumplings Traditional Bavarian dumplings...(140 g) 130 Cabbage salad Marinated raw cabbage salad...(120 g) 120 All prices are indicated in Russian rubles. VAT is included Room charge, cash or credit card only. The first «star brewer» was Brother Barnabas, who managed the Paulaner brewery from The Holy Father of Beer and his artistry, showed in the «Salvator.» This double bock which fills one up and probably makes one a little tipsy, is drunk throughout the world today. Its characteristics are strong and dark, not too sweet, full-bodied, malty and unique. For the sweet tooth Mixed cheese plate... (65/55/42/40/160/15/5/10 g) 450 With three different cheeses and apple-grape-nuts and radish garnish «Kaiserschmarr n»... ( 260/100/5 g) 340 Shredded, caramelized pancake with hot cherry compote and mint Dark chocolate cake... (130/20/10/2 g) 320 With whipped cream, berry sauce and mint «Bayrisch Krem»... (150/45/40/15/5 g) 270 Bavarian cream with fresh fruit, berry sauce, whipped cream and chocolate «Apfelkücherl»... (140/50/5 g) 270 Deep fried apple fritters with cinnamon sugar, vanilla ice cream and mint «Käsekuchen»... (110/100/30 g) 260 Baked cheese cake with hot cherry compote and whipped cream «Apfelstrudel»... (150/50 /5 g) 250 Warm apple strudel with vanilla sauce OR vanilla ice cream Freshly sliced seasonal fruit... (150 g) 180 «Eiskaffee» (ice coffee)... (150/50/20/1 g) 160 A scoop of vanilla ice cream with coffee and whipped cream Paulaner Bräuhaus Dessert platter* p. 2 Pers. (75/70/55/65/50/75/50 g p. Pers.) A bit of everything, «Apfelstrudel» (apple strudel), «Apfelkücherl» (apple fritters), cheese cake, dark chocolate cake, freshly sliced fruit, vanilla ice cream and hot cherry compote *Also available for 3 persons or more! Extra person for the dessert platter p. Pers. All prices are indicated in Russian rubles. VAT is included Room charge, cash or credit card only. Modernity New eras were dawning. With the discovery of the yeast cell and invention of the refrigerator in the 19th century came «modernity». This was characterised by an increasing number of varieties of beer, high quality standards and globalisation. Paulaner beer snacks Choice of warm bites... (40/100/60/50/20/20 g) 430 «Nuremberger» sausages, baked spareribs, Emmental cheese croquets and deep fried squid, Tartar sauce and BBQ sauce Choice of cold bites... (30/60/30/30/40/10/60 g) 380 Spicy salami, Emmental cheese cubes, home-made pretzel crisps, deep fried garlic sticks, white radish, red radish and mixed pickles Baked spareribs with BBQ sauce... (150/80 g) 320 Spicy salami... (100 g) 285 Deep fried squid with Tartar sauce and lemon... (140/50/20 g) 210 Deep fried garlic sticks with tomato-chilli sauce...(180/50 g) 180 Emmental cheese croquets... (180 g) 140 Emmental cheese cubes... (100g) 130 Home-made pretzel crisps... (50 g) 80 Sliced and salted white radish... (100 g) 70 All prices are indicated in Russian rubles. VAT is included Room charge, cash or credit card only. The soul of the beer: its precious contents A German brewer is only permitted to use four ingredients no more. According to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, these are hops, malt, water and now yeast. The Paulaner master brewers only use the best ingredients. The hops approved for Paulaner come from the Hallertau region of Bavaria, the yeast from its own pure culture. Additionally they use precious brewing malt and purest, softest brewing water. The higher the quality of the ingredients, the better the beer. The Paulaner experts therefore check everything thoroughly using their considerable experience and good noses. 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