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WEG Pushbuttons, Switches and Indicators (Ø 22mm) CSW Series Heavy-duty glass-filled polyimide construction IP66 degree of protection Reliable contact blocks LED & Incandecent lamps WEG Pushbutton, Switches

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WEG Pushbuttons, Switches and Indicators (Ø 22mm) CSW Series Heavy-duty glass-filled polyimide construction IP66 degree of protection Reliable contact blocks LED & Incandecent lamps WEG Pushbutton, Switches & Indicators Pushbutton and Signaling Technology WEG has used its leading-edge technology & development capability to design CSW series line of buttons, pilot lights, selector switches and accessories. These user friendly and durable Ø22mm pilot devices allow their use in several industrial applications and environments. Fast Mounting Quick Fix System The Mounting of the contact blocks to the operator (pushbutton, selector switch or indicator) is done through a snap-on flange which ensures a fast and tight fitting. The Quick Fix system of the flange allows its removal in a practical and fast way, without tools. Each single block can be mounted or removed individually: to assemble, just snap the components together and a common screwdriver is all that is necessary for the disassembly. The ergonomic design of the new locking ring allows hand tightening, without the need for a screwdriver. Fitting, Positioning and Protection Degree The locating tab on the operator allows the correct positioning, ensures panel stability and reduces the assembly time. The tab can be removed for installations in round punctures. All the units are fitted with a sealing ring (V-ring) to ensure the degree of protection IP66, allowing the performance in harsh environments (excess of dust and water spurts.) Contact Blocks Safety and Reliability High efficiency self-cleaning contact bridges; Pure Silver Contacts (Ag100), ensure in every condition maximum reliability and to monitor control circuits at low energy levels (5mA/12V). NC Contacts with Positive Break system, ensures the circuit interruption. Accessories A complete line of accessories includes Plate Holders, Legend Plates, protection covers for pushbuttons (increasing the degree of protection to IP66), extracting and fixing tools for lamps, locking rings and lenses and caps for standard pushbuttons. Incandescent and LED LED and Incandescent lamp blocks available for indication. High resistance to mechanical vibrations, low thermal dissipation, low power consumption, higher luminosity and better color definition (independent on the lens.) Push Button Flush Pushbutton WEG Pushbuttons, Switches & Indicators Mushroom Pushbutton 40 mm Double Pushbutton Illuminated Pushbutton Indicators BF 0 BF 1 BF 2 BF 3 BF 4 BF 5 BC 1 BC 2 BD (IP40) With white lens for illumination. BF I0 BF I1 BF I2 BF I3 BF I4 SD 0 SD 1 SD 2 SD 3 SD 4 Selector Switches Knob Lever Illuminated Selector Switch with Key CK 2F45 CK2R45 CK 2F90 CK 2R90 CK 3F45 CK 3R45 CK 3RE45 CA 2F45 CA 2R45 CA 2F90 CA 2R90 CA 3F45 CA 3R45 CA 3RE45 Note : The flange fitting just on vertical position. CK I 2F90( _ ) CK I 3F45( _ ) CK I 3R45( _ ) Note : disponiblle with all the colors ( _ ) CY 2F45 CY 2R45 CY3F45 (E) CY 3F45(ZB) CY 3R45 Note : ZB function Position Function I D D E Z, B Z, B Z, B (*) Other functions under consult Emergency Stop Pushbutton latching - 40 mm Contact Blocks Turn to Reset Key to Reset Single Double BC 10-1NO BC 01-1NC BC A10-1NOem BC R01-1NCdb BC 11-1NO/1NC BC 20-2NO BE G Lamp Blocks Full Voltage AC/DC BE Y Resistor + Diode - AC Note : NOem - NO early make NCdb - NC delay break Push-on/push off adapter BR - Max voltage for Ba9s Lamp 380V (2W) - Lamp not included Flange position BI D - Block Voltage 220VAC - Incandecent Lamp 120V included BI RD Flange position Device for standard and illuminated push button Note : To be added to single pole contact blocks. The NO-contacts must be early closing types. Lamps Incandescent* (Ba9s) LED L 6VI L 12VI L 24VI L 48VI L 60VI L 120VI L 220VI 6 V 50-60Hz/VDC 12 V 50-60Hz/VDC 24 V 50-60Hz/VDC 48 V 50-60Hz/VDC 60 V 50-60Hz/VDC 130 V 50-60Hz/VDC 220 V 50-60Hz/VDC Model BIDL 220Vca 1 Voltage 12 Vca/Vcc 24 Vca/Vcc 48 Vca/Vcc 110 Vca 125 Vcc 220 Vca Colors 0 Incolor 1 Red 2 Green 3 Yellow 4 Blue *Other voltages under consult. Note: Multi-Led doesn t available to assemble on BD. Accessories Cap and Lens with Symbols Symbol Stop Start Continuos Rectilinear Motion Continuos Rotation to the Right Continuos Rotation to the Left Feed Cap - Standard Flush Push Button A CB30 A CB31 CB3 A 2 CB3A 3 CB3A 4 A CB35 Flange 3 positions A F3 5 positions A F5 Legend Plate Holder* Lengend Plates* Emergency Stop Neutral Plate* Back A PP30 Back A P30 Protective Caps Transparent *Notes: - Inscription plate included (27 x 18 mm) - Plate Holder Dimensions (30 x 50 mm) A PP30T Lamp Extractor Mounting wrench Transparent A P30T *Inscription plate dimensions (27 x 18 mm) Hole Plug A PE A PN A PBF A PBD - Standard Flush Push Button - Double Push Button Caps for Pushbutton (Color Change) ACB 0 ACB 1 ACB 2 ACB 3 ACB 4 ACB 5 CPAW* A CEF A TR Diffused Lens for Signaling A LSD0 A LSD1 ALSD2 A LSD3 A LSD4 Push Buttons WEG Push button * For double Push button color is not necessary. Selector Switch Type of Selector K - Knob A - Lever Y - With key KI - Illuminated Note: BCA - Only NO(10), BCR - Only NC(01) Nomenclature (CSW Series) B FI 1* Emergency Stop Push Button (with latch) B E G* WEG Push button Signaling S D 1* Signaling WEG Contact Blocks BC 0 1* Table of Colors Selector Switch WEG Numbers of Positions - Two positions - Three positions - Contact Blocks WEG - Early make - Delay break Color (as color table) - Turn to reset With key Color (as color table) Number of contacts NC Style F - Flush Push button C - Mushroom Push button D - Double Push button Style Emergency Lens Type Diffused Number of contacts NO Colour Incolor Red Green Yellow Blue Black Code Symbol * No available black color for Signaling WEG Positions Function Contacts C K 2 F 45( _ ) Diagrams and Contacts Position on Flange Add the color code for illuminated selector switch (color table) Selector Angle Selector Position Fixed With spring Return - With spring Return From Left RD - With spring Return From Right Positions Function Contacts Position Open Contact Close Contact * Functions under consult. Pushbutton Dimensions Selector Switches Lamp Blocks Signaling Push-on/push-off Contact Blocks Accessories Note: All dimensions in mm. Technical Data - CSW series Standards IEC/EN , VDE 0660, NFC63140, UTE-BSI-NEMA, CENELEC EN50007 Rated Insulation Voltage 660 VAC / VDC Protection Degree IP65 according to IEC/EN Protection Degree of the terminals IP2X in accordance to IEC/EN Electrical Performance Conventional Thermal Current Ith = 10A (IEC ) Utilization Category AC-15 (V) (A) , ,2 Utilization Category DC-13 (V) (A) 24 2,5 48 1, , , ,2 Performance According to UL and CSA AC / Heavy Duty (A600) DC / Standard Duty (Q300) Contact Resistance 25mΩ AC according to IEC/EN Short Circuit Protection Max. Fuse gl/gg 16A according to IEC/EN and or fuseless with MPW25-10 Electrical Shocks Protection Class II Conductor Cross Section Min(1 x 0,5 mm2) Max (2 x 2, 5 mm2) Operating Temperature -25º to 70ºC Shock Resistance No damage or disassembling at 100g for all devices According to MIL 202 B method 202A ½ sinusoid 11ms Vibration Resistance 16g with frequency range from 40 to 500Hz (according to IEC ) and maximum shifting 0,75mm (peak-to-peak) Mechanical Endurance Pushbuttons 3 x 10 6 Selector Switches 1 x 10 6 Emergency Stop Pushbutton 3 x 10 6 Max. Number of Contacts 3 positions flange 5 positions flange Pushbuttons Máx 6 Máx 8 Selector Switches Máx 4 Máx 8 Emergency Stop Pushbutton Máx 2-06
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