Вопрос 1. Приложение 4 Материалы заданий Регионального конкурса школьников Челябинского университетского образовательного округа - PDF

Приложение 4 Материалы заданий Регионального конкурса школьников Челябинского университетского образовательного округа Английский язык 1 этап Foreign Household Objects Read the following texts about objects

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Приложение 4 Материалы заданий Регионального конкурса школьников Челябинского университетского образовательного округа Английский язык 1 этап Foreign Household Objects Read the following texts about objects people noticed when they travelled or lived in other countries. In-Ha, South Korea I got used to many unusual things I found in ritain, but one thing I still can t understand is why so many places still use separate hot and cold taps at the sink rather than a mixer tap. You have to fill the basin to get the water at the right temperature, but then you can t wash your face properly because the soap stays in the water. It s much better with the mixer tap because you can leave it running. In fact, what drives you mad even more is if there s no plug. Then you end up either getting freezing hands, or burning them, or trying to move between the two. Useless!. ob, anada There are, of course, lots of things you notice in Germany, which are different to back home like steins, litre jugs of beer which people drink, not to mention the waitresses that sometimes carry three or four in each hand. Those women have wrists and forearms of iron! However, the thing which always comes up sooner or later in conversation with foreigners is German toilets. Unlike our traditional bowl with steep sides down to the water, most German toilets have a shelf, which makes it difficult to flush it all away straightforwardly. I had a friend who used to really complain about them but they never bothered me!. Ed, UK I don t know how widespread some of these things are because hinese people don t tend to invite you to their home that much you arrange to meet out somewhere. The flat I rented when I lived there was furnished and there were a couple of things that struck me. The first was that there wasn t an oven, which reduced the scope of my cooking. I also found a massive meat cleaver, which was a bit confusing as I associate it more with a butcher! One thing I really took to, though, was the rice cooker. I should ve brought one back.. Maggie, Ireland I was staying with a friend, Sheila, and she had this thing. It was like a tall mug, but without a handle, and made out of horn. It also had this metal straw. It was lovely. She told me she d picked it up when living in Uruguay. You brew this tea called mate in it and then drink it together. She s fallen in love with the thing and has taken to using it quite a lot, but she didn t persuade me to have much, though it was a weird taste. The other thing I saw while I was with her was her son playing with a spinning top. It really took me back. t school there was a mad craze for them. It only lasted about six months, but we were all really into it. ecide in which text someone: Вопрос expressesannoyance. Вопрос found something they liked a lot. Вопрос is impressed by someone. Вопрос couldn'tadapttosomething. Вопрос has adopted a foreign taste. Вопрос could be overstating how common something is. Вопрос felt restricted by something. Вопрос is reminded of something. Вопрос didn't agree with someone. Вопрос got accustomed to strange things. ulture and Identity nswer the following Вопросs. hoose, or. Вопрос fixed idea or image that many people have of a particular type of person or thing which is not always true is called stereotype prejudice superstition Вопрос The fact that different cultures around the world are becoming connected and similar to each other in many ways is known as unification globalization modernisation Вопрос country in which people of different races, religions, languages and traditions live together is often described as multicultural democratic nationalistic Вопрос 14 2.4. strong irrational fear of people from other countries, foreign languages and traditions is called xenophobia hydrophobia agoraphobia Вопрос mixed language formed from several languages simultaneously as a result of different communities living and working closely together is called a(n) artificiallanguage hybridlanguage folklanguage Вопрос What three adjectives would best describe the national character of the ritish? orderly, punctual, practical talkative, extravagant, active polite, reserved, sensible Вопрос The ritish people are often called snobbish, though snobbery is less common now than it was in the past. What exactly does the word snobbish mean? feeling that you are better than other people because of your social class or education only interested in your own country unusual and different from other people, even strange Вопрос Victorian values are still very important moral values in ritain. They are: freedom, openness, equality family life, hard work, patriotism simplicity, peacefulness, harmony with nature Вопрос 19 2.9. It is often said that in spite of English domination the Welsh, the Irish and the Scottish people have retained their separate national characteristics. For example, hospitality is especially typical of thescottish theirish thewelsh Вопрос The Irish are well-known for their sense of humour, irony and wit which are reflected in their literary works. One of the greatest Irish writers, playwrights and poets is MarkTwain OscarWilde harlesickens Вопрос How is the ritish flag often called? The Stars and Stripes TheUnionJack TheMapleLeaf Вопрос Who is the patron saint of England? St. Patrick St. ndrew St. George Вопрос What is the well-known plant symbol of Northern Ireland? Shamrock affodil Lily Вопрос What holiday is called Hogmanay? Scottish New Year's Eve Irishhristmas WelshEaster Вопрос Thekiltis. ashirt a skirt a pair of trousers Вопрос26 Баллов: 25,0 escriptive Essay The following pictures show three different people. hoose one person and describe him/her in words. Remember to mention the following: theperson sappearance his/herpossiblecharactertraits his/hereverydayactivities Plan your essay carefully (introduction, main body, conclusion). Use the necessary linking devices. e creative in your description!
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