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  Tema: Nombre del estudiante:Programa: Mecánica Automotríz Nota:Curso:ENGLIS !ASIC C #$SE Pro%esor :Sil&ana 'e&allos(ec)a de entrega :ora: 1. Vocabulary: windshield: __   parabrisas_______________trunk ___Maletera________________outside mirror __Espejo exterior_________________windshield wiper Limpiaparabrisas_________________hood___Capota_______________grill __Parrilla_________________head light _Luz de cabecera__________________sun roof: ___echo solar________________!uarter window _ entana de cuarto__________________roof post __Poste de techo_________________indicator light _Luz indicadora__________________shield __Placa_________________tail light ___Luz trasera________________door handle ___Manija de puerta________________outside mirror Espejo exterior___________________back fender _#efensa trasera__________________window _ entana__________________door __Puerta_________________sun roof: ____echo de sol_______________windshield _Parabrisas__________________  front fender _$uardabarros delantero__________________wheel _____%ueda______________hub cap ____apa del cubo_______________door post: __Poste de la puerta____________
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