VELKÝ TITULEK MAXIMÁLNĚ DVA ŘÁDKY VELKÝ TITULEK. Helios Orange User s Manual. podtitulek podtitulek podtitulek. podtitulek podtitulek podtitulek - PDF

VELKÝ TITULEK MAXIMÁLNĚ DVA ŘÁDKY podtitulek podtitulek podtitulek VELKÝ TITULEK MAXIMÁLNĚ DVA ŘÁDKY podtitulek podtitulek podtitulek Helios Orange User s Manual 1 CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION...

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VELKÝ TITULEK MAXIMÁLNĚ DVA ŘÁDKY podtitulek podtitulek podtitulek VELKÝ TITULEK MAXIMÁLNĚ DVA ŘÁDKY podtitulek podtitulek podtitulek Helios Orange User s Manual 1 CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION technical DESCRIPTION OF THE SYSTEM Minimum configuration MS SQL server installation Installation of Helios Orange system System s start up SYSTEM S OPERATION Downloading the latest version from Web Dictionary of terms Operation List Operation Components and form operation Keyboard shortcuts Local menu option Edit New Cancel Print MS Office Select All / Cancel selection of all Enable grouping Automatic Column Width Set Display Sorting Conditions filter Saved settings Renew Configuration / System administration Global constants System constants Company constants The modules constants Users Roles Journal Back ups Users constants global Users Constants local CODE LISTS Companies Accounting codes coding of accounts Job orders New Monthly Plan COUNT Calculation formulas Exchange rate table Organizational structure 4.6 VAT code list Period Code list Documents ACCOUNTING Code lists Journal Dispatch documents CASH OFFICE GOODS CIRCULATION Dispatch documents INVOICING Prints BANK MAIL REGISTER ASSETS PAYROLL 1. INTRODUCTION This manual serves only for basic orientation in Helios Orange system. Its aim is to help users in their first steps with the system. The system s operation, being identical for all its modules, is described in the initial part of this manual. Individual modules are equipped with a description of what they facilitate and within each module an example is provided. In case of more detailed information on individual functions of the system and their operation, you can find complete user s documentation in your installation CD. You can read or furthermore print out only the part of documentation, which you are particularly interested in. When working with the programme you can use help by clicking on the F1 key. You can find examples and notices in the text, which are indicated with various graphic symbols. ATTENTION Example 4 2. TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION OF THE SYSTEM Helios Orange system is built on multi-tier architecture client-server. The system comprises of application, database and communication layers. Application layer of the system the programme Programme interface of the system (client application) is a part, which enables data insertion, processing and evaluation. This part of the system is executed by programme helios.exe, its dynamic link library (DLL), auxiliary and configuration files. Helios.exe is fully 32bit application set aimed for operation in the environment of Win 2000/XP/Vista. Helios.exe is installed on a server. It is being activated from a network of individual clients and works with data saved on a server. Database layer of the system the database server Relational database (server) is a part of the system, which enables its own saving, data administration and protection of real data created via the programme interface. The Helios Orange system utilizes MS SQL server 7.x/2000 by Microsoft. The system works with full functionality even on the minimum version of SQL server i.e. SQL Server 2005 Express Edition or MSDE (Microsoft Data Engine) which naturally does not include any administration tools. MSDE which is part of Helios Orange installation CD system is delivered free of charge. Nevertheless, in case of necessity, a full version of SQL server including all administration tools needs to be purchased extra. Communication layer of the system net libraries In order to communicate with the database server, the programme interface uses a standard library by Microsoft, the DB-Library (ntwdblib.dll). Net libraries of SQL server corresponding with set network protocols of al system are still being used for network communication. The most often-used network libraries are stated below and are a part of the installation Helios Orange CD system. Net library File DLL Note Named-pipes dbnmpntw.dll basic library, dos not work in Windows 9x TCP/IP Sockets dbmssocn.dll the fastest library, for Windows networks Multiprotocol dbmsrpcn.dll automatic recognition of network protocols NWLink IPX/SPX dbmsspwn.dll library for Novell networks Operational System The Helios Orange can be operated in the environment of OS Windows 32-bit versions. This condition validates for client and server part (therefore for helios.exe, SQL server or MSDE). Concerning exceptional cases several it is possible to use all systems on the client s side. Operational system Server Client Note Windows NT yes yes SP4 is needed on the server and other stations Windows 2000 yes yes Windows XP yes yes OS/2 no yes ODBC client SW is needed from the supplier UNIX no yes ODBC client SW is needed from the supplier Apple Macintosh no yes ODBC client SW is needed from the supplier 5 2.1. Minimum configuration The above stated requirements for hardware and software on which you will operate the Helios Orange system are minimum, i.e. mandatory for installation and basic launch of the SQL server and Helios Orange. Other applications operated on the station or on the server, which increase demands, are not taken into consideration. Currently required configurations can be found on Minimum graphical screen resolution is 800 x 600, 256 colours. Monoinstallation (the system is installed only on a single computer and running only on this computer) Operational SQL server Processor Memory Disk Note system version Windows 2000 MSDE/SQL Celeron MB 4 GB Database 100 Professional 2000 Personal edition MHz MB Windows XP Professional MSDE/SQL 2000 Personal edition Celeron 550 MHz 256 MB 4 GB Database 100 MB Note: Concerning the assumed size of the database(s) 100 MB it is necessary to enlarge the memory to minimum of 512 MB (depending on the size of database please, consult LCS International, a.s.) Server Operational system Windows Professional NT 4.0 Server/Windows 2000 Server SQL server Processor Memory Disk Note version XP MSDE/SQL Plll 500MHz 512 MB 4 GB 5 users 2000 Personal edition SQL 2000 Plll 500MHz 1 GB Disk array 5 users Server 8GB RAID (5) Note: Concerning the assumed size of the database(s) 1GB it is necessary to enlarge the memory to minimum of 1GB (depending on the size of database please, consult LCS International, a.s.) Also concerning the assumed number of users 10 it is recommended to consult the server configuration with LCS International, a.s. Client (PC of the Helios Orange user in a network where the Helios Orange server has been installed) Operational system NT 4.0 WS Windows 2000 Professional Windows XP Professional Processor Memory Disk Note Celeron 300 MHz 256 MB 4 GB MS Office 2000 installed too Celeron 550 MHz 256 MB 4 GB MS Office XP installed too Note: it depends on the size of database(s) here, too and concerning the bigger ones it is necessary to enlarge the memory (depending on the size of the database please, consult LCS International a.s.) 6 2.2. MS SQL server installation Full version MS SQL server installation It is necessary to install MS SQL server version 7.0 and higher for successful operation of Helios Orange system. When installing please follow the instructions given in the SQL server documentation and as well please follow the options in installation guide. Concerning the type of SQL server installation, please select Custom. During operation of the Helios Orange system some of the data might be contaminated or some data might be faulted (e.g. due to system crash). You may utilize the possibility to pass the back up of your data to LCS International, a.s. in order to verify, detect the errors and possibly to repair them. In order to have an option of such data change, you need to choose the following configuration when installing the SQL server. Pic. 1 SQL server configuration ATTENTION: The Sort Order parameter must be always set for CASE INSENSITIVE, otherwise Helios Orange system does not operate. MSDE installation Insert the installation CD-ROM of Helios Orange system into the CD drive. In case you do not have an automatic CD initialisation regime on, click on the Start in your Windows and select Run, write down a statement X:\heuvod (X is for your CD drive mark) in the box and confirm with Enter key. Installation menu of Helios Orange opens and you are to click with a mouse on MSDE/MS SQL SERVER, select MSDE 1.0 and furthermore follow the directions of installation programme. When installing MSDE you only set the disk directions for saving the programme files MSDE and data files of the databases. 7 ATTENTION: It is possible to execute the MSDE installation only in case that the initial Configuration TEST (see chapt. Helios Orange installation) recommends to install SQL server/msde. If the TEST has recommended other configuration adaptations it will display this TEST again and will not let you continue in MSDE installation until you operate all necessary adaptations. It is recommended to switch off the Num Lock key while installing MSDE. Switched on key may slow down the installation process). The Service Pack Installation Concerning both variants (full SQL server and MSDE), it is necessary to install current Service Pack, which is a part of Helios Orange installation CD system. Service Pack updates and edits the SQL server functions (see installation CD: MSDE/MS SQL SERVER and select Service Pack). ATTENTION: Unless installing Service Pack for SQL server (MSDE) Helios Orange system cannot be activated. SQL server/msde configuration for network operation After installing the SQL server/msde please check correct setting of net libraries. It is not necessary to carry out the check within a local installation (Helios Orange system operating on one computer when it is not linked into the net). When operating in Windows, click on Start, choose Run, write down svrnetcn.exe into the box and confirm with the OK button. A programme for configuration of SQL server net libraries (SQL server Network Utility) opens then. It is recommended to set TCP/IP or Multiprotocol library (it is possible to set both of them). Selected library must correspond with the set network protocol in operational system (i.e. when TCP/IP library is selected, the network protocol set in Windows must be TCP/IP. Otherwise the server may not be accessible on the net). ATTENTION: Windows 9x networks operate only in cooperation with TCP/IP and Multiprotocol libraries. TCP/IP library enables the fastest communication on the net. Check the entered libraries in the window of your programme, carry out all necessary settings and finish the programme by clicking on the OK button. 8 In case of changing the library setting it is necessary to enter the given library also in the configuration file of Helios Orange system. In such case you must open the helios.ini file, via the Notepad programme at best, and change the parameter of Protocol. ATTENTION: All changes of library setting show themselves only after SQL server restart Installation of Helios Orange system Installation of Helios Orange system must be performed from the installation CD. You can find additional programmes on this CD, which are required for the system s operation. Insert the CD into your computer s CD drive. If the automatic mode of CD run is not set, click on Start, select Run, write down X:\heuvod (X is your CD drive mark) and confirm by ENTER key. TEST of local computer configuration After installation CD run, the reception window with initial information appears. Press Continue key. At first the automatic TEST of local computer configuration runs. 9 This test verifies whether the computer, on which the installation CD is running, meets the demands of configuration required for Helios Orange system installation. The following components are being checked: Computer hardware (processor) Disk and al memory Operational system version MS Internet Explorer version Network configuration SQL server presence If any part of configuration does not correspond to given requirements the TEST displays a recommendation for clearing all possible problems away. The test results can be saved on the disk by clicking on Save to the file by means of standard tools of OS Windows. It is possible to carry out automatic installation of all necessary SW components by Local installation key, in case of Helios Orange system installation to this computer (computer on which the TEST has been performed). It is possible to finish the TEST by clicking the CLOSE key and opening the installation menu of Helios Orange system. Local installation Local installation serves to automatic, gradual installation of all SW components valid for Helios Orange system operation. It is possible to use if Helios Orange is installed on a computer on which you have been running the installation CD. These requirements need to be fulfilled before the installation itself: Minimum PC configuration (the TEST does not produce any recommendation for HW) Required OS version (the TEST has produced recommendation for SP installation for Windows NT) Microsoft network client (the TEST does not produce recommendation for network configuration) The local installation procedure is as follows: The TEST finds out substandard SW components. When Local installation key is clicked on, the TEST tries to install the substandard SW parts automatically from the installation CD. This is performed in a strictly given order. Installation of these parts does not happen simultaneously but in a given order. Some installations require computer restart. It is necessary to run the installation CD again after recording each part. Subsequently it is necessary to click on Local installation key in the TEST results window too. Local installation the order of check and installation of SW parts: Service Pack for Windows NT 10 This offers language version selection (Czech, English), performs the installation and restarts the PC. It is necessary to run the installation CD again and click on Local installation in the TEST. MS Internet Explorer This offers language version (Czech, English), performs the installation and restarts the PC. It is necessary to run the installation CD again and click on Local installation in the TEST. MSDE This runs the installation guide (it is possible to change the files position) and performs the installation. It is necessary to run the installation CD again and click on Local installation in the TEST. Service Pack for SQL server/msde This performs the installation and restarts the PC. It is necessary to run the installation CD again and click on Local installation in the TEST. Helios Orange This runs the installation guide. The installation menu of Helios Orange system CD content The installation window is divided into several menus with various options. If you hold down the mouse pointer within above a particular entry, additional information will appear in a window part below. Helios Orange the installation of Helios Orange itself, instruction for Helios Orange system installation, the programme guide in MS Word format, the MS Word documents list (it is required to be installed if you do not possess full MS Word installation). MSDE/MS SQL SERVER database core of SQL server MSDE and Service Pack 2 for MSDE and SQL server. Both versions need to be installed for basic operation of the system. TEST it is possible to repeatedly run TEST of local computer configuration by this key. Helios Orange system installation Guide. Click once on Helios Orange menu in the installation CD and choose Helios Orange. The standard installation guide, which facilitates individual steps of installation, runs. You can move on the guide via Next and Back keys. It is possible to interrupt and finish the installation by Cancel key. A full version of Helios Orange system installation is being described below. Type of installation Demo a demo version of the system. It is possible to install even a sample database. Standard a full version of the system. Select this option and continue with Next key. Installation code 11 After agreeing with licence conditions the installation codes window appears. Fill in the required details according to the attached installation protocol. ATTENTION: When entering the installation code it is necessary to keep the font size. The installation guide recognizes low-case letters and capital letters and if the code is not filled in correctly, it would not let you continue your installation. In such case, please check the code entry and edit the mistakes. Target destination You select the directory destination and programmes of Helios Orange system in this window. Standard option is given as C:\PROGRAM FILE\LCS INTERNATIONAL\Helios IQ. You may change the option by using Browse key. Selecting of component parts By confirming the directory destination you get into a window with menu of individual programme component parts of Helios Orange system. The parts, which are to be installed, are designated with a tick on the left. You can influence your choice by clicking on individual component parts (the box is not ticked). You can see a Description of currently selected component part on the right. The values Required and Free space on the disk will then appear in the lower part of the window. Programme files individual programmes and modules of Helios Orange system. Help electronic help files, including language mutations. Bank scripts bank statements and payment orders formats for electronic banking. This option is accessible only if you possess the Bank module. Accounting statements superstructure of Helios Orange system. This comprises of created accounting statements (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, etc.) into which data entered to Helios Orange system are loaded. This works as a supplement of table processor MS Excel version 8 and higher. Management interface superstructure of Helios Orange system. This enables evaluation of acquired data by function of table processor MS Excel version 8 and higher. Predefined filters filters of selected lists of Helios Orange system. Predefined configurations defined configurations for Accounting module. Predefined transctipts defined transcripts for given lists of Helios Orange system. ATTENTION: The programme files in Component parts selection must be always ticked; otherwise it is not possible to continue in the installation. SQL server selection You enter computer trademark on which the SQL serves has been installed into this window of the installation guide. It will be used for operating the Helios Orange system 12 data. It is possible to enter the computer s trademark or a substitute of it by a dot (in case of installation straight from the server) into the Server box. ATTENTION: It is recommended to state the name of the server every time. The dot symbol. substitutes the server s name only relatively. When you run the Helios Orange system installed as above on a different computer than the server is, the system will seek SQL server on the actual computer (not on the server) and an error within the Run appears. Selection of programme component The installation guide offers you to create Helios Orange programme components in the Start menu in your Windows. Name of this component can be changed in this window. You can also use any of already existing programme components. Setting check and initialisation of copying the files The last step being made before the actual installation, the guide offers given parameters for a check. Installation codes, Target destination on the disk drive and programme component name appear in the window of the Start menu. It is still possible to change the setting in this phase. You can go back to individual parameters of installation by Back key. The Next key runs copying of the files onto a disk drive into a given directory. After copying the files the guide displays informative window with results of your installation. If the installation has been done succ
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