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First Name /Last Name Professional address Valeriu M. Ciucă Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Faculty of Law, Carol I Blvd., no. 11, , Iaşi, Romania Telephone Tel: (+40) Fax: (+40)

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First Name /Last Name Professional address Valeriu M. Ciucă Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Faculty of Law, Carol I Blvd., no. 11, , Iaşi, Romania Telephone Tel: (+40) Fax: (+40) address Date of birth 06/09/1960 Current position Department Tenured professor for the subjects - Professor Ph.D. - Ph.D. theses scientific coordinator Private law - Roman Law (Bachelor programme); - Comparative Private Law (Master programme); - Philosophy of European Law (Master programme); - Comparative Private Law (Ph.D. programme) , Associate Professor, Lab. RII, University of the Littoral Opal Coast, France; Ph.D. theses scientific coordinator,, Romania; joint Ph.D. theses scientific coordinator, Paris XII University, France and, Romania ; Visiting professor to teach an ad personam course in comparative private law (convergences: Roman law, common law and the philosophy of European law, Legal meta-systems. Roman law, European civil law & common law. A philosophy of European legal convergences or the nomothetic and nomological Alpheus underneath the Channel, and then underneath the Atlantic), for a total of 48 hours of lectures and examinations, in the winter session, at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law, Common Law Department, Canada EDUCATION AND TRAINING Dates Ph.D. Degree in Law N.B! During the same period, I was the beneficiary of various training, specialization and research programmes, having varying lengths of time, as well as of fellowships at various institutions: for example, fellow of the French Government, for a specialization in Private Law, at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences within the University of Rennes (France); fellow of the American Bar Association, for a training course in Real Property Law and Joint Ventures , at The Jagiellonian University in Krakow; fellow of the Council of Europe, Academy of European Law, Florence, for an introduction to the Program of European Law ; fellow of the International Law Institute, established by Georgetown University, Washington DC, for the program Orientation in the US Legal System (in cooperation with the Orientation Consortium of American Law Schools) and others. Dates Post-graduate studies Diploma 1 Dates Bachelor s Degree in Law training organisation Dates Baccalaureate Diploma, 1979 (awarded with the highest grade 10, representing the average of the grades at the Baccalaureat examinations; the only maximum grade granted in the county of Iaşi at that examination session) C. Negruzzi High School (National College) ( , with admission and graduation examinations after the second class of high school), and then The National High School (National College) ( , by transfer ), Iaşi Dates Ionel Teodoreanu School, Iaşi PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Academic/judicial practice/administrative Dates Name and address of employer present Professor Ph.D. (2005), Ph.D. theses scientific coordinator (2007), Associate professor (2000), Lecturer (1992), Assistant professor (1990), appointed following examination; - in charge of the Socrates-Erasmus Program at the Faculty of Law within Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi ( ) Alexandru Ioan Cuza University ( , 2003-present); Petre Andrei University, Iaşi ( ), Founding member of Petre Andrei Academic Foundation (1990) Name and address of employer Dates - 01/01/ /11/2010 : Judge at The General Court within The Court of Justice of the European Union, Luxembourg : The Military Tribunal of Iaşi : Assessment of abilities as judge (written exam - 1 st place and oral exam - 2 nd place at national level) : Court of First Instance of Suceava MEMBERSHIP IN PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS Name of professional association Dates Since 1990 Member Dates Since Founding member of Petre Andrei Academic Foundation of Iaşi (November 1990) ; - Invited at the sessions of SIHDA (International Society Fernand de Visscher for the History of Antiquity Law) in 2004, 2005, 2007; - Coordinator, founder, director of the Center for Legal Research The Exegetical School according to the Method of Postglossators of Petre Andrei Academic Foundation of Iaşi, ; - since 2004, Joint coordinator, founder of the Circle of Legal Hermeneutics The School of Organic Law , Faculty of Law within Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi; - since 2012, initiator and founder of the Robertianum Center for European Private Law, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi. Member 2 Name of professional association - Romanian Society of European Law (2010) ; - Association of Former Members of EU Jurisdictions, Luxembourg, 2012 ; - International Association for Fuzzy-Set Management and Economy, Reus-Tarragona, Spain, 1994; - Center for Community Mediation and Safety, Iaşi, Romania, 1998; - Romanian Association for European Integration Studies - member of the Coordination Council, 1994; - Founding member of Petre Andrei Academic Foundation, Iaşi, Romania; - Founding member of Petru Tocanel Historical-legal-theological Academy, Roman, Romania, 2000; - Association of Romanian Scientists, Iaşi Branch (member, 1989); - Academy of Scientists (associate member, 1997); - Center for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research - Religion and Science of Dumitru Stăniloaie Faculty of Orthodox Theology within Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi (2006); - Member of the Management Council of the Community Foundations , Romania; - Founding member and elected to the Board of Directors of The First Balkan Society for Romanist Studies (Societas Jure Romano), Sofia, Bulgaria, JOURNALISTIC AND EDITORIAL ACTIVITY PUBLICATIONS. BOOKS (essential selection) - Drept roman. Lectiuni (Roman law. Lessons), Vol. I-II, 2 nd Edition, addenda, corrigenda et augmenta, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University Publishing House, Iaşi, Euronomosofia, Vol. II, In cautarea substantei ontologice si a palingeneziei dreptului european (In search of the ontological substance and the palingenesis of European law), Axis Academic Fondation Publishing House, Iaşi, Euronomosofia. Periplu filosofic prin dreptul european organic (Euronomosophia. Philosophical itinerary through the organic European law) (vol. I), Axis Academic Fondation Publishing House, Iaşi, Vagant prin ideea europeana. Fulguratii juridico-filosofice (Wandering through the European idea. Legal and philosophical fulgurations), Axis Academic Fondation Publishing House, Iaşi, Itinerarii prin pretoriile europene (Itineraries through the European courtrooms), Axis Academic Fondation Publishing House, Iaşi, Lectii de drept privat comparat (Lessons in comparative private law), vol. I-III, coordinator, Axis Academic Fondation Publishing House, Iaşi, Deontologie judiciara. Syllabus (Judicial deontology. Syllabus), collaborator, Sedcom Libris Publishing House, Iaşi, Scoala dreptului organic (The school of organic law), coordinator, Junimea Publishing House, Iaşi, Individul radical (The radical individual), collaborator, Axis Academic Fondation Publishing House, Iaşi, Psihanaliza si hermeneutica juridica (Legal psychoanalysis and hermeneutics), collaborator, Axis Academic Fondation Publishing House, Iaşi, Mihai Eminescu. Incercare de patografie (Mihai Eminescu. Essay of pathography), collaborator, Junimea Publishing House, Iaşi, Lectii introductive de hermeneutica juridica. Syllabus (Introductory lessons of legal hermeneutics. Syllabus), Axis Publishing House, Iaşi, Eseuri de hermeneutica juridica (Essays of legal hermeneutics), coordinator, Polirom Publishing House, Iaşi, Lectii de drept roman (Lessons of Roman law), vol. I-IV, Polirom Publishing House, Iaşi, Lectii de sociologia dreptului (Lessons in the Sociology of Law), Polirom Publishing House, Iaşi, Psihosociologia rezolvarii conflictului (The psycho-sociology of conflict resolution), collaborator, Coordinators: Ana Stoica- Constantin, Adrian Neculau, Polirom Publishing House, Iaşi - Procedura partajului judiciar (The procedure of judicial division), Polirom Publishing House, Iaşi, 1997 I. Studies (chapters of books or scientific bulletins) Recent articles and studies (selection) 1. «Evaluation de la recherche en droit. L impossibilite de quantifier le qualitatif» (Evaluation of legal research. The inability to quantify the qualitative) (with M. Richevaux, B. Roussel, J-M. Wailly), in T. Tanquerel and Al. Flückiger (eds.), Assessing Research in Law. Stakes and Methods, Bruylant Publishing, Brussels, «Euronomosofia sous le parapluie du jus actionum. Les principes qui donnent la substance de l extraordinaria cognitio, comme héritage ontologique du procès européen modern» (Euronomosophia under the umbrella of jus actionum. The principles that give the substance of extraordinaria cognitio, as ontological inheritance of the modern European process), in Fernando Reinoso Barbero (coordinator), Principios generales del derecho (General principles of law), Thomson-Arranzadi Publishing, ISBN , Complutense University, Madrid, «La justice française de la justice statistique à la négation de la justice» (The French justice: from statistical justice to the negation of justice) (co-author), Institute of Administrative Sciences of Moldova, Caietul stiintific 6 (Scientific workbook no. 6), Chişinau, 2014, ISBN About EU Law, in Daniel Mihail Sandru, Constantin Mihai Banu (eds.), Interviewing European Union. Wilhelm Meister in EU Law, pp , Universitara Publishing House, Bucharest, 2013; ISBN «Les implications juridiques en matière juridictionnelle dues à l intégration de la Roumanie en l UE» (The legal implications in the field of jurisdiction due to Romania s accession to the EU), Institute of Administrative Sciences of Moldova, Caietul stiintific 5/2011 (Scientific workbook no. 5/2011), Chişinau, «L idée européenne d indépendance du juge et son impact dans les démocraties émergentes» ( The European idea of the judge s independence and its impact on emerging democracies), co-author, Institute of Administrative Sciences of Moldova, Caietul stiintific 4 (Scientific workbook no. 4), Chişinau, 2011 II. Articles/studies etc. (Selection, the most recent) 1. «Pourquoi l État (le plus riche magistrat métaphasique) refuse-t-il d être un Mécène? Bref aperçu de droit social comparé» [Why does the state (the richest metaphysical magistrate ) refuse to be a Maecenas? A brief overview of comparative social law], Revue européenne de droit social (European Journal of Social Law), no. 3/2014, ISSN X. 2. «Preuves redondantes de la passion européenne postmoderne pour l animisme et le totémisme juridique postmodernes : place de travail, action collective, État de droit. Exercice de séminaire de droit privé comparé» (Redundant proofs of the postmodern European passion for the postmodern juridical animism and totemism: place of work, collective action, the rule of law. Seminar exercises on comparative private law), Saint Omer, Revue européenne du droit social (European Journal of Social Law), no. 1/2013, ISSN X. 3. «Les si expérimentés seniors sur le Champ de Mars du marché du travail» (The somewhat experienced bussinesmen on the Champ de Mars on the labor market), Revue européenne du droit social (European Journal of Social Law), no. 1/2011, Bibliotheca Publishing House, Târgovişte (B+), pp , ISSN X and in Cahier, Universiy of the Littoral Opal Coast, Saint Omer, France, «L âme myriapode, la multiplication des choses et le droit de la créativité» (The myriapod soul, the multiplication of things and the law of creativity), co-author, Revue Innovations (Innovations Review), France, no. 32, 2/2010, pp.181 ff. 4 5. Procesul comunismului intre justitie si moralitate publica. Prescripție și jusnaturalism. Interviu (The trial of Communism between justice and public morality. Statute of limitation and jusnaturalism. Interview), Revista Convorbiri Literare (Literary Talks Review), Iași, December 2013, pp , ISSN Capul fara chip sau despre justitia anonimista. Editorial (The faceless head or on the anonymous justice), Revista de Drept Public (review of Public Law), no. 3/2013, pp , ISSN Sistemul judiciar european ( The European judicial system), Revista Romana de Drept European (The Romanian Journal of European Law), Wolters-Kluwer Publishing House, no. 1/2013, Bucharest, BD: Hein online, EBSCO, ProQuest, pp , ISSN Lex Aquilia cadrul raspunderii pretarifate a debitorului delincvent (Lex Aquilia the framework of the pre-charged liability of the delinquent debtor), in Revista Epifania (Epiphany Review), no. 2/2012, Iaşi, pp. 185 ff. ISSN Emfiteoza în dreptul roman și în unele subsisteme contemporane romano-germanice și de common-law (Emphyteusis in Roman law and in some contemporary Roman-Germanic and common-law subsystems), republished in the volume 20 de ani de invatamant juridic la Timisoara. Ad Honorem (20 years of legal education in Timişoara. Ad Honorem), October 2012, in collaboration with Corneliu Gabriel Badarau 10. «La portée de la tour Babeuro et les clefs numerique. Une philosophie de l art. 55, par. 2 du TFUE de Lisbonne» (The reach of the Babeuro tower and the numerical keys. A philosophy of Article 55, paragraph 2 of the Lisbon TFEU) in Revue européenne du droit social (European Journal of Social Law), Biblioteca Publishing House (B+, BDI Copernicus), no. XV, 2/ Realizarile Tribunalului Uniunii Europene in primele doua decenii de functionare si perspectivele acestei instante. Compte rendu (The achievements of the General Court of the EU in its first two decades of operation and the prospects of this court. Report), Revista Romana de Drept Comunitar (Romanian Review of Community Law), Bucharest, no. 2/2010, pp. 175 ff. MEMBER OF: VARIOUS EDITORIAL COMMITTEES, ACADEMIC, SCIENTIFIC, PEER REVIEW, CONFERENCES, SEMINARS, COLLOQUIUMS ETC. ASSESSMENT COMMITTEES. NEW SOCIO-LEGAL THEORY - The Theory of Relational Identity Criteria (published in: La psychosociologie de la résolution des conflits, 1998; Leçons de sociologie du droit, 1998; Actas del Congreso Cultura Europea, 2002; Errance à travers l'idée européenne. Fulgurations juridiques et philosophiques, 2011) ACADEMIC ACTIVITY Selection: Member of various examination or doctoral commissions, participating in congresses, conferences, symposiums, round tables, sessions, international seminars and author conferences (ad personam), former member of the University Senate etc. - National Prize: Professor Bologna, nominated by ANOSR (The National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania), Diploma of Honor, as a former student of C. Negruzzi National College of Iaşi, for the support of European democracy, 2016 SPIRITUAL MASTERS, INTELLECTUAL AMITIES AND NOTABLE COLLABORATIONS JUDGE MIRCEA HANCU - Suceava; PROF. PH.D. DOC. MARTIAN COTRAU; PROF. PH.D. EM. JEAN CARBONNIER; PROF. PH.D. PETRU P. ANDREI; PROF. PH.D. GHEORGHE SCRIPCARU. the 1 st of December 2016 Iaşi 5
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