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ΕΘΝΙΚΟΝ ΚΑΙ ΚΑΠΟΔΙΣΤΡΙΑΚΟΝ ΠΑΝΕΠΙΣΤΗΜΙΟΝ ΑΘΗΝΩΝ ΣΧΟΛΗ ΘΕΤΙΚΩΝ ΕΠΙΣΤΗΜΩΝ ΤΜΗΜΑ ΠΛΗΡΟΦΟΡΙΚΗΣ & ΤΗΛΕΠΙΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΩΝ ΑΠΟΤΙΜΗΣΗ ΤΟΥ ΕΡΓΟΥ ΤΟΥ ΤΜΗΜΑΤΟΣ ΣΤΟΧΟΙ ΓΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΠΕΡΙΟΔΟ ΠΑΡΑΡΤΗΜΑ V ΚΑΤΑΛΟΓΟΣ ΔΗΜΟΣΙΕΥΣΕΩΝ ΤΟΥ ΤΜΗΜΑΤΟΣ ΜΑΡΤΙΟΣ 2009 ΠΑΝΕΠΙΣΤΗΜΙΟΥΠΟΛΗ - ΑΘΗΝΑ Τηλ.: , FAX: , Σελ. 2 / 213 ΠΕΡΙΟΔΙΚΑ Σελ. 3 / 213 Συγγραφείς Τίτλος άρθρου Περιοδικό Τόμος - Σελίδες Varoutas, D., Deligiorgi, C., Michalakelis, C. and Sphicopoulos, T. Michalakelis, C., Varoutas, D. and Sphicopoulos, T. Theodoridis, S. and et., al. Matakias, S., Tsiatouhas, Y., Haniotakis, Th. and Arapoyanni, A. Afantenos, S. D., Karkaletsis, V., Stamatopoulos, P. and Halatsis, C. Giannakopoulos, G., Karkaletsis, V., Vouros, G. and Stamatopoulos, P. Pikrakis, A., Giannakopoulos, T. and Theodoridis, S. Slavakis, K., Theodoridis, S. and Yamada, I. Baousis, V., Spiliopoulos, V., Zavitsanos, E., Hadjiefthymiades, S. and Merakos, L. A hedonic approach to estimate price evolution of telecommunication services: Evidence from Greece Diffusion models of mobile telephony in Greece Preliminary images from an adaptive imaging system A Current Mode, Parallel Two-Rail Code Checker Using Synchronic and Diachronic Relations for Summarizing Multiple Documents Describing Evolving Events Summarization System Evaluation Revisited: N-gram Graphs A speech-music discrimination framework for radio broadcasts Online classification using kernels and projection-based adaptive algorithms Semantic Web Services and Mobile Agents Integration for Efficient Mobile Services APPL ECON LETTERS 2008, 15, TELECOMMUN 2008, 32, POLICY PHYS MEDICA 2008, 24, IEEE TRANS COMPUT 2008, 57, J INTELL INF SYST 2008, 30, ACM TRANS SPEECH LANG PROC IEEE TRANS MULTIMEDIA IEEE TRANS SIGNAL PROCESS 2008, 5, , 10, , 56, IJSWIS 2008, 4, --- Baousis, V., Kyriakakos, M., Hadjiefthymiades, S. and Merakos. L. Boufidis, Z., Alonistioti, N. and Merakos, L. Anagnostopoulos, C. and Hadjiefthymiades, S. Performance Evaluation of a Mobile Agent-Based Platform for Ubiquitous Service Provision Architecture and Signaling Protocol for Migration to Cognitive Reconfigurable Post-3G Mobile Systems ENHANCING SITUATION AWARE SYSTEMS THROUGH IMPRECISE REASONING PMC 2008, 4, --- ACM MOB COM COMM REV IEEE TRANS MOB COMPUT 2008,, , 7, --- Σελ. 4 / 213 Συγγραφείς Τίτλος άρθρου Περιοδικό Τόμος - Σελίδες Anagnostopoulos, C., Hadjiefthymiades, S., Ntarladimas, Y. and Zervas, E. Kalikakis M., Gouscos D. and Georgiadis, P. Karagiorgos, G. and Missirlis, N. Karagiorgos, G. and Missirlis, N. Danny Hong and Eleftheriadis, A. Michalakelis, Ch., Dede, G., Varoutas, D. and Sphicopoulos, T. Emiris, I., Tsigaridas, E. and Tzoumas, G. Emiris, I. and Tzoumas, G. Emiris, I. and Tsigaridas, E. Emiris, I. and Tsigaridas, E. Limniotis, K., Kolokotronis, N. and Kalouptsidis, N. Kolokotronis, N., Limniotis, K. and Kalouptsidis, N. Zacharia, E. and Maroulis, D. ON THE USE OF EPIDEMICAL INFORMATION SPREADING IN MOBILE COMPUTING ENVIRONMENTS A Participatory Architecture for Taxation and Budgeting Convergence of the Diffusion method for weighted torus graphs using Fourier analysis Diffusive load balancing for parallel solution of Partial Differential Equations XFlavor: Providing XML Features in Media Representation Impact of cross-national diffusion process in telecommunications demand forecasting Predicates for the exact Voronoi diagram of ellipses under the Euclidean metric Exact and Efficient Decision of the InCircle predicate for Parametric Ellipses and Smooth Convex Objects On the complexity of real root isolation using continued fractions Real algebraic numbers and polynomial systems of small degree On the linear complexity of sequences obtained by state-space generators Factorization of determinants over finite fields and applications in stream ciphers An Original Genetic Approach to the Fully-Automatic Gridding of Microarray Images MEDJCN 2008, 4, --- THEOR COMPUT SCI 2008, 6, , 401, 1-16 SCPE 2008, 9, MULTIMED TOOLS APPL TELECOMMUN SYST INT J COMPUT GEOM 2008, 39, , 39, , 18, COMPUT AID DES 2008, 40, THEOR COMPUT SCI THEOR COMPUT SCI IEEE TRANS INFORM THEORY 2008, 392, , 409, , 54, CRYPT. AND COM. 2008,, --- IEEE TRANS MED IMAGING 2008, 27, Σελ. 5 / 213 Συγγραφείς Τίτλος άρθρου Περιοδικό Τόμος - Σελίδες Savelonas, M.A., Iakovidis, D.K and Maroulis, D. Chaikalis, D., Sgouros, N., Maroulis, D. and Papageorgas, P. Tsalgatidou, A., Athanasopoulos, G. and Pantazoglou, M. Sgouros N., Kontaxakis I. and Sangriotis, M. Gouli E., Gogoulou A., and Grigoriadou, M. Gogoulou A.,, Gouli E., and Grigoriadou, M. Tsotras, V., Zhang, D., Markowetz, A., Gunopulos, D. and Seeger, B. LBP-guided Active Contours Hardware Implementation of a Disparity Estimation Scheme for Real- Time Compression in 3D Imaging Applications Interoperability Among Heterogeneous Services: The case of integration of P2P Services with Web Services, Effect of Different Traversal Schemes in Integral Image Coding Supporting Self-, Peer- and Collaborative-Assessment in E- Learning: the case of the PECASSE environment Adapting and personalizing the communication in a synchronous communication tool On computing temporal aggregates with range predicates PATTERN RECOGNITION LETT J VIS COMMUN IMAGE REPRESENT 2008, 29, , 19, 1-11 JWSR 2008, 5, APPL OPT 2008, 47, D28-D37 JILR 2008, 19, J COMPUT ASSIST LEARN ACM TRANS DATABASE SYST 2008, 24, , 33, --- Palpanas, T., Vlachos, M., Keogh, E. and Gunopulos, D. Streaming Time Series Summarization Using User-Defined Amnesic Functions IEEE TRANS KNOWL DATA ENG 2008, 20, Halkidi, M., Gunopulos, D., Vazirgiannis, M., Kumar, N. and Domeniconi, C. Galanaki, Ch., Rondogiannis, P. and Wadge, W.W. Charalambidis, A., Grivas, A., Papaspyrou, N. and Rondogiannis, P. A clustering framework based on subjective and objective validity criteria An Infinite-Game Semantics for Well- Founded Negation in Logic Programming. Efficient Intensional Implementation for Lazy Functional Languages. TKDD 2008, 1, --- APAL 2008, 151, MATH IN CS 2008, 2, Σελ. 6 / 213 Συγγραφείς Τίτλος άρθρου Περιοδικό Τόμος - Σελίδες Nomikos, Ch. and Rondogiannis, P. Mikroulis, S., Roditi, E. and Syvridis K., D. Theoharis, T., Passalis, G., Toderici, G. and Kakadiaris, I.A. Manousopoulos, P., Drakopoulos, V. and Theoharis, T. Papadakis, P., Pratikakis, I., Trafalis, T., Theoharis, T. and Perantonis, S. Alexandropoulos, D., Simos, H., Mikroulis, S. and Syvridis K., D. Bogris, A., Rizomiliotis, P., Chlouverakis, K. E., Argyris, A. and Syvridis K., D. Chlouverakis, K. E., Argyris, A., Bogris, A. and Syvridis K., D. Mikroulis, S. and Syvridis K., D. Argyris, A., Hamacher, M., Chlouverakis, K. E. and Bogris, A. Locally Stratified Boolean Grammars Direct Modulation Properties of μm InGaAsP/InP Microring Lasers Unified 3D Face and Ear Recognition using Wavelets on Geometry Images Curve fitting by fractal interpolation Relevance Feedback in Content-based 3D Object Retrieval: A Comparative Study Polarization Properties of Active Semiconductor Micro-Ring Structures Feedback phase in optically generated chaos: A secret key for cryptographic applications Complexity and Synchronization in Chaotic Fiber-optic Systems Monolithic integrated microring resonators: The fundamental building block towards Dense photonic integration A photonic integrated device for chaos applications in communications INFORM COMPUT 2008, 206, J LIGHTWAVE 2008, 26, TECHNOL PATT RECOG 2008, 41, TRAN COMP 2008, 1, CADA 2008, 5, OPT COMMUN 2008, 281, IEEE J QUANTUM ELECTRON 2008, 44, PHYSICA D 2008, 237, PHYS. STAT. SOL. (C) 2008, 5, PHYS REV LETT 2008, 100, --- Velanas, P., Bogris, A., Argyris, A. and Syvridis K., D. High Speed All-Optical First- and Second-order Differentiators based on Cross Phase Modulation in Fibers J LIGHTWAVE TECHNOL 2008, 26, Anovazzi, V., Argyris, A., Benedetti, M., Hamacher, M. and Merlo, S. A Chaos-based Approach to Secure Communications OPT PHOTONICS NEWS 2008, 19, Σελ. 7 / 213 Συγγραφείς Τίτλος άρθρου Περιοδικό Τόμος - Σελίδες Alexandropoulos, D., Simos, H., Adams, M. J. and Syvridis K., D. Optical Bistability in Active Semiconductor Micro-Ring Structures IEEE J SEL TOP QUANTUM ELECTR 2008, 14, Vasileiadis, M., Alexandropoulos, D., Adams, M. J., Simos, H. and Syvridis K., D. Velanas, P., Bogris, A. and Syvridis K., D. Telelis, O. and Zissimopoulos, V. Liazi, M., Milis, I. and Zissimopoulos, V. Katselis D., Kofidis E. and Theodoridis, S. Morfonios, Κ. and Ioannidis E., Y. Simitsis, A., Koutrika, G. and Ioannidis E., Y. Ioannidis E., Y., Milano, D., Schek, H.-J. and Schuldt, H. Ulrich, E., Akutsu, H., Doreleijers, J., Harano, Y., Ioannidis E., Y., Lin, J., Livny, M., Mading, S., Maziuk, D., Miller, Z., Nakatani, E., Schulte, C., Tolmie,D., Wenger, R. K., Yao, H. and Markley, J. Potential of InGaAs/GaAs Quantum Dots for Applications in Vertical Cavity Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers Operation properties of a reconfigurable photonic logic gate based on cross phase modulation in highly nonlinear fibers Dynamic Bottleneck Optimization for k-edge and 2-Vertex Connectivity A constant approximation algorithm for the densest k-subgraph problem on chordal graphs On Training Optimization for Estimation of Correlated MIMO Channels in the Presence of Multiuser Interference Supporting the Data Cube Lifecycle: The Power of ROLAP Precis: from Unstructured Keywords as Queries to Structured Databases as Answers DelosDLMS: From the DELOS Vision to the Implementation of a Future Digital Library Management System IEEE J SEL TOP QUANTUM ELECTR OPT FIBER TECHNOL 2008, 14, , 15, INF PROCESS LETT 2008, 106, INF PROCESS LETT 2008, 108, IEEE TRANS SIGNAL PROCESS 2008, 56, VLDB J 2008, 17, VLDB J 2008, 17, INT. J. ON DIGITAL LIBRARIES 2008, 9, BioMagResBank NUCL ACID RES 2008, 36, Σελ. 8 / 213 Συγγραφείς Τίτλος άρθρου Περιοδικό Τόμος - Σελίδες Candela, L., Castelli, D. and Ioannidis E., Y. Theocharidis, A., Kamalakis, T., Chipouras, A. and Sphicopoulos, T. Avaritsiotis, N., Kamalakis, T. and Sphicopoulos, T. Fellbaum. K. and Kouroupetoglou, G. Freitas D. and Kouroupetoglou, G. Papadopoulos K., Argyropoulos V. and Kouroupetoglou, G. Delviniotis D., Kouroupetoglou, G. and Theodoridis, S. Report on the Third Workshop on Foundations of Digital Libraries Linear and Nonlinear Optical Pulse Propagation in Photonic Crystal Waveguides Near the Band Edge Analytical and Numerical Treatment of the Spectral Properties of a Photonic Crystal Coupled Resonator Optical Waveguide Principles of Electronic Speech Processing with Applications for People with Disabilities Speech Technologies for Blind and Low Vision Persons Discrimination, perception and comprehension of synthetic speech by visually impaired students: the case of similar acoustic patterns Acoustic Analysis of musical intervals in modern Byzantine Chant Scales D-LIB MAGAZINE 2008, 14, IEEE J QUANTUM ELECTRON J LIGHTWAVE TECHNOL 2008, 44, , 26, TECHNOL DISABIL 2008, 20, TECHNOL DISABIL 2008, 20, J VISUAL IMPAIR BLIND J ACOUST SOC AMER 2008, 102, , 124, Spiliotopoulos D., Petasis G. and Kouroupetoglou, G. A Framework for Languageindependent Analysis and Prosodic Feature Annotation of Text Corpora A Participatory Architecture for Taxation and Budgeting LECT NOTE ARTIF INTELL 2008, 5246, ,, --- Σελ. 9 / 213 Συγγραφείς Τίτλος άρθρου Περιοδικό Τόμος - Σελίδες Agrawal, R., Ailamaki, A., Bernstein, P., A., Brewer,A., E., Carey, J.,,M., Chaudhuri,S., Doan, A., Florescu, D., Franklin, J., M., Garcia-Molina, H., Gehrke, J., Gruenwald, L., Haas, M., L., Halevy, Y., A., Hellerstein, M., J., Ioannidis E., Y., Korth, F., H., Kossmann, D., Madden, S., Magoulas, R., Ooi, Beng Chin, OReilly, T., Ramakrishnan, R., Sarawagi, S., Stonebraker, M., Szalay, S., V and Weikum, G. The Claremont report on database research SIGMOD RECORD 2008, 37, 9-19 Slavakis K. and Theodoridis, S. Sliding Window Generalized Kernel Affine Projection Algorithm using Projection Mappings Theodoridis, S. and Et.AL. Design and characterization of the I- ImaS multi-element x-ray detector systemdesign and characterization of the I-ImaS multi-element x-ray detector system Theodoridis, S. and et.al. Preliminary images from an adaptive imaging system Z. Chen, Delis, A. and P. Wei Identification and Management of Sessions Generated by Instant Messaging and Peer-to-Peer Systems Zhongqiang Chen, Delis, A. and P. Wei K. Tsakalozos, V. Stoumpos, K. Saidis and Delis, A. Catching Remote Administration Trojans (RATs) Adaptive Disk Scheduling with Workload-dependent Z. Chen, Delis, A. and P. Wei A Pragmatic Methodology for Testing Intrusion Prevention Systems JASP 2008, ID , --- IEEE TRANS NUCL SCI 2008, 55, PHYS MEDICA 2008, 24, INT J COOP INF SYST 2008, 17, 1-49 SPE 2008, 38, J SYST SOFTWARE 2008, 82, COMPUT J 2008,, --- Σελ. 10 / 213 Συγγραφείς Τίτλος άρθρου Περιοδικό Τόμος - Σελίδες Fotakis, D., Kontogiannis, S., Koutsoupias, E., Mavronicolas, M. and Spirakis, P. Skarmoutsos, N., Lallas, E.N.,, Syvridis K., D. and Sphicopoulos, T. kranitis, N., Merentitis, A., Theodorou, G., Paschalis, A. and Gizopoulos, D. Voyiatzis, I., Paschalis, A., Gizopoulos, D., Halatsis, C., Marki, E. and Hatzimihail. M. Panagakis, A., Vaios, A. and Stavrakakis, I. Xenakis, C., Ntantogian, C. and Stavrakakis, I. Mazumdar, R. and Stavrakakis, I. Pilioura,T.,Hadjiefthymiades, S.,Tsalgatidou, A. and Spanoudakis,M. Iakovidis, D.K., Maroulis, D.E. and Bariamis, D.G. Koutsopoulou, M., Kaloxylos, A., Alonistioti, N. and Merakos, L. Vaiopoulos, N., Vavoulas, A., Varoutas, D. and Sphicopoulos, T. Passalis, G., Theoharis, T. and Kakadiaris, I. The Structure and Complexity of Nash Equilibria for a Selfish Routing Game. A 40 Gb/s IM payload/2.5 Gb/s header AOLS technique based on an all fiber realization Hybrid Software-Based Self-Test (H- SBST): Methodology and Application on a Modern Processor Core An Input Vector Monitoring Concurrent BIST Architecture Based on a Pre-computed Test Set Approximate analysis of LRU in the case of short term correlations. A network-assisted mobile VPN for securing users data in UMTS netwo Guest editorial on selected papers from WiOpt05 Using web services for supporting the users of wireless devices FPGA Architecture for Fast Parallel Computation of Co-occurrence Matrices A Platform for Charging, Billing & Accounting in Future Mobile Networks A Radio Resource Allocation Scheme for Fixed Broadband Wireless Access Systems with Avoidance of Major Interferers PTK: A Novel Depth Buffer-Based Shape Descriptor for Three- Dimensional Object Retrieval THEOR COMPUT SCI 2008,, --- OSN 2008, 5, IEEE DES TEST COMPUT IEEE TRANS COMPUT 2008, 25, , 57, COMPUT NETW 2008, 52, COMPUT COMMUN 2008, 31, WIREL NETW 2008, 14, DSS Journal 2007, 43, MICROPROCESSO RS MICROSYSTEMS 2007, 31, COMPUT COMMUN 2007, 30, WIREL PERS COMMUN 2007, 40, VISUAL COMPUT 2007, 23, Σελ. 11 / 213 Συγγραφείς Τίτλος άρθρου Περιοδικό Τόμος - Σελίδες Passalis, G., Kakadiaris, I. and Theoharis, T. Kakadiaris, I., Passalis, G., Toderici, G., Murtuza, N., Lu, Y., Karampatziakis, N. and Theoharis, T. Intra-class retrieval of non-rigid 3D objects: Application to Face Recognition 3D face recognition in the presence of facial expressions: An annotated deformable model approach IEEE TRANS PATT ANAL MACH INT IEEE TRANS PATT ANAL MACH INT 2007, 29, , 29, Passalis, G., Toderici, G., Theoharis, T. and Kakadiaris, I. Papadakis, P., Pratikakis, P., Perantonis, S. and Theoharis, T. Passalis, G., Sgouros, N., Athineos, S. and Theoharis, T. Katsianis, D., Varoutas, D. and Apostolopoulou, V. Rokkas, T., Kamalakis, T., Katsianis, D., Varoutas, D. and Sphicopoulos, T. Deligiorgi, C., Michalakelis, Ch., Vavoulas, A. and Varoutas, D. Kouroupetroglou, G., Argyropoulos, V., Papadopoulos, K., Xydas, G. and Katsoulis, P. General voxelization algorithm with scalable GPU implementation Efficient 3D Shape Matching and Retrieval using a Concrete Radialized Spherical Projection Representation Enhanced Reconstruction of Three- Dimensional Shape and Texture from Integral Photography Images The economics of integration of DVB- S with terrestrial technologies and the role of dynamic bandwidth management Business Prospects of Wide-Scale Deployment of Free Space Optical Technology as a Last-Mile Solution: A Techno-Economic Evaluation Nonparametric Estimation of a Hedonic Price Index for ADSL Connections in the European Market Using the Akaike Information Criterion Discrimination and Perception of the Acoustic Rendition of Texts by Blind People JGT 2007, 12, PATT RECOG 2007, 40, APPL OPT 2007, 46, INT J SATELL COMMUN NETW 2007, 5, J OPT NETW 2007, 6, TELECOMMUN SYST LECT NOTE COMPUT SCI 2007, 36, , 4556, Fourli-Kartsouni, F., Slavakis, K., Kouroupetroglou, G. and Theodoridis, S. A Bayesian Network Approach to Semantic Labeling of Text Formatting in XML Corpora of Documents LECT NOTE COMPUT SCI 2007, 4556, Tsonos, D., Xydas, G. and Kouroupetroglou, G. Auditory Accessibility of Metadata in Books: A Design for All Approach LECT NOTE COMPUT SCI 2007, 4556, Σελ. 12 / 213 Συγγραφείς Τίτλος άρθρου Περιοδικό Τόμος - Σελίδες Apostolakis, A., Psarakis, M., Gizopoulos, D. and Paschalis, A. Antonopoulos I., Pikrakis A. and Theodoridis, S. Konidaris, Gatos B., Ntzios K., Pratikakis I., Theodoridis, S. and Perantonis, S. Georgiou, H., Mavroforakis, M., Dimitropoulos. N., Cavouras, D. and Theodoridis, S. Mavroforakis, M., Sdralis, M. and Theodoridis, S. Katselis D., Kofidis E. and Theodoridis, S. Kolliopoulos, S. G. and Rao, S. Kolliopoulos, S. G. and Steiner G. Kolliopoulos, S. G. and Steiner G. Maroulis, D., Savelonas, M.A., Iakovidis, D.K., Karkanis, S.A. and Dimitropoulos, N. Iakovidis, D.K., Savelonas, M.A. and Maroulis, D. Liazi, M., Milis, I., Pascual, F. and Zissimopoulos, V. Functional Processor-Based Testing of Communication Peripherals in Systems-on-Chip Self-Similarity Analysis Applied on Tempo Induction from Music Recordings Keyword-Guided Word Spotting in Historical Printed Documents Using Synthetic Data and User feedback Multi-scaled morphological features for the characterization of mammographic masses using statistical classification schemes A geometric nearest point algorithm for the efficient solution of the SVM classification task Estimation of correlated MIMO fading channels in interference-limited environments A Nearly Linear-time Approximation Scheme for the Euclidean k-median problem Partially-ordered Knapsack and Applications to Scheduling Approximation algorithms for scheduling problems with a modified total weighted tardiness objective. Variable Background Active Contour Model for Computer-Aided Delineation of Nodules in Thyroid Ultrasound Images A Genetically Optimized Level Set Approach to Segmentation of Thyroid Ulrtrasound Images The densest k-subgraph problem on clique graphs IEEE TRANS VERY LARGE SCALE I J NEW MUSIC RESEARCH 2007, 15, , 36, IJDAR 2007, 9, ARTIF INTELL MED 2007, 41, IEEE TRANS NEURAL NETWORKS 2007, 18, SIGNAL PROCESS 2007, 89, SIAM J COMPUT 2007, 37, DISCRETE APPL 2007, 155, MATH OPER RES LETT 2007, 35, IEEE TRANS INF TECHNOL BIOMED 2007, 11, APPL INTELL 2007, 27, J COMB OPTIM 2007, 14, Σελ. 13 / 213 Συγγραφείς Τίτλος ά
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