Urban Forests and Trees - Proceedings n°2

41BL17_Pages_lim 07-07-2005 10:20 Pagina 1 COST European cooperation in the field of scientific and technical research COST Action E12 Forests and forestry products Urban forests and trees Proceedings No 2 Edited by C. C. Konijnendijk, J. Schipperijn, K. Nilsson 2005 EUR 21524 EN 41BL17_Pages_lim 07-07-2005 10:20 Pagina 2 Legal notice by the COST Office Neither the COST Office nor any person acting on its behalf is responsible for the use which might be made of the information contain

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  Urban forests and trees Proceedings No 2 Edited by  C. C. Konijnendijk, J. Schipperijn, K. Nilsson COST European cooperation in the field ofscientific and technical research 2005EUR 21524 EN COST Action E12Forests and forestry products 41BL17_Pages_lim 07-07-2005 10:20 Pagina 1   A great deal of additional information on the European Union is available on the Internet.It can be accessed through the Europa server (http://europa.eu.int).Cataloguing data can be found at the end of this publication.Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 2005ISBN 92-898-0009-7© COST Office, 2005No permission to reproduce or utilise the contents of this book by any means is necessary, other than inthe case of images, diagrams or other material from other copyright holders. In such cases, permission of the copyright holders is required. This book may be cited as: COST Action E12 — Urban forests and trees— Proceedings No 2. Printed in Belgium P RINTEDONWHITECHLORINE - FREEPAPER Legal notice by the COST Office Neither the COST Office nor any person acting on its behalf is responsible for the use which might be made of theinformation contained in this publication. The COST Office is not responsible for the external websites referred to in thispublication.  Europe Direct is a service to help you find answersto your questions about the European Union Freephone number (*) : 00 800 6 7 8 9 10 11 (*) Certain mobile telephone operators do not allow access to 00 800 numbers or these calls may be billed. 41BL17_Pages_lim 07-07-2005 10:20 Pagina 2  3 Preface COST (European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research) is aframework for the co-ordination of national research at European Level. The COST Action E12 ‘Urban Forests and Trees’ was started in June 1997 and ended in June2002. The aim of the action was to coordinate and promote research on urban forestsand urban trees in Europe.More than 100 experts in urban trees, parks and woodlands, representing 22 Europeancountries and 70 institutions, have evaluated the built-up areas of Europe and they alsohave developed innovative approaches for maintaining and developing sustainable andmulti-functional benefits of urban forests and trees. The main results of the actioninclude the first comparative overviews of research and educational capacities in Euro-pean urban forestry, and the development of a strong European network. The COSTsupport was crucial in the development of the network, which has already let to various spin-offs, e.g. a new scientific journal (Urban Forestry & Urban Greening  1  ), thelaunch of the European Urban Forestry Research and Information Centre(EUFORIC 2  ) and various international projects. These proceedings are the 2nd of two, the first were issued in 2002. In theseproceedings selected papers presented at the COST E12 seminars in Florence,Ljubljana, Thessalonki and Bruges, as well as the research conference ‘The Changing Role of Forestry in Europe, between Urbanization and rural Development’, areincluded. This conference was organised jointly with the EU-FAIR Multifor.RDproject and Wageningen University and Research Centre. Detailed programmes of themeetings can be found in the appendix. The papers illustrate the broad range of topics within urban forestry that has beencovered throughout the existence of the Action. The first chapter deals with policy-making, planning and design for urban forests and trees. Urban afforestation is one of main challenges in forest-poor, highly urbanised north-western Europe, as studies inBelgium and the Netherlands show. Chapter 2 focuses on functions and benefits of urban forests. Multi-functionality seems to be crucial when managing limited urbanforest resources for a demanding urban society. It also seems crucial to have a better 12 http://www.elsevier.de/ufug/http://www.sl.kvl.dk/euforic/  4 assessment of benefits and costs. Chapter 3 continues with some of the threats to ur-ban forest sustainability. Pests and diseases are problematic across Europe, e.g. the wildfires as primary challenge for Mediterranean urban foresters. Management of urbanforests to maintain a healthy and multifunctional resource is the topic of chapter 4. And finally, chapter 5 describes urban forestry as a challenging field. Urban forestresources in high-pressure urban environments require extensive partnerships to besuccessful. Not only different professionals and political support, but also theinvolvement of the private sector, interest groups and the public at large. Somesuccessful examples of how to generate partnerships for urban forestry are given. The COST Action E12 succeeded in establishing a good basis for co-ordinated Euro-pean research in the field of urban forests and trees. The challenge for the coming years will be to continue along the set path and to further expand both the Europeanco-operation and the research within the field.Cecil C. Konijnendijk, Jasper Schipperijn and Kjell Nilsson, EditorsForest & Landscape Denmark Finally we would like to thank all authors for their contributions, Nelli Leth and Jette Alsing Larsen at Forest & Landscape Denmark for the layout and all national expertsthat participated in COST E12 activities.
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