ur Church Circular Pilgrimage Tema de Agosto 2015: peregrinación August 2015 Theme: Agosto 2015 / Nuestro periódico iglesia - PDF

ur Church Circular August 2015 Agosto 2015 / Nuestro periódico iglesia August 2015 Theme: Pilgrimage Tema de Agosto 2015: peregrinación See pages 4-7 for more pilgrimage photos! First Unitarian Church

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ur Church Circular August 2015 Agosto 2015 / Nuestro periódico iglesia August 2015 Theme: Pilgrimage Tema de Agosto 2015: peregrinación See pages 4-7 for more pilgrimage photos! First Unitarian Church of San José Translvania travelers enjoyed good fellowship and wonderful new sights on their trip to Homoródszentmárton this past July. First Unitarian Church of San José NEWSLETTER STAFF Editorial Team: Sherry Howd, Mina Kelly, Catherine Leeson Pelizzari, gmail.com Designer: Henry Ruddle Our Church Circular is published on the last Wednesday of each month. Circulation is about 500. Translator: Roberto Padilla Assembly Coordinators: Andrea Dinolt, Rebecca Mason Thanks for all the work you do and care you put into the newsletter. Come join the communications team! Contact Henry Ruddle at Church Office HOURS: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9 am - 4 pm Phone: (408) (plus staff extensions) Fax: (408) ; Website: Rentals: (408) or Officers PRESIDENT Madeline Morrow, net SECRETARY Rob Strong, pacbell.net TREASURER Bill Shepard, PERSONNEL OFFICER Sally Cooperrider PROGRAM OFFICER Francisco Hernandez, FINANCIAL OFFICER (open) Church Staff SENIOR MINISTER The Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones, Ext. 223, yahoo.com ASSOCIATE MINISTER FOR FAMILY MINISTRIES The Rev. Geoff Rimositis, Ext. 225, CHOIR DIRECTOR, John Ector, OFFICE MANAGER, Dana Spinney, Ext. 221, BOOKKEEPER, Sue Evanicky, Ext. 227 CUSTODIAN, Edgar Cruz NURSERY, Danni Fernandez, Kimberly Fernandez Board of Directors Frank Bosche, Roberto Padilla, Marnie Singer, sbcglobal.net Bruce Halen, yahoo.com POC John Burk, Greg Smith, Social Justice, Henry Ruddle, Communications, (open), Building, Diana Wirt, Stewardship and Fundraising, sanjoseuu.org (open), Inreach (open), Religious Education and Family Ministries Inside This Issue: From Rev. Nancy: Summer 2015 at FUCSJ...3 Pilgrimage Update Report from Third St. Community Center...8 PACT Listening Campaign...8 Children and Youth Summer Program...9 Family Time...9 Sunday Services / Servicios Domingo Upcoming Events / Announcements Save the Dates...16 Contact/Donate...16 Bringing forward gifts from San Jose during the July 26 service in Szentmarton. 2 Our Church Circular Nuestro periódico iglesia August 2015 Agosto 2015 This Summer at FUCSJ 2015 by the Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones Worship This Summer Sundays at 10:15 am in the Library: Half-hour lay-led Alabanzas service takes up the theme of the day in an intimate small-group setting. All are welcome! Sundays at 11:00 am in the Sanctuary: Share beauties of thought and spirit in worship services led by local community leaders, Small-Group Ministry members, ministerial candidates, Worship Associates, and our Senior Minister. Don t miss the Third Annual FUCSJ Jazz Service on Sunday, August 9! Please offer your warmth, presence, and hospitality to our many visitors throughout the summer months! Pastoral Care This Summer Our community strives to offer compassion, companionship, healing, and joy to all its members. The On-Call Pastoral-Care Coordinator can help you find the listening ear or helping hands that you may need in difficult times. You will also find the Pastoral Associate of the Week at the Pastoral Care table during Social Hour each Sunday. You may contact our Pastoral Associates directly at yahoogroups.com. On-Call Pastoral-Care Schedule: July 13-August 1: Kathleen Bardin, Pacific School of Religion graduate: (cell) ; August 2-8: Rev. Nina Kalmoutis, Minister, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Sunnyvale: (cell) ; (home) ; August 9-onward: Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones, Senior Minister: (cell) ; Pastoral Associate of the Week (PAW) Schedule: July 26-August 5: Barbara Grover: August 6-8: Alice Lynch: Religious Education This Summer: Summer Program 1st-8th Grade Co- Leaders: Katherine Segarini-Jeffries, Lead Teacher , com (Katherine prefers to be contacted by if possible.) and Nicole Faby, Assistant Teacher (There will be no 3- to 5-yearold class this summer.) Special Dates and Events August 16 (1-4 pm); August 22 (1-4 pm); and August 23 (11 am), Let s Play with Story Workshop with Olga Loya August 9, Third Annual FUCSJ Jazz Service! September 13 Homecoming Sunday: This summer I learned Staff Schedules This Summer Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones, Senior Minister July 31-Aug. 8: Vacation and Jury Duty Rev. Geoff Rimositis, Associate Minister: July 31- August 16: Vacation Dana Spinney, Office Manager: August 14-19: Vacation All other weeks: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9 am to 4 pm: gmail.com, or , ext In case of emergency, you can reach Dana when she is away from the office at (cell) Edgar Cruz, Custodian, and Jeanette DeTrinidad, Weekend Custodian: Regular schedules throughout the summer, except no custodial service on Friday, July 3. August 2015 Agosto 2015 First Unitarian Church of San José Primera Iglesia Unitaria de San José 3 Pilgrimage Update by Monte Low TThe Pilgrimage to our partner church of Homoródszentmárton began on Thursday July 16. On July 17 we arrived in Budapest to a rendezvous of all 28 travelers. Saturday began with a group trip up to the top of Castle Hill for a group picture. Then we split into small groups according to interests for further exploration of Budapest. On Sunday we all attended church at the First Unitarian Church of Budapest where we did not comprehend the language but still connected to our Unitarian brothers and sisters. Budapest was hot and many of our group took advantage of the Budapest baths. Monday was a travel day to Kolozsvár where we stayed in the dorms of the Unitarian high school. Unfortunately Dena Dickinson tripped and injured her wrist. With treatment, she is moving without significant impairment. On Monday we toured part of the high school and the large Unitarian church of Kolozsvár where we touched the rock Ferenc Dávid stood upon to declare Unitarianism the religion of Transylvania. On Tuesday we left for our village. Along the way we stopped in Torda where Ferenc Dávid won the diet for Unitarianism and where there is a museum that is displaying the original painting of Ferenc Dávid at the diet of Torda. Also we stopped at the Alabaster Village of Méskö to visit the church of Ferenc Balázs. In the evening we arrived in the village and were warmly received by many people of the Homoródszentmárton church. After dinner we danced to contemporary music played by Leventa Zsombori. We look forward to doing service projects with our friends and enjoying several exciting excursions planned by our hosts to sights in the area. 4 Our Church Circular Nuestro periódico iglesia August 2015 Agosto 2015 August 2015 Agosto 2015 First Unitarian Church of San José Primera Iglesia Unitaria de San José 5 6 Our Church Circular Nuestro periódico iglesia August 2015 Agosto 2015 August 2015 Agosto 2015 First Unitarian Church of San José Primera Iglesia Unitaria de San José 7 What s Going On? Report from Third Street Community Center Dear UU Friends of Third Street I just wanted to thank everyone for their ongoing support, and share a little of what we ve been up to these last couple of months. As some of you may already know, Monica Torres left at the end of the June. She is continuing on her path towards her Volunteer to Be Listened to or to Listen for the PACT Listening Campaign Y earning to feel more connected to others at First Unitarian Church San Jose? A listening campaign is one of the most important ways that we engage people and find out what is really of importance. As Rev. Nancy writes, When we truly listen to each other--asking the deeper questions about what issues and experiences are most alive for us now--we hear each other into wholeness, both as persons and as a community. We discover our common pains and joys, and find direction for our call to help heal the world. It will engage people to be personally involved in our work as a congregation and for social justice. Our church s PACT(People Acting in Community Together) group is planning a Listening Campaign for this fall. The plan is to reach out to as many congregation members as possible on a 1-to-1 basis to find out what issues are urgent to us and to build relationships. We are recruiting volunteers who are willing to be listened to and volunteers willing to do the deep listening. We will host a training session for listeners on Tuesday, September 15. Another training will also be scheduled. PACT has been an important part of our Social Justice Ministry at First Unitarian. One of PACT s basic principles is that we work on issues that affect us personally as well as our larger community. If you would be willing to be a listener or if you would like to be listened to please with Subject: Listening Campaign Participant Volunteer teaching credentials. With her departure, we have a former staff member who has returned to fill the role of Program Coordinator. Please help us welcome back Anabel Hernandez! She started in mid-june and is very excited to be working for Third Street. For those of you who are in town, you may have seem some movement in the classrooms. With some funding through the City of San Jose, we held two 2-week summer camps. If you visit our Facebook page you can see photos of the activities that took place including college tours. Lastly, we have a new Third Street video. Our premiere was at our Inspire Young Minds benefit back in May so if you missed it then, the video is now up on our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=tknptma73zk. Please view it, let us know what you think, and help us share with others, especially potential sponsors and donors. Sincerely, Rosemary Baez Third Street Community Center 8 Our Church Circular Nuestro periódico iglesia August 2015 Agosto 2015 Children and Youth Summer Program Children and youth in Preschool (3 years) through high school join the community for the first part of worship at 11 am and then go to their respective classes until 12:30. Nursery: Birth - five years Location: Nursery, Church s Lower Level Childcare Staff: Danni Fernandez, Kimberly Fernandez We provide a safe, clean environment in which to support each child in initiating play activities at the developmental level they manifest. Each week our paid staff, Danni and Kimberly Fernandez, provides a loving presence, engaging children in games, stories and crafts with seasonal and holiday themes throughout the year. 1st-8th Grades: Circle of Trees/ Gather the Spirit Circle of Trees teaches that trees are an integral part of all life on earth, and they are facing stresses as a result of deforestation and pollution stresses that threaten our very existence. As Unitarian Universalists who affirm and promote respect for the interdependent web of all existence, we cannot take trees for granted. This program helps participants understand trees as, literally, providers of life, explore a spiritual connection to nature, identify threats to the web of life, and feel inspired to take action to protect trees and our environment. Gather the Spirit teaches stewardship with a focus on water. There is no more compelling focus for our stewardship than the clean, drinkable water all life on Earth requires. Through a lens both scientific and religious, using activities a wide range of ages can do together, this program addresses the importance of water, the inequity of access to clean water, and actions we can take as Unitarian Universalist stewards. It asks: Can water sources be owned? Why is clean water scarce in parts of the world? If clean water is abundant where I live, what difference does it make if I conserve it? What can I do to promote global water equity? Aug 2 : Workshop 8: Come Be With Trees Aug 9: Workshop 1: Gather the Spirit Aug 16: Workshop 2: Gather in Sympathy Aug 23: Workshop 3: Separate Fires, Kindle One Flame Aug 30: Workshop 4: Conscience Refined Sept. 6 Sept. 13: No Class, Homecoming Water Communion Grades 9-12: Senior High Youth Group, Youth Room Youth Group Advisors: Rick Morris, Matt Trask The senior high youth group meets on Sundays from 11:30-12:30. The group offers its members a safe place to share their lives and find support and friendship among open-minded and loving peers. The group engages in discussions about issues relevant to youth s lives and communities. They plan social and service projects throughout the year. They also participate in youth conferences in area Unitarian Universalist churches under the auspices of the Pacific Central District of Unitarian Universalist Congregations and Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU). The youth group s empowering philosophy educates youth to be leaders within the group, church community and denomination. Submitted by the Reverend Geoff Rimositis Unitarian Universalist Parents Meetup Group The Meetup group is a safe venue for parents and children who embrace a Unitarian Universalist philosophy to connect. Go to our Meetup site, meetup.com/uuparents/ and fill out a few profile questions, which are meant to verify you are a parent with some interest in this group, and an organizer will approve you. For more information contact the Rev. Geoff Rimositis, org, Tel (408) , ext. 25 First Unitarian Parents of Young Children There will be no parent meeting in July, and in August it will be on the 23. Child care is provided. Rev. Geoff Rimositis facilitates meetings. August 2015 Agosto 2015 First Unitarian Church of San José Primera Iglesia Unitaria de San José 9 Sunday Services / Servicios Domingo SUNDAY, AUGUST 2 SUNDAY, AUGUST 9 Worship Leaders: Steve Madden, Rick Merritt and Neil Kelly Letting Go Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where, in order to move on, we must let go of whatever it is that is holding us back. Come to hear stories of, and reflect upon, letting go. Worship Leader: Dana Grover; Worship Associate: Julia Rodriguez DOMINGO, 2 DE AGOSTO SERVICIOS EN ESPAÑOL Dejar Ir A veces nos encontramos en situaciones donde, con el fin de avanzar, debemos dejar ir lo que sea que nos está frenando. Ven a escuchar historias y reflexionar, dejar ir. Dirige: Dana Grover; Asociada de Culto: Julia Rodriguez Todos los domingos Alabanzas en español Media Hora de Reunión del Pequeño Grupo del Ministerio Multicultural. Venga a unirse a nosotros para este servicio simple de oración-meditación de media hora (sin sermón) a las 10:15 am en una mezcla de inglés y español en la biblioteca de la iglesia, a la izqueirda al entrar en la puerta principal de la iglesia. Accesible e incluyente para todos, este servicio ofrece tiempo para cantar, meditar y reflexionar en un pequeño grupo en preparación para el servicio de las 11: 00 am. Jazz as Play Take a break from the hard work for which our Silicon Valley community is famous and join us for a service where we explore the fun of spontaneous play. In harmony with this weekend s San Jose Summer Jazz Festival we have our third annual jazz service, this year exploring the theme of jazz as play. Professional jazz guitarist David Boswell comes here from his home in Los Angeles to play for us. Brazilian jazz artist Claudia Villela who played for us last year returns at her suggestion, doing a mini-clinic on Brazilian rhythms for the youth and children as an expanded version of our traditional Story for All Ages. (Claudia is also a music therapist.) Our own Neil Kelly once again takes us out on a jazz arrangement of a familiar UU tune. 10:15 AM Every Sunday Alabanzas (Spanish Lauds) A half-hour multicultural Small Group Ministry gathering. Come join us for this simple prayer-meditation service (without sermon) at 10:15 am, held in a mixture of English and Spanish in the Church Library, on the left when you enter the front door of the church. Accessible and welcoming to all, this service provides time to sing, meditate, and reflect in a small group in preparation for the service at 11 am. DOMINGO, 9 DE AGOSTO Jazz como recreación Tomen un descanso del trabajo duro por el que nuestra comunidad de Silicon Valley es famoso y unanse a nosotros para un servicio donde exploramos la diversión del juego espontáneo. En armonía con San Jose Summer Jazz Festival este fin de semana tenemos nuestro tercer servicio anual de jazz, este año el tema del jazz como jugar. David Boswell Guitarrista profesional de jazz viene aquí desde su casa en Los Ángeles para tocar con nosotros. Claudia Villela artista brasileña de jazz quién toco para nosotros el año pasado, vuelve a su propuesta, haciendo una miniclínica de ritmos brasileños para la juventud y la infancia como una versión ampliada de nuestra tradicional historia para todas las edades. (Claudia también es un músico-terapeuta). Nuestro Neil Kelly una vez más nos lleva en un arreglo de jazz de una familiar melodía UU. Dirigen: Steve Madden, Rick Merritt and Neil Kelly SUNDAY, AUGUST 16 Struggling with Mental Health: Why is this so bleeping hard? Dealing with mental illness means facing systemic challenges. How can we address these challenges, and how can we make love visible to those who are struggling for mental health? 10 Our Church Circular Nuestro periódico iglesia August 2015 Agosto 2015 Worship Leader: Kathleen Bardin. Worship Associate: Bill Bowman DOMINGO, 16 DE AGUSTO Luchando con la Salud Mental: por qué es esta tan presente? Tratar con enfermedades mentales significa retos sistémicos. Cómo podemos enfrentar estos desafíos, y cómo podemos hacer el amor visible a aquellos que están luchando por la salud mental Dirige: Kathleen Bardin; Asociado de Culto: Bill Bowman SUNDAY, AUGUST 23 Let s Play With Story Come hear stories told by members of Olga Loya s storytelling workshop. Olga is a nationally-known professional storyteller. She has taught the craft of storytelling to members of our church over the past two weekends, and they will share the results with you! Worship Leader: Olga loya; Worship Associate: Jim Rumbaugh SUNDAY, AUGUST 30 The Power of Listening When we truly listen to each other--asking the deeper questions about what issues and experiences are most alive for us now-- we hear each other into wholeness, both as persons and as a community. We discover our common pains and joys, and find direction for our call to help heal the world. In September, our People Acting in Community Together (PACT) group launches a churchwide Listening Campaign. On this Sunday, Rev. Nancy invites us all to take part in this life-changing spiritual practice. Worship Leader: the Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones; Worship Associate: Frank Bosche DOMINGO, 30 DE AGOSTO El Poder de Escuchar Cuando verdaderamente nos escuchamos mutuamente--pidiendo las más profundas preguntas sobre qué cuestiones y experiencias están más vivas para nosotros ahora nos escuchamos mutuamente en plenitud, como personas y como comunidad. Descubrimos nuestros comunes dolores y alegrías y encontramos el sentido de nuestra llamada ayudar a sanar al mundo. En septiembre, nuestro grupo de Gente Actuando en Comunidad Juntos (PACT) lanza la Campaña de Escuchar a toda la iglesia. En este domingo, la Rev. Nancy nos invita a todos nosotros a tomar parte en esta practica espiritual que cambia la vida.. Dirige: la Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones;; Asociado de Culto: Frank Bosche DOMINGO, 23 DE AGOSTO Jugaremos con Historias Vengan a escuchar historias contadas por los miembros del taller de narración de cuentos de Olga Loya. Olga es una cuenta cuentos profesional nacionalmente conocida. Ella ha enseñado el arte de contar cuentos a los miembros de nuestra iglesia en los dos últimos fines de semana y compartirán los resultados con usted. Dirige: Olga Loya; Asociado de Culto: Jim Rumbaugh Sunday, September 13, 11:00 am: Homecoming Sunday! Join us for our annual in-gathering worship service! Bring a small quantity of water to represent how you have grown this summer. New prompt for Water Communion: Instead of place names about our inner or outer travels, we ll create a communal poem by filling in the blank: This summer I learned J
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