牟教案Unit 4 of Module 7 Sharing

Unit 4 of Module 7 Sharing by Woody 2012/3/21 单元教材内容分析 本单元的中心话题是帮助弱者、志愿服务、合作共享。通过听、说、读、写等活动不仅 学习有关的语言知识,还要培养学生的社会责任感。 ★ Warming Up 这部分是一个调查。该活动分三步进行:首先回顾自己曾经做过的助人为乐的好事,并采 访三位同学;然后根据调查内容列举班上同学所做的好事;最后讨论 volunteer 一词的内涵。 ★ Pre-reading 此部分交代了阅读文章的文体(letter)和作者 Jo,a young Austrian woman 以及她的身份,在 巴布亚新几内亚工作的志愿者。在十张图片给学生了直观印象后,结合读前的问题提供了一 些关于她从事志愿活动的地方的背景知识。 ★ Reading 此部分是一封家书。文中介绍了巴布亚新几内亚农村的教育和生活状况,描述了到一个 学生家做客的经历。 ★ Comprehending 这个部分设置了四个练习。第一个要求学生读懂书信内容,用表格的形式帮助学生整理 书信中提到的信息——属于 facts 寻找、归纳的基础训练。第二

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  Unit 4 of Module 7 Sharing  by Woody  2012/3/21 单元教材内容分析本单元的中心话题是帮助弱者、志愿服务、合作共享。通过听、说、读、写等活动不仅学习有关的语言知识,还要培养学生的社会责任感。   ★ Warming Up 这部分是一个调查。该活动分三步进行:首先回顾自己曾经做过的助人为乐的好事,并采访三位同学;然后根据调查内容列举班上同学所做的好事;最后讨论 volunteer    一词的内涵。   ★ Pre-reading   此部分交代了阅读文章的文体( letter  )和作者 Jo , a young Austrian woman 以及她的身份,在 巴布亚新几内亚工作的志愿者。在十张图片给学生了直观印象后,结合读前的问题提供了一些关于她从事志愿活动的地方的背景知识。   ★ Reading 此部分是一封家书。文中介绍了巴布亚新几内亚农村的教育和生活状况,描述了到一个学生家做客的经历。   ★ Comprehending 这个部分设置了四个练习。第一个要求学生读懂书信内容,用表格的形式帮助学生整理 —— 书信中提到的信息 属于 facts 寻找、归纳的基础训练。第二个联系要求学生对于文中提到的五个现象进行分析,训练学生的逻辑思维能力。第三个练习要求学生通过阅读分析生活在 — 小山村中的积极和消极面 要求学生总结后作出评价。第四个练习则可以处理为读后的活动每两个问题为一组,让学生联系自己的实际,比较校舍、教学条件、生活状况等,以深层次思考问题的形式谈谈志愿活动的意义。   ★ Learning about Language 此部分突出了词汇和语法的学习与训练。一是根据所给解释从所学词汇中选择相应的单词;而是用恰当的词汇完成一篇短文;三是根据解释组成比较正确的词组,并用这些词组各编一段对话。本单元的语法是复习限制性定语从 句 , 特别 是用 that 不用 which 的 情 况。练习一是找出文章中 含 有定语从 句 的 句子 ,二是用定语从 句 完成 句子 ,三是用 含 有定语从 句 的部分回 答 问题,四是两人活动,让一个学生用自己的话解释 课 文中的新单词, 必须 用定语从 句 , 另 一个 猜 是 什么 单词。这个活动不仅练习了定语从 句 , 更加 帮助学生 巩固 了用定语从 句 用 来下 定义的这个形式。 ★ Using Language 这部分 包括 了听、读、写三个部分的内容。阅读部分首先 呈 现了一个 网页 ,通过图文结合的方式,介绍了一些 特殊礼品 ,帮助 真 正 需 要 它们 的人选 购礼物 。一 旦 有人选 购 的 礼物 , “” 世界 上最有用的 礼物清 单 将 会 寄去 一张 特殊 的 纪念卡 ,可以用于各 种特殊场 合。问题分为两 种 ,第一部分是介绍 浏览网页 有的直观印象,二是信息 匹配 的训练。听力部分通过 记 者对一个志愿者的采访,让学生 更多 地了解 发展 中 国 家,培养学生助人为乐的 精神 。学习用 时间 表 达 法 叙 述事件是本听力练习的 重点 。 因 此 按照 练习 顺序 ,一是关 注 对 时间 表 达 法 及 先后 顺序 ,二是 把握 听力 细节 ,三是 预测 的听力 技巧 ,四是 情 感 态度 价 值 观的培养, 口 语 输 出。写是在听、说的基础上,完成对 时间 表 达 的 运 用。   ★ Summing Up 要求学生对本单元所学的知识进行总结和评价,以找出不 足之 处,从而 改 进。   ★ Learning Tip 这部分 建议 学生要积极 参加 小组活动,以练习 口 语,培养交际能力。教学内容整合 建议 1. 将 Warming Up , Pre-reading , Reading 与 Comprehending “” 整合在一 起 以 阅读 课 的形式体现。 2. 将 Learning about Language 中的 Discovering useful structures 与 Workbook  中的 Using structures “” 整合在一 起 上一 节 语法学习 课 。 3. 将 Workbook  中的 Listening , Talking 以及 Reading Task  整合为一 节 听读写训练 课 。  课时安排建议 Period 1 Warming up pre-reading & reading comprehending 1&2Period 2 Comprehending 3&4(4); language studyPeriod 3 Language study & learning about languagePeriod 4 Using language—listening, speaking and writingPeriod 5 Revising useful structures—the attributive clausePeriod 6 WB listening & reading task Period 7&8 WB exercises & consolidation revision ( &“ ” 赢 在训练 ) 教材各部分内容的词汇处理 建议 Warming up and Reading 1. airmail [U] letters and packages that are sent somewhere using a plane, or the system of doing this e.g. Send the letter by airmail.2.Pic 9—Tombe with his grandfather who’s digging up peanuts.dig up: dig, dug, dug digging1) t o remove something from the earth using a spade e.g. I'll dig up that plant and move it.2) to remove the surface of an area of ground, road etc, or to make holes in it  e.g. They're digging up the road just outside my flat. 弹 性要求: 3) to find hidden or forgotten information by careful searching  e.g. They tried to dig up something from his past to spoil his chances of being elected.3.Thanks for your letter, which took a fortnight to arrive. fortnight [countable usually singular] British English: two weeks e.g. a fortnight's holidayin a fortnight's timea fortnight ago3. It was wonderful to hear from you. hear from : to receive news or information from someone e.g. I heard from my sister in New York yesterday. 由 动词   hear    组成的短语   : hear about “ ……” 听说 的事 hear of “ ”“” 听说 或 在 否 定 句 中表 示 听从 e.g. He wouldn’t hear of me paying for the bill.4. I know you ’re dying to hear all about my life here, so I’ve included some photos which will help you picture the places I talk about. be dying to : want very much to do sth., have a strong desire to do sth. e.g. I am dying to know what has happened. be dying for sth : want sth. very much e.g. I am dying for a glass of water. 由 动词   die   组成的短语   : die away: if sound, wind, or light dies away, it becomes gradually weaker until you cannot hear, feel, or  see it  die off: if a group of people or animals die off, they die one by one until there are no more of them die down: if something dies down, it becomes less strong, active, or violent  die out: to disappear or stop existing completely: e.g. She waited until the footsteps had . (died away)  Don't worry, the gossip will soon . (die down.)All of John’s family , leaving him alone in the world. (dying off)The wild population of koalas is in danger of . (dying out) picture vt.: imagine, form a picture of sb or sth in the mind  e.g. I can still picture the house I spent my happy childhood in.Can you picture what it is like to live on a lonely island?5. Many of them have walked a long way, sometimes up to two hours, to get to school.up to 表 示 as many as; 该短语 也 可以和不可 数名 词 连 用,相当于 as much as , e.g. He can earn up to 50,000 yuan a year. 弹 性要求: up to 的 其他 意思: She lived at home up to she got married. (=up until) I’m not sure if she is really up to that job. (good enough for sth. ) It’s up to her to decide whether or not to go on the course. (be responsible for a particular duty or sb.can decide about sth.) 6. Science is my most challenging subject as my students have no concept of doing experiments. concept : an idea of how something is, or how something should be done e.g. The idea of a soul is a religious concept.In 'Utopia', Plato describes his concept of  an ideal society.Do you understand the concept that we are citizens of one world7. The other day I was showing the boys the weekly chemistry experiment when, before I knew it, themixture was bubbling over everywhere. the other day : a few says ago, recently e.g. I saw a person swimming in the river the other day.I heard from Sue the other day. before sb. know it, “ ” 不知不 觉 e.g. Ten years passed before I knew it.8. The boys who had never  come across anything like this before… come across sb. /sth .: to meet, find, or discover someone or something by chance 弹 性要求: come about : to happen, especially in a way that is not planned  come along: to be developing or making progress synonym progres:/    to appear or arrive come (a)round: if a regular event comes around, it happens as usual  e. g. The situation should never have . (come about)How is your work ? (coming along)A bus should any minute now. (come along)Christmas will soon be . (coming (a)round)9. Sometimes I wonder how relevant chemistry is to these students… relevant : closely connected with the subject or problem being discussed or considered --opposite irrelevant  e.g. We received all the relevant information.What experience do you have that is relevant to this position?His work is particularly relevant to this discussion.10. It was my first visit to a remote village. 1) far away far from towns or other places where people live --synonym isolated   e.g. a remote border towna fire in a remote mountain area2) time far away in time synonym distant:  e.g. the remote time when dinosaurs walked the earth11. Tombe’s father, Mukap, led us to his house, a low bamboo hut with grass sticking out of the roof.stick out: if something sticks out, you notice it because part of it comes out further than the rest of a surface e.g. Don’t stick your arm out of the car window.She stuck out her tongue at me.12. The hut was dark inside so it took time for our eyes to adjust . adjust 1) [intransitive and transitive] to gradually become familiar with a new situation  synonym   adapt  e.g. They'll soon settle in - kids are very good at adjusting. adjust to e.g. It took a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. adjust to doing something e.g. My parents had trouble adjusting to living in an apartment. adjust yourself to something e.g. It took time to adjust myself to motherhood.2) [transitive] to change or move something slightly to improve it or make it more suitable for a particular purpose, a new set of conditions or to work better  e.g. Check and adjust the brakes regularly.Taste the soup and adjust the seasoning.If your employment status changes, your tax code will be adjusted accordingly.The figures were adjusted for inflation.13. Fresh grass had been laid on the floor and there was a newly made platform for Jenny and me tosleep on. platform 1) a tall structure built so that people can stand or work above the surrounding area e.g. an oil exploration platformThe gas is transported from offshore production platforms.2) [train] especially British English the raised place beside a railway track where you get on and off atrain in a station: e.g. The Edinburgh train will depart from platform six.14. I sniffed the food; it smelled delicious. sniffed 1) [intransitive and transitive] to breathe air in through your nose in order to smell something  e.g. He opened the milk and sniffed it. sniff at e.g. The dog was sniffing at the carpet. 弹 性要求: 2) [intransitive] to breathe air into your nose noisily, for example when you are crying or have a cold  e.g. Margaret sniffed miserably and nodded.Stop sniffing and blow your nose.15. …even though I could not participate in the conversation. participate : [intransitive] formal to take part in an activity or event  e.g. Some members refused to participate. participate in = take part in e.g. Everyone in the class is expected to participate actively in these discussions.They welcomed the opportunity to participate fully in the life of the village.It is only in a democracy that all citizens participate equally.16. Luckily, Tombe could be our  interpreter . interpreter :someone who changes spoken words from one language into another, especially as their  job   ➔ translator: (written English)e. g. Speaking through an interpreter (=using an interpreter), Ahmed said, 'I'm very worried about mywife and children.'17. Tombe told me that the can was heated to dry out the leftover food. dry out: 1) to become completely dry or to make something completely dry, especially after it has been verywet: e.g. In summer, water the plants regularly and never let the soil dry out. dry something out e.g. The kitchen was flooded and it took ages to dry it out 由 动词   dry   组成的短语   : dry up 1) river/lake etc if something such as a river dries up, the water in it disappear  e.g. Across central and west Texas, waterholes and wells have dried up. dry something up e.g. Taking too much water for household use is drying up the river.
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