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6-7 7-8 8-9 9-10 10-11 K0139 M0649 2 2 M0671 2 2 1 M0672 1 2 1 M0687 1 M0688 4 2 M0689 4

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  6-77-88-99-1010-11K0139M064922M0671221M0672121M06871M068842M0689431M07021M070413M07241M072733M0742M074321M077111M077915211M07812412M07834323M079142M07932321272423204311611032989860PRODUCTIVITY TRUCK K016166147165143124K0136M064925233M067114113M06721322M0687322M06892M0702143M070421M072413222M07271M074312211M07441M0771123M077912M078111M07831M07911M07922M07931M07312M073911023172021430989731860903  PRODUCTIVITY TRUCK K0161141104123151 7-88-9406080100120140160180200141104166147 PRODUCTIVITY TR PRODUCTIVITY TRUCK K013    P   r   o    d   u   c   t   v   i      y   T   r   u   c    k    (   B   C       !       r   #    $  11-122312138131213213412230000518989000021577416500003612934512317243.0058.0512270 ltr/Hrs1213112346112K013690000162638700006881118  65000011518658.0543319 9-1010-1111-1212315165165143165  UCK K0136 VS K0139  6PRODUCTIVITY TRUCK K0139
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