Transfomação Digital O impacto da Internet nos negócios e na sociedade. Cezar Taurion CEO Litteris Consulting - PDF

Transfomação Digital O impacto da Internet nos negócios e na sociedade Cezar Taurion CEO Litteris Consulting Decreasing cost / performance curve enables computational core of digital infrastructure...

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Transfomação Digital O impacto da Internet nos negócios e na sociedade Cezar Taurion CEO Litteris Consulting Decreasing cost / performance curve enables computational core of digital infrastructure... Global Compute Cost Trends $1, $527 $ per 1 MM transistors $ $10.00 $1.00 $0.10 $ $0.05 Note: Y-axis on graph is logarithmic scale. Source: John Hagel, Deloitte, 5/14. Sensors = Big / Broad Business, Rapid Growth, Rising Proliferation IN Devices... Apple iphone (2007) 3 Sensors iphone 5s (2013) 5 Sensors Accelerometer / proximity / ambient light 3-axis gyro / fingerprint / accelerometer / proximity / ambient light Samsung Galaxy S (2010) 3 Sensors Galaxy S5 (2014) 10 Sensors Accelerometer / proximity / compass Gyro / fingerprint / barometer / hall (recognizes whether cover is open/closed) / RGB ambient light / gesture / heart rate / accelerometer / proximity / compass Note: Sensor count for illustrative purposes only Apple & Samsung sensor count methodology may differ. Source: Publicly available data from Apple & Samsung, and third party reviews. It s now too late to have a digital strategy. What you need is a business strategy that includes digital (Institute for the Future) Pervasive Transformação digital está se tornando ubíqua Degree of economic impact (functions, industries, geographies) Limited Digital products and infrastructure Digital products (e.g. Music, Entertainment) Infrastructure (e.g. Telco, Software, IT Infrastructure) Digital distribution and web strategy e-commerce (e.g. Retail, Electronics) Efficiency through web strategy (e.g. Government) Digital transformation of business models* Mobile revolution Social media Hyper digitization Power of analytics Late 1990s 2000s 2010s Time * Note: Digital transformation of business models impacts both public and private sector organization Pensar digital... Big Data = transformar dados em insights e inteligência Big Data e Analytics abrem novos insights e oportunidades que simplesmente não eram possiveis antes Approach Tradicional Estruturado, analítico, lógico Data Warehouse Dados transacionais Aplicações internas Mainframe ERP CRM ECM Estruturado Repetivel Linear Fontes tradicionais Novo Approach Criativo, holistico, intuitivo Hadoop e Streams Unstructured Exploratory Dynamic Novas fontes Multimidia Web Logs Social Data s Sensor data: images RFID Anaytics aplicado à Big Data 1. Melhores insights visualizando novas oportunidades de negócio interno e externo 2. Eficiência nos processos internos 3. Criação de novas e inovadoras oportunidades de receitas Mudança radical na industria de TI :produtores e consumidores Technology is increasingly being seen as a strategic asset for leaders Source: IBM Global CEO Study 2012 Survey Q1 What are the most important external forces that will impact your organization over the next 3 to 5 years? LOB influence over IT spending is continuing to grow 75% Involve LOB Source: MDI, Gartner, IDC respectively Over 75% of Smarter Analytics, Commerce and Workforce software purchases involve a C-Level LOB exec in at least one stage of the decision process 35% Budgets to be outside IT By 2015, 35% of enterprise IT will be managed outside the IT department s budgets 40% LOB will lead By 2016, 80% of new IT investments will involve direct participation by LOB executives with LOBs taking the lead decisionmaker role in half or more of those investments IT & CIOs are not highly visible to the CEO in Innovation management and Strategy and are no longer the key IT budget holders Who has primary responsibility for leading your organization s innovation management program? Which two roles most closely support the CEO in strategic changes to your business? Source: CEO Concerns 2012 and the IT Implications Unfortunately, IT & CIOs are not always the best positionned to be listened by CEOs CIO reporting organization clearly indicate the level of importance of IT placement under the CFO is associated with a desire to control IT costs and ensure that the spending is being properly aligned to business priorities Source: CEO Concerns 2012 and the IT Implications Repensando TI
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