tokyo to go お持ち帰り DELIVERY NOW AVAILABLE PICK UP OR ORDER ONLINE Welcome to our new menu. Find all the freshest flavours of Tokyo served up with new tales from the locals. # THISISTOKYO

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tokyo to go お持ち帰り DELIVERY NOW AVAILABLE PICK UP OR ORDER ONLINE Welcome to our new menu. Find all the freshest flavours of Tokyo served up with new tales from the locals. # THISISTOKYO WHAT TO EAT YO! TO GO Hot Dishes 4 Cold Dishes 8 Sweets 12 Drinks 13 WHAT TO KNOW order online, pick up from our restaurant or get it delivered to your door* Otaku REVOLUTION 14 The geek fashion take over Visit for full allergen and Kcals info V vegetarian N Contains nuts kcal total per portion * Double check we cover your area before ordering DONBURI DONBURI 丼 MISO & RAMEN スープ BIG rice BOWLs SOUP, NOODLES & BROTHS Tofu Katsu Curry Crispy tofu with curry sauce, pickles and steamed rice. Voted Best Vegan Curry by PETA kcal V N Miso Soup Light & healthy traditional soya bean broth with wakame, spring onion and tofu kcal V MISO & RAMEN YAKISOBA IZAKAYA Chicken Katsu Curry Crispy chicken covered in mild curry, served with pickles and steamed white rice kcal N Ebi Fry Curry Crispy prawn katsu topped with mild curry, pickles and steamed white rice kcal N Chicken Teriyaki Fresh chicken thighs, sliced and diced hot off the grill with steamed white rice kcal Salmon Teriyaki Fresh pieces of tender salmon served hot from the grill with steamed white rice kcal Clam & Enoki Miso Miso broth with clams, mushrooms and wakame with shichimi chilli powder kcal Spicy Seafood Udon Noodle or Rice Spicy kimchi broth with fresh prawns, salmon, squid and vegetables /463 kcal Curry Beef Ramen or Rice Garlic, chilli and sesame paste curry broth with seared beef /574 kcal N Miso Dumpling Ramen or Rice Miso broth with crunchy fresh vegetables and gyoza /550 kcal V CHAHAN Beef Teriyaki Crispy slices of beef cooked up in a tempting sticky garlic & soy glaze with a fresh chilli kick and steamed white rice kcal hot dishes 温まる料理 Buta No Kakuni Slow-braised pork belly and daikon in aromatic sweet soy on rice kcal 5 Izakaya TOP HOT PICKS 居酒屋 Teba No Karaage Nagoya s favourite crispy fried chicken wings served with lime kcal Chicken Katsu Crispy chicken thigh drizzled with tonkatsu sauce kcal Ebi Fry Crispy tail-on prawns drizzled with tonkatsu sauce kcal Kabocha Katsu Crispy bites of Kabocha pumpkin, drizzled with tonkatsu sauce kcal V Maguro Katsu A special blend of tuna, onion and mayo with wasabi sauce kcal Gyoza Crunchy vegetable and soya filled gyoza with soy vinegar dipping sauce kcal V Chicken Gyoza Chicken and vegetable filled gyoza with soy vinegar dipping sauce kcal Duck Gyoza Crisp and tasty duck gyoza with hoisin dipping sauce on the side kcal Takoyaki Lightly battered dough balls with octopus, topped with mayo, bonito and lots more. Osaka s No.1! kcal Okonomiyaki Cabbage filled pancake topped with smoked bonito tuna flakes and lots more kcal Spicy Pepper Squid Marinated squid crispy fried and served with red chilli and spring onions kcal Seabass Nanbanzuke Sweet & sour seabass and pickles nestled on rice. Southern barbarian food! kcal CHAHAN Japanese fried rice チャハン Plain Plain steamed Japanese rice, piled high and served straight up kcal V Crunchy fresh vegetables, edamame, shichimi chilli powder and sesame oil kcal V Chicken The same as our vegetable version with fresh grilled chicken thigh kcal YAKISOBA Stir-fried noodles 焼きそば Plain Hot noodles to slurp, served straight up kcal V A tangy favourite, served with crunchy fresh vegetables kcal V Chicken Hot noodles with fresh pieces of chicken thigh kcal Photograph: Christabelle Ong Salmon The same as our vegetable version with flaked salmon kcal 6 7 chirashi OTSUMAMI chirashi チラシ OTSUMAMI おつまみ Rice Pots with scattered toppings JAPANESE SIDES & SNACKS A fresh and light rice salad. It comes with either marinated meat, fish or tofu with kaiso seaweed, Japanese pickles and yuzu furikake. Mix it before eating. Edamame Pods sprinkled with salt flakes and spring onion. Suck out the beans and eat! kcal V SUSHI SASHIMI TEMAKI PLATTERS Salmon Sesame soy marinated fresh salmon with kaiso, pickled cucumber and red onion, pickled ginger, crispy shallots, yuzu furikake and sushi rice kcal Tuna Ponzu marinated tuna with kaiso,pickled cucumber and red onion, pickled ginger, crispy shallots, yuzu furikake and sushi rice kcal Sesame marinated tofu with kaiso, pickled cucumber and red onion, pickled ginger, crispy shallots, yuzu furikake and sushi rice kcal V Kaiso Seaweed Marinated mixed seaweed, edamame and carrots in a su-miso sauce kcal V Kimchi Ika Poached squid with quick-pickled kimchi chilli vegetables kcal Ramen Noodle Salad Noodles coated in sesame sauce with pickled ginger, wakame and crisp shallots kcal V Potato Salada Potato, quick-pickled vegetables with karashi mustard mayo dressing kcal V Chicken Soy & shichimi marinated grilled chicken with kaiso, pickled cucumber and red onion, pickled ginger, crispy shallots, yuzu furikake and sushi rice kcal Spicy Chicken Salad Kimchi grilled chicken thigh with crunchy salad and a sesame soy dressing kcal COLD dishes 冷たい食物 9 SUSHI 寿司 Rice blocks with a topping Tsukiji Box 1 salmon sushi, 1 albacore sushi, 1 ebi sushi, 1 saba sushi, 1 tuna sushi kcal PLATTERS Selections for Sharing 大皿 SASHIMI 刺身 Premium slices of fish or meat Salmon Box 5 salmon sushi, 5 salmon maki rolls kcal Salmon & Tuna Box 3 salmon sushi, 2 tuna sushi, 3 salmon maki, 3 tuna maki kcal Salmon & Tuna Selection Box 2 salmon sushi, 2 tuna sushi, 2 salmon maki, 2 tuna maki, 1 YO! Roll, 2 salmon sashimi, 1 tuna sashimi kcal YO! Box 3 YO! rolls, 3 California rolls kcal Chibi Maki Box A selection of small rolls. 6 kappa maki, 3 tuna maki, 3 avocado maki, 3 salmon maki kcal Shibuya Box 1 tamago sushi, 1 ebi sushi, 1 salmon sushi, 1 saba sushi, 1 Calfornia roll, 1 YO! roll, 2 kappa maki kcal Box 1 inari sushi, 1 tamago sushi, 1 kaiso sushi, 2 yasai rolls, 4 kappa maki kcal V Tokyo Box 1 tako sushi, 1 saba sushi, 1 ama ebi sushi, 1 albacore sushi, 1 Ginza roll, 1 YO! roll, 2 ebi roll kcal Duck and Chicken Box 3 hoisin duck rolls, 3 spicy chicken rolls kcal TEMAKI HAND ROLLS 手巻き Crispy Salmon Skin Salmon skin, spring onion and salad, wrapped in a nori rice cone kcal Cucumber, inari and tamago with mayo, wrapped in a nori rice cone kcal V California Surimi, avocado, mayo and toasted sesame seeds in a nori rice cone kcal Salmon & Avocado Fresh salmon, avocado, mayo and toasted sesame seeds in a nori rice cone kcal A selection of all your favourite sushi, rolls and maki all in one place and ready for sharing. Futari (20 pieces / 2 people) 4 california rolls, 4 YO! rolls, 4 salmon sushi, 4 ebi sushi, 4 tuna sushi Shibuya (79 pieces / 6-8 people) 8 salmon sushi, 4 tuna maki, 4 ebi sushi, 4 tamago sushi, 4 beef sushi, 3 YO! roll, 3 spicy chicken roll, 3 ebi roll, 3 hoisin duck roll, 3 california roll, 8 avocado maki, 8 kappa maki, 12 salmon maki, 12 tuna maki Tokyo (58 pieces / 6-8 people) 9 Ginza roll, 10 YO! roll, 10 dragon roll, 4 albacore sushi, 4 ama ebi sushi, 4 saba sushi, 4 salmon sushi, 6 ebi roll, 3 dynamite roll (89 pieces / 6-8 people) 24 yasai rolls, 4 inari sushi, 3 kaiso sushi, 4 tamago sushi, 28 kappa maki, 26 avocado maki V Salmon 5 slices of our freshest thick-cut salmon, with mooli and lemon kcal Tuna 5 thick cut slices of yellowfin tuna with mooli and lime kcal Seared Beef Tataki 4 slices of pepper-seared rare beef and tangy coriander pesto kcal Albacore Truffle Ponzu Tataki 4 slices of seared tuna with truffle ponzu dressing kcal make your own sushi box Avocado Maki V (6 pieces) 2.00 Kappa Maki V (6 pieces) 2.00 YO! Roll (2 pieces) 4.00 California Roll (2 pieces) 3.55 Salmon Maki (4 pieces) 2.80 Tuna Maki (4 pieces) 2.80 Spicy Chicken Roll (2 pieces) 3.55 Ebi Roll (3 pieces) 4.45 Inari Sushi V (2 pieces) 2.00 Salmon Sushi (2 pieces) 3.55 Tamago Sushi V (2 pieces) 2.00 Ebi Sushi (2 pieces) Soft drinks sake ABV Fresh-pressed Matcha Green Juice Matcha, kale, yuzu super juice ml Fresh-pressed Watermelon Juice 100% watermelon, nothing added ml Sake is a Japanese rice wine that s brewed more like a beer than a wine. Enjoy it s umami flavour. Sip it like a wine and not a shot. Hakushika Ginjou 13.5% Gentle and fruity (cold) ml ml Fresh-pressed Orange Juice 100% orange juice, nothing else ml beer ABV sweets 和菓子 Fresh Fruit The perfect palate cleanser - our fresh and healthy fruit plate kcal V Dorayaki Classic Japanese pancake sandwich with a light custard filling kcal V Matcha Roll Premium green tea sponge swirled with fresh cream & azuki beans kcal V Japanese Souffle Cheesecake Soft, moist & light baked souffle cheesecake kcal V Chocolate Mochi Bite into the glutinous soft rice outer to reveal a rich chocolate ganache centre kcal V Strawberry Cheesecake Mochi Sweet rice ball filled with strawberry cheesecake kcal V Ramune Soda Japan s oldest and most popular soft drink, also known as marble soda ml Jax Coco Coconut Water ml Yuzu & Pear Juice ml Aloe Vera Drink ml Coke/Diet Coke/Sprite ml H2YO! Still/Fizzy Water ml DRINKS Asahi 5% Super crisp. Super dry. (Japan) ml ml Sapporo 5% Big can. Premium beer. (Japan) ml Hitachino Nest Saison 5% An outstanding Japanese craft beer brewed with local wheat and koji (used in creating sake). A sweet flavour with an aromatic kick of yuzu citrus. (Japan) ml Hitachino Nest White Ale 5.5% This craft white ale has plenty of flavour.a wheat malt with aromas of coriander, orange peel and nutmeg. (Japan) ml 飲物 12 13 オタク Otaku REVOLUTION There is no doubt that for an entire generation, the calling card of Japanese culture is the world of anime and manga. It has become an aesthetic that is now celebrated all over the world. However, its otaku stigma - Japanese for obsessive geek - has prevented the fashion industry from adopting this unique Japanese aesthetic in their designs until now. The otaku revolution began in the early 2010s, with Akihabara fans in Tokyo embracing their own style and rocking up in ita-sha cars which feature typical otaku imagery. Eventually this spread to the fashion industry, with the emergence of Gokai - Akihabara s first avant-garde fashion boutique - which celebrates fashion infused with aesthetics of the surrounding otaku-esque streets. This movement has inspired the likes of Chloma, design duo Junya Suzuki and Reiko Sakuma, to make their own otaku-inspired collection. They embrace the silhouettes, textures and colours of the 2D world and have turned it into a 3D reality that is ready to wear. Chloma s next project is to take virtual reality boutiques to the next level using Oculus Rift. Soon you will be able to experience their work in the very digital reality that gave birth to it. BY SAMUEL THOMAS ファッション 14 MOSHI MOSHI # THISISTOKYO HOOKED ON HARAJUKU We re inspired by authentic Japanese food, taking our flavours straight from the streets of Tokyo and styling them up our way. From traditional Izakaya bars with beers and bites to the freshest cuts of sushi, sake and modern street food. It s fast and fresh with a YO! twist. 東京 原宿マニア THE ORIGINAL Made fresh every day. It s our mission to bring new tastes to the table straight from our favourite places in Tokyo. Order online at: Happy fish We need to talk about fish. We eat no evil here. It s our mission to know exactly where our fish comes from before we bring it to your plate. Take our Norwegian salmon. Delivered to us 6 days a week, we re only happy with less than 2% fish in over 98% seawater. Why? Because healthy salmon equals tasty salmon. 喜びとー緒に暮らす ONLY THE FRESHEST SURVIVE All our food is prepared fresh on site every single day. LET IT ROLL Sushi masterclass Perfect your sushi skills with a masterclass for two at Sushi School. Like school, but better, come hungry and get to grips with the history of this Japanese classic. We show you how to prep ingredients, cook the rice, handle and slice the fish and, finally how to roll. Then you get to eat everything. Get in touch YOLO The world s oldest man, Yasutaro Koide from Japan, lived until he was 112 years old. He said the key to a long life was to live with joy APR16
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