The Point Edited Under Fr. Leonard Feeney M.I.C

“Essential to the understanding of our chaotic times is the knowledge that the Jewish race constitutes a united anti-Christian bloc within Christian society, and is working for the overthrow of that society by every means at its disposal.” — April 1958

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  The PointEdited Under Fr. LeonardFeeney M.I.C.M. — SaintBenedict Center“Essential to theunderstanding of ourchaotic times is theknowledge that theJewish race constitutes aunited anti-Christian blocwithin Christian society,and is working for theoverthrow of that societyby every means at itsdisposal.” —April 1958. 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956  1957 1958 1959 1959 ãIn Memory Of William Thomas Walsh— Who Tried ToWarn Us (About The Jews) Before It Was Too Late (March) ãSome Summaries After Seven Years— Jews, Masons,Communists Etc. (February)  ãShould Hate Be Outlawed?  (January)Site Map   ã   Year list 1958 ãThe Protection Of Christmas  (December) ãThe Jews And The Saints— What Our Canonized Catholics Are Lately Suffering (November) ãCatholics, The Bible, And The Jews  (October) ãHow The Jews Invaded The Holy Land  (September) ãHe Fought Our Enemies And Kept TheFaith— (Belloc) (August) ãThe Problem Of Monsignor Ronald Knox  (July) ãAnti-Christians In CapitalLetters— (Jewish Organizations) (June) ãMonsignor Ellis In Wonderland  (May) ãNewspapers And The New York Times— (Jewish Media Control) (April) ãOn Making The United States Catholic— Reasons For  Our Failure (March) ãSoldiers Of The Church Militant— Our Canonized SaintsAt War (With The Jews) (January-February)Site Map   ã   Year list 1957 ãThe Price Of Christmas In Mexico— Freemasons (December) ãSix Pointers On The Jews  (November) ãThe Jewish Lie About Brotherhood— The CatholicAnswer — Israeli Brotherhood (October) ãAn Unholy People In The Holy Land— The Actions OfThe Jews (September) ãA Sure Defence Against The Jews— What Our CatholicBishops Can Do For Us (August) ãThe Judaising Of Christians By Jews— Tactics Of The Church ʼ s Leading Enemies (July) ãThe Rejected People Of Holy Scripture— Why The JewsFear The Bible (June) ãOur Lady Of Fatima Warned Us (About Jewish  Communists)  (May) ãThe Fight For The Holy City— Efforts OfThe Jews To Control Jerusalem (April) ãDublin ʼ s Briscoe (Jewish Lord Mayor) Comes To Boston  (March) ãWhen Everyone Was Catholic— The Courage Of The Faith (Regarding The Jews) In The Thirteenth Century (February) ãJewish Invasion Of Our Country— Our Culture UnderSiege (January)Site Map   ã   Year list 1956 ãThe Enemies Of Christ At Christmas  (December) ãThe Jewish Plan To Destroy Christianity— The Real Purpose Of Interfaith (November) ãThe Church Militant And The Jews— Some Front-LineReports (Through The Centuries) (October) ãAnother Challenge To JewsAnd Masons  (September) ãSome JewsIn Gentile Clothing  (August)
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