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The C-Class. Coupé. This Brochure is prepared by Daimler AG and it predominantly reflects the capabilities and performance of vehicles sold in Europe. Some characteristics, capabilities, performance features

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The C-Class. Coupé. This Brochure is prepared by Daimler AG and it predominantly reflects the capabilities and performance of vehicles sold in Europe. Some characteristics, capabilities, performance features and optional extras (e.g. towing systems) may not be available or may not apply in New Zealand under New Zealand conditions. The information in this Brochure is therefore indicative, illustrative and provided only for guidance and should not be relied on. To obtain current and accurate information on a vehicle and any options applicable to New Zealand, contact your local authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer. The C-Class Coupé. More style per hour. The C-Class Coupé embodies the tension between style and urgency. Externally, it is a compellingly attractive, dynamic coupé which expresses a strong sense of forward motion. Inside, it is a place to sit back and relish every corner and twist in the road in an ambience of sportiness and functional perfection. The result is sheer driving enjoyment. Support is provided by engines equipped with the ECO start/stop function as standard, the sporty set-up of the AGILITY CONTROL suspension with selective damping system, an electronic brake control system and features which set the standard for safety. Guide to the vehicles shown here: 2 Mercedes-Benz C 350 palladium silver metallic AMG 7-spoke light-alloy wheels, Bengal red leather, dark longitudinal-grain aluminium trim, AMG sports package 10 Mercedes-Benz C 250 CDI designo diamond white bright 5-spoke light-alloy wheels in sterling silver, black ARTICO man-made leather, Style package 14 Mercedes-Benz C 250 Sport engineered by AMG designo platinum magno 7-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels in high-gloss black with high-sheen finish, ARTICO man-made leather/dinamica microfibre in black The illustrations may include accessories and optional extras which do not form part of the standard specification. Vision. 20 Moving innovation Drive system and chassis. 22 Diesel engines 23 Petrol engines 24 Transmissions 25 Chassis and suspension Safety. 26 Integral safety concept Comfort. 30 Multimedia systems 32 Assistance systems 34 Seats Model variant. 36 C-Class Coupé Sport AMG. 38 C 63 AMG Coupé 40 C 63 AMG technology and engineering 42 C 63 AMG Edition 507 Equipment and appointments. 44 Optional extras 45 Equipment packages 51 designo 52 Upholstery and trim 58 Wheels 60 Genuine accessories 62 Services. Facts and colours. 64 Dimensions 64 Paintwork 65 Technical data 2 At a glance 3 Two doors, no compromises. The ultimate coupé! The low silhouette with a long, arrow-shaped bonnet. The upright, louvred radiator grille with a central star, the strong shoulders, short overhangs and a powerfully thrusting tail end. Every centimetre underlines the character of this coupé: built for people who don t like to stand still. 4 Concise care instructions: needs asphalt under its tyres daily. 5 6 Concerned about the environment? So are we. Modern motoring calls for an intelligent drive. With this in mind, the C-Class Coupé offers optimised engine technology in four efficient petrol and diesel variants. Additional fuel-saving potential is offered by a standard-fit ECO start/stop function and the optionally available 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission. Good for the carbon footprint. Page 22 24 7 8 Welcome to the Coupé lounge. 9 10 Perhaps your first Mercedes. Certainly not your last. 11 12 13 Just what you need: a sixth sense. The C-Class Coupé is always a bit further ahead than you think, thanks to numerous safety systems which take account of virtually every eventuality and help defuse hazardous situations. Take the ADAPTIVE BRAKE control system, which can apply the brakes in anticipation of danger. So if the worst comes to the worst, the car can be brought to a stop even more quickly. It s good for all concerned, not just your heart rate. 14 Lateral dynamite. In this cockpit you will experience what cornering really means: the C-Class Coupé Sport engineered by AMG. The specially tuned AMG sports suspension and the more direct steering ensure tangibly greater lateral dynamics. The shortest route between two points now feels like a bend. 15 16 17 S-plosion at the push of a button. Sport says it all: the touch of a button is all it takes to activate Sport mode S-Mode for short. The drive system then reacts tangibly more directly. The shift points change. The driving experience is intensified. You will ask yourself why the S-Mode can be switched off at all. The answer is: so that you can switch it back on again. Page 36 37 18 19 The sharpest centrifuge of all time. Every road sooner or later leads to a bend. If it were up to the driver of the C-Class Coupé Sport: preferably sooner. The black ARTICO man-made leather/dinamica microfibre AMG sports seats with red contrasting topstitching provide firm support. In addition, the seats are equipped with red safety belts. Further highlights inside include the silver steering wheel paddles, the brushed aluminium trim featuring a dark longitudinal-grain finish and the sports pedals in brushed stainless steel. A tap on the accelerator is all it takes to bring the Coupé s sporting credentials to life. What makes a car a Mercedes? Deep-rooted traditions: in our case, it is innovative traditions that run deep. We ve gone along previously untravelled roads. Setting milestone after milestone. The first car with a crumple zone, the first ABS, the first diesel car. The first car. And whilst it s nice to look back, we d much rather look forward. Mercedes me welcome to a world that revolves entirely around you. We focus on people. No more so than when we developed a new platform for you to keep in close contact with Mercedes-Benz. With services that are tailored to your needs. connect me connects the vehicle to your world of experience, to everything that is important to you. move me provides new mobility solutions. And inspire me gives you an exclusive insight into the future of mobility. Your gateway to a fascinating world: Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive on the road to accident-free driving. We develop intelligent technologies that actively assist the driver and make driving tangibly easier. Valuable assistance systems are already available in your Mercedes-Benz: they help to maintain the distance to the vehicle in front automatically, brake the car when necessary and warn against imminent rear-end collisions or vehicles in the blind spot. The sensors of the driving assistance and safety systems are linked intelligently. Potential hazardous situations are detected earlier than ever and consequently avoided with increasing regularity. Discover the fascinating world of Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive at BlueEFFICIENCY our vision of emission-free driving. Sustainability is a big word. And it s a prime consideration in absolutely everything we do. From minimising the environmental impact of our production operations to alternative drive concepts. The aims are ambitious, as you can see. But what could be better than seeing these aims achieved whilst on a long drive in a Mercedes? 22 Diesel engines. The diesel engines for the new C-Class Coupé stand for efficient, refined and powerful driving. They combine higher performance with markedly lower fuel consumption than conventional engines. 4-cylinder engines. The diesel powerplants incorporate a wealth of efficient technology. As a result, their output is up to 20% higher than that of comparable older engines: the C 220 CDI delivers 125 kw (170 hp), the C 250 CDI 150 kw 204 (hp). At the same time, the torque of both engines has been increased by up to 25%, while fuel Torque (Nm) 500 Nm C 250 CDI Engine speed (rpm) 150 kw Output (kw) consumption and CO 2 emissions are up to 23% lower. Both models meet the requirements of the Euro 5 emissions standard. One of the reasons behind the impressive performance of the diesel engines is the maximum injection pressure of up to 2000 bar. What s more, the required fuel quantity is metered extremely precisely a sound basis for efficient and on-demand use of energy. The diesel engines good consumption/output ratio is also down to their optimised combustion chamber design, which offers ideal conditions for maximising both clean combustion and energy efficiency. At the same time, the optimised alternator management contributes to lower consumption. A further technology which promotes responsible-minded driving pleasure is the efficiency-enhancing turbocharger. Plus there are two balancer shafts to ensure even smoother running. Further efficiency measures. All models are equipped as standard with the ECO start/stop function which automatically turns off the engine when waiting at traffic lights or in a tailback. The ECO display available for many models provides feedback about the efficiency of the driving style which can then be adapted accordingly to reduce fuel consumption. Impressive torque, even at low revs: ideal for spontaneous bursts of speed. The ECO display provides feedback about the efficiency of the driving style. Drive, chassis and suspension 23 Petrol engines. Agility and efficiency go hand in hand, as demonstrated by the petrol engines. Both the 4-cylinder models and the V6 powerplant combine a high level of refinement with low fuel consumption. 4-cylinder engines. The current generation of 4-cylinder petrol engines pursues one major goal: more output and better acceleration figures in conjunction with lower fuel consumption. This is thanks to the direct injection system with an injection pressure of up to 200 bar, which ensures optimum preparation of the air/fuel mixture and therefore Torque (Nm) 310 Nm C Engine speed (rpm) 150 kw Not just remarkable in terms of performance data. The fuel-consumption figures are impressive, too Output (kw) increases the effectiveness of the engine. The engine management also optimises the valve timing through continuously variable camshaft adjustment and piezocontrolled injectors with multi-hole valves. Savings have been achieved when it comes to engine weight, in particular: the cylinder crankcase, for example, is made of aluminium and the crankcase was cast hollow. Further optimisations reduce consumption over and above this. They include ancillaries controlled according to requirements and the electromechanical steering system in the C 180, for example. This only requires energy during the actual process of steering without any compromises in terms of steering comfort. Performance potential: the C 180 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 8.5 seconds and goes on to reach a maximum speed of 225 km/h. The C 200 has a top speed of 237 km/h and completes the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 8.2 seconds. The C 250 has a top speed of 240 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.2 seconds. 6-cylinder engine. Economical, clean and high-torque: the C 350 heralds the arrival of a new generation of technology drive concepts that are sparing in their use of resources. With combined fuel consumption of l/100 km, the engine attains a maximum output of 225 kw (306 hp) and can accelerate the new C-Class Coupé from 0 to 100 km/h in barely 6.0 seconds. The maximum torque of 370 Nm creates a particularly wide engine speed range, so that impressive reserves of power are available for every driving situation. Further efficiency measures. Similarly to the diesel engines, all petrol-engine models also feature the ECO start/stop function as standard. 24 Transmissions. The two transmissions available for the C-Class Coupé deliver optimum pulling power in every driving situation. 6-speed manual transmission. The 6-speed manual transmission combines sporty and economical driving. The transmission ratio is ideally tailored to the engine output and the particularly exact and short shift throws make each gear change a pure joy. The integrated gear - shift recommendation function, ECO start/stop function and current consumption indicator can also help optimise fuel consumption and reduce emissions. The ECO start/stop function switches off the engine when the vehicle comes to a standstill or is coasting for example at a traffic light and switches it back on when the clutch is depressed or the driver steps on the accelerator pedal. 7G-TRONIC PLUS. The efficiency-optimised 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission is one of the major factors behind the exceptionally high level of driving enjoyment. The seven forward gears allow a constantly optimised rpm level, meaning that fuel consumption can be reduced. The transmission technology also comes into play when the driver wants to accelerate powerfully or experience the full range of the C-Class Coupé s agility. For example, individual gears can be skipped when overtaking or in situations requiring spontaneous acceleration. Furthermore, the transmission modes E (Economy) and S (Sport) can be selected at the touch of a button. In conjunction with the optional AMG Sports package or AMG Plus Sports package and the optional Dynamic Handling package with Sport driving mode there is an additional driving mode, M, for manual shifting via the steering-wheel gearshift paddles. 7G-TRONIC PLUS is available as standard in the C 250 CDI Sport, the C 250, the C 250 Sport and the C 350. For the other models, this transmission is available as an option. 7G-TRONIC PLUS: one of over 18 million automatic transmissions produced in more than 50 years. Drive, chassis and suspension 25 Chassis & suspension. The chassis technology for the C-Class Coupé allows comfort-oriented or sporty driving with supreme agility in almost any situation on the road. AGILITY CONTROL suspension (standard). The suspension with selective damping system can adjust automatically to the current road conditions and driving style. To do this, a valve automatically reduces the damping force at each wheel when the shocks caused by the road are weaker, thus lowering road roar and tyre vibration. If these shocks are stronger, the system s damping effect is enhanced and can improve the car s driving stability. Dynamic Handling package with Sport mode (option). This optional package enhances driving dynamics and driving enjoyment on every trip. There are three transmission modes Economy, Manual and Sport and the lateral dynamics can be controlled separately in Sport mode. S mode initially alters the settings of the 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission and tangibly changes the accelerator characteristics so the engine is more responsive, which enhances longitudinal dynamics. Furthermore, stiffer suspension settings can be selected, allowing even sportier driving with noticeably enhanced lateral dynamics. Driving enjoyment on fast corners is boosted significantly if the chassis is lowered by 15 mm. With its modified steering response map and a direct ratio, the speed-sensitive sports steering delivers an excep - tionally sporty and agile driving feel that is complemented perfectly by a 3-spoke multifunction steering wheel in nappa leather with gearshift paddles (in conjunction with automatic transmission). Whatever the selected mode, the electronically controlled damping system adjusts to driving and road conditions. Outstanding agility and a high level of comfort: the AGILITY CONTROL suspension can adapt to any driving style. A suspension system lowered by 15 mm is one of the features which complements the Dynamic Handling package. 26 Integral safety concept. We are driven by our vision of accident-free motoring. With our integral safety concept we are coming closer to achieving this goal this is a holistic approach which can increase safety in every situation. As the inventor of the car we feel that we have a special responsibility for road safety. This is why we are the first car manufacturer to have developed an integral safety concept which seamlessly blends measures to enhance active and passive safety. The holistic approach is subdivided into four phases and offers safety solutions for every situation. It includes systems for safe driving which help to avoid risks by warning you and coming to your aid in good time. Our unique PRE-SAFE system kicks in in the event of danger and activates anticipatory measures for occupant protection. If a collision should still occur in spite of all the preventive measures, further technologies ensure pro - tection as needed. We have also borne in mind the time immediately following an accident and developed solutions which can help prevent worse and facilitate rapid help. Safe driving: ATTENTION ASSIST (standard). The ATTENTION ASSIST drowsiness detection system warns the driver and recommends a break as soon as it detects signs of tiredness. To this end, it monitors the driver s behaviour at the wheel. Should the driving behaviour deviate from a previously determined profile, an acoustic and visual warning will be triggered. Safe driving: Intelligent Light System (option). The system has five settings to improve visibility for you and other road users: the country mode illuminates the edge of the road, the motorway mode the entire width of the road. The extended fog lamp function improves visibility, whilst the active light function and the cornering light function follow the driver s steering angle. Safe driving: Adaptive Highbeam Assist (option). Adaptive Highbeam Assist provides the best possible low-beam range, continually optimising this range according to the given traffic situation. When no other road traffic is de tected, main beam is enabled. As soon as oncoming traffic is detected, the headlamps are dimmed automatically. A selection of these technologies for the Safe driving, In the event of danger, In an accident and After an accident phases is presented on the pages which follow. Adaptive Highbeam Assist detects other road users with their lights on and ensures the greatest possible range of vision. Safety 27 Safe driving: Lane Tracking package (option). Lane Keeping Assist can detect a traffic lane based on the road markings and, if the car is about to leave its lane unintentionally, warn the driver by making the steering wheel vibrate gently. Blind Spot Assist, meanwhile, uses two radar sensors in the rear bumper to monitor the blind spot at speeds above 30 km/h and can warn the driver against dangerous lane changes. Lane Keeping Assist and Blind Spot Assist are also available as separate options. Safe driving: Driving Assistance package Plus (option). DISTRONIC PLUS adaptive cruise control can help the driver to maintain a specified distance from the vehicle in front at the push of a button when travelling at speeds of 0 to 200 km/h, also initiating braking when a corresponding need is identified. The radar-based system can brake the vehicle to a standstill. Blind Spot Assist helps the driver when turning or changing lane. A warning triangle lights up in the corresponding exterior mirror when a vehicle is detected in the poorly visible area monitored by the system. If the driver does not react to the warning signals, the system can automatically brake individual wheels to prevent a possible accident. Active Lane Keeping Assist warns the driver by means of a discreet vibration of the steering wheel as soon as he unintentionally drifts across the lane markings which have been detected by the system and threatens to leave the vehicle s current lane. If the driver fails to respond, individual wheels can be braked as appropriate to return the vehicle to its lane. The system recognises contrasts on the road ahead of the vehicle and is thus able to read lane markings. It also monitors driving behaviour and the course of the lane, analysing this information for movements which typically indicate that the vehicle is about to leave its lane unintentionally. In this way, the vehicle is able to distinguish reliably between the vehicle leaving its lane intentionally and unintentionally. The Driving Assistance package Plus is rounded off by BAS PLUS brake assist and the
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