The 4 Schools of Buddhist Philosophy by Elías Capriles (Again Available)

Description and comparative analysis of the four schools of Buddhist Philosophy in relation to the Dzogchen teachings

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  Elías Capriles CLEAR DISCRIMINATION OF VIEWSPOINTING AT THE  DEFINITIVE MEANING  THE FOUR PHILOSOPHICAL SCHOOLS   OF THE SUTRAYANA TRADITIONALLY TAUGHT IN TIBET WITH REFERENCE TO THE    DZOGCHEN  TEACHINGS Version 1.3   Composition courtesy of: Research Group on Africa and Asia,Faculty of Humanities and Education,University of the Andes,Mérida, VenezuelaComposed in Times New Roman 12.Title: Buddhism and DzogchenAuthor: Elias-Manuel Capriles-Arias(Originally written in English by the author)Published in Moscow, Russia, by Shang Shung Institute, Arcidosso, GR, ItalyIt is prohibited to reproduce any section of this work, by any means, without theexpressed consent of the author, given in writing; it is permitted, on the other hand, tosummarize and quote for the purpose of study, provided that the names of the author andthe publisher are always mentioned.© 2004 by Elias-Manuel Capriles-AriasVersion 1.2© 2004 by Elias-Manuel Capriles-AriasVersion 1.3© 2007 by Elias-Manuel Capriles-AriasISBN    This book is dedicated to Tenzin Gyamtso,H. H. the Fourteenth Dalai Lama On the plane of dharma,truly non-sectarian Masterconcerned with the Truth rather thanthe vested interests of schools or withmaking of partial truths pseudo-absolutesOn the plane of politics,wise and agile judoka—may he through nonviolence helpTibetans return to the Roof of the Worldin the framework of his Five Points Plan   
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