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  1- Complete the sentences with the correct object pronoun. 1. Do you like this book? Yes, I like 2. Do you know this woman? Yes, I know 3. Did you see that car? No, I didn't see 4. Do you know those people? No, I don't know 5. Did you write an email to your friend (man)? Yes, I wrote an email. 6. Did you call your brother? Yes, I called this morning. 7. Do you hate me? No, I don't hate 8. Do you understand this week's lesson? Yes, I understand 9. Are you in love with your boyfriend? Yes, I'm in love with 10. Do you like this singer (woman)? No, I don't like 2- Complete the sentences with the correct personal pronoun. 1.My name is Janez am 12 years old. 2. How are Fine, thanks. 3.This is Mario is from Italy. 4.Who is that girl? Is our new school friend? 5.This is my house. is very old. 6.I'm Janez, and this is Jana. are from Slovenia. 7.Do want to listen to some music? Yes, we do. 8.Look! Bob and Bill are here are from Britain. 3- Present simple Affirmative 1. I in Godella.(to live) 2. Daisy chocolate.(to love) 3. Andy too fast.(to drive) 4. We lunch at two.(to have) 5. You great.(to look)  Negative 6. They much.(say) 7. Charlie golf.(play) 8.I hamburgers.(like) 9. Sammy and I much TV.(watch) 10.It very often in Valencia.(rain) Questions 11. you tennis?(play) 12. Carol ?(drive) 13. they the shopping together?(do) 14. dogs fish?(eat) 15. What it ?(do) 4- Present simple: a)  I (be)in a café. b)  (she/play) tennis every week. c)  They (go) to the cinema every Wednesday. d)  (she/be) a singer? e)  You (find)the weather here cold. f)  (they/be)on the bus? g)  Lucy (ride) her bicycle to work. h)  Why (he/be) in France? i)  I (not play) the piano often.  j)  It (not be) cold today. k)  We (be) from Portugal. l)  (we/make) too much noise at night? m)  Where (Harry/study)? n)  (it/be) foggy today? o)  We (not be) late. p)  They (not like) animals. 5- Rewrite these sentences in interrogative or negative form. a) Mi novio baila muy bien. (¿?) b) Yo voy al colegio por las mañanas. (-) c) Mi gato duerme 12h. diarias. (-) d) La gente de China habla Ruso. (-) e) A Luis le gusta la música pop. (¿?) f) Los profesores trabajan duro. (¿?)
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