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TechMatch 03 E LAND & MILJØ 2010 Health & Food Days 2010 Pro Energy Meetings ESOF 2010 Brokerage Event Elmia World Bioenergy 2010 Teknologisøgninger Innovative Technology for Food Preservation with Natural

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TechMatch 03 E LAND & MILJØ 2010 Health & Food Days 2010 Pro Energy Meetings ESOF 2010 Brokerage Event Elmia World Bioenergy 2010 Teknologisøgninger Innovative Technology for Food Preservation with Natural Ingredients Ultrasounds Technology for Food Assessment in the Dairy Industry A New Mixed Tree Shelter for Use in Forestry, Agriculture and Gardening Sea Swell/Wave Energy Converter Providing 100% Renewable Energy on Demand T SKAB KONTAKT MED TECH MATCH Få nye kontakter med TechMatch TechMatch er en gratis oplysningsservice, der indeholder et udpluk af teknologier, som udbydes og efterspørges af virksomheder i Europa. Samtidig får du information om relevante messer og kontaktbørser i Europa. TechMatch har til formål at fremme samarbejde på tværs af landegrænser. TechMatch udbydes af det danske konsortium under Enterprise Europe Network - verdens største erhvervsnetværk. Interesseret i en teknologi? Ønsker du yderligere oplysninger om de aktuelle teknologier eller events, eller ønsker du at komme i kontakt med en af virksomhederne, kontakt da venligst én af vore konsulenter. Ved henvendelse bedes du oplyse teknologiens referencenummer. Du er også meget velkommen til at kontakte os, hvis du ønsker din teknologi formidlet videre i Europa. Kathrine Vejgaard Stage Agro Business Park Tlf Anders Skeem Agro Business Park Tlf Mette Toft Christensen Agro Business Park Tlf ETEKNOLOGISØGNING FØDEVARER Innovative Decoration Technologies for Food Containers (Ref: 10 US 87GA 3GTG) A large US company is looking for proposals for an innovative technology that allows direct decoration of food containers without the need for sleeves or labels, adding panache and visual excitement. They are interested in licensing, product acquisition, contract research, proof of concept leading to scale up to manufacturing, joint development and supplier agreement. Homogeneity and Food Safety Sensor for Food Industry (Ref: 09 FI 30I1 3D10) A Finnish SME has developed an intelligent sensor that can measure homogeneity, mixing efficiency and safety issues in food industry. Homogeneity of a suspension after mixing processes is in many cases a key thing for high quality end product. Further, the sensor can efficiently be used in food safety issues since the sensor can detect unwanted items not belonging to the end-product. Technical and commercial collaboration is offered for companies who wish to improve their manufacturing processes. Novel Lactobacillus Plantarum Strain For Carotenoid Production (Ref: 10 ES 27F4 3GUG) An Andalusian research group (Spain) isolated a strain of Lactobacillus plantarum able to naturally produce significative amounts of carotenoids with acknowledged colouring and antioxidant properties. This microorganism is a GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe), it can be used as a food grade component in several probiotic preparations, a starter for different food fermentations, or an alternative source for carotenoid production. They are looking for a licence agreement or a technical cooperation. Development of High Pressure Processing (HPP) Treated Prepared Dishes based on Vegetables with Extended Shelf Life (Ref: 10 ES 29h4 3GOX) A Spanish SME from Navarra (Spain) has developed a technology for preparing HPP-based dishes based on vegetables (or a single vegetable) which allows the food to preserve all the characteristics of freshly cooked products for up to 30 days. The methodology and the technology is available through licence and technical cooperation agreements to companies interested in developing high quality precooked dishes based on vegetables and suited to specific markets. Innovative Technology for Food Preservation with Natural Ingredients (Ref: 10 ES 27F4 3GEJ) A Spanish spin-off company manufactures natural antioxidants, extracts and preservatives and offers technology on new applications for natural ingredients preservation and/or functional enrichment of food products. The company is looking for food industry companies interested in applying this technology to their products by means of a commercial agreement with technical assistance or technical cooperation. A Unique Scientific and Regulatory Database Regarding 2100 Ingredients that can be used in Food and Food Supplements (Plants, Seaweed, Fungus, Vitamin?) (Ref: 10 FR 34K2 3G4N) A French SME of consultancy in nutrition and health has created an innovative scientific and regulatory on-line database regarding ingredients for food, food supplements and fortified foods. The database gives laboratories, agro-food groups, raw material suppliers, food supplements manufacturers the opportunity to find relevant and comprehensive information about 2100 ingredients to innovate and make their formulation more competitive. A Commercial Agreement with Technical Assitance is sought. High Quality, High Speed Packing Equipment for Prepared Food (Ref: 10 US 87GA 3GR6) A large US company is looking for proposals for a high-speed packing machine that automatically distributes soft food into trays without damage. They are interested in contract development and equipment supply. Automated Sample Preparation for the Fast Detection of Mycotoxins in Cereals (Ref: 10 DE GPG) Two German research institutes have developed an easy to handle method for the on-site detection of mycotoxins in food and feed within a few minutes. The system combines milling of crude cereals, extraction without toxic solvents followed by detection with available immunochemical methods. The method saves money and time, as it is no longer necessary to send samples to a laboratory. Industrial partners are sought for further developing, producing and marketing the device. Shelf-Life Extension for Bread-Enrobed Sausage Products (Ref: 10 US 87GA 3GQI) A US global sausage manufacturer, invites proposals for extension of refrigerated shelf-life for bread-enrobed sausage products. FØDEVARER Clean Label Fond (Ref: 10 DK 20B7 3GNV) A Danish SME develops and produces natural bouillon/stock which can be created with a number of different tastes including beef, chicken, venison, pork, fish, mussel, shrimp, crab, fish etc. The stock can be used as a substitute for taste reinforcement additives such as MSG and yeast extracts. The client is looking for license agreement or technical cooperation. Micro- and Nano Encapsulation of Preservatives and Other Food Additives (Ref: 10 ES 29h4 3GP8) A Spanish research group offers a wide range of services related to the design, preparation and characterization of micro- and nanoparticles containing active ingredients for the development of functional foods or nutraceuticals. Partners of particular interest would be food industry with an interest in developing functional food products. They offer licence and technical cooperation agreements for the application and customization of their technologies to specific needs and products. Mechanisation for Date Stoning (Ref: 05 ES SEOT 0C00) A Spanish company from the food-processing sector wants to mechanise the stoning of dates (fruit) without making them lose their consistency. The objective is to empty the date in order to introduce solid food like almonds or a soft substance like cheese. The company seeks machine providers from the food sector or similar, able to provide a solution. The company is interested in cooperation agreements to develop the machinery or mechanisation. Production Method for Ravioli Cookware (Ref: 10 TR 95LD 3GGP) Turkish company specialized in metal kitchenware production is offering an innovative production method of a ravioli cookware in which ravioli can be cooked by steam. They are looking for partners to make license and joint venture agreements. Pastry Product Suitable for Microwave which Only Needs Water to be Added and Does Not Need Special Storage Conditions (Ref: 10 ES 27F3 3GJW) A Spanish technology based company working in R+D for the food sector has developed a chocolate brownie suitable for microwave which only needs water to be added and does not need special storage conditions like cooling. The company is looking for partners to exploit the existing know how (licensing agreements). Novel One-Step Method for Identifying Fresh or Processed Anchovies and Other Fish Species (Ref: 10 ES 27F4 3GP2) An Andalusian research group (Spain) has developed several novel genetic methods of identification of fish species with commercial interest. The great advantage, besides its simplicity and its speed, consists in that permits carrying out such identification as in fresh fish as in frozen one as well as in processed products. This novel identification system is based on techniques of molecular biology. They are looking for licensing agreement and technical cooperation. Industrial Food Drying Methods (Ref: 10 TR 98OA 3GFA) A Turkish SME producing food drying systems is searching for advanced industrial food drying methods. The company is looking for industrial partners interested in technical cooperation, manufacturing agreement and joint venture. The technology can be either in the development phase or fully developed. System for Gliadin Free Wheat Production (Ref: 10 ES 27F4 3GTN) An Andalusian public research centre (Spain) has developed and patented a system for the production of wheat with a low gliadin content, suitable for its use in the production on foods for celiac disease patients. The invention is based in the use of a polynucleotide that induces the simultaneous and specific silencing in wheat seeds of alpha, beta, gamma and omega gliadins, which are main gluten components. Companies producing cereal seeds are sought for license agreements. System for Hybrid Wheat Production (Ref: 10 ES 27F4 3GTM) An Andalusian public research centre (Spain) has developed and patented a system for the production of hybrid wheat, based on a male sterile wheat line; this line is crossed with a restoring line to produce the hybrid wheat. Hybrid wheat, besides having a higher harvest yield than conventional wheat, is more homogeneous and their seeds have higher value. Companies producing cereal seeds are sought for license agreements. FØDEVARER High-Speed Detection of Internal Structural Biases in Dried Spaghetti (Ref: 10 US 87GA 3GUP) A large US company is looking for proposals for technology to detect internal structural biases such as gradient of water content, density distribution and residual stress within dried spaghetti at a speed of 10 sticks/second. They are interested in contract development and equipment supply. Technology for Stabilizing Functional Proteins in Beverages (Ref: 10 US 87GA 3GRQ) A large US company is looking for proposals for technology for forming microcapsules of functional protein by coating or emulsification to improve its long-term stability in a beverage. They are interested in contract development, joint development and product supply. Innovative Processing Line for Cheese Production (Ref: 10 CZ GLK) A Czech company engaged in design, production and supplies of investment units for the food industry is looking for a partner capable to supply relatively small processing line for a production and packaging of cheese ( litres of milk daily, 6 batches) that would become a part of the investment units, delivered to dairies in Russia. Innovative Instant Powder Sauces based on Dehydrated Products (Ref: 10 ES 27F3 3GOP) A Spanish technology based company working in R+D for the food sector has developed a innovative instant powder sauces based on dehydrated products which is easy to prepare and do not require special conditions of storage like cooling. The company is looking for partners to exploit the existing know how (licensing agreements). Innovative and Highly Efficient Technology and Robotized Machine for Baking Fast Food, Nuts and Short Orders (Ref: 10 BG GLH) A Bulgarian SME developed an innovative and highly efficient technology and robotized machine for baking fast food, nuts and short orders. The technology and machine provide excellent culinary results while guaranteeing outstanding energy and time efficiency. The company seeks license and joint-venture agreements with companies specialized in the production and supply of technology, machinery and equipment for the food industry, as well as with companies willing to implement the technology. Ultrasounds Technology for Food Assesment in the Dairy Industry (Ref: 10 ES 24D4 3GRK) A Spanish company has developed an innovative technology based on ultrasounds to control the quality of dairy products. It is a noninvasive, low-cost and easy to use technique based on the physic micro-changes that microorganism s growth provokes in a liquid, allowing the detection of contamination in the early stages of incubation. The equipment could be adapted to other kind of food and packages other than milk. The company is looking for companies for technical co-operation or licensing. Salt Substitute Adapted to Meat Precooked Dishes in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (Ref: 10 BE GL0) A Brussel-based meat industry is looking for a salt substitute for meat prepared dishes. The solution should support heating process, accelerated ageing and modified atmosphere packaging. The solution must already be on the market but will have to pass several sensorial and microbiological tests adapted to meat product. It is searching for a commercial agreement with a technical assistance. Know-How and Industrial System for Manufacturing Natural High Quality Pomegranate Juice (Ref: 10 ES 23D2 3GMC) A Spanish Investors Group related to agro-food industry is looking for the know-how and equipment needed for producing high quality, 100% natural pomegranate juice. Initially, the plant processing capacity is fixed around L pomegranate juice per year. The Investors are seeking for potential partners to technical cooperation or commercial agreement with technical assistance. LAND & MILJØ Biomembranes for Wastewater Treatment (Ref: 09 ES 28F8 3G1F) A Spanish engineering laboratory for wastewater treatment optimizes the design and set-up of membrane bioreactors (MBR), advised for higher quality of the treated water or to increase the treatment capacity. Companies interested in applying or developing this technology or micro and ultra filtration membrane producers who want to extend their market to water treatment by MBR are sought. Design and Evaluation of New Insect-Proof Screens (Ref: 10 ES 27F4 3GV3) An Andalusian research group (Spain) has developed a novel methodology and evaluation of integral analysis of insect-proof screens, integrating the geometric, physical and aerodynamic characteristics. They can design new meshes and evaluate them, it saves the obstruction air-flow on greenhouse ventilation. They are seeking industrial partners interested in further development and to test new applications. Soil Nutrient Reinforcement and Stink Removal by Rhyolite Tuff (Ref: 10 HU 50S4 3GTQ) A Hungarian SME has developed a new technology to upgrade the quality of soil by rhyolite tuff. A composting procedure without rotation stage was developed, thereby higher nutrient content and exceptionally increased nitrogen content can be reached and the stink and the danger of infection can also be eliminated. Partners from agro food sector or waste material managing companies for application of the technology (soil management and/or stink removal) are looked for. Hydrometric Level Probe for Liquid Measurement (04 m H20/4-20 ma) (Ref: 10 PL 62AQ 3G7B) An SME from North-East Poland has developed an innovative production technology of hydrometric level probe for liquid measurement. The innovation can be used for liquid measurement (contaminated with suspensions and pollutants) in sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, swimming pools, retention tanks or water intakes. The SME is interested in licensing or manufacturing agreement. A New Mixed Tree Shelter for Use in Forestry, Agriculture and Gardening (Ref: 10 ES 27F4 3GV7) An Andalusian research group (Spain) has developed a new mixed tree shelter for use in forestry, agriculture and gardening. Its major advantages are an increase in the survival and growth of seedlings due to its improved structure. It is particularly recommended for harsh conditions in which it is more costly to get plants established. The group is seeking a licence agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance Low Cost Autonomous Device for Plant Irrigation and Protection (Ref: 10 ES 27F3 3GN2) A Spanish research group has developed a innovative low cost device for individual irrigation and protection of plants for reforestation purposes. The system protects the plant and also irrigates it based on rain water supply. The research group is looking for companies, environmental foundations or business-angels for licence agreements or joint further developments. A New Organic Herbicide (Ref: 10 FR 33j6 3GSF) World pesticide amount used exceeded 5.0 billion pounds (2.27 billion tons) in 2000 and Herbicides accounts for the largest portion of total use. They are often related to human toxicity (more than deaths each year around the world due to acute pesticide poisoning) and environmental damages (water, fauna, flora). A French University has identified a new organic herbicide which is a new promising alternative to chemical pesticides. Industrial partners are sought for license agreement. Artificial Pollination for Cultivated and Wild Plant Species (Ref: 10 ES 27F4 3GTL) An Andalusian research group developed the technology to accomplish pollination without the use of pollinator insects. Among the advantages of this technology, users may valuate the assurance of high levels of yields of extraordinary fruit quality without dependence of weather, insects and plants acting as source of compatible pollen grains. They are looking for industrial partners in further development and research institutes and companies to design new devices for pollen grains applications. LAND & MILJØ Near Infrared Transmission Data Key: New and Non- Destructive Method for Testing and Sorting Seeds by Quality (Ref: 10 DK 20B7 3GIC) A Danish research team has developed a patented non-destructive method for testing and sorting seeds by quality. The technology is near infrared spectroscopy based seed sorting equipment where the overall aim is to ensure a very high degree of correct identification of quality of single seeds. Partners are sought in research collaboration or licencing opportunity. Sped Up Development of High-Bioremediation Alfalfa Cultivars based on Identification and Molecular Marking of the Genes involved in Salt-Stress Resistance (Ref: 10 RU 86FG 3GRN) An R&D Institute from Saint-Petersburg (Russia) develops new methods allowing to speed up the breeding of high-yielding legume cultivars suitable for bioremediation of degraded salinized lands. The Institute seeks partners for technical cooperation to identify genes controlling the salt resistance based on genome synteny with the model legume species Medicago truncatula and Lotus japonicus. Reduced Use of Antibiotics in Pigs, Improving Health (Ref: 10 ES 25E2 3GIH) A Catalan federation of agricultural cooperatives based in Spain is seeking for a new way to reduce the use of antibiotic in their pigs in reference to pulmonary diseases and immunodeficiency syndrome in order to improve health. They are looking for a technical cooperation or a commercial agreement with technical assistance with any partner, research centre or university, working with pigs. Determining Groundwater Age and Origin for Environmental Studies (Ref: 10 FR 34K2 3GH8) A French SME is specialized in groundwater age and origin determination through CFC and SF6 analysis. Knowledge of groundwater age helps to estimate the expected period of pollution and so the time needed for the return to the initial (non polluted state) especially in case of water nitrate contamination. The SME offers innovating tools and services for groundwater knowledge and sustainable
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