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ergodata Furnishing systems for offices Report Edition 1.3 SAP (Switzerland) AG, Regensdorf Nestlé Nespresso SA, Paudex take-off modul Ergodata AG Furtbachstrasse 16 CH 8107 Buchs Tel

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ergodata Furnishing systems for offices Report Edition 1.3 SAP (Switzerland) AG, Regensdorf Nestlé Nespresso SA, Paudex take-off modul Ergodata AG Furtbachstrasse 16 CH 8107 Buchs Tel Fax Reference objects take-off modul Workplaces Cantonal Compensation Office, Frauenfeld 60 SWX Swiss Exchange, Zurich 150 LGT Bank in Liechtenstein AG, Vaduz / Bendern 450 SAP (Switzerland) AG, Regensdorf 187 Nestlé Nespresso SA, Paudex 145 Credit Suisse Asset Management, Zurich 400 IBM (Switzerland), Winterthur 250 take-off modul A classic among office furnishings. Its versatility is all but limitless. Continuous optimisation makes take-off modul a real all-rounder. ergodata stands for the three leading Swiss manufacturers of office furniture: Büro-Fürrer AG, Witzig The Office Company AG and Büro Schoch Werkhaus AG. We have been jointly developing high-quality office furniture systems since The result: outstanding durability, maximum functionality, timeless design. Our products are manufactured by reputable Swiss specialists. As a service provider, Ergodata AG is responsible for the complete product portfolio and ensuring quality management. The intensive co-operation with our upmarket customers has often led to cutting-edge innovations. We marketed the first engineered workplace system, for instance the ergodata desk, hence the group s name and the cabinet modules with tool-free assembly. ergodata furnishing systems: customer requirements cleverly implemented in perfect solutions. SAP (Switzerland) AG, Regensdorf SAP (Switzerland) AG, Regensdorf Simplify create space System analysis and programme developers SAP have been developing business solutions for customers around the world since The rapid increase in demands for IT called for a new building to provide much-needed working space and centralise various locations under one roof. This in turn gave way to new possibilities for workspace design and this is where ergodata comes in. The challenge was to furnish a specific number of workspaces for each wing of the building. The environment should support communication among staff whilst ensuring flexibility and privacy. The solution: Open Space. take-off modul proved ideal for partitioning rooms, combining standardised workspace with comfort and flexibility. Sound-absorbing panels front and back keep the noise level low; surface area optimisation creates space for meeting and communication areas useful additions to the working areas. SAP (Switzerland) AG, Regensdorf Generously designed reception area 2 Temporary workspaces in an internationally active business 4 Space structuring and well-being thanks to the soundabsorbing construction of the fronts and rear panels 3 Secondary workspaces based on standard components enable efficient distribution of internal mail Nestlé Nespresso SA, Paudex Nestlé Nespresso SA, Paudex Perfectly staged individuality After many years of research, NESPRESSO revolutionised the coffee market with its capsule system. Today, the system is regarded as the most successful concept for portioned, carefully selected espressos and coffees. The success of the NESPRESSO concept brought with it a strong increase in new jobs. NESPRESSO currently employs over 1000 people worldwide. Their workplaces demonstrate quality of life through perfection and high-quality furnishings, very much in keeping with Nespresso s own approach to quality. Only the best product would be good enough to create elegantly attractive yet economical workplaces. ergodata was assigned the task of equipping 145 standardised workplaces which would reflect the representative character of the company. 120 team and 25 individual workplaces were created with modular components from the take-off modul programme, all characterised by durable materials and effective sound absorption. Nestlé Nespresso SA, Paudex Convincing performance: take-off modul can be configured to suit requirements 3 Relax zone with Nespresso coffee machine and an adjoining office with round conference table 2 take-off modul with sound-absorbing front and system desk with custom-designed side extension in a team office 4 Call Center workplaces based on the height-adjustable system desk with sound-absorbing Privacy Panels 5 take-off modul with media cable trunk drawer as a sideboard; system desk with sinus top and semi-circular extension 4
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