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Table of Contents Table of Contents Elektrotechnika / elektronika 4-mm plug-in system Individual EloTrain components (4mm plugs) Plug-in components Rheostats Resistors High-power resistors Potentiometers

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Table of Contents Table of Contents Elektrotechnika / elektronika 4-mm plug-in system Individual EloTrain components (4mm plugs) Plug-in components Rheostats Resistors High-power resistors Potentiometers Non-linear resistors Capacitors Electrolyte capacitors Coils, transformer Diodes, Z-diodes LEDs Transistors Thyristors, Triacs Operational amplifiers Optoelectronics Quartz Digital technology Electro-mechanical components, lamps Empty housings Lucas Nülle GmbH 1/31 Elektrotechnika / elektronika Fundamentals of electrical engineering and electronics A comprehensive education in the fundamentals of electrical engineering is essential to the understanding of more complex relationships in the various applied sectors in both electrical engineering and electronics. The freedom to experiment is backed up by formal experiment literature and the use of safety extra-low voltage means that the system is even safe for complete laymen. It leads to in-depth knowledge and eventually to the kind of practical skills that form an essential basis for further education and training. 4-mm plug-in system Lucas Nülle GmbH 2/31 4-mm plug-in system A tried and trusted plug-in system for fundamental education The EloTrain plug-in is a comprehensive set of components for performing experiments in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics and digital technology. The 4-mm plug-in components can be assembled in any way on an EloTrain plug-in board so that electronic circuits of any size can be set up, operated and tested. The plug-in modules include both passive and active electronic components with contacts formed by 4-mm laminated plugs. When inserted into the plug-in board, the plugs hold the components firmly in place, while simultaneously making electrical connections between the board s nodes. Leads and jumpers can then be used to form links to other nodes on the board as well as other components or measuring instruments. The 4mm plug-in components are available in three sizes with two, four or six terminals. For components requiring more terminals than this, additional sockets are provided on top of the module. The housings are comprised of three plastic parts clipped together. The white top part features a scratch-proof, high-contrast print of the component s circuit diagram or symbol along with a type name for the component. The transparent body is made of extremely tough see-through plastic allowing the inside of the component to be seen. The base plate is also made containing 4-mm laminated plugs and joined to the body via an easy-to-open ratchet clip for repair purposes. High-power elements are contained in open, light-metal housings for improved heat dissipation. The components designed for digital technology experiments are provided with power via 4 laminated plugs. Digital inputs and outputs are made available on the top of the modules and can be linked together by means of leads tipped with 2-mm plugs. Lucas Nülle GmbH 3/31 Individual EloTrain components (4mm plugs) Individual EloTrain components (4mm plugs) You can put together a set of components tailored specifically to your own needs or select individual components from our extensive range of modules. Extensive range of modules featuring both active and passive components Wide variety of plug-in boards for various needs Multi-function power supplies and measuring instruments Manuals conveying knowledge of electrical fundamentals as well as more complex experiments and everything in between Storage systems to keep components safe Lucas Nülle GmbH 4/31 Plug-in components Plug-in components The EloTrain plug-in system includes an extensive range of plug-in modules featuring both active and passive components. All components and jumpers are equipped with gold-plated contacts, preventing oxidation and ensuring that the contact resistance remains low for the entire life-time of the module. Rheostats Rheostats Lucas Nülle GmbH 5/31 List of articles: 1 Variable resistor, 1kilohm, housing PS4-1 PS4120-9D 1 2 Variable resistor, 5kilohm, housing PS4-1 PS4120-9F 1 3 Variable resistor, 10kilohm, housing PS4-1 PS4120-9G 1 4 Variable resistor, 47kilohm, housing PS4-1 PS4120-9J 1 5 Variable resistor, 100kilohm, housing PS4-1 PS4120-9K 1 6 Variable resistor, 500kilohm, housing PS4-1 PS4120-9M 1 Resistors Resistors Lucas Nülle GmbH 6/31 List of articles: 7 Resistor, 0.1ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-1A 1 8 Resistor, 0.22ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-1B 1 9 Resistor, 0.47ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-1C 1 10 Resistor, 1ohm, 2W,housing PS4-1 PS4121-1D 1 11 Resistor, 2ohm, 2W,housing PS4-1 PS4121-1S 1 12 Resistor, 2.7ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-1E 1 13 Resistor, 4.7ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-1F 1 14 Resistor, 8.2ohm, 2W, housing PS4-2 PS4121-1G 1 15 Resistor, 10ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-2A 1 16 Resistor, 12ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-2B 1 17 Resistor, 15ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-2C 1 18 Resistor, 18ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-2D 1 19 Resistor, 22ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-2E 1 20 Resistor, 27ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-2F 1 21 Resistor, 33ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-2G 1 Lucas Nülle GmbH 7/31 22 Resistor, 39ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-2H 1 23 Resistor, 47ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-2J 1 24 Resistor, 56ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-2K 1 25 Resistor, 68ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-2L 1 26 Resistor, 82ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-2M 1 27 Resistor, 100ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-2N 1 28 Resistor, 120ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-2P 1 29 Resistor, 150ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-2Q 1 30 Resistor, 180ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-2R 1 31 Resistor, 220ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-2S 1 32 Resistor, 270ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-2T 1 33 Resistor, 330ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-2U 1 34 Resistor, 390ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-2V 1 35 Resistor, 470ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-2W 1 36 Resistor, 560ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-2X 1 37 Resistor, 680ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-3A 1 Lucas Nülle GmbH 8/31 38 Resistor, 820ohm, 2W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-3B 1 39 Resistor, 1kilohm, 1W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-3C 1 40 Resistor, 1.2kilohm, 1W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-3D 1 41 Resistor, 1.5kilohm, 1W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-3E 1 42 Resistor, 1.8kilohm, 1W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-3F 1 43 Resistor, 2.2kilohm, 1W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-3G 1 44 Resistor, 2.7kilohm, 1W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-3H 1 45 Resistor, 3.3kilohm, 1W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-3J 1 46 Resistor, 3.9kilohm, 1W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-3K 1 47 Resistor, 4.7kilohm, 1W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-3L 1 48 Resistor, 5.6kilohm, 1W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-3M 1 49 Resistor, 6.8kilohm, 1W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-3N 1 50 Resistor, 8.2kilohm, 1W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-3P 1 51 Resistor, 10kilohm,0.5W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-3Q 1 52 Resistor, 12kilohm,0.5W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-3R 1 53 Resistor, 15kilohm,0.5W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-3S 1 Lucas Nülle GmbH 9/31 54 Resistor, 18kilohm,0.5W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-3T 1 55 Resistor, 22kilohm,0.5W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-3U 1 56 Resistor, 27kilohm,0.5W, housing PS4-1 PS4121-3V 1 High-power resistors High-power resistors List of articles: 79 Resistor, 8.2ohm, 10W, housing PSA4-2 PS4121-6T 1 80 Resistor, 22.ohm, 10W, housing PSA4-2 PS4121-6E 1 Lucas Nülle GmbH 10/31 Potentiometers Potentiometers List of articles: 81 Potentiometer, 100ohm, 0.5W lin., housing PS4-2 PS4121-8A 1 82 Potentiometer, 250ohm, 0.5W lin., housing PS4-2 PS4121-8B 1 83 Potentiometer, 470ohm, 0.5W lin., housing PS4-2 PS4121-8C 1 84 Potentiometer, 1kilohm, 0.5W lin., housing PS4-2 PS4121-8D 1 85 Potentiometer, 2.5kilohm, 0.5W lin., housing PS4-2 PS4121-8E 1 86 Potentiometer, 4.7kilohm, 0.5W lin., housing PS4-2 PS4121-8F 1 87 Potentiometer, 10kilohm, 0.5W lin., housing PS4-2 PS4121-8G 1 88 Potentiometer, 25kilohm, 0.5W lin., housing PS4-2 PS4121-8H 1 Lucas Nülle GmbH 11/31 89 Potentiometer, 47kilohm, 0.5W lin., housing PS4-2 PS4121-8J 1 90 Potentiometer, 100kilohm, 0.5W lin., housing PS4-2 PS4121-8K 1 91 Potentiometer, 250kilohm, 0.5W lin., housing PS4-2 PS4121-8L 1 92 Potentiometer, 470kilohm, 0.5W lin., housing PS4-2 PS4121-8M 1 93 Potentiometer, 1megohm, 0.5W lin., housing PS4-2 PS4121-8N 1 94 Potentiometer, 27ohm, 3W, housing PS4-2 PS4121-9A 1 95 Potentiometer, 470ohm, 3W, housing PS4-2 PS4121-9F 1 Non-linear resistors Non-linear resistors List of articles: Lucas Nülle GmbH 12/31 96 VDR resistor, 40E/12V/10mA, housing PS4-1 PS4122-9A 1 97 VDR resistor, 800E/8V/10mA, housing PS4-1 PS4122-9B 1 98 PTC resistor, 30E/40V/70mA, housing PS4-1 PS4122-9C 1 99 PTC resistor, 160E/30V/40mA, housing PS4-1 PS4122-9D NTC resistor, 150E/0.75W/K164, housing PS4-1 PS4122-9G NTC resistor, 1K/0.75W/K164, housing PS4-1 PS4122-9H LDR resistor, housing PS4-1 PS4123-5L 1 Capacitors Capacitors Lucas Nülle GmbH 13/31 List of articles: 103 Capacitor, 10pF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-1A Capacitor, 22pF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-2A Capacitor, 33pF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-1B Capacitor, 47pF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-1C Capacitor, 68pF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-1D Capacitor, 100pF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-1E Capacitor, 220pF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-1F Capacitor, 330pF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-1G Capacitor, 470pF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-1H Capacitor, 560pF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-1J Capacitor, 680pF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-1K Capacitor, 1nF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-1L Capacitor, 2.2nF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-1N Capacitor, 3.3nF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-1P Capacitor, 4.7nF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-1Q 1 Lucas Nülle GmbH 14/31 118 Capacitor, 6.8nF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-1R Capacitor, 10nF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-1S Capacitor, 22nF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-1T Capacitor, 33nF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-1U Capacitor, 47nF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-1V Capacitor, 68nF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-2B Capacitor, 0.1µF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-1W Capacitor, 0.22µF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-1X Capacitor, 0.47µF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-2C Capacitor, 1µF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-2E Capacitor, 2.2µF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-2F Capacitor, 4.7µF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-2H Capacitor, 10µF, housing PS4-1 PS4122-2K 1 Lucas Nülle GmbH 15/31 Electrolyte capacitors Electrolyte capacitors List of articles: 131 Capacitor, 1µF electrolytic, housing PS4-1 PS4122-4A Capacitor, 2.2µF electrolytic, housing PS4-1 PS4122-4B Capacitor, 4.7µF electrolytic, housingps4-1 PS4122-4C Capacitor, 10µF electrolytic, housing PS4-1 PS4122-4D Capacitor, 22µF electrolytic, housing PS4-1 PS4122-4E Capacitor, 47µF electrolytic, housing PS4-1 PS4122-4F Capacitor, 100µF electrolytic, housing PS4-1 PS4122-4G 1 Lucas Nülle GmbH 16/31 138 Capacitor, 220µF electrolytic, housing PS4-1 PS4122-4H Capacitor, 470µF electrolytic, housing PS4-1 PS4122-4J Capacitor, 1000µF electrolytic, housingps4-2 PS4122-4K Capacitor, 2200µF electrolytic, housing PS4-2 PS4122-4L Capacitor, 4700µF electrolytic, housingps 4-3 PS4122-4M 1 Coils, transformer Coils, transformer List of articles: 143 Coil, 0.1mH (ferrite core), housing PS4-1 PS4124-1A Coil, 0.33mH (ferrite core), housing PS4-1 PS4124-1B Coil, 1mH (ferrite core), housing PS4-1 PS4124-1C Coil, 3.3mH (ferrite core), housing PS4-1 PS4124-1D 1 Lucas Nülle GmbH 17/31 147 Coil, 10mH (ferritecore), housing PS4-1 PS4124-1E Coil, 33mH (ferritecore), housing PS4-1 PS4124-1F Coil, 100mH (ferrite core), housing PS4-1 PS4124-1G Transformer for push-pull amplifier, housing PS4-3 PS4124-2A Transformer, housing PS4-3 PS4124-2B Coil, N = 100, housing PS4-1 PS4124-2C Coil, N = 300, housing PS4-1 PS4124-2D Coil, N = 900, housing PS4-1 PS4124-2E Cut strip-wound core for transformer PS4124-2N 1 Diodes, Z-diodes Diodes, Z-diodes Lucas Nülle GmbH 18/31 List of articles: 156 Diode 1 N 4148, housing PS4-1 PS4122-7A Diode 1 N 4007, housing PS4-1 PS4122-7C Germanium diode AA 118, housing PS4-1 PS4122-7D Zener diode ZPD 3.3, housing PS4-1 PS4122-7X Zener diode ZPD 3.9, housing PS4-1 PS4122-7Y Zener diode ZPD 4.7, housing PS4-1 PS4122-8A Zener diode ZPD 6.2, housing PS4-1 PS4122-8B Zener diode ZPD 10,housing PS4-1 PS4122-8C Zener diode ZPD 12,housing PS4-1 PS4122-8E 1 Lucas Nülle GmbH 19/31 LEDs LEDs List of articles: 165 LED, red, housing PS4-1 PS4123-5B LED, orange, housing PS4-1 PS4123-5C LED, yellow, housing PS4-1 PS4123-5D LED, green, housingps4-1 PS4123-5E LED, infrared for use as waveguide transmitter, housingps4-1 PS4123-5H LED, green, 2-15V, housing PS4-1 PS4123-8J LED, red, 2-15V, housing PS4-1 PS4123-8K 1 Lucas Nülle GmbH 20/31 172 LED, yellow, 2-15V,housing PS4-1 PS4123-8L 1 Transistors Transistors List of articles: 173 Transistor, Si, NPN, AC151, base left, housing PS4-2 PS4123-1A Transistor, Si, NPN, BC547, base left, housing PS4-2 PS4123-1C Transistor, Si, NPN, BC547, base right,housing PS4-2 PS4123-1D Transistor, Si, PNP, BC558, base right,housing PS4-2 PS4123-1F Transistor, Si, PNP, BC558, base left, housing PS4-2 PS4123-1E Transistor, Si, NPN, BD237, base left, housing PS4-2 PS4123-1G Transistor, Si, NPN, BD237, base right,housing PS4-2 PS4123-1H 1 Lucas Nülle GmbH 21/31 180 Transistor, Si, PNP, BD238, base left, housing PS4-2 PS4123-1J Transistor, Si, PNP, BD238, base right,housing PS4-2 PS4123-1K Transistor, Si, NPN, BD135, base left, housing PSA4-2 PS4123-1U Transistor, Si, NPN, BD135, base right,housing PSA4-2 PS4123-1V Transistor, Si, PNP, BD136, base left, housing PSA4-2 PS4123-1W Transistor, Si, PNP, BD136, base right,housing PSA4-2 PS4123-1X Darlington transistor TIP 162, base left, housing PSA4-2 PS4123-2C Power MOSFET, N-Channel, 100V, 10A, housing PS4A-2 PS4123-2D Power MOSFET, P-Channel, 100V, 10A, housing PS4A-2 PS4123-2E Field-effect transistor 2 N 3819, housing PS2-2 PS4123-2F Field-effect transistor 2 N 3819, housing PS4-2 PS4123-2H Field-effect transistor 2 N 3819, housing PS4-2 PS4123-2H Field-effect transistor 2 N 3820, housing PS4-2 PS4123-2J Si dual gate BF 900, housing PS4-2 PS4123-2K 1 Lucas Nülle GmbH 22/31 Thyristors, Triacs Thyristors, Triacs List of articles: 194 Diac, 30V/300µA, housing PS4-1 PS4123-3B Unijunction transistor, 30V, housing PS4-2 PS4123-3E Thyristor, 200V/1A,housing PS4-2 PS4123-3F Triac, 200V/1A, housing PS4-2 PS4123-3G Thyristor, 800V/10A, housing PSA4-2 PS4123-3P 1 Lucas Nülle GmbH 23/31 Operational amplifiers Operational amplifiers List of articles: 199 Operational amplifier TL 071 C, housingps4-3 PS4123-2V 1 Lucas Nülle GmbH 24/31 Optoelectronics Optoelectronics List of articles: 200 LED, infrared for use as waveguide transmitter, housingps4-1 PS4123-5H LDR resistor, housing PS4-1 PS4123-5L Si photoelement, housing PS4-1 PS4123-5P Si photodiode, housing PS4-1 PS4123-5S Si phototransistor,housing PS4-1 PS4123-5T Optocoupler, housing PS4-2 PS4123-6G Waveguide, housing PS4-1 PS4123-6J Variable light source, housing PS4-3 PS4123-6M 1 Lucas Nülle GmbH 25/31 Quartz Quartz List of articles: 208 Quartz crystal, 1MHz, housing PS4-1 PS4122-9U 1 Lucas Nülle GmbH 26/31 Digital technology Digital technology List of articles: 209 Driver/NOT gate, housing PS4-3 PS4125-2N IC adapter, 16 pins, housing PS4-3 PS4125-2Y bit input, housing PS4-3 PS4125-3A AND/NAND gates, 4 inputs, 2-fold, housing PS4-3 PS4125-3C OR/NOR gates, 4 inputs, 2-fold, housing PS4-3 PS4125-3D AND/NAND gate, 2 inputs,4-fold, housing PS4-3 PS4125-3E OR/NOR gate, 2 inputs, 4-fold, housing PS4-3 PS4125-3H 1 Lucas Nülle GmbH 27/31 216 XOR/XNOR gate, 2 inputs, 4-fold, housing PS4-3 PS4125-3J JK master-slave flip-flop, 2-fold, housing PS4-3 PS4125-3M JK flip-flop, 2-fold, housing PS4-3 PS4125-3N Counter, 4-bit, housing PS4-3 PS4125-3P AND/OR/NOT gates, housing PS4-3 PS4125-3Q Multiplexer, 1 of 4, housing PS4-3 PS4125-3T Shift register, 4-bit, 2-fold, housing PS4-3 PS4125-3U Latch, 4-bit, housing PS4-3 PS4125-3V Adder, 4-bit, housing PS4-3 PS4125-3W Buffer, 4-bit, tri-state, housing PS4-3 PS4125-3Y Display, 7-segment,housing PS4-3 PS4125-4A Monoflop, 2-fold, housing PS4-3 PS4125-4B Clock generator, housing PS4-3 PS4125-4G Multiplexer, 1 of 8, housing PS4-3 PS4125-5A Demultiplexer, 8 of 1, housing PS4-3 PS4125-5B A/D converter with 8-bit resolution, housing PS4-3 PS4125-5C 1 Lucas Nülle GmbH 28/31 232 D/A converter with 8-bit resolution, housing PS4-3 PS4125-5D 1 Electro-mechanical components, lamps Electro-mechanical components, lamps List of articles: 233 Off switch/single-pole, housing PS4-1 PS4123-7A On-off push-button/single-pole, housingps4-1 PS4123-7B Changeover switch/2-pole, housing PS4-3 PS4123-7F Changeover switch/single-pole, housing PS4-2 PS4123-7G DLR relay, exciter 15V, housing PS4-2 PS4123-7P Relay, exciter 8-21V, housing PS4-3 PS4123-7T 1 Lucas Nülle GmbH 29/31 239 Lamp, green, 6.3V, housing PS4-1 PS4123-8B Lamp, red, 6.3V / 100mA, housing PS4-1 PS4123-8C Lamp socket, E10, housing PS4-1 PS4123-8P Filament lamp, 6V/180mA, E10 SO5123-8Q Filament lamp, 15V/100mA, E10 SO5123-8R Filament lamp, 24V/80mA, E10 SO5123-8S Speaker, 32ohm, 0.4W, housing PS4-3 PS4124-2M Moving coil galvanometer, 1mA, housing PS4-3 PS4124-2U 1 Empty housings Empty housings List of articles: 247 Set of empty PS4-1 housings PS4124-6A Set of empty PS4-2 housings PS4124-6B Set of empty PS4-3 housings PS4124-6C Set of empty PSA4-2 housings PS4124-6D Set of empty PSA4-3 housings PS4124-6E 1 Lucas Nülle GmbH 30/31 Lucas Nülle GmbH 31/31
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