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SUSTAINABILITY MANAGEMENT PLAN Updated August 2015 Mövenpick Hotel & Resort Al-Bida a Kuwait As part of Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts, our values have always been to conduct business in a responsible and

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SUSTAINABILITY MANAGEMENT PLAN Updated August 2015 Mövenpick Hotel & Resort Al-Bida a Kuwait As part of Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts, our values have always been to conduct business in a responsible and caring way. For us, sustainability is about carrying out its business in line with our company values of Quality, Reliability and Care in a responsible, resourceful and sustainable way. Therefore, Mövenpick Hotel & Resort Al Bida a is committed to environmental, social and employer sustainability. Our Hotel strives to lead the way with sustainable Environmental Initiatives that will have a long-lasting impact to the community. We consider the key operational aspects of environmental, social and employer sustainability and compliance for the hospitality industry. Environmental Sustainability Our Hotel operations are focused on energy saving, waste management, water conservation, store operations, real estate development, supply chain issues and opportunities for improving corporate social responsibility. At Mövenpick Hotel & Resort Al Bida a - Kuwait, we desire to be a part of the ecological solution and we want to be proactive leader within our industry to ensure that we are making good choices with positive impact for future generations. We support our staff enthusiasm, as well as our customers wishes to accelerate all environmental efforts. Our priority is to equate Mövenpick Hotel & Resort Al Bida a to a constant reminder of our connection to the natural world. Employer Sustainability At, we aim to achieve excellence in Human Resources and Leadership practices. We embrace diversity and celebrate it whenever possible. We are committed to creating a culture among our employees that consistently improves employees engagement, development, well being, health, safety and security. We support our employees development in every possible way and we encourage their talents and initiatives in every possible way. Social Sustainability Care, one of our values we support selected non profit organizations; we promote and engage in local groups and activities whenever possible. TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Analysis II. Sustainability Criteria - Environmental - Social - Employer III. Policy IV. Strategy & Tools V. Effective Sustainable Management VI. Minimizing Socio-Cultural Harm VII. Minimizing Environmental Harm VIII. Procedures - At the Hotel level - At the level of the Employees IX. Environmental Plans & Actions - Energy Management - Administration - Rooms - Food & Beverage - Sustainability Team ANALISYS Tourism is one of the world's largest industries. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the business volume that tourism is generating today equals or even surpasses that of oil exports, food products or automobiles. As disposable income continues to increase, the overall number of tourists is forecasted to grow by 4% per year between now and In addition to this capacity and growth, the tourism industry faces greater challenges than ever before. Potential impacts include harm to the environment, society, and local economies of tourist destinations around the world. Awareness and action about these concerns are on the rise within the tourism industry. The Sustainable Tourism Criteria are to help the tourism industry define its stance on sustainable tourism and take a lead in addressing customer concerns about sustainable tourism practices. Through this initiative, businesses that are taking steps to sustainability will be recognized for their efforts. Those that are interested in sustainability can use the criteria and the resources provided on how to implement these sustainable practices. Sustainable tourism is of growing interest to travelers and it is increasingly becoming a distinguishing factor that travelers use when researching and booking travel. International organizations and businesses continue to lead the movement to support the industry and government in the adoption and implementation of sustainable tourism principles and best management practices. The following definition provided by J. Swarbrooke (1999), is one that accentuates the needs of the industry and the sustainable use of its resources: Sustainable tourism is tourism that is economically viable, but does not destroy the resources on which the future of tourism will depend, notably the physical environment, and the social fabric of the host community. Green Globe Partnership Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts is to become one of the largest hotel groups to commit to Green Globe Certification for all properties worldwide. With the new partnership we underpin our ambition to set an example for the industry. The strategy is part of a company-wide programme to establish a common and global approach to environmental, employer and social sustainability. Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts is aiming to set a new benchmark for sustainability by committing to a certification partnership with the internationally acclaimed Green Globe. Accordingly here in, our aim is to maintain our compliance with the Green Globe indicators. About Green Globe The origin of the Green Globe organization can be traced back to the United Nations Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992, where 182 heads of state from around the world endorsed the Agenda 21 principles of sustainable development. Two years later, the Green Globe membership was established. The Green Globe brand represents the best in sustainable practice within the travel and tourism sector and provides certification, training and marketing services in 83 countries. For information visit 2. Sustainability Criteria A. Environmental the activity minimizes any damage to the environment, i.e. plants, animals, water, soil, energy use, contamination, etc. and provides benefit to the environment through protection and conservation and running a business in a way that does not destroy the resources natural, cultural or economic on which it depends. B. Social the activity does not harm and may revitalize, the social structure or culture of the community where it is located. C. Employer At, we hire talents with unique personalities and a sense of character. People with a passion for hospitality. We promote and actively embrace diversity, culture, generations, backgrounds and thought. Our growth offers many career opportunities to talent who live our company s values and core behaviors. We support our employees development and care for their wellbeing throughout their employment period. 3. Policy It is the policy of the Mövenpick Hotel & Resort Al- Bida a Kuwait is to be an industry leader also as far as the protection of the environment is concerned. We are acting with responsibility for the benefit, confidence and safety of our guests, hotel staff, the neighboring community and the protection of nature and environment. Our General Environmental Objectives Are: To satisfy all necessary guest demands regarding comfort, safety, health, hygiene and an intact environment. To comply with all local and national environmental legislation and regulations and continuously improve the environmental management of the hotel as well as to prevent ecological pollution caused directly or indirectly by the hotel or its stakeholders. To set objectives and targets according to the identified environmental impacts and to implement and maintain an environmental management system meeting the international standards. To constantly monitor our environmental impact and advance the efforts and methods for improvements and quality assurance management. To save fresh water by an efficient management, strict controls of consumption and examinations of the wastewater treatment. To improve the energy efficiency, conservation and management by regular controls, staff training and implementing modern and regenerative or other best available technologies wherever reasonably possible and feasible. To reduce, reuse and recycle waste and avoid any hazardous substances to minimize harming the environment. To reinforce our employees ecological and social sensitivity and ensure environmental sound and safe working conditions with motivation, information and training. To take into account ecological and social aspects in our relationship to investors, suppliers and subcontractors and strive for the most environmentally sound solutions. To co-operate with organizations of environmental protection, influence authorities and support special projects in the local region to keep the economic, social, environmental and cultural situation intact or improve existing conditions. It is the policy of Hotel to operate in an environment-friendly manner, protecting resources, the environment and the cultural heritage in which they are located. To continue our waste management and enhance it by setting goals to reduce waste from the hotel and look into other ways of reducing waste like re-use whenever possible and half-portion options. Our aim is to: Reduce consumption of resources and meet our responsibilities in the field of public health and human safety. Accept social responsibility and show solidarity wherever necessary in performing their activities, our business units must be careful to spare and protect natural resources. We support environmental measures that are pioneering for the catering business and take into account reasonable interests of the economy as a whole. We encourage our staff to undergo training and awareness-raising in order to protect the environment. We will keep our guests, customers and employees informed about our environmental protection initiatives whenever they are worth reporting. 4. Strategy & Tools A. Effective Sustainable Management The hotel has implemented a sustainability management system that is suitable to its reality and scale and that considers environmental, socio-cultural, quality, and safety issues. The hotel is in compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations (including, among others, Health, Safety, Labour and Environmental aspects). All personnel receive training in Environmental and Socio-cultural management issues. Customer satisfaction is measured and corrective action taken where necessary. Promotional materials are truthful and do not promise more than can be reasonably expected by customers. Design and construction of buildings and infrastructure complies with local zoning and protected or heritage area requirements, respects the natural or cultural heritage surroundings in design and impact, uses locally appropriate principles of sustainable construction, provides access to the handicapped. B. Maximizing Economic Benefit to the Community The hotel contributes to community development and infrastructure. Locals are employed, including in management positions. Local services and goods are purchased by the business. The hotel helps local small entrepreneurs develop and sell product that builds on the areas of nature, history, and culture (including food and drink, crafts, performing arts, agricultural products, etc.) C. Minimizing Socio-Cultural Harm There is an appropriate code of behavior with respect to activities in indigenous and local communities, as well as in culturally sensitive sites, established by mutual consent or following established guidelines. Cultural interpretation or education is provided to customers. Policies are implemented against commercial sexual exploitation, particularly of children and adolescents. The hotel is equitable in hiring women and local minorities, including in management positions. All employees are under contract and are paid a fair wage. Historical and archeological artifacts are not sold, traded or displayed, except as permitted by law. The business contributes to the protection of local historical, archeological and cultural properties and permits access to them by local residents. D. Minimizing Environmental Harm Conserving resources Purchasing policy favors environmentally friendly products for building materials, capital goods, food, and consumables. Non-renewable energy consumption is measured and procedures are implemented to reduce it. Potable water consumption is measured and procedures are implemented to reduce it. Reducing contamination Green House gas emissions from all sources are measured and procedures are implemented to reduce or compensate them. Wastewater including gray water is treated effectively. A solid waste management plan is implemented with quantitative goals to minimize waste that is not reused or recycled. The use of hazardous substances including pesticides, paints, swimming pool disinfectants and cleaning materials is minimized or substituted by safe products. The business implements policies to reduce noise, light pollution, runoff, ozone depletion, air pollution and soil contamination. The business uses native plant species/varieties for landscaping and green areas. Any disturbance or damage harmful for wildlife animals or plants by tourism activities is avoided. A contingency plan is in place. Environmental interpretation or education is provided to staff and customers. 5. Procedures This procedure establishes the guidelines by which the program for the protection of the environment in which we operate shall be carried through two levels. a) At the Hotel level b) At the level of the Employees A. At the Hotel level Generally, the environment situation should be approached by first having a policy (for instance Purchasing), responsibilities assigned and a minimum of hardware applications in place, which then can be related to and only then approaching soft criteria such as informing guests and the public. The following are examples and suggestions; the Mövenpick Hotel & Resort Al Bida a must take an approach viable and sustainable in the given location. Form an employee Sustainability Committee Use only environmentally sound guest supplies and amenities. Consider purchasing only from certified suppliers if the process is comparable /acceptable. Set development cooperation with green & environment friendly local farms and inform guests about it. Use wherever possible only organically grown vegetables and fruits in the hotel kitchen and support suppliers/farmers who organically grow vegetables and fruit. Use recycled papers, tissues, toilet papers and printed materials, wherever available at competitive prices. Consider at each opportunity for retrofit, environment-sound, energy saving devices subject to appropriate ROI. A special accent on using renewable energy whenever applicable and available. Enlist guest support for environment-sound activities by PR actions. Participate in community projects and drive environmental awareness through sharing the knowledge and experience as well as voluntarily awareness campaigns for different sectors of community like schools, colleges. C. At the Employee level Establish Green Duties for employees. Encourage employees to influence the community decisions towards an environmentsound approach. Plant trees. Support community programs to raise money for commercial green efforts. Spread the information about the necessity for separated garbage collection. Support the community in efforts to restore/preserve historical sites. Encourage employees to adopt an environment-friendly approach also in their households. 7. Plans & Actions A. Ensure Environmentally Responsible Management Environmental protection is the responsibility of management. If business management is environmentally aware, it motivates hotel employees and their associated business partners, customers and suppliers to think and act in a more environmentally responsible manner. This process requires the time, conviction and commitment of managers and leaders at all levels of the hotel management. Actions Informing employees about all the measures we implement and all aspects of environmental protection. Providing employees with further training in environmental matters, encourages them to identify more strongly with and be more sensitive towards environmental protection goals. Our customers are our conscience it is important that we include our customers and guests in our environmental protection measures, involving them if need be in the development of the environmental concept within our business, as well as examining and implementing their ideas and suggestions. C. We want to achieve measurable results Environmentally aware business management is not just a question of fashion and cheap but rather a prerequisite for future business growth. Over the next few years we want to achieve tangible successes in the following areas: Actions Energy savings & using renewable energy through our Optimizers and partnership with Avireal ME. Avoiding excess waste and using recycled products through our partnership with Metal Recycling Company (MRC Kuwait) to recycle our waste effectively and efficiently. D. We want to provide reliable information By providing concise and reliable information to our guests, suppliers and the general public, we intend to report on our environmental initiatives when these are worth mentioning because they are over and above the usual expected measures. Actions Regular updates for our website and internal and external collaterals. Regular updates for local newspapers and magazines. Major Projects Completed and Maintained A) Waste Separation All hotel wastes are separated as follows: - Aluminum, metals and cans - Plastics, candles, corks, crown corks, etc. - Glasses, broken chinas and drinking glasses - Papers and cardboards - Food, fat/oil and organic wastes All recyclable and reusable waste is delivered to MRC Kuwait (Kuwait Metal Company) to ensure it is recycled and reused in a responsible manner that does not harm the environment. Participate in MRC project for Food-waste composting B) Energy An external energy consultant has been hired (Avireal ME). All the technical equipment maintained regularly & inspections are documented through our Dynawin System. The energy consumption calculated in relation to turnover, number of guests through the online optimizer. The energy consumption is recorded and documented every day through Engineering Department. A precise monitoring system has been installed. An automatic switched on/off air conditioning system. Low-energy lamps and LED bulbs are fitted in all suitable places according to a replacement plan by Engineering Department.. Corridors lit by a day/night lighting system. An induction plate/oven in use. Gas plates/ovens are fitted with saucepan sensors. Steamers have an economy setting. The heat air curtains on doorways switch on/off as required. Card-operated door locks fitted which low consumption batteries. A Solar Energy Panels project to be considered for 2015 to benefit & use a renewable solar energy. C) Water Conservation Water consumption recorded daily through our Engineering Department. A low consumption WC flushing is installed - WC cisterns are adjusted for maximum efficiency. Dishwashers connected to the hot water supply. All water taps fitted with flow regulators. Some hand washbasins fitted with an automatic cut-off. Bathrooms fitted with low-consumption shower heads. D) Housekeeping, Stewarding & Laundry Johnson Diversey Company supplies our hotel with ECO cleaning materials and our hotel is their first client in Kuwait. Employees are trained by Johnson Diversey Company to optimize usage of materials and chemicals (as much as necessary, as little as possible). A hygiene concept set in the entire Hotel. All the cleaning chemicals in use have environmental certificate . All the chemicals are kept locked in a separate room. All product descriptions available for all the cleaning materials used (MSDS). A list of specifications for the Chemicals used available (MSDS). E) Hotel Rooms All hotel rooms fitted with heating thermostats & regulators. Rooms available for non-smokers and plan are set to prepare at least 2 rooms for allergy sufferers. The main switch turns off the
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