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1 Name of the Rallye: 16th Mikulás Rallye Date of the Rally: december 2012 Organiser: Co-Organiser: LAROCO MSC H Veszprém, Gábor Á u. 2/C Tel/fax : 88/ ; Marco

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1 Name of the Rallye: 16th Mikulás Rallye Date of the Rally: december 2012 Organiser: Co-Organiser: LAROCO MSC H Veszprém, Gábor Á u. 2/C Tel/fax : 88/ ; Marco Racing Team Kft H-7300 Komló Po Box: 76 Officials of the Rally: Steward: Mr.László Szántó Clerk of the Course: Mr.Levente Kovács Results Officer: Mr.József Hauser Safety Officer: Mr.János Kirsching Chief Timekeeper: Mr.Péter Majosházi Programme: Issuing the Supplementary regulations: Monday 05th November 2012 Closing date for entries: Friday 26th November 2012 Saturday 08 th December: 1., Rally HQ opening/closing: 07:00 20:00 Veszprém Aréna Sport Center 8200 Veszprém Külső-kádártai út Hrsz:0213/85 Tel: / Fax: +36 1/ GPS: N47 06,20; E17 55,58 2., Reconnaissance: 08:00 16:00 ONLY WITH ROAD BOOK!!!! Issuing the Road Book: at Rally HQ from 08:00 3., Administrative checks: at Rally HQ 12:00 14:00 Group L 12:00 14:00 4., Scrutineering: Nemzeti Közlekedési Hatóság Műszaki Vizsga Állomása 8200 Veszprém Kistó utca 1. Group L 12:30 14:30 5., Publication of the Startlist: 19:00 Rally HQ 6., Start Parc Fermé: Organiser won t make a start Parc Fermé. The Crews must arrive to TC 1 at their individual start time. Sunday 09 th december 2012: Rally HQ opening/closing: 07:00 19:30 Veszprém Aréna Sport Center 8200 Veszprém Külső-kádártai út Hrsz:0213/85 Tel: / Fax: +36 1/ GPS: N47 06,20; E17 55,58 2 Start of the Rally: (1st car) 09:00 Finish of the Rally: (1st car) 15:00 Publication of Provisional Final Classification: 20:00 Rally HQ Deadline for protests: 20:30 Prize giving: 21:00 Hall of the Rally HQ Introduction: Mikulás Rally will be run in compliance with the Sporting Regulations issued by the MNASZ for national championship 2012 which comply with the FIA regulations and these Supplementary regulations. Modifications, amendments and/or changes to these Supplementary Regulations will be announced only by numbered and dated Bulletins. Rally event by national invitation for MNASZ and International licenc holder competitors (except rallye2) with a total lenght of 68 km special stages, witch consists of a 19 km long SS (2 times) a 15 km long SS (2 times). Surface of SS s: 31% tarmac, 69% gravel The Road Book includes the exact itinerary. General regulations: The racing car must comply to the regulations of KRESZ, and the regulations issued by the MNASZ. Entries and Insurance: The Crew must have valid driving licence. The entry form and the enrty fee must be sent to: Entries: MARCO RACING TEAM KFT H-7300 Komló Po Box: 76 by (obligatory) Or must be transfered to: MARCO RACING TEAM KFT OTP BANK ZRT The verification of the entry fee payment must be attached to the entry form! Entry fee with organiser s optional advertisement: ,- HUF + VAT (69.850,- HUF) Entry fee without organiser s optional advertisement: ,- HUF + VAT ( ,- HUF) Insurance fee, wich includes personal extrem sporting insurance too: ,-HUF Refunds: The 50% of the entry fee will be refunded, if the cacellation of the entry is being sent to the Organiser at least 5th december :00 with a well-founded reason. 3 Insurance: Only cars which are in compliance with Hungarian law can take part on rally, with active insurance covers civil liability (foreign competitors with active green card) and additional insurance for civil liability will conclude the organiser. This insurance will come into force from the start of the rally and will cease at the end of the rally or at the moment of the retirement or exclusion. Insurance company will not stand the loss arised during the rally on rally car or property inside the car, for loss of the other competitors, co-drivers or passangers in rally cars on the closed routes or roads closed for traffic or loss on the road surface without crash of the car. - Service cars are not official participants of the rally although they have service plate. The event insurance is not valid for them. - Organiser informs by this way, that he is not responsible for any claims which occur to the participants of the rallye. Everybody is responsible for itself, but the organiser concludes extrem sporting insurance for them. Advertising and Identification: Organiser will affix a 25 cm high, orange coloured competing number into the racing car s rear side windows. Competitors must reserve space for it above the Crew s names. The organiser may require competitors to carry 6 optional advertising except the advertising which is placed above and beside of the competing numbers. The layout of the advertising plates can t be major than a 20x35 cm rectangle. Placement and name of these advertisings will be published at the beginning of the administrative checks in the Rally HQ. Groups and classes of cars accepted: - L Competitors with racing licence issued between for Rally, off-road etc. - L8 up to 1300 ccm - L9 up to 1600 ccm - L10 over 1600 ccm 2WD - L11 over 1600 ccm 4WD - SZ Competitors using studded tyres - SZ11 up to 1600 ccm SZ12 over 1600 ccm Tyres: The use of racing tyres allowed during the Rally. During reconnaissance, the use of racing tyres is forbidden! The use of retreaded tyres forbidden! The use of originally studded tyres - or additional studded winter tyres - is permitted on special stages for all competitors. In this case, the competitors will be transfered to an other group by the Organiser after the scrutineering. Results of Crews useing studded tyres will not count to the overall classification.(entries must be made in the original class) Competitors, using studded tyres during the Rally must foredobe it s aim at the administrative checks. Tyres, fixed into the car will be controlled at the start TC of each special stage. 4 Administrative checks and Scrutineering: Documents to be presented during administrative checks: - competitor licence - competition licences of the driver and co-driver - driving licences - start approval from ASN - completion of all details on the entry form - racing car s insurance cover certificate - racing car s third party insurance cover (green card) - racing car s registration certificate - racing car s technical passport Must be shown during Scrutinnering: - 2 pieces of helmets marked with E or, - FIA homolgated helmets or helmets with retired FIA homologation - 1 piece of fixed fire extinguisher with a minimum weight of 2 kgs - racing clothes (minimum closed overall) At the scrutineering the racing car must be clean and well serviced! Rating: - Early arrival to a TC + 20 sec/min - Late arrival to a TC + 10 sec/min - Maximum permitted lateness between two TC: 15 min. - Maximum permitted lateness during the Rally: 30 min. Official time during the Rally: Kossuth channel of the Hungarian Radio (AM 540). Servicing, service parks: During the Rally, service of a competing car may be carried out only in service parks. Location of the Service park will be given in the Road book.. Service park is indicated in the rally itinerary with a time control at the entrance and exit Except the rally car and cars of the rally officials, only 1 service car marked with Service plate has permitted entry into the service park. It is compulsory to put the sheet with dimensions 5 x 3 m, which is impermeable for petrol and oils under the rally car during the repairs. The team s trash must be collected and transported by the service personells. Competitors responsibility: All team members are compulsory to respect rally prescriptions and marshals directions. Competitor is responsible for all team members during the whole rally. Protest: Protest can t be given agains timing! The written protest must be given to the Clerk of the Course. Protest fee: HUF. Reconnaissance: Passage through the SS is permitted only in the direction described in the Road book. SS routes during the recce are not closed for traffic and it is important to keep in mind, that roads will be used also by other participants. Every infringement of the recce rules will be penalised: organiser will refuse the start. Recce with racing car is allowed, but the use of gravel racing tyres is forbidden, and penalized with exclusion. The maximum speed on all SS is 50 kms/hour! (except, where other speed limit is shown by signpost) 5 Prizes: - Class classification: Crews on 1st - 3rd place (cup) - Overall Classification: Crews on the 1st - 5th place (cup) - LADA Cup: For Crews starting with Lada racing cars a LADA Cup will be organised in class L/9 (together with amateur class H/6) and in class L/10 (together with amateur class H/7). The prizes will be given in classes (L9-H10 and L10-H7) as below mentioned: - L9(H6) 1st place cup Euros money prize 2nd place cup Euros money prize 3rd place cup Euros money prize 4th place cup Euros money prize 5th place cup Euros money prize - L10(H7) 1st place cup Euros money prize 2nd place cup Euros money prize 3rd place cup Euros money prize 4th place cup Euros money prize 5th place cup Euros money prize Procedure in the case of the accident If a crew is involved in an accident in which a member of the public sustains physical injury, the driver or co-driver concerned must report this to the next radio point as specified in the road book and signed on the route. If the accident happened on the place with spectators, the driver is compulsory immediately stop and be sure if anybody was not injured or if anybody get into the risk. If yes, the drivers is compulsory to help. In the case, that any person obtain injury, the SS Chief must be informed and take care about foot marks. The crew may leave the place of the accident only with Police approval. Any infridgement of this regulations will be penalised by the Stewards, penalty may go as far as exlusion. Any infridgement of this regulations will be penalised by The Stewards, penalty may go as far as exlusion. The laws of the country in which the event is run must also be complied with in relation to procedures at accidents Other procedures: Description of circuitic SS: As the part of the rally, a circuitic SS will be held on Sunday 09 december The SS is the part of the rally, and its result will count for the rally classification. Circuit SS will be run accordance prescriptions for SS on the route prescribed in Road book. Start of the SS will be according marshals instructions by the publicated final start list. Start will be performed according timekeepers instructions with lights device. Moment of the start is given by switch off the red light. Timekeepers on the Start will not record time in the time card. Start and finish time will be recorded in the time card in the Stop control. Judges of the fact will monitor numbers of realised laps on the place marked in the Road book. Crew which will not finish prescribed number of laps will be allocated by the worst time in the concerned class + 5 mins of time penalty. The drawing of the SS will be given in the road book. 5th november 2012 Veszprém We wish to all participants a very successful and safety competing: The organising Committee of Mikulás Rally 6
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