SUMMER 2014 WINTER 2014/2015 A GUIDE TO EVENTS, ACTIVITIES SHOPPING, ATTRACTIONS, CAFÉS RESTAURANTS & ACCOMMODATION Welcome to Östersund Östersund is a true Winter City and one of the main winter sport

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SUMMER 2014 WINTER 2014/2015 A GUIDE TO EVENTS, ACTIVITIES SHOPPING, ATTRACTIONS, CAFÉS RESTAURANTS & ACCOMMODATION Welcome to Östersund Östersund is a true Winter City and one of the main winter sport towns in Sweden. Many of our country s leading winter sport athletes live here and each year we host many national and international sport events, but did you know that the Winter City also is a great Summer city? Here you can enjoy a wide variety of activities and experiences all year round. Imagine kayaking on a bright summer night or skating under the winter sun. We guarantee experiences that combine exciting adventures with moments of peace and calm. We in Östersund are very keen on outdoor life, but we also like good food! The city is appointed Creative City of Gastronomy by UNESCO and we are very proud of our food culture. Try local, award winning products, meet the small scale producers and bring home some tasteful memories. When it comes to shopping and entertainment we offer the opportunities of a large city, while we still have the convenience and charm of a small town. We who live here are known for our hospitality and we promise to do our best to give you an active and memorable holiday. Visit the Tourist Information Office We offer advice on things to see and do in Östersund and the region Jämtland. We make suggestions based on your likes and help you plan your route. Here you buy your tickets for events such as Storsjöyran Music Festival, Biathlon World Cup etc. In our souvenir shop you find traditional souvenirs alongside lots of Storsjö Monster products and a selection of local specialities. You also find books and maps here. We book your choice of accommodation and we have many attractive packages available combining accommodation and activities. We make all the arrangements for groups, including school trips, guided tours and technical visits. Keep updated! Use for online bookings and up-to-date information The site will help you: Book activities, tickets and accommodation Make use of proposed activities and package offers Order maps, guides and other material Subscribe to our newsletter to get tips, package offers and other news Activities Östersund is full of exciting and thrilling activities. All year round lake Storsjön is an arena for sports and fun, teeming with life. In the winter time there are vast networks of tracks for skating, skiing and other winter fun. In the summer time the harbor hosts kayak safaris, steamboat trips and wakeboarding. 2 Anna Wersén Managing Director Visit Östersund OPENING HOURS: Monday Friday , Extended opening hours during summer season and winter peak season. June August daily. Common to both seasons this is the place to visit, whether with an ice cream in your hand on a sunny day or with a cup of hot chocolate relaxing in a sun chair on a lovely winter day. But there is more to experience, indoors and outdoors and some of it will, no doubt, become memories for life. Produktion: Syre Foto: BIldbank Visit Östersund, Bildbank JHT/Sandra Lee Pettersson, Denny Calvo, Tomas Ärlemo, Stefan Kauppi, Peder Maijet, Tina Stafrén, Klas Fritzon, Marie Birkl, Sverker Berggren/Östersunds Kommun, Roger Strandberg/Östersunds Kommun, Göran Strand, Tommy Andersson, Jamtli, Jämtlands läns museum, The Jam, Geohuset, Teknikland, Multi Challenge, Pressbilder Storsjöyran Tryck: Berndtssons Tryckeri. 3 SUMMER ACTIVITIES Surfbukten Cable Park In the middle of the city, Surfbukten, gives an opportunity to try out wake-boarding without boat. A Cable Park is a sort of snowboard- or skateboard park but for water sports. The cable, that runs the system, is powered entirely electrical without noise and emissions. The system pulls you around and you decide yourself what obstacles and rails to aim for. As a beginner you ll get the hang of it in just a few minutes. Adventures in the city During the summer, Östersund is a real multi-sport city when it comes to outdoor activities. So who knows where to go better than an adventure racer? Scott Cole gives you tips for the best cycling, running and paddling around the city. Terrain running Östberget on Frösön has a lit exercise trail that is 2.5 km long. It has a fantastic viewpoint across the city. There are a number of good paths alongside the lit trail, so you can just head off the hill is small enough for you not to get lost. Just follow your nose, says Scott. There are two good trails that start at Östersund Ski Stadium. One has blue-white signs and is 4.5km, the other has red signs and is 10km. They are both hilly and technical. The 22 km cross-country trail is also pleasant to run along. Paddling Frösön runt is a wonderful paddling trip of about 25 km, depending on whether you paddle around Bynäset or portage the kayak across the short area of land. The best direction is clockwise, so you can use the current that flows northward below Rödö bridge, says Scott. Bynäset runt is about 6 km long. It s a short and pleasant family outing that has amazing views of the mountains. However, parts of Bynäset are closed to the general public, so it s not possible to land everywhere. Mountain biking Up at Östersund Ski Stadium there s a 13 km long marked mountain bike trail. It is a speedy, but quite hilly, circuit. If you want to do some biking that is almost like that of the downhill discipline, there are fine bike trails on Östberget, Frösön. That s the mountain with the two ski slopes. The lifts don t run during the summer, but there s a good asphalt road to the top if you don t want to cycle on the paths. Road biking A beautiful trip with views of the lake and the mountains goes via Östersund - Orrviken - Hackås - Brunflo - Marieby Östersund. It is around 80 km and not particularly hilly. Storsjön Runt is a great circuit that covers 200km. If you want to shorten it, take the ferry to Isön and via Norderön. Once back on land again, just choose which way around the lake you d like to go, it s about the same distance either way. Storsjöodjuret Monster SUMMER ACTIVITIES The possible existence of a lake monster has fascinated people for hundreds of years. Each summer there are reports of sightings and the descriptions tell that it looks like a large snake with humps and a small head. In 1894 a company was formed with the sole purpose of catching the monster. Special trapping tackle was made and a Norwegian whaler was hired. In spite of all these efforts the monster was never caught. The trappings can now be seen at the county museum Jamtli. Today, the son of the Monster, Birger, is a popular mascot and you are likely to bump into him during your stay when walking through the city centre in the summertime Summer yoga Take the chance to do some yoga this summer! For the fifth year in a row, Yogaskolan is offering al fresco yoga classes. There will be positions, breathing exercises and relaxation, depending on what the weather allows. No previous knowledge is necessary, everyone is welcome and the classes are suitable for everyone from novices to experts. There will be several instructors at the classes, so those who need help adapting the exercises will be catered for. Please bring a yoga mat/sleeping mat and a blanket. If you find sitting on the ground uncomfortable, you may bring a chair. Classes are free and no registration is necessary, just turn up! Bring your golf clubs Fishing Östersund is known for all its great places to go fishing. Fishing is free along the shores of Lake Storsjön, when using handlines. Trout, char and grayling are found in these waters. If you enjoy fly fishing in rivers, we recommend Hårkan and Långan just north of the city. Fishing licenses are available from plenty of places. Hiking Östersund has several walking tracks in the surroundings. Andersön Island is a popular place for excursions with bathing areas, paths and sign-posted trails. For visitors interested in plants and birds, our nature reserves are veritable treasure troves. Several golf courses are within easy reach of the city. We are happy to beat the drum for Östersund - Frösö golf course, as the views are amazing Jämtland at its most beautiful. You ll understand why when you tee off the first hole, with the mountains of Oviksfjällen in the distance. There s nothing wrong with the quality either, as it s been titled Sweden s best opening hole. From the range, the summit of Åreskutan a winter favourite can be seen. Frösön also has an adventure course for kids and a 9-hole pay & play. Storsjöbygden s golf course is 20 km to the southwest, with an 18-hole course is scenic, gently hilly and forested terrain. It also has a short hole course for those without a green card. West, towards Krokom, you ll find Sandnästet s golf course with 13 holes. If you have time to spare, then Norderön is a must! Take the free ferry out to Lake Storsjön s islands. There is an 18-hole pay & play and plenty of activities such as boules, frisbee golf and bicycles and kayaks for hire. On Norderön, we can recommend Tivars gårdsmejeri for lunch or a snack, or you can take a taxi boat to Verkö Slott. 4 5 WINTER ACTIVITIES WINTER ACTIVITIES Enjoy Sweden s longest skating track The more than 20-km long track, which is ploughed and catered for daily, provides the active with good opportunities to get far out on the lake, with the mountain area as a backdrop. Season: February March Rental of long-distance skates at Sjöbutiken: SEK 200 Dog Sled tour Enjoy a true winter adventure with the sled dogs setting the pace. Accompanied by a guide and the keen Alaskan Husky the journey takes you across snow clad mountain- and marshland terrain, small lakes and open fields. Season: January April Howling Dog Farm. Book online at tel Snowkiting on Lake Storsjön Try snowkiting with instructor on the icebound Lake Storsjön. With a helmet on your head and skis on your feet you ll learn to operate the the kite. Courses for beginners and more advanced. Season: February March Cross country skiing with instructor Book an hour of instruction in free skate or classic style cross country skiing for novices as well as experienced skiers. Bring your own gear or hire with waxing services. Season: November April Book your activities online! Snow mobile safari Take a snow mobile ride through the winter surroundings of Östersund. Join a half day safari with lunch to lake Svartsjöarna or visit the tame moose at Moose Garden. Warm clothing, equipment and guide are included. Drivers license, tractor or AM is required. Set days for the Moose Garden tour. Season: Feb March. Drop in for a dip at Vinterbadet Enjoy sauna and a bath in a woodfired tub followed by a dip in the frozen lake. A perfect way to relax under the stars after a day out skating or skiing. Season: December April. Tuesdays and Thursdays, public bath Have a go at Biathlon Learn the basics of Biathlon and compete like a professional at the World Championship Arena. An hour s lesson will give you basic theory, skiing and shooting practise. Season: November April 6 7 WINTER ACTIVITIES Attractions Learn about everything from mooses to spies and the cultural history of the region. There are lots of things to see in and around Östersund and the variety of attractions makes our city attractive for both children and adults. Be sure not to miss Jamtli, living history at its best. Book your activities online! Cross Country skiing with guide Enjoy a beautiful nature experience on skis across wide snow covered expanses. Season: Feb March Horseback riding At Sörbygården, just outside Östersund you can get acquainted with Icelandic horses. The sturdy and good-natured horses are suitable for both experienced riders and novices. A good opportunity to get close to nature. Easy hike 1.5 h. Intermediate hike 2.5 h. Half/full day tours also available. Minimum 2 persons. 8 9 ATTRACTIONS ATTRACTIONS Jamtli Museum and Historyland Locknekratern Meteorite centre an exhibition that rocks! Here you meet the cultural history of Jämtland in an entertaining way. Permanent exhibitions about the region s past show for example the Viking Age and the Sami culture side by side with temporary exhibitions that reflect the world of today. The museum s main attraction is the 1000-year Överhogdal tapestries, the oldest pictorial tapestries in Europe. The open air museum part boosts exciting historical milieus. From mid June til end of August you can experience daily life as it used to be, as actors live and portrait the 18th, 19th and 20th century. Jamtli also hosts one of Sweden s largest Christmas Fairs, always on the second weekend in December. 200 exhibition stalls vending local food produce, handicraft and creating a true Christmas feeling. There is also a restaurant, a café, a museum shop and a hostel open all year round at Jamtli. Art Galleries There are a number of art galleries and exhibition halls in Östersund. Many are situated in the central parts of the city and the Tourist Office provides a map pinpointing the location of the city s galleries as well as up to date information on current exhibitions. Frösö Kyrka Frösö Church is one of the most popular churches for weddings in Sweden with it s beautiful country location and panoramic views. The church was built in the early 13th century and is now a popular tourist attraction. OPENING HOURS: 1 Jan-20 June, 18 Aug-31 Dec Tues-Sun June-17 Aug incl Historyland Daily ENTRANCE FEE: 1 Jan 20 June, 18 Aug-31 Dec Adult SEK June-17 Aug incl. Historyland Adult SEK 250 (The ticket is valid for two consecutive days). Children up to 18 always free when accompanied by an adult. Storsjöbadet Adventure Pools Storsjöbadet pools are both a playground for all the family and an oasis for those seeking a quiet moment for body and soul. For visitors who like action and speed the main attraction is the large adventure pool with waterfall, trampoline, water piste and three water chutes; Magic Eye, with a downhill run of 120 m, the dark Black Hole and Turbo where you can reach a top speed of 40 km/hour. Young children have a pool area of their own with fountains and two small water slides. Outdoors, in the summertime, there is a 50 m heated pool, a splash pool for children, space for sunbathing as well as a beach volley court and a large playground. If you want some adult relaxation, then visit the spa section. 6 different types of Saunas, indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis and be sure to not miss out on the Aufguss experience offered 4-5 times daily a type of German Sauna with essential oils treatment. Opening hours: Pool complex: September May Weekdays 10-21, Weekends June August: Weekdays 10-20, Sat-Sun Relaxation area: All year: Tue-Thu 13-20, Fri 10-20, Sat-Sun 10-18, Wed and Fri 10-20, Sat and Sun Entry: Children aged 0 2 free, children aged 3 9 SEK 30, children aged SEK 60, adults SEK 120. Pool & relaxation area SEK 170. Family discounts available. The Meteorite centre has been created around the meteorite impact that took place in Ångsta, 455 million years ago. There is a mini cosmonova showing an animated film of the impact, exhibitions as well as a children s area with educational activities for kids. Café. Opening hours: 9 June 31 Aug, Daily Tickets: Adults SEK 100, pensioners SEK 80, schoolchildren SEK 50. Children aged 0-12 free. Sommarhagen Music Museum Wilhelm Peterson-Berger is one of the most significant composers of the national romantic era in Sweden. Nowadays, his home - with magnificent views and well- kept interior from 1914, is a museum. Learn more about Peterson-Berger, his home, music and work from the daily guided tours. Café and museum shop. Open: 16 June 31 Aug, Daily Tickets: SEK 60/person. Children under 16 free when accompanied by an adult ATTRACTIONS The rune stone Stop and have a look at Sweden s northernmost rune stone- just a stone s throw from the walking bridge on the island of Frösön. The stone tells of how Östman Gudfastsson had a bridge built and brought Christianity to Jämtland. The stone was carved and raised in the mid-11th century. Meet the King of the forest at Moose Garden Meet the king of the forest and the Jämtland heraldic animal in an unusual and close encounter. At Moose Garden you make the acquaintance of tame elks and roe deer. On the guided tour you get pat to the moose and learn facts about their life. Whilst here, try also the local speciality moose waffle and see how moose paper is made! It is also possible to stay the night at Moose Garden in 2-bed cabins overlooking the moose enclosure, Lake Storsjön and the mountain area. Teknikland At Optand Airfield south of Östersund you find a comprehensive retrotechnical world of aeroplanes, vintage cars and military history. Opening hours: 14 June 31 Aug daily Closed June (Midsummer Days) Tickets: Adults SEK 150, children aged 0-18 free. Djungelhuset indoor playland An Djungelhuset we guarantee laughter and fun for children up to 12 years. The 1000 m 2 play area offers many challenges where the children can exercise their motor skill on the gigantic climbing frame in three levels, on slides and tunnels, bouncy castles etc. Pinball games, air hockey and ball cannon for older kids and a cushioned area for the babies. Café. Opening hours: Mon Sat Sun Tickets: See website. Multi Challenge If you have a competitive streak, don t miss the Multi Challenge, a building filled with activities. Here you find Sweden s largest slot car racing track, electric go-karts capable of doing up to 70 km/hour, a laser arena, games arcade, climbing walls and Boda Borg quests. Café and hostel on the premises. Opening hours: Open for bookings daily (Sun 11 18). For drop-in and tickets visit City of Events Hosting major championships and international events is a firmly rooted habit here in Östersund, and this year is no exception. Whether you like motor events, listening to international artists performing or prefer to see the biathlon and cross country ski aces competing for medals, you are certain to be satisfied with the programme. For a full and daily updated events calendar; Storsjöyran Festival 31 July 2 Aug The Prodigy (UK) Midsummer Eve 20 June Veronica Maggio Celebrating Midsummer s Eve is one of the most important traditions in Sweden. Jamtli and Stocke Titt host traditional celebrations with flower picking, dancing and singing. Arnljotspelen 5-13 July Rival Sons (US) The city transforms from 25 July when Krogstråket opens by the harbor. You can enjoy food, drink and music from the pop-up restaurants that mark a sign that the Yranveckan and Storsjöyran Music Festival is coming up. The music festival (31 July-2 Aug) line up international artists like Rival Sons and Malles Staples beside Swedish top artists like Icona Pop and Laleh. The composer Wilhelm-Peterson Bergers Viking drama performed against the backdrop of lake Storsjön and the Oviken mountains. Performance in Swedish only. Expo Norr Trade Fair June A four day trade fair where you will find a profusion of things, from agricultural machinery to kitchen knives and food. Storsjöcupen 30 June 5 July One of Sweden s major youth football tournaments. Storsjöcupen attracts aspiring footballers, managers and families from all over the world. Nearly 400 teams join, the matches are played on different pitches around the city. Come watch the star players of the future. ÖFK plays Superettan Östersund Football Club now plays in the Superettan league. Season runs from April to October. Come visit our arena and watch ÖFK play against classic Swedish teams like Hammarby and GIF Sundsvall. St Olavsloppet Relay Race June The Nordic region s largest long-distance relay race, 330 kilometers, is celebrating its 25 years. This year the race starts in Trondheim and the approximately 6000 runners arrive in Östersund Saturday the 28 June. Frösö Music Days June A week of musical diversit
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