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HELLENIC REPUBLIC MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, RESEARCH & RELIGION REGIONAL DIRECTORATE OF PRIMARY & SECONDARY EDUCATION OF CENTRAL MACEDONIA DIRECTORATE OF HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION OF PIERIA INNOVATIVE ACTIONS DEPARTMENT Date: 22/02/2017 Ref. Nr..: 1887 Address: 8, P. Tsaldari Str. Postal Code-City: 60100, Κaterini Information: Miranta Pappas Dora Tsachouridou Telphone Number: , Fax: Website: SUBJECT: INTERNATIONAL YOUTH THEATRE, MUSIC AND ATHLETIC MEETING At the foothills of the famous Mount Olympus, the home of the ancient gods, and in the Ancient Theatre of Dion, the Directorate of High School Education in Pieria and its Innovative Actions Department organize every year the International Youth Meeting of Ancient Drama, Music and Athletics which is set under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, (Ref. Number of Approval: /Δ2-5/12/16), the Greek National Commission for UNESCO (Ref. Number of Approval: 5590/100.5/ /01/17), the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform (Ref. Number of Approval: 458/ ) and the Ministry of Culture (Ref. Number of Approval: Ω63Φ4653 Π4-5Ρ7) titled : Theatre, Music and Athletic Games: «Ολύμπια εν Δίω «(Olympia in Dion) The Games last for nine (9) days and take place the second half of September. Weekends are not included. Each day is dedicated to each of the nine Pierian Muses, who according to Greek Mythology were the patron goddesses of Knowledge, Literature, Arts and Sciences. They were: Calliope, Euterpe, Clio, Erato, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, Urania. The event is a revival of the ancient games which were held on the same place, the sacred city of the Macedonians, under the same title; Olympia in Dion. In the Ancient Theatre of Dion the great tragic poet Euripides wrote and presented five of his plays among which his last masterpiece Bacchae. According to ancient writers, Euripides died and was buried in Pieria. On his tombstone the Athenians engraved the following epigram: Χαίρε μελαμπετάλοις, Ευριπίδη, εν γυάλοισι Πιερίας τον αεί νυκτός έχων θάλαμον ως αν λάτρις πιερίδων ναίης αγχόθι Πιερίδων . Be happy, Euripides, to have your eternal night s home (grave) at the deepblue see-side in Pieria You who adored Pierian Muses continue to live close to them The archaic choral, the dancing and the athletic ceremonies as well as the orpheic mystic events that were held on the slops of Mount Olympus in honour of Zeus, king Archelaus( b.c.) established and highlighted them on a national range, where thousands of pilgrims came from all over the known world. Along with the theatre games, musical and sports games were held too, in which artists and athletes participated from the Greek and later on of Roman cities. The celebrations started with a sacrifice to Olympian Zeus. That is why they are called Olympia in Dion. During the reign of Phillip the II and his son Alexander the III (the Great) Olympia in Dion became reknowned all over the world. They continued up to the Christian times as a nationwide celebration until the games Demetria succeeded them, after Thessaloniki became the capital of Macedonia. The themes of these games include student performances of Ancient Greek, Latin and other peoples Dramas, concerts and athletic meetings of archaic style. The International Youth Meeting of Ancient Drama, Music and Athletics Olympia in Dion, is not a competitive event. Cooperating members of the International Youth Meeting of Ancient Drama, Music and Athletics Olympia in Dion are: The Archdiocese of Kitros, Katerini & Platamon The Region of Central Macedonia The Aristotle University of Thassaloniki The University of Macedonia Thessaloniki The Northern State Theater of Greece The Municipality of Katerini The Municipality of Dion-Olympous The Municipality of Pydna-Kolindros ITS AIMS ARE: to present and understand the educational character of early theatrical art as a humanistic universal expression to make students approach and familiarize with important ancient Greek and foreign authors texts. to deeply understand the cultural exchange values which is an international need, recognize and accept eternal ideas and values. to communicate and getting to know other cultures and their contribution to diversity of each culture in the creation of world wide culture. to encourage students to develop friendly relations. to promote the exchange of experiences between schools and to create new bonds. to promote theatrical education for students as a contribute to culture. to highlight the universality of the Ancient Theatre and its everlasting value up to modern times INFORMATION ABOUT PARTICIPATION Schools, Universities and Informal groups that are interested in participating in Olympia in Dion must send till 31th of March, 2017 the below: By E- mail Application Form Schools/Universities/Informal groups A video (2-3 minutes) from the rehearsals or the performance 1 photo of the group with costumes A word- doc file with the list of all participants (cast, music, costumes etc.) A word- doc-file with a summary of the play (50 words) By Post: Application Form A DVD ten (10) minutes from the rehearsals or performances 3 photos (rehersal or previous performance) A word- doc file with the list of all participants (cast, music, costumes etc.) A word- doc-file with a summary of the play (50 words) All the above material must be sent to: Directorate of High School Education in Pieria Innovative Actions Department 8, P. Tsaldari Str KATERINI, GREECE Phone Numbers: (0030) or (0030) Fax: (0030) Website: After the end of the procedures, scheduled performance draft wll be sent to the elected schools. CONDITIONS FOR PARTICIPATION 1. Theatre, music and athletic groups should be composed exclusively by young people. Graduate students have the right to participate in the theatrical group of their school. 2. Each group will be accompanied by teachers according to the legislation of their countries. (Greek legislation: ΥΑ129287/G2/ , FEK 2769, Chapter B ). 3. The play of the students theatre group could be a play of ancient local tradition of the country from where the theatre group comes. (In this case more information must be sent to the organizing committee). 4. The performance should last for minutes. 5. Each group participates in Olympia in Dion with only one performance.. 6. The participating teams will be able to accommodate up to five nights in seaside organized accommodation, quadruple rooms and individual toilet. The overnights with breakfast is 10 Euro per person per night. The groups should carry with them two sheets, pillowcases and towels. 7. Groups coming from abroad to the airport of Theassaloniki will be transfered to the place of accomodation in Pieria and back to the airport on organizers expenses. 8. Only small- size transportable scenery is proposed. 9. The theatre games Olympia in Dion have not a competitive character. After the performance special awards are granted to the participant groups and certificates of participation to the participant actors. 10. Applications will be examined early in June and elected groups will be informed in time in order to prepare their trip. Moreover, the groups will have the unique opportunity to visit the archaeological park of Dion, the archaeological museum of Dion, to walk in the paths of the legendary Olympus, home of the twelve Gods, to visit the legendary river Helicon- Vafyra where the Maenads killed Orpheus, to visit the Ancient Pydna where Cassander arrested and killed Olympias, the mother of Alexander the Great. Participants may also visit the Old and New Monastery of Agios Dionysios in Olympus. In nearby regions of interest are the monuments in Thessaloniki, the tomb of Phillip the II in Vergina, the School of Aristotle in Mieza. During Olympia in Dion groups from abroad will have the opportunity to learn Greek dances. Finally, during the time of the International Youth Meeting cultural activities will take place which groups may visit. In charge of Innovative Actions Department Mrs. Miranda Pappas Head of High School Directorate in Pieria Dr. Ioannis Kaztaridis
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