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  1 Programming Structures  COMP102 Prog. Fundamentals, Structures / Slide 2 2 Structures   A Structureis a collection of related data items, possibly of different types.   A structure type in C++ is called struct.   A structis heterogeneousin that it can be composed of data of different types.  In contrast, arrayis homogeneoussince it can contain only data of the same type.  COMP102 Prog. Fundamentals, Structures / Slide 3 3 Structures  Structures hold data that belong together  .  Examples:  Student record: student id, name, major, gender, start year, …  Bank account: account number, name, currency, balance, …   Address book: name, address, telephone number, …  In database applications, structures are called records.  COMP102 Prog. Fundamentals, Structures / Slide 4 4 Structures  Individual components of a struct type are called members(or fields).  Members can be of different types(simple, array or struct).   A struct is named as a whole while individual members are named using field identifiers.  Complex data structures can be formed by defining arrays of structs.
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