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REAL PHARMA User Id : SUPERVISOR Bharat Complex, 1st Floor, , Maligaon Chariali, Guwahati -781012, Pin : 781012, Phone - 0361-2672859 Stock Summary Code Item Name Pack Qty Brk. Qty. Value Value[Brk.] 000001 COLINOL DROP 15 ML 360 0 8726.40 0.00 000002 COLINOL SPAS TAB

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  Stock SummaryCode Bharat Complex, 1st Floor, , Maligaon Chariali, Guwahati -781012, Pin : 781012, Phone - 0361-2672859 Item NamePack Brk. Qty.QtyValueValue[Brk REAL PHARMA User Id : SUPERVISO 000001COLINOL DROP15 ML03608726.400.000002COLINOL SPAS TAB20X100106822652.280.000003COLINOL SUSP.30ML04929141.360.000004COLINOL TAB20X100176040726.400.000006DP CEF - 200DT10X10037220925.000.000007DP CEF DRY SYP30ML08200.560.000008DP CEF -O TAB10X10080868041.680.000010ICAL SYP200ML0975054.670.000016METROQUIN-O TAB10X10022413670.720.000022NELPOD-CV 200 TAB10X6054546248.700.000023NELPOD-CV 50 DRY SYP.30ML01125760.160.000027NOTUS-D SYP100ML045613483.920.000028NOTUS LS SYP.100ML095936067.990.000031NEOPAN FORTE TAB20X10049212334.440.000034RUMATIN-P TAB10X100203057428.700.000036RUMATIN-MR TAB20X10080530533.650.000037RUMATIN GEL30G088842624.000.000039SOLIDOSE-P DROPS15 ML03008679.000.000040SOLIDOSE SUSP60ML036011340.000.000043VITATOP SYP 200ML200ML01567622.160.000098MEGADINE- OZ 20GM20GM095639951.240.000108NEW RUMATIN SP TAB20X1002770124650.000.000110NEW METROQUIN TAB20X10088029418.400.000113SOLIDOSE SPRAY10ML049015121.400.000117SOLIDOSE NASAL DROP10ML045010413.000.000119SOLIDOSE TAB (N)20X10082014760.000.000123NEW NELZYME DROPS15 ML023415043.860.000127ALOMINE LOTION100ML01006107.000.000128LUVIZOLE CREAM 10GM10 GM024019286.400. 736013.09 0. Report Date : 20-Apr-18 18:42:24Page 1 of  .] 000000000000000000000000000000  1
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