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  Instruction for use Mode d’emploiAnweisungenIstruzioniInstruccionesInstructiesInstruçõesBruksanvisning  Instruction for use  01  EN   TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Explanation of symbols 02 2. How does electrostimulation work? 03 3. Device function 05  Contents of kits and accessories 05  Device description 06  Battery insertion 07 Connection 07  Preliminary settings 08  Choosing a category 08  Selecting a programme 09  Adjusting stimulation intensities 09  Programme progression 10  End of a programme 11  Battery level and charging 11 4. Troubleshooting 13 5. Device maintenance 16  6. Technical specifications 17 7. EMC Table 19  It is strongly recommended to read these instructions and the contra-indications and safety  measures carefully before using your stimulator.  02  EN  1. EXPLANATION OF SYMBOLS See the instructionsThe stimulator is a category II device with built-in power supply and type BF applied parts.Manufacturer’s name and address and date of manufactureThis device must be separated from household waste and sent to special collection facilities for recycling and recoveryThe stand-by button is multi-functionalProtect from sunlightStore in a dry placeThis is an indication for protection against ingress of water and particulate matter. The mark IP20 on your unit means: your unit is protected against solid foreign objects of 12.5mm dia and greater. Not protected against waterIP02 on the carrying case means: Protected from the ingress of water droplets from a shower of rain. LATEX Latex-freeReference numberBatch number IP02 on the case IP20 on the unit
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