sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. - PDF

sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. 1. In 1994, seven countries signed an accord, agreeing to guidelines designed to minimize the of salmon farming

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sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. 1. In 1994, seven countries signed an accord, agreeing to guidelines designed to minimize the of salmon farming on wild fish in the north Atlantic. A) relevance B) establishment C) impact D) perception E) improvement 7. In calculators, calculations entirely with integers yield exact results as long as the numbers too big for the space allotted. A) doing / were not B) having done / have not been C) to have been done / would not have been D) done /are not E) to be done / will not be 2. Had this 70m-long asteroid entered the Earth's atmosphere, it could have a large city. A) reconciled B) inflated C) captured D) destroyed E) erupted 3. India has dozens of half-completed water projects, not to mention a, centuries-old infrastructure of forgotten local water-supply systems. A) perishable B) stable C) vast D) predominant E) sensitive 4. Researchers attending the World Water Forum in Kyoto last year argued that collecting and using water more would lessen the need for more dams. A) efficiently B) plentifully C) wastefully D) remarkably E) speedily 5. Apparently the drop in farm incomes had nothing to the introduction of modern farming methods. A) close down B) make out C) sort out D) force out E) do with 6. Most of our exposure to organic mercury eating oily fish such as tuna. A) plays up B) turns into C) comes from D) finds out E) puts up with 8. Twenty years ago the study of aging as somewhat misdirected, but now it into an important science. A) was regarded / has developed B) had been regarded / would develop C) has been regarded / would be developing D) would have been regarded / had developed E) was being regarded / has been developing 9. In some ways, we know little more about the planets than the ancients who worshipped them. A) had done B) have done C) do D) would do E) did 10. The first stage of the new factory project last year, and work on the second phase well now. A) had been completed / would progress B) was completed / is progressing C) would have been completed / was progressing D) has been completed / will progress E) was being completed / has progressed 11. While the battle out in the open, the technological capability of the coalition forces them the lead. A) had been fought / was giving B) was fought / would give C) was being fought / gave D) would have been fought / will give E) is being fought / has given 1 12. Dwindling oil reserves and concerns exhaust emissions have heightened the search more sustainable sources. A) into / with B) through / into C) about / at D) over / for E) for / by 13. The World Commission on Dams found that, average, large dams exceed their budget 56%. A) of / up B) in / off C) for / under D) by / from E) on / by 14. The interiors of planets are totally inaccessible, what we know about them comes from indirect measurements and analysis. A) so B) whereas C) even though D) since E) so as 15. It was not long the design deficiencies of the room became apparent. A) as if B) before C) until D) wherever E) unless 16. In every forensic laboratory there should be with the basic training to make sense of botanical evidence. A) each B) anyone C) someone D) one another E) them 17. The Centre conducted the study identify priority areas for conservation. A) in order to B) as well as C) with respect to D) due to E) with reference to sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralandırılmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. Nuclear energy is now making a serious comeback. The design (19) of the new nuclear reactors have taken a huge step forward. (20) being safer and less (21) to terrorism than current nuclear plants, the new reactor (22) double duty; it has to generate electricity and produce hydrogen which is the probable automobile fuel (23) the future. A) delays B) complexities C) facilities D) requirements E) replacements A) Even so B) On the other hand C) As regards D) In contrast E) Besides A) vulnerable B) impulsive C) conducive D) compulsive E) disruptive A) had to do B) must have done C) must be done D) must do E) would have to do A) at B) to C) with D) over E) of 18. The next model the company produced was well engineered and finely built but,, it never became popular and sales were poor. A) on the contrary B) even so C) just as D) such as E) in accordance with 2 sorularda, verilen cümleyi uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz. 24. Even though the water around coral reefs sometimes looks clear,. A) wave-exposed waters differ in this respect from more sheltered areas B) it can contain a variety of suspended matter C) in fact corals themselves secrete mucus to cleanse their colony surfaces D) these aggregates often resemble snowflakes E) large quantities of inorganic particles were also present 25. where rain will form. A) This technique should make it possible to target more precisely B) This method of rain-making overlooks the problem C) Neighbouring countries are protesting against the project D) There have been dramatic changes in the climate worldwide E) The incidence of flooding had already increased noticeably 26. so that it can get close to hostile forces without being detected. A) The precision navigation systems are what impressed most of us B) Ideally the periscope would have been eliminated C) The new-style submarine has been specifically designed D) This is just one of a number of smaller, smarter, stealthier submarines E) Previously submarines were not expected to work in shallow, coastal waters 27. which helps it to grip the ice. A) This new-style yacht is capable of speeds in excess of 300 km per hour B) Such an aerodynamic shape would assist speed C) The new yacht is expected to break speed levels on land and water as well as on ice D) The new design of the sail enabled the craft to move forward even faster E) The side wings of the ice yacht provide a downward force 28. As the canal bed slopes downward by just 8 cm each kilometer A) the cracks in the concrete were the result of the heat B) there might have been a build-up of water C) it didn t need to be frequently cleaned D) the water flows slowly but consistently E) everything was done to prevent the concrete from drying too fast 29. when NASA astronauts were installing the new cooling system. A) An infrared camera on board the Hubble Space Telescope got damaged B) The Nubble's infrared camera had taken stunning space pictures C) The Hubble Space Telescope is expected to relay to NASA spectacular images of some distant galaxies D) There appears to be plenty of water in the outer Solar System in the form of ice E) The new space shuttle, designed by a consortium of aircraft companies, will have two rockets to launch it 3 30. Satellite pictures suggest that Saharan dust can be blown as far as the Gulf of Mexico,. A) while it caused increased snowfall over Turkey B) that is the cause of the red tides there C) where it fertilizes the water with iron D) that it is situated almost 10 thousand kilometers away E) since dust can be washed out of the air by rain falling 31. Soldiers will continue to be killed in friendly fire incidents. A) unless a better and more reliable communications technology is developed B) if acts of terrorism are not included C) that fighting on foot is still the only way to occupy an unfriendly town or city D) as the infantry man had most to gain from new advances in military technology E) which demonstrates the need for yet more improvements 32. The giant squid may need to change its name A) that the nickname for the new specimen is the colossal squid B) since a bigger and meaner relative has been discovered near Antarctica C) if it has hooks at the ends of its tentacles D) so it could maul sperm whales E) though it had grown to a length of 4 metres 33., its true potential has barely been explored. A) If new information continues to increase at this rate B) Since these memory systems are due for overhaul C) Though technology has given us massive memory storage D) Unless there are some more creative entries E) When a number of problems suddenly came to the fore 34. The findings contradict a long-held contention. A) whether biodiversity is lost as a consequence of habitat destruction B) if marine conservation areas are absolutely essential C) because marine species have vast geographic ranges D) why such marine species are highly vulnerable to extinction E) that marine species are unlikely to become extinct due to human activities 35. Statistics show that the risk of a fatality,, is proportional to the distance covered. A) while driving on rural interstate highways B) that did not include intermediate take-offs and landings C) until a natural disaster has occurred D) so long as the driver was experienced E) which could have been prevented 4 sorularda, verilen Đngilizce cümleye anlamca en yakın Türkçe cümleyi bulunuz. 36. As the universe expands and objects move further away from each other, gravity gets weaker. A) Evren ne kadar genişler ve nesneler birbirinden ne kadar uzaklaşırsa, yerçekimi o ölçüde zayıflar. B) Yerçekiminin giderek zayıflaması, evrenin genişlemesine ve nesnelerin birbirinden uzaklaşmasına bağlıdır. C) Evrenin genişlemesi sonucu nesneler birbirinden giderek uzaklaştığı için yerçekimi zayıflar. D) Evren genişledikçe ve nesneler birbirinden daha da uzaklaştıkça yerçekimi zayıflar. E) Evren genişlediği için hem nesneler birbirinden uzaklaşır hem de yerçekimi daha da zayıflar. 37. Whales have a clever way of distinguishing their own sounds from other sounds in order to navigate and locate their prey. A) Balinalar kendi seslerini diğer seslerden ayırarak yollarını bulabilirler ve akıllıca bir yöntem uygulayarak avlarının yerini büyük ölçüde belirleyebilirler. B) Balinalar kendi seslerini diğer seslerden ayırmada kurnazca bir yol izlerler ve böylece hem yollarını bulurlar hem de avlarının yerini belirlerler. C) Balinaların, yollarını bulabilmek ve avlarının yerini belirleyebilmek için kendi seslerini diğer seslerden ayırmada zekice bir yöntemi vardır. D) Balinalar kendi seslerini diğer seslerden akıllıca ayırabildikleri için hem yollarını bulurlar hem de avlarının yerini belirlerler. E) Balinalar kendi seslerini diğer seslerden ayırma yöntemini zekice kullanarak yollarını bulabilirler ve avlarının yerini belirleyebilirler. 38. Debate has been raging for years among the experts over just how risky radon really is. A) Radonun gerçekten ne denli tehlikeli olduğuna ilişkin tartışma, uzmanlar arasında yıllardan beri şiddetle devam etmektedir. B) Uzmanlar arasında yıllarca devam eden şiddetli tartışmalardan biri de radonun gerçekten ne denli tehlikeli olduğuna ilişkindir. C) Uzmanlar, radonun gerçekten tehlikeli olup olmadığını yıllardan beri şiddetle tartışıyor. D) Radonun gerçekte nasıl bir tehlike oluşturduğuna ilişkin şiddetli tartışmalar uzmanlar arasında yıllarca sürmüştür. E) Uzmanların yıllardan beri şiddetle sürdürdüğü tartışma, radonun gerçekten nasıl bir tehlike oluşturduğuna ilişkindir. 5 sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümleye anlamca en yakın Đngilizce cümleyi bulunuz. 39. Avrupa'nın bir uydu ağı olan Galileo sistemi, Avrupa Birliği'ne üye devletler ve Avrupa Uzay Kurumu tarafından finanse edilmektedir. A) The Galileo system forms part of Europe's network of satellites and is paid for by the member states of the European Union and the European Space Agency. B) Europe's network of satellites, still known as the Galileo system, is paid for by the member states of the European Union and the European Space Agency, C) The Galileo system, which receives some financial support from the member states of the European Union and the European Space Agency, is a European network of satellites. D) The European Union and the European Space Agency jointly finance Europe's satellite network known as the Galileo system. E) The Galileo system, which is a satellite network of Europe, is financed by the member states of the European Union and the European space Agency. 40. Çeşitli supernovalarla ilgili 1998'deki gözlemler, bunlardan en uzak olanların beklendiği kadar parlak olmadığını göstermiştir. A) The most remote of the various supernovae observed in 1998 were scarcely any brighter than had been expected. B) Various supernovae that were observed in 1998 turned out to be less bright than had been expected and even more remote. C) Observations, carried out in 1998 on the distant supernovae, showed that they were not nearly as bright as had been predicted. D) Observations in 1998 relating to various supernovae showed that the most distant ones were not as bright as had been expected. E) Even the most remote of the supernovae chosen for observation in 1998 turned out to be less bright than anyone had expected. 41. Avustralya'da sismik olay kayıtları sadece 150 yıl geriye gittiğinden, daha önce neler olduğunu anlamak için günümüzde çeşitli yeni teknikler kullanılmaktadır. A) Over the past 150 years, and particularly recently with the advent of so many new technologies, great efforts have been made to find out what seismic activity has created in Australia. B) Since Australia has only been keeping records of seismic activity over the past 150 years, there is a need to use these new techniques to find out what happened before. C) A variety of new techniques will help to establish what happened in Australia as regards seismic activity before records were kept which has only been during the last 150 years. D) Records of seismic activity in Australia have only been kept for 150 years but various new technologies have established what happened before that time. E) Since records of seismic activity in Australia only go back 150 years, a variety of new techniques are presently being used to find out what had happened before then. 6 sorularda, boş bırakılan yere, parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü sağlamak için getirilebilecek cümleyi bulunuz. 42. The health of the wildlife around us can be seen as an indicator of how we are managing the world's resources. There is much concern about the fact that some species are disappearing.. For instance, some species once thought to be extinct have been rediscovered as scientists have gone deeper into the surviving wild areas. A) Their aim is to help poor, local communities to protect their food sources and local wildlife at the same time B) An increasing number of today's conservation projects involve sustainable development programmes C) Habitat restoration and captive breeding programmes have already brought several species back from the brink of extinction D) Although certain species are indeed endangered, the overall picture is not as gloomy as is sometimes suggested E) In Britain, with the restoration of river habitats and a reduction in pollution, the otter is another genus that has made an impressive recovery 43. The emergence of the World Wide Web has been the most important technological development of the last decade as regards the spread of information.. As such, the web is the biggest advance in information technology since the invention of the printing press in A) To start with, the web was simply a handy aid for academics B) It was conceived as a means of giving everyone access to information anywhere and at any time C) A British scientist, Berners-Lee, was the visionary behind the web D) These early browsers only worked on academic computers E) With the launch of the Mosaic web browser, the numbers of people using the web grew at a phenomenal rate Future computer chips may not have wires, but miniature radio transmitters and receivers.. Here a team of scientists has demonstrated a wireless communication system built on a chip. The discovery could lead to earthquake detectors and listening devices for the military. Also it could usher En a new generation of faster computers. A) That's the promise of research at the University of Florida B) This has been hailed as the most radical advance in information technology C) The result will be a worldwide network of computers D) So the network of information can be accessed by anyone E) Indeed, it soon became obvious that they offered many advantages over existing systems 45. Water filters are particularly useful if you live in a hard water area. Hard water contains a greater concentration of calcium than soft water.. It also means that you won't get many suds from your soap. As well as softening the water, a filter removes other chemicals to improve its look and taste. A) There are many other chemicals which pollute water B) Today a water filter is a common sight in many kitchens C) Indeed, there's more to the household water filter than meets the eye D) A water filter is equipped with a cartridge which contains ion exchange resin and activated carbon E) In fact, it is this that causes lime scale in kettles, irons and other electrical appliances 46. Otto Lehmann observed that liquid crystals are remarkably sensitive.. Further, they can register the minutest fluctuations in temperature by a change in colour. A) Liquid crystals in thermometers, thermographs, computers, TVs and solid-state devices were too far in the future for him to imagine B) Lehmann dedicated 25 years of work to studying these strange chemicals C) In his last book he suggested many applications, mostly in power generation and transformation, but none of them proved practical D) They respond to heat, light, sound, mechanical pressure, electromagnetic fields and radiation and even some chemical vapours E) Many of them wrote off liquid crystals as chemical impurities with no scientific or practical merit sorularda, karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan kısmını tamamlayabilecek ifadeyi bulunuz. 47. Mary: What's special about digital radio? Jude : Well, to start with, the quality of the sound is excellent. 49. Craig : This is interesting. Eighteen new fish species have been caught off the coast of the southwestern tip of England in recent years. Sam: What's the explanation? Have all their natural enemies been killed off? Craig : ---- Mary : ---- Jude: Yes; it has a display that tells you what you are listening to. A) And that makes it a lot more expensive, doesn't it? B) Oh, that's good. And has it any other advantages? C) But isn't the quality of the sound pretty good on all radios now? D) Well, I would expect it to be so, considering the price! E) Right. What about its drawbacks? 48. Phil: The Natural History Museum is really making a break with tradition with its Darwin Centre. Jane: ---- Phil: Visitors can now watch the Museum's scientists as they carry out the research that's essential when identifying new species for instance. Jane: I think that's a splendid idea. A) Really? What's it doing? B) Good. Are you thinking of applying? C) That's a surprise! It won't last long! D) Who says so? I'm sure you're wrong! E) Well; it shouldn't be allowed to happen! Sam : Well, that sounds plausible. After all, fish are cold-blooded creatures and need suitable surroundings. A) They don't offer any explanation. Your guess is as good as mine. B) That's one possible explanation, but it's certainly not the most likely. C) No. Apparently it's the result of global warming. They are moving north to cooler waters. D) Possibly. But what I want to know is, where have they come from? E) No. I don't think so, anyway. Why do you ask? 50. Alec : If they can predict when one particular volcano will erupt, why can't they predict when any volcano will erupt? James: Because no two volcanoes are alike. Each needs to be studied so that its warning signal can be recognized. Alec : ---- James : Yes. But it will take time, of course. And there are only two volcano-watching satellites orbiting Earth and these aren't enough. A) Why is that? Surely one volcano is very like ano
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