SOHBET BAŞLATMA KALIPLARI Warm, isn't it? Hot, isn't it? Hello! Windy, isn't it? Terrible day, isn't it? Starting to rain, isn't it? Sorry, but... Nice weather, isn't it? Lovely day, isn't it? Freezing,

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SOHBET BAŞLATMA KALIPLARI Warm, isn't it? Hot, isn't it? Hello! Windy, isn't it? Terrible day, isn't it? Starting to rain, isn't it? Sorry, but... Nice weather, isn't it? Lovely day, isn't it? Freezing, isn't it? Cold, isn't it? I hope you don't mind my asking, but I beg your pardon, but... Forgive me for asking, but... Excuse my asking... Excuse me, but...? Excuse me... Excuse me asking, but...? Do excuse me, but...? KENDİNİ TANITMA KALIPLARI Introducing yourself Hello!... I'm... Hello! Evening! Afternoon! Hello? This is... Hello? My name's... Hello?... speaking. May I introduce myself? How do you do? My name's... Good morning! First let me introduce myself. Excuse me! Excuse me, my name's... Allow me to introduce myself. BİR BAŞKASINI TANIŞTIRMA KALIPLARI Introducing someone Oh, Jack, I'd like someone to meet. Oh look, here's Lisa. Lisa meet... I'd like to introduce... Paul, may I introduce Mary? This is... Let me introduce... Have you met...? Do you know...? By the way, do you know each other? Allow me to introduce... BİRİSİNİN DİKKATİNİ ÇEKMEK İÇİN KALIPLAR Attracting someone's attention Look... Listen... Sorry, but... Sorry to butt in, but... Excuse me butting in, but... Sorry to trouble/bother you, but... May I have your attention, please? I wonder if we could begin? Excuse me! NASILSIN DEMENİN FARKLI YOLLARI Asking how someone is What's the latest? What's new? How's life treating you? How is it going? How are things with you? Are you better? How's life? Are you well? How are you? How are you keeping? NASILSIN SORULARINA CEVAP VERME KALIPLARI Saying how you are Surviving, thanks. Still alive, thanks. So-so, thanks. Pretty fair, thanks. OK, thanks. Mustn't grumble. I'm on top of the world, thanks. Can't complain. Not so bad, thanks. I'm fine, thank you. All right, thank you. Very well, thank you. Quite well, thank you. I'm very well indeed, thank you. I'm extremely well, thank you. TEŞEKKÜR ETME KALIPLARI Thanking Thanks a million for... Great! Cheers! That is really nice of you to... Thanks very much for... Thanks a lot. Thank you. Thank you very much for... Many thanks. I really can't thank you enough. That is most good of you. Thank you very much indeed. Thank you so very much for... Much appreciated. I'm very much obliged. I'm much obliged. I'm immensely grateful to you for... I should like to say how deeply grateful I am. I should like to express my gratitude. I should like to express my appreciation for... I do appreciate... very much. I'm very grateful to you. TEŞEKKÜRE KARŞILIK VERME KALIPLARI Responding to thanks That's all right. That's 0. K. Thank you. Any time. You're welcome. Not at all. My pleasure. It's a pleasure. Don't mention it. Delighted I was able to help. You would have done the same in my place. No trouble at all. It was the least I could do. I'm glad to have been able to help. I was glad to be of help to you. TEBRİK ETME KALIPLARI Congratulating It was great to hear... Fantastic! Well done! Congratulations! Congratulations on... Please accept my warmest congratulations. Please accept my heartiest congratulations on May I congratulate you on...? Let me congratulate you. I'd like to congratulate you. I'd like to be the first to congratulate you. I must congratulate you on... Allow me to offer my warmest congratulations. Allow me to offer my congratulations on... İLTİFAT ETME KALIPLARI Complimenting You're looking good! You look terrific. What a super...! You are fantastic. I love...! You look great. I like...! You're looking rather smart. You look smart. What a nice smart... Those are very smart... you're wearing.... suits you very well. You're looking extremely glamorous. My compliments on... May I say how elegant you look? If I may say so,... is quite delicious. If I may say so,... is quite charming. If I may say so,... are excellent. I really must express my admiration for... I must say... is really very good. I must congratulate you on... İLTİFATLARA KARŞILIK VERME KALIPLARI Responding to compliments or congratulations Oh!... is nothing special really. Flattery'll get you nowhere! You seem very well yourself, as a matter of fact. Thank you. Oh, thanks. Oh, not really. It's nice of you to say so. I'm glad you think so. I'm glad you like... Thank you very much for saying so. It's very good of you to say so. ÖZÜR DİLEME KALIPLARI Saying sorry Sorry for... Sorry about... I feel bad about... My fault. I'm very sorry. I'm very sorry about... I'm sorry...! I'm really awfully sorry for... I beg your pardon. I am terribly sorry... How stupid of me... Please, forgive me. Please, accept my apologies. Pardon me. Pardon me for... May I offer you my sincerest apologies? I'm sorry, that was entirely my fault. I'm extremely sorry for... I'm extremely sorry... I must apologize. I do apologize for... I can't tell you how sorry I am for... ÖZÜRLERİ KABUL ETME KALIPLARI Accepting an apology That's 0. K. Please, don't feel bad about it. Let's forget it. Forget it. Don't give it another thought. Think nothing of it. There's no reason to apologize. That's quite all right. Please, don't worry. Not at all. Of course. It's really not necessary. It's perfectly all right. It really doesn't matter at all. All right. It's really of no importance. BİR ORTAMDAN KISA SÜRELİĞİNE AYRILMA KALIPLARI Leaving someone politely for a short time I'll catch you up. I'll be right back. Don't wait for me. Excuse me. Excuse me; I'll be back in a moment. Excuse me, I shan't be a moment. Excuse me, I must just... Excuse me a minute. Excuse me... I'll be back in a second. Would you excuse me, please...? Will you excuse me for a moment, please? I wonder if you'd excuse me...? İYİ DİLEKLERİ İLETME KALIPLARI Expressing good wishes Say hello to John for me. Have fun! Good luck! Have a good time! Give my love to Mary. Enjoy yourselves! All the very best! All the best! The very best of luck! Regards to... Good luck in...! All the best in...! Would you give... my best wishes? Please, remember me to... I'd like to wish you every success in... I wish you success. I hope everything goes well. Hope things go well with... Every success in...! SOHBETİ BİTİRME KALIPLARI Ending a conversation Well, better to going, I suppose. Sorry, I've got to rush. Sorry, I must be off now. I've got to make a phone call, sorry. I'm (awfully) sorry, but I'm meeting someone... It's been very nice/interesting talking to you, but... I'm afraid I must go now. I must apologize, but I'm afraid... I hope you'll excuse me, but... I'm afraid I really must go.
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