Soccerex Global Convention 2013 Maracanã Stadium Rio de Janeiro RJ November 30th to December 5th, PDF

Soccerex Global Convention 2013 Maracanã Stadium Rio de Janeiro RJ November 30th to December 5th, 2013 Shipping Guidelines 1 OFFICIAL SHIPPING GUIDELINE TEMPORARY SHIPMENTS Once again, we from Waiver Logistics,

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Soccerex Global Convention 2013 Maracanã Stadium Rio de Janeiro RJ November 30th to December 5th, 2013 Shipping Guidelines 1 OFFICIAL SHIPPING GUIDELINE TEMPORARY SHIPMENTS Once again, we from Waiver Logistics, are pleased to have the opportunity to serve all international exhibitors participating in SOCCEREX GLOBAL CONVENTION 2013, Maracanã Stadium Rio de Janeiro, November 30th to December 5th, With over 20 years experience in concerts, fairs, exhibitions and fine arts logistics, our team is fully prepared to ensure all movements of exhibits including customs clearance, transportation, on-site handling as well as re-export arrangements, handling every procedure closely and with guaranteed efficiency accordingly with Brazilian laws and regulations. This Shipping Guideline will assist you to dispatch your exhibits to Brazil correct and timely for the event. We recommend a careful read of all instructions and informs of our Guideline assuring an effective partnership and high level services over intended shipments. Failure to accomplish the exposed deadlines and instructions may put the shipment under unnecessary delays and additional expenses. For any further questions or requests we kindly ask all interested to contact us directly. Responsible contacts: Mr. Marcelo Paradela Waiver Logistics Brasil Telephone: Mr. Aurivan Silva Waiver Logistics Brasil Telephone: 1-DOCUMENTS REQUIRED: - Shipping documents (AWB B/L - CRT) - Commercial Invoice (model upon request) - Packing List (model upon request) - Hold Harmless Letter (model attached) - Booth/space contract - Re-export Instructions Form (model attached) * Certificate of fumigation or heat treatment: mandatory for wooden crates, skids or pallets * Controlled material requires special certificates to be consulted 2-DEADLINES: *Documentation analysis: No later than 10 working days before shipment departure *Pre-alert documents: Air: Copies of signed AWB/Invoice/P.List must be received no later than 48 working hours prior shipment departure. Original documents must come with the cargo Sea: Original documents must be received no later than 7 work days prior vessel s arrival *Cargo arrival: Air: 10 working days prior to delivery Sea: FCL: 15 working days prior to delivery LCL: 21 working days prior to delivery *Re-export Instructions Form: Air and Sea: Same day as scheduled delivery of the goods at the fair venue Deadlines for controlled material by Army, Health and Agriculture Ministry: *Documentation analysis: 90 work days prior shipment acceptance *Cargo arrival: 30 work days prior to delivery *Original Documents: Same as normal cargo PLEASE DO NOT SHIP ANY CARGO WITHOUT OUR PREVIOUS AUTHORIZATION! 3 3-SHIPPING DETAILS: Port of destination: FCL: Port of Rio de Janeiro LCL: Port of Rio de Janeiro Airport of destination: GIG RIO DE JANEIRO Term import: prepaid (mandatory for fairs and exhibitions) Term export: collect (mandatory for fairs and exhibitions) Consignees *Direct shipment: AWB/BL and Invoice/Packing list: WAIVER LOGÍSTICA BRASIL LTDA CNPJ: / Rua Alfredo Pujol, 285 Conj. 13 e 14 Santana São Paulo SP Brasil CEP T: (5511) / F: (5511) *Consolidated shipment: MAWB: WAIVER COMISSARIA DE DESPACHOS LTDA CNPJ: / Rua Julio Ribeiro, Bonsucesso Rio de Janeiro RJ Brasil CEP T: (5521) / F: (5521) HAWB and Invoice/Packing list: WAIVER LOGÍSTICA BRASIL LTDA CNPJ: / Rua Alfredo Pujol, 285 Conj. 13 e 14 Santana São Paulo SP Brasil CEP T: (5511) / F: (5511) *LCL shipment consignee Upon previous consult 4 *Declaration to be included in the AWB/BL: CARGO DESTINED TO SOCCEREX GLOBAL CONVENTION 2013 FROM NOVEMBER 30TH TO DECEMBER 5TH, 2013, AT MARACANÃ STADIUM IN RIO DE JANEIRO, RETURNING TO ORIGIN AFTER FAIR. *Important notes: -Freight AS AGREED is NOT acceptable by Brazilian Customs Authorities; -For consolidated air shipment it must be informed on the MAWB: Cargo consolidated as per attached manifest. -Sea freight: it s mandatory to mention in the BL the cargo s volume (m3) and cargo s harmonized code 4-INVOICE AND PACKING LIST: *The invoice must be separated from the packing list; it cannot be a combined invoice/packing list *The following information must be included in the invoice fields: -Number of packages and its dimensions -Complete description of goods including part and serial numbers -Itemized harmonized codes -Itemized unit prices -Total value (VALUES MUST BE REAL MARKET VALUES) *The following information must be included in the packing list fields: -Itemized net weight -Total net and gross weight -Number of packages and its dimensions -Complete description of goods including part and serial numbers 5 *Declaration to be included in the invoice and packing list: CARGO DESTINED TO SOCCEREX GLOBAL CONVENTION 2013 FROM NOVEMBER 30TH TO DECEMBER 5TH, 2013, AT MARACANÃ STADIUM IN RIO DE JANEIRO, RETURNING TO ORIGIN AFTER FAIR. NO COMMERCIAL VALUE SEM COBERTURA CAMBIAL. 5-PACKAGES: Exhibition good for temporary entry and advertising material / consumables for permanent entry have to be packed separately. Exhibitors must insure that all exhibits / stand materials are packed properly. Cases must be strong enough to avoid damages during transport and storage. Fumigation must be arranged for all wooden packing materials (crates, cases, skids, and pallets) in the country of origin before shipping to Brazil. To verify that the wooden packing has undergone heat treatment or Methyl Bromide treatment, the following data should be marked / stamped onto the outside of the wooden packaging clearly visible! 1. IPPC logo 2. ISO Country Code (XX) 3. A unique number assigned to the company that has carried out the fumigation, namely a national plant protection organization (000) 4. Method of fumigation: (YY = HT for Heat Treatment or MB for Methyl Bromide) 6 5.1 - Labels *All boxes must be labeled with following information: -N of the piece/total pieces /gross weight -Exhibition Name -Name of exhibitor -Booth number 5.2 Special Handling For any box or crate which special handling is required, please provide us with the details in advance in order for us to check and provide you with previous quote and details accordingly. 6-EXHIBIT LAYOUT PLAN: For large heavy exhibits an exhibit layout plan is required by us 10 working days prior to the scheduled delivery date in order to position such exhibits during the early stage of the build-up period. 7-PROCEDURES AT THE END OF EXHIBITION: Waiver is responsible for every and all temporary shipments pick-ups. Sale of Exhibits: If the shipment is sold during the event, Waiver Logistics must pick up the shipment from the show-site and delivery it into a bonded warehouse where the nationalization process will be done. Note that the nationalization process can only be registered under the name of the buyer who must have an official register together with Brazilians Customs (RADAR) Waiver Logistics can only arrange the nationalizations customs clearance process upon the receipt of a Power of Attorney from the importing company. All charges from close of exhibition till handed over to the buyer are for the exhibitors / agent account. 8-BRAZILIAN CUSTOMS CLEARANCE - IMPORTANT NOTES: Since temporary and permanent goods must be imported separately into Brazil, please make sure to issue a separate B/L for ocean freight shipments and a separate MAWB for airfreight shipments, separate invoice and separate packing list for each method of customs clearance and each exhibitor. 7 It is very important that realistic values are declared on the invoice. Brazilian Customs Authorities have the right to question the value declared and hold it for undetermined period of time for further inquiry. 4 (four) original sets of signed invoice and packing list has to accompany the shipment (attached to AWB or B/L). Photocopies are not accepted, even if they are with original signature. AWB and B/L have to be with original signature, too. An import license might be applicable depending on the nature of goods (controlled material by Army, Agriculture or Health Ministry). Therefore, please make sure to send us copies of all correct documents within the deadlines, so we can advance import license formalities prior to departure to avoid fines, penalties and further delays. Please do not ship any cargo without pre-advice and our previous authorization! Please make sure that all shipments are weighed and measured correctly, as the declared weight on the export documents has to match with the actual weight. Any discrepancy will lead to delay and high fines. Brazilian Customs Authorities inspect every shipment according to the invoice and packing list. In case of any discrepancies at description, harmonized code, quantity or weight, the complete shipment is potentially subject to delays, fines and/or seizure. The temporary importation of exhibits is allowed only for the intended show. Redisplay at other shows or sale in Brazil has to be permitted by Brazilian Customs Authorities and is subject to certain requirements. All import is only allowed on exhibits where the stand space has been paid for and the organizers confirm that the applicant is an exhibitor at the event. The organizers are aware of this fact and you should ask for a Booth Contract from them, which needs to accompany your shipping documents. ATA-carnet is not accepted by Brazilian Customs Authorities. 8 9-HOLD HARMLESS LETTER: For all shipments coming into Brazil under temporary basis, a Customs Power of Attorney/Hold Harmless Letter is required to perform clearance on your behalf. This document must be issued on exhibitor s company letter head, signed and sent together with shipping documents. HOLD HARMLESS LETTER (CARTA DE ISENÇÕES) This letter is to acknowledge our understanding of the shipping instructions issued by WAIVER LOGÍSTICA BRASIL LTDA. (PERSON NAME, TITLE), understand that all freight shipped on behalf of (EXHIBITOR NAME, ADDRESS), will be consumed during the event. We understand that in either case WAIVER LOGÍSTICA BRASIL LTDA., is the Representative in Brazil to handle all customs matter. (Esta carta visa a confirmar nosso entendimento sobre as instruções de embarque emitidas pela WAIVER LOGÍSTICA BRASIL LTDA. (PERSON NAME, TITLE) entende que todo o frete embarcado pelo(a) (EXHIBITOR NAME, ADDRESS) deverá ser consumido durante o evento. Nós entendemos que, em ambos os casos, a WAIVER LOGISTICA BRASIL LTDA., é o Representante no Brasil para cuidar de todo o desembaraço alfandegário.) As specified in the shipping instructions, we accept as our responsibility to make sure that all our equipment for the below mentioned show will be properly insured against all risks. We also understand that we will gain custody of our products during move in Soccerex Global Convention 2013 show. From the time we receive our goods from WAIVER LOGÍSTICA BRASIL LTDA., we, (EXHIBITOR) will be responsible for the safety and security of our exhibits. We therefore hold harmless WAIVER LOGÍSTICA BRASIL LTDA. from any duties, taxes fines and/or penalties levied by the Brazilian Government as result of discrepancies in the inbound shipment. (Conforme especificado nas instruções de embarque, aceitamos que é nossa responsabilidade garantir que todos os nossos equipamentos para o show citado abaixo serão devidamente segurados contra todos os riscos. Nós entendemos também que ganharemos a custódia dos nossos produtos durante o manuseio no(a) Soccerex Global Convention A partir do momento que recebermos a mercadoria da WAIVER LOGÍSTICA BRASIL LTDA. nós do(a) (EXHIBITOR), seremos responsáveis pela segurança de nossas cargas. Dessa forma, nós isentamos a WAIVER LOGÍSTICA BRASIL LTDA. de quaisquer taxas, impostos ou multas cobrados pelo governo brasileiro como resultado de discrepâncias entre a chegada e retorno da carga, independente da causa das discrepâncias.) 9 We, (EXHIBITOR) hereby confirm that is our understanding that in case goods are lost or stolen, all duties, taxes, fines and/or penalties levied by the Brazilian government will still applied and will be paid by our company in full at your first request and with no delays. (Nós do(a) (EXHIBITOR) confirmamos que é de nosso entendimento que, no caso de perda ou roubo, todas as taxas, impostos e/ou multas cobradas pelo governo brasileiro serão aplicadas e pagas por nossa empresa integralmente, na primeira requisição e sem atrasos.) We shall be liable for the immediate and irrevocable reimbursement of any and all amounts of duties, taxes, fines and/or penalties imposed by Brazilian customs through WAIVER LOGÍSTICA BRASIL LTDA. (Nós somos responsáveis pelo imediato e irrevogável reembolso de todo e qualquer montante referente a impostos, taxas, multas ou/e penalidades impostas pela Alfândega Brasileira à WAIVER LOGÍSTICA BRASIL LTDA.) *This document is in English, translated to Portuguese. Este documento está em inglês, com tradução para o português. SIGNATURE DATE Use of our services constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions registered at 3RD RTD-RJ Reg. Nr# A copy of the terms and conditions is available upon request or can be obtained from our website 10 10-RE-EXPORT SHIPMENT INSTRUCTIONS (MODEL): Name of the Show : Dates : Exhibitor : Stand & Hall number : Agent : Cargo Details : 1. RE-EXPORT SHIPMENT INSTRUCTIONS: No of pieces : Total Gr. Weight (kg) : Total Volume (cbm): Inbound shipment by : Sea ( ) Air ( ) Road ( ) Consignee for AWB : Consignee for B/L : 2.A-Return Shipment : 2. OUTBOUND INSTRUCTIONS: No of Pieces : Items : To be shipped by : Sea ( ) Air ( ) Road ( ) Destination : Final destination : Consignee : Notify : 2.B-Nationalization Goods: No of Pieces : Items : Name of the buyer company : Contact details : Person in charge : Please advise who will pay for the following charges for sold goods : Handling Charges : Storage Charges : On-carriage Charges : Duties & Taxes : Goods will be released to the consignee from the customs bonded warehouse. The on-carriage charges to the consignee s premises will be charged separately if this service is required. Date : Name : This form is filled by (on behalf of the exhibitor) : 11 Signature : 12
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