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1. Interactive GSM-control GSM-RELAY PROBYTE OY General PROBYTE GSM-control is a real time and interactive GSM-control- and measuring device, which allows user remotely…

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  • 1. Interactive GSM-control GSM-RELAY PROBYTE OY General PROBYTE GSM-control is a real time and interactive GSM-control- and measuring device, which allows user remotely control all the electrical appliances by a standard home phone or by a GSM-phone using DTMF-tones. User can at same time hear remote end. GSM relay is interactive for each pushbutton. You have a positive feeling that control goes through. If you press a wrong command the device gives a low error sound and you can correct the last command. GSM-RELAY operation manual 10.12.2004 Probyte page 1/12
  • 2. GSM-relay is “green”, it uses otherwise obsolete old GSM-phones or of course new ones. At short distances there is also a possibility to operate new citizen band 460MHz CB-radios (e.g. COBRA) or even long phone cable. The control is easily and cheaply done also by an ordinary table phone. Control is done by four 250VAC 10A relays, which can control almost any device. GSM control is done simply pressing buttons and commands go immediately to the remote end. The device has optional four digits password, which prevents unauthorized persons to operate GSM-control. A new password can be given remotely by a user. Adding commands to end of phone number you can operate whole sequence without thinking whole process. Separate commands from phone numbers by a special pause command. In Nokia and Ericsson phone this command is ‘p’- and in Siemens phones ‘+’- character. Phone waits for connection and then sends rest of commands. Relays control can be ON/OFF ,ON/OFF-pulse, ON delay command for 1..99 minutes. Using feedback command you can check which commands are on or off. One command is to measure temperature. GSM-RELAY specifications DTMF-input to GSM phone using hands free (HF) connection. Works also with tables phones with DTMF-dialing tones Output: 4 relays 230VAC 10A 50Hz Use maximum current 2A/relays for safety reason Output control relays on or off individually Pulse control 1 one second on or off Time control for each relay on 1-99 minutes Remote temperature measuring by a sound codes –50 ... +99C Remote password change Password is needed only once in one session. Password goes automatically on after 10 minutes on operation, if it is set on Instant password on command (##) Disable all command temporally for 10-90 seconds ( #1… #9). Pause allows to use phone as normal phone dialing. Immediate operation otherwise as SMS-control, where delays can be up to 30 minutes. Power supply (relays) 12-15 V, current 10mA—130 mA, all relays on. Dimensions: 97*61*30 mm, fixing screws 80*57mm 3mm screws. Weight 150 g Connectors 3 pin microphone, screw terminals for relays. GSM-RELAY operation manual 10.12.2004 Probyte page 2/12
  • 3. Communications protocol Set automatic answering on in your phone. This can be done only when HF- cable is connected. When phone rings, GSM phone connects the phone on. You can hear what happens at the other end (children sounds etc.). If password jumper is closed, you must give first right password e.g. ”0,0,0,0” (factory default). If password is right, GSM-RELAY gives ok-sound, 5 high tones and waits commands. The end command ’##’, switches password on instantly, otherwise it goes on after 10 minutes inactivity. There are six commands; relays On/Off ‘0’, checking relays status ‘1’, delay on command ‘2’, pulse command ‘3’, password change ‘5’ and reading temperature ‘6’. End command is ‘##’ and pause command is ‘#1’ is delay 10 second. ‘#2’ is delay 20 seconds etc. All the commands require some parameters. Relay on/off command ‘0’ Three digit code 0,1,1 means: 0 = relay on/off command 1 = relay 1, (other possible parameters 2,3 or 4 ) 1 = relay on (other parameter 0= off) another example 0,4,0 means relay 4 is switched off. Checking relays status command ‘1’ After some operations you may wonder, which relays are on or off. You can check relay status by command ‘1,1,1’. A GSM relay sounds four notes, which are long lows (relay on) or short high notes (relay off). E.g. relay 1 and 2 on and 3 and 4 off ______ ______ _______ ______ ______ _______ ….. ….. After a short learning period you find easy to read relay status information. This function is seldom needed, because all the relays can be connected on or off in few seconds. Minute delay control command ‘2’ GSM-RELAY operation manual 10.12.2004 Probyte page 3/12
  • 4. This command sets the selected relay on for 00-99 minute. E.g. ‘2,1,0,1’ means, that relay 1 is switched on for one minute. ‘2,4,9,9’ means, that relay 4 is switched on for 99 minutes. If hour jumper is on times are in hours. Pulse function command ‘3’ This function sets the selected relay on or off for 1 second pulse. After 1 second the relay returns to its original state. E.g. ‘3,1,1’ means, that relay 1 goes on for 1 second. ‘3,2,0’ means, that relay 2 is switched off for a second. If the relay is already off, nothing happens. Off delay and on delay command ‘4’ This function waits first 0-9 hours and then sets the relay 1-4 on for 10-90 minutes. E.g. ‘4,1,2,3’ means, that relay 1 goes on after 2 hour delay, and then is 3*10 minutes on. If timing reset command is done (#,0), all further timing operations are reset, but if relay is already on, it remains on. Password change command ‘5’ A new password is given two times. E.g. ‘5,0,0,1,2,2,3,1,2,2,3’ sets a password 1223. If you loose your password, open password jumper and change a new password. Temperature measuring command ”6” This command reads remote temperature by sound codes (0,1,5-code) The measuring range is –50 ... 99 C (a semiconductor sensor is LM335z). The sensor is installed to inside of the device, but it can easily be moved to 10-20 meters. The same principle can be used to measure the other analog signals, but the calibration must be changed by a new software. 0, 1,5 code The first sound code is for negative or positive (below or under freezing point). • A short sound means + and long low sound means – temperature • 3 second pause Next sounds ten degrees digits • A long (3 second) low sound means 5, a short (1 second) high sound means 1 and zero is two fast sounds. GSM-RELAY operation manual 10.12.2004 Probyte page 4/12
  • 5. • 3 second pause Next sounds one digit degrees • A long (3 second) low sound means 5, a short (1 second) high note means 1 and zero is two fast short notes. Interval between sounds is so slow, that it is easy to count degrees by fingers! No need to be a radio operator! Excample1: A short sound = + A 3 s interval A long sound, short, short =5+2 A 3 s interval Two short high notes =2 The temperature is +72C It is very easy to read temperature by 5,2,1 code, just practice a few times. A real spoken temperature speech adapter is available. Look Temperature calibration Temperature calibration is done in factory, but if you want to change it, you can adjust a temp calibration multi turn trimmer potentiometer and test the result with 6,0,0 command. ¼ turn is about 1 degree change. A semiconductor sensor LM335 ( works as a zener- diode, which changes its voltage by temperature change. LM335 is 2.73V at 0 C and changes 10mV/C. If the temperature is +20 C, the LM335 sensor gives 2.93V. If the sensor is out of measuring range, the sound is only one short sound. GSM SPEECH command ”7” 7,0,0 command set the relay 1 on for 5 second. It is done for talking speech module. Special commands ”#” Command #,# resets password timer ( 10 minutes after last right operation). Command #,0 resets all the timing function, but not sets the state of the relay. Command #1 to #9 disable DTMF decoding for 10 to 90 minutes, for safe operation of the phone buttons. A small sound is heard each 10 second to inform user suspend state. GSMRelay Plus ( SMD-version without DIP-Switch) commands 8xxx GSM-RELAY operation manual 10.12.2004 Probyte page 5/12
  • 6. Command 800 set password off, and 811 set password on. Command 822 set timing to hours and 822 set timing to minutes. These settings are saved to EEPROM. Audio feedback from GSM-RELAY After pressing each digit, the GSMRELAY gives a feedback sound. If the number is not in right range (e.g. relay number 5), the device gives three long low error sounds and command should be given from start. It is best to practice GSMRELAY with a your GSM phone locally. Just adjust DTMF sound to maximum with your phone settings. GSM-relay with a metal case for cars A suitable plastic case is e.g. VERO Veronex Size 3 75-227901H. Look A Farnell catalog or Installing and testing GSM-RELAY Look installation diagram, connect power from cigarette lighter ( use double adapter if needed), connect HF-cable from GSM phone, and make a phone call. Turn you phone automatic answer mode on. When the receiver end is ready, push buttons 0,1,1. The first relays switches on. Push 0,3,1 and the third relays switches on. Press test code 1,1,1, and hear what relays are on. Press 2,2,6,0 , the relays 2 goes on for one hour. Switch relays 2 off by 0,2,0. GSM-RELAY operation manual 10.12.2004 Probyte page 6/12
  • 7. Press 4123 , the relay 1 switch on after two hours for 3*10 minutes. Troubleshooting If your GSM-relay do not operate as you think, please 1. Test the operation with your GSM-phone locally 2. Pressing buttons confirm, that you actually get signal from your phone 3. If GSM relay answer with error sound to your every signal, please remove password jumper. 4. Check that phone volume settings are in maximum. Applications • Set a car heater (e.g. Webasto) on for 30 minutes before going work for winter mornings. • Open car door without key by a pulse function. • Hear what happens in children room, when you are in movies, and switch light on if needed. • Switch remote alarm on and off after leaving a shop or your garage. • Use your watering system (indoors and outdoors) when in holidays. • Open garage door remotely. • Switch of the grain dryer remotely. • Open remote factory door for night visitors or delivery people after talking them remotely. Paper in door “Please phone 999- 121345 to open this door” Delivery A board level GSM-RELAY, installation drawing and this operating manual. If needed we can deliver full systems, testing equipments, GSM-RELAY kits or only programmed micro controller. Service Contact your GSM-dealer first, if service is needed. You can send the device directly to Probyte, but obtain first a return authorization number giving your contact details and description of problem. Test the system first by a other phone, because this is also a possible reason and this can not verified without GSM phone. GSM-RELAY operation manual 10.12.2004 Probyte page 7/12
  • 8. More information Send an email ,call PROBYTE int. +358-3-2661885. Look information from Probyte homepage There are many possible modifications for GSM-relay. Like mobile pay applications. We have ready-made applications for: Apartment house washing pay system, A GSM-lock for company doors, which are closed at evenings. Evening paper sales from Helsinki railway station. Door locking system for a student apartment house without any phone charges. A door mechanics service call after spring failure or after pre defined operations using a SMS messages. A car wash pay system. On line plastics molding piece counter for mobile phone cases. A different product Probyte GSM Alarm sends alarm using a Gsm phone or SMS-messages using GSM modems. Below is picture of GSMPLUG, a modified GSM-RELAY for one relay. GSM-RELAY operation manual 10.12.2004 Probyte page 8/12
  • 9. GSM-RELAY operation manual 10.12.2004 Probyte page 9/12
  • 10. A Layout of GSMRELAY A Layout of GSMRELAY SMD version GSM-RELAY operation manual 10.12.2004 Probyte page 10/12
  • 11. GSM-RELAY operation manual 10.12.2004 Probyte page 11/12
  • 12. GSM-RELAY operation manual 10.12.2004 Probyte page 12/12
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