1. 計算機概論報告<br />主題:World Wide Web<br />組員:49971001陳彥廷<br />49971042陳玟仲<br /> 2. 簡述<br…

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  • 1. 計算機概論報告<br />主題:World Wide Web<br />組員:49971001陳彥廷<br />49971042陳玟仲<br />
  • 2. 簡述<br />什麼是WWW:WWW可以說是一種能將個別不同的超連結文本結合在一起的系統,身為使用者的我們,可以很輕鬆地經由”點擊”滑鼠這個簡單的動作,迅速地獲得我們想得到訊息、影音、圖片、或是多媒體<br />WWW=World Wide Web = W3<br />
  • 3. 誕生<br />由英國工程兼電腦科學家Sir Tim Berners-Lee的概念案中提出(Tim Berners-Lee目前為World Wide Web Consortium = W3C的負責人)<br />
  • 4. 歷史<br />1989由Tim Berners-Lee構想提出<br />1991嶄露頭角,Tim Berners-Lee用Unix撥接登入<br />1991-8月,Tim Berners-Lee公開發表並架設基本的伺服器Info.cern.ch<br />1992年Info.cern.ch的計數器每三四個月就成倍數成長<br />1993年後成10倍數成長<br />1995年後蓬勃發展至今<br />
  • 5. 組成<br />組成:統一資源識別元(URI),這是一個世界通用的負責給全球資訊網上例如網頁這樣的資源定位的系統。<br />超文字傳送協定(HTTP),它負責規定瀏覽器和伺服器怎樣互相交流。<br />超文字標記語言(HTML),作用是定義超文字文檔的結構和格式。<br />
  • 6. 關於WWW的附加元件<br />About Add-on:書寫語言可分為<br />1. Java 、 JavaScript<br />2. C++ 、C 、C-- 、VB等<br />以上列舉皆為DHTML動態HTML,此種HTML皆屬於物件導向的程式語言<br />而什麼是附加元件呢?就是當你在看Youtube上面感人的、搞笑的影片,原本這些多媒體,是無法直接經由瀏覽器播放出來的,而有了這些附加元件,我們可以直接用瀏覽器觀看想看的影片,省去了”Download”這樣的一道手續<br />Ps.1.Youtube的影片附加元件為常見的”Flash”是一種動畫製作的平台工具<br />2.最近蔚為風潮的Tetris Battle也是一種”Flash”<br />3.很多FB的小遊戲都是<br />
  • 7. 關於WWW帶來的變革<br />1. 資訊流通性:更加便利,可能原本取得困難的資料、多媒體,經由一個”簡單的””點擊”,就可以無遠弗屆<br />2. 資料資訊的保存:原先的圖書館、博物館,剩至是底片取向的照片,都將會慢慢被E化的儲存設備取代,可能在未來就看不到“圖書館”而是一座E化城了<br />
  • 8. 陰謀論<br />越為便利地的網際網路,將越有可能成為政客操弄人民的一種工具,也可以經由網路,發動龐大的經濟、文筆戰爭<br />EX:<br />1. Youtube美國女孩發表的批評言論<br />(↑一星期就在網路成為發燒話題)<br />2. 中東的油股,經由網路發布,可能明天就在華爾街掀起一陣經融風暴<br />
  • 9. 由於網際網路的基礎結構的缺陷,造成的堵塞問題,經常讓人很煩。結果是有人要給全球資訊網改成 World Wide Wait<br />傳輸速率:<br />1.56k撥接上網<br />2.128k、256k、512k、1M<br />3.10M光纖<br />↑但是以上的各種速率,並不是使用者所獲得的真正速率,下載速率換算法約為(以上數字/8)<br />傳輸速率<br />
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  • 11. Web browsers<br />There’re so many web browsers available now , such as<br />Windows Internet Explorer 9<br />Mozilla Firefox 4<br />Google Chrome 12<br />Opera 11<br />Apple Safari 5<br />
  • 12. About Security<br />Internet represents an insecure channel for exchanging information leading to a high risk of intrusion or fraud, such as phishing. Different methods have been used to protect the transfer of data, including encryption.<br />There are 6 common attacks that spread through WWW :<br />1.Malware惡意軟件-----> short of Malicious software<br />2.Viruses病毒-----> programs that can replicate their structures or effects by infecting other files or structures on a computer. The common use of a virus is to take over a computer to steal data.<br />3.Trojan Horse 木馬----> destructive program that masquerades as a benign application<br />4. Spyware間諜軟件----> type of malware that can be installed on computers, and which collects small pieces of information about users without their knowledge. <br />5.Worms蠕蟲--->self-replicating malware computer program, which uses a computer network to send copies of itself to other computers on the network and it may do so without any user intervention<br />6.Botnet 殭屍網絡----> collection of infected computers or bots that have been taken over by hackers (also known as bot herders) and are used to perform malicious tasks or functions.<br />
  • 13. Preventing web attack<br />Use one or more software listed below and keeps updating it :<br />Anti-Virus software (e.g. avast!, AVG, Avira , NOD32 , Karspersky)<br />Anti-Malware software (e.g. Malwarebyte’s Anti-Malware)<br />Anti-Spyware software (e.g. Hitman Pro)<br />Theft- protection software (e.g. USB Disk Security)<br />Firewall (e.g. Windows Firewall , Zone Alarm Firewall , Comodo Firewall)<br />
  • 14. 結論<br />Web provides us many valuable information throughout the world, but it still have some disadvantages such as security holes that already mentioned above. But, the future of web will lead us into advance information age, where anyone could access about information anytime , anywhere , any condition in a more, more simple ways than we do today.<br />
  • 15. Thank You…<br />
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