ŠkodaPraktik SIMPLY CLEVER ŠkodaPraktik takes on many roles. Just like you. To be a successful businessman means having certain qualities. Among others, they include reliability and the ability

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ŠkodaPraktik SIMPLY CLEVER ŠkodaPraktik takes on many roles. Just like you. To be a successful businessman means having certain qualities. Among others, they include reliability and the ability to represent your business. It is also necessary to be powerful, tough and flexible simply put, to be versatile. Those who want their business to do well give it everything. The same is expected of their car. Škoda Praktik is a two-seater utility vehicle offering you comfort and easy manoeuvrability as well as the looks of a passenger car. Parking is easy because of its dimensions. At the same time it is big enough for the needs of tradesmen with small or medium-sized businesses. The car will surely find a place in the fleets of larger enterprises and will excel in delivery-to-home services. 1. Sheet metal panelling of the rear windows are one of the features of the Škoda Praktik model s exterior. Their purpose is both to protect cargo from being seen from the outside or from sunshine, and they also provide a guarantee of higher safety. When compared to glass, the sheet metal covers are more rigid and when moving cargo they are less likely to be damaged when compared to glass. Plastic door panelling provides improved resistance for the 2. The tailgate window protection grate is a handy solution when you often transport cargo that could damage the glass window. At the same time, the grid reduces the danger of the car being broken into. If the cargo space is not fully loaded, the cover grid does not hinder the driver s view through the tailgate. 3. The cargo space that you have available is much bigger than it might appear when looking at the compact dimensions of the car the Škoda Praktik offers 1,900 litres. 4. The lock on the inner side of the tailgate, installed in every Škoda Praktik, is used for emergency opening of the cargo space from within the car. rear doors. equipment 3 Space for cargo. Comfort for the crew. 1. and 3. The three-unit folding floor of the cargo space consists of two hinged and one fixed part. The first part of the floor (right behind the cargo edge) can be easily folded back and hung up on the ceiling, which allows you easy access to the spare tyre. The central part of the floor is fixed. Under the third part of the floor (behind the space for the driver and passenger), you will find storage spaces for minor things after folding it back (for tools, tow bar, etc.). 2. The adjustable transverse black partition wall with a grate in the upper part prevents any cargo from sliding forward and injuring the driver or passenger. The wall can be moved by up to 10 cm. This variability substantially improves comfort for those in front, mainly the driver, because it allows the position of the partition wall to be adapted to his seat. It means a smaller driver can move his seat and the partition wall further forward and thus fully use the cargo space. On the other hand, a taller driver who needs more space for driving can move the partition wall including his seat further back into the cargo space. 4. The anti-slip floor surface and six fixing lugs in the cargo space ensure stability of transported cargo on winding roads. 1. The Praktik interior offers two colour variants of the dashboard: Onyx-Onyx or Onyx-Silver-grey. The driver s area was designed with respect to ergonomics all controls are easily reachable and the dials offer excellent legibility, comprehensibility and good arrangement. The driver has excellent views in all directions. The 4-spoke steering wheel is height- and reachadjustable in all Škoda Praktik cars and, optionally, you can order a height-adjustable driver seat or heated front seats. Power steering as well as a light and precise gear shifting is commonplace for the Škoda Praktik model, resulting in easy manoeuvring of a fully loaded car as well. 2. Upholstery of the Škoda Praktik seats perfectly matches both dashboard colour options. The fabric is pleasant to touch and is extremely resistant. Its great benefit is that it is easy to keep clean. equipment 5 Škoda Genuine Accessories You can easily adapt your Škoda Praktik to your individual needs. Various accessories for improving convenience as well as comfort are available in addition to extra equipment. For prices or installation and the full range of accessories, please contact your authorised Škoda partner. 1. and 2. The levelling floor for the cargo space levels the floor height to the loading edge height and simplifies handling of the cargo being transported. Under the floor, there are additional storage spaces. (DAA ) 3. A net for emergency equipment is fixed on the grid on the upper part of the transverse partition wall. It is suitable for a first aid kit or a tow rope for example. (DMA ) 4. Front rubber foot mats will help you easily keep the driver s and passenger s space tidy. (DCC ) 5. Fire extinguisher is practically stored under the driver s seat. (GCA ) Fire extinguisher holder. (GCA ) 6. Roof railing is used as a base for the installation of the transverse roof rack. (LAH ) Transverse roof rack. (LAS A) 7. Rear bumper cover foil with a warning triangle has two functions: to protect the bumper against damage when loading/unloading the cargo space and to warn of a stopped or parked car from a distance. (KDX ) 8. Rear bumper protective cover is a handy accessory protecting the bumper against damage when handling cargo. 9. Detachable tow bar is available from Škoda Genuine Accessories or as an optional extra. (EEA ) Tow bar electrics. (EEA E4) 10. Rear parking assistant will make manoeuvring with the car easier, especially when the load is obscuring the rear-view mirror. (BEA ) (KDA ) accessories 7 Technical specifications Engine V HTP/51 kw V/63 kw 1.4 TDI PD/51 kw 1.4 TDI PD/59 kw Petrol engine, inline, liquid cooling system, DOHC, transverse in front Petrol engine, inline liquid cooling system, DOHC, transverse in front Turbocharged diesel engine, inline, liquid cooling system, high-pressure direct injection system, OHC, transverse in front Turbocharged diesel engine, inline, liquid cooling system, high-pressure direct injection system, OHC, transverse in front Cylinders/cubic capacity (cc) 3/1,198 4/1,390 3/1,422 3/1,422 Max. performance/revs (kw/min -1 ) 51/5,400 63/5,000 51/4,000 59/4,000 Max. torque/revs (Nm/min -1 ) 112/3, /3, /1,600 2, /2,200 Air pollution regulation/fuel EU4/unleaded petrol, RON 95/91 EU4/DPF # /diesel Performance Maximum speed (km/h) Acceleration km/h (s) Fuel consumption 99/100 (l/100 km)** urban /6.7 # extra-urban /4.4 # combined /5.2 # CO 2 emissions (g/km) /137 # Turning circle/clearance turning circle diameter (m) 10.3/ / / /10.5 Power transmission Type Front-wheel drive Clutch Hydraulic single dry clutch disc with membrane spring, asbestos free Transmission Manual 5-speed, fully synchronised Weight Kerb weight (kg)** 1,105***/1,115 1,110***/1,120 1,195 1,200 Payload (kg)** 550***/ ***/ Total weight (kg) 1,655***/1,755 1,660***/1,760 1,835 1,840 Roof load capacity Trailer load w/o brakes (max. kg) Trailer load with brakes 12% (max. kg) ,000 Nose weight (kg) Body 5-door, 2-seater, 2-compartment Drag coefficient C w 0.33 Chassis Front axle McPherson suspension with lower triangular links and torsion stabiliser Rear axle Compound link crank-axle Braking system Hydraulic dual-diagonal circuit braking system vacuum assisted Front brakes/rear brakes Disc brakes with inner cooling and with single-piston floating calliper/drum brakes Steering Direct rack-and-pinion steering with electro-hydraulic power steering Wheels 5.0J x 14 /6.0J x 15 5.0J x 14 /6.0J x 15 6.0J x 15 6.0J x 15 Tyres 175/70 R14; 195/55 R15 175/70 R14; 195/55 R15 195/55 R15 195/55 R15 Liquids Tank capacity (l) 55 Exterior dimensions Interior dimensions Length (mm) 4,205 Comfort measure front max./min. (mm) 1,063/843 Width (mm) 1,684 Lateral room front (mm) 1,380 Height (mm)**** 1,607 Effective head room front (mm) 1,029 Wheel base (mm) 2,617 Cargo space volume (l) 1,900 Track front/rear (mm) 1,436/1,500 length/height (mm) 1,605/990 Track front/rear (mm)***** 1,420/1,484 width min./max. (mm) 1,016/1,434 Clearance (mm)**** 140***/120 * Using low-octane fuel may affect engine performance. ** Applies to standard equipment version. *** Applies to vehicles with 14 wheels. **** At kerb weight. ***** Applies to vehicles with 15 wheels. # Applies to versions with DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). Candy White uni Corrida Red uni Pacific Blue uni Black Magic pearl effect Brilliant Silver metallic technical specifications 9 General information ŠKODA SERVICE Put your car in good hands! We give you good reasons to choose an authorised Škoda service partner. We offer you first-class quality Your car requires advanced technology. For this reason, all the Škoda authorised service partners have special tools and quality diagnostic systems at their disposal that in combination with the technological procedures prescribed by the manufacturer ensure the perfect functionality and reliability of your car. Profesionally trained staff by the manufacturer The ever-rising standard of the technology used in the car requires corresponding professional qualifications on the part of the staff. To meet this requirement, the manufacturer organises regular training for the staff of the authorised service establishments in order to provide them with state-of-the-art information important for their activities. Pick-up and delivery service If you are unable to take your vehicle to Škoda service, an authorised Škoda service partner will arrange a date with you to pick up the car. The car will be delivered back after the service work has been completed. The listed services represent only a part of wide range of Škoda service offers. The offer may vary from country to country. Please contact your authorised Škoda service partner for further details and information on the range and specific conditions of services they offer. ŠKODA GENUINE ACCESSORIES Genuine accessories make every vehicle unique, giving it its own style. The Škoda Praktik comes with very extensive standard equipment; however, some of the additional items can only be purchased as Škoda Genuine Accessories. These items include, for example, rear parking assistant, roof rails, mobile phone adapters and alloy wheels. The extra equipment offer also extends to mechanical security items and a whole series of items increasing the vehicle s utility value and individuality. For more detailed information on the Škoda Genuine Accessories range please contact your authorised Škoda partner. Top quality To verify quality parameters, the development department maintains an extensive testing facility including a test circuit with extreme polar and desert conditions, as well as material testing laboratories of the quality control department. Thanks to use of first-rate materials and technologies, Škoda Genuine Parts ensure safe and carefree driving. Precise alignment guarantees replacement of worn parts without unnecessary complications. Long life The use of first-rate materials and top production technologies in the production of Škoda Genuine Parts ensure their maximum reliability and long life. Original technical solutions The knowledge gained in production and operation is continuously reflected in the search for new technical solutions aimed at obtaining a truly first-rate product, which will meet the customer s requirements. Legislative requirements and certification INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET Information is available at to assist you in deciding which vehicle suits your needs thanks to the detailed descriptions and photographs of all our models. Our Configuration program will let you try various combinations of standard equipment, engine, paint colour, interior and extra equipment to make sure your new vehicle accurately meets your requirements. This programme will also assist you with the calculation of optimum monthly payments for vehicle financing and the selection of a suitable dealer. ŠKODA FINANCE If you select a new Škoda Praktik vehicle, ŠkoFIN will assist you with financing it. The ŠkoFIN Company offers programs both for individuals and legal entities. Our Škoda Finance brand product line offers both lease and loan financing. You can contact one of our authorised Škoda partners to arrange and sign an agreement and to learn more about our product offer or the convenient special offers from ŠkoFIN. These are time-limited; however, they bring very unique and interesting benefits. Our motto: be fair and open with our customers Careful, professional and friendly counselling for the customers upon acceptance of orders is of great importance to us in the same manner as diligence and completeness in respect of repairs and maintenance work. All this is continuously monitored by internal quality control of the provided services. Comprehensive range of services: ŠKODA GENUINE PARTS Škoda Genuine Parts are identical to those used during the assembly of Škoda vehicles. The vehicle manufacturer knows best which part is intended for which functionality and the required parameters it needs to meet unconditionally for the car to function properly. Safety Every vehicle component and part has its own purpose and some of them directly determine the safety of the car s occupants. Our care All Škoda Genuine Parts meet the legislative requirements and are approved by Škoda Auto on the basis of meeting stringent criteria. This way the customer obtains a guarantee that the components installed in their vehicle will be reliable, functional and safe. Protection of the environment The Škoda Genuine Parts range includes exchange parts whose production does not burden the environment with waste, excess heat and water pollution to a high degree. Returned parts and aggregates are not discarded but modified for re-use, thus re-utilising a great part FLEET SALES Whether your car fleet is small or large or whether you are a customer from the business or public sector, Škoda Auto and its authorised dealer network are here for you. We offer products and services tailored to your business and financial needs, including top-quality customer care, a portfolio of services corresponding to the specific requirements of corporate customers and a high quality of cars, accessories and maintenance services, which are a guarantee of low operating and ownership costs of your car fleet. Service inspections for safety is proven in, for example, body structure, airbags, safety of the work and energy invested in the parts during their manufacture. For your car to remain in top condition and functional for a long time belts and most importantly in the brake system. The lives of the people and, optionally, not to forfeit warranty, it is essential for your Škoda in and around the car depend on the quality and operating efficiency authorised service partner to perform regular service inspections. of the brakes, especially under extreme conditions. The service schedule informs you about when the service inspection must be done. Availability Thanks to the large network of authorised Škoda service partners, Body and paintwork service all Škoda drivers can be assured that they will be able to get the parts Damage to the body and painted areas following an accident in they need for their car. Škoda Auto offers a comprehensive range of accordance with manufacturer s instructions will be fixed by your parts and equipment items that are used in the vehicle s production, authorised Škoda service partner in an expert manner in accordance and does not merely focus on high-turnover parts. The supply of with information from the manufacturer using Škoda Genuine Parts. Škoda Genuine Parts is provided even after the relevant vehicle model This is important not only for your safety, but also for functionality is discontinued, and not just for the period specified by law: and maintaining your car s value. indispensable components for the operation of the car are supplied to the market for at least 15 years after the discontinuation, car Courtesy car equipment components are supplied to the market for at least 10 years The authorised Škoda service partner can provide you with a courtesy after the discontinuation and components of door lining and carpets car for the period of repair or service inspection. are supplied to the market for at least 8 years after the discontinuation. general information & environment 11 One of the most important goals of Škoda Auto is the development and production of products that are as environmentally friendly as possible throughout their life cycle phases, placing principal emphasis on the selection of recyclable materials. Our Škoda cars are manufactured using progressive types of technology in modern production facilities that meet the strictest criteria. Anticorrosive protection of the cars painted parts is based exclusively on lead-free cataphoresis (KTL) and water-soluable paints. Our company strategy includes limiting fuel consumption and emissions. As a result, the engines of Škoda Auto meet the current emission regulations. We also offer diesel engines with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF). All products made by Škoda Auto adhere to the laws and regulations concerning the protection of soil and water. As a result of these activities, Škoda cars meet technical, safety, quality and environmental requirements. Škoda Auto contributes to the preservation of a clean environment and provides mobility and comfort to its customers. The environmental logo expresses Škoda Auto s awareness of responsibility for, and attempts at, the sustainable development of the company and a friendly approach to life and nature. Some models in this catalogue are shown fitted with extra equipment not necessarily included in the standard equipment. All details of technical specifications, design, equipment, materials, guarantees and appearance were accurate at the time of going to print. However, the manufacturer reserves the right to make any changes (including changes of technical parameters or individual model equipment). Please consult your authorised Škoda partner for further details on standard and extra equipment, current prices and delivery terms and conditions. This catalogue was printed on cellulose paper which was bleached without using chlorine. The paper is 100% recyclable. Your Škoda partner: R /08
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